Introducing our Family from the Stars โ€“ Part 1/3 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Introducing our Family from the Stars โ€“ Part 1/3

We lightworkers, whoโ€™ve been listening to the galactics for years through their channeled messages โ€“ their preferred means of communication โ€“ are uniquely positioned to assist the rest of the world to get to know them.

And if we want disclosure to happen and happen smoothly, then we probably need to introduce the galactics to the rest of the world.

Allow me please to draw on that source of information โ€“ channeled messages โ€“ to describe on their own words what the galactics say about themselves, their councils, their federations, their mission, and their relationship to the terrestrial population.

Who are the Galactics?

SaLuSa of Sirius tells us in the most general way who the galactics are:

โ€œWe โ€ฆ are your future selves, and also your family from the stars. We are all connected, as One in the consciousness of the Creator. In essence we are no different to you, as we all come from the Source of All That Is.

โ€œWe too are Spiritual Beings who at this time simply exist in a higher dimension, because we resonate with that particular vibration. You will soon join us, as it is your destiny to ascend with the ending of this cycle. โ€ฆ

โ€œWe are coming more and more into your lives and by design, and it is not accidental because we are to go forward together. Once we can openly engage with you we see a great bonding taking place, and it will help us all to get through the final phases of the cleansing.โ€ (1)

He tells us that the galactics around the planet today โ€œhave already ascended. We continue to evolve, and will do so until we find ourselves at One with the Source of All That Is.โ€ (2) All will return to God some day; all are on an evolutionary journey back to the Source.

Where do they come from? Adamu of the Pleiades lists some of the star systems:

โ€œWe include many races and some of those races are very closely related โ€“ sort of brothers and sisters of the same original parent race. Some you might recognize are us Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Arcturans, the Antarians, the Andromedans and those from Procyon, Aldebaran and Deneb.

โ€œThese are names I can place in my young friendโ€™s mind at this time. There are others [I cannot].

โ€œAlso others from outside of this galaxy are here. And ones who are far above such consideration as โ€˜galactic neighbourhoodโ€™ or even which universe you are from.โ€ (3)

They are far above such considerations as race and place because these higher beings have chosen being formless emanations of pure energy.

Not only SaLuSaโ€™s Sirians, but also โ€œthe Pleiadians and Venusians โ€ฆ. are very much like you in appearance.โ€

โ€œAfter all, you are genetically linked with us and we have more in common than you might imagine. Many of you are aware of other humanoid forms, and these are simply variations that are more suited to the different planetary conditions.

โ€œBodies are vehicles that house your soul for the duration of your time in any one environment. Soon yours will change again, as you move into the higher vibrations and indeed for some of you they have already begun.โ€ (4)

Not only are we genetically linked, but the โ€œmany extraterrestrial world cultures supporting your growth now โ€ฆ have supported the evolution of your worldโ€™s development from the beginning.โ€ (5)

The angelics live in the transcendental, Archangel Michael tells us, but the galactics live in the Twelve Dimensions.

โ€œYou tend still to think of levels โ€” are [your star brothers and sisters] at the same level as the seraphim, as the archangels? No. But they are part of that alignment. They are living in the higher realm, the dimensions.โ€ (6)

Thus weโ€™re about to witness the return of family, our guardians and mentors from higher dimensions. They seeded this planet in the beginning and have protected it through the millennia. And now theyโ€™ve returned to help us ascend.

Tomorrow Iโ€™d like to look at misrepresentations of the galactics and the relationship the galactics have to the universal laws.

(Continued tomorrow in Part 2.)


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