The Sun and the Heart ~ Rudolf Steiner

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The Sun and the Heart

Sun, thou bearer of rays,
Thy light’s power over matter
Magics life out of the earth’s
Limitless rich depths.

Heart, thou bearer of soul,
Thy light’s power over spirit
Magics life out of the human being’s
Limitless deep inwardness.

If I gaze upon the Sun
Her light speaks to me in radiance
Of the Spirit, filled with grace,
Wielding through the beings of worlds.

If I feel within my heart
The Spirit speaks its own true word
About the human being, loved by him
Through all time and eternity.

Looking upwards, I can see
In the Sun’s bright disc
The mighty heart of worlds.

Looking inwards, I can feel
In the heart’s warm beat
The human Sun ensouled.


Chant of the Four Elements – Tom Kenyon


ART : Helena Nelson Reed


Chant of the Four Elements

Tom Kenyon, M.A., published 2010

First of all, let me address a bit of misinformation. The sounds/words for the Chant of the Four Elements are not of ancient Egyptian origin despite the writings of some individuals.

The Hathors gave me this chant while I was in a meditative state many years ago. And they said that these sounds/words were the closest approximations to the sounds they use to denote the Four Elements. The actual sounds are complex waveforms that are not easily articulated by the human voice.

The use of these sounds/words for the Four Elements seems akin to an ancient understanding regarding the consciousness of matter, and a rather esoteric belief that the Four Elements can, and will, respond to human consciousness under specific conditions.

For those of us in the modern era, such ideas may seem quaint and misguided. After all, the science of chemistry has clearly mapped out the atomic structures responsible for the elements. And this highly practical knowledge is clearly reflected in the Periodic Table of Elements.

In this chemical view of matter, all of the elements in the known universe are comprised of teeny tiny atomic and molecular tinker toys that can be manipulated or changed. Indeed much of our modern technology is based upon the technical knowledge of how to manipulate these minute building blocks of matter at will.

For most scientists, the question of consciousness does not present itself at this minute level of creation (i.e., the atomic and molecular substrate responsible for the elements themselves). Indeed, if you were to ask such a question of most chemists, you would be laughed at for even considering such a preposterous idea.

But anyone who has dabbled in ancient Greek or esoteric philosophies (including European Alchemy) has, no doubt, stumbled upon the concept of the Four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water). Perhaps this primitive view of the four elements came about as humans wrestled with trying to understand the world they lived in without the benefit of being able to “see” the hidden structure of matter (i.e., the subatomic, atomic and molecular building blocks that actually comprised the elements around them). And/or perhaps they were inspired in ways we don’t fully appreciate as we are so far removed from our early ancestors.

Before the rise of monotheism, during the high period of paganism, there was a plethora of gods and goddesses, demigods and earth spirits that humans interacted with. And in this deeply mythic and archetypal world, the Four Elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water could be communed with directly. The purposes of communion between a human and an elemental were quite varied, and evidently included such things as cleansing and purification, the healing of dis-ease, empowerment, and in some cases, prophecy.

In the Essene tradition, whose roots were both pagan and monotheistic, the Four Elements were sometimes viewed as angels. And interacting with these angelic elementals was viewed as a way to temporarily rise up into higher states of consciousness.

I have personally noted that, for me at least, the air element is especially good for this type of thing (the transformation of consciousness). Walking through a windstorm can be exhilarating, enlightening and even healing if you are in the right disposition. When I lived on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a time, I discovered that storms, gale force winds and even mild hurricanes were great transformers of consciousness. (Please do note I am not suggesting, for a moment, that you go for a walk during a storm or, goddess forbid, a mild hurricane. Such immersion into the elemental worlds is not for the faint of heart and is certainly not to be condoned in our overly protective nanny state where any attempt to step into the wildness of being is held suspect.)

But I have digressed by harping on one of my pet peeves—the imprisonment of the human soul by the soulless ones who seem to be increasing their numbers here in the post-modern era. Putting my little rant aside, let us return to a bit more historical background concerning the Four Elements.

The archetypal understanding of the Four Elements is hardly confined to the pre-monotheistic western mystical or philosophical traditions. It shows up in indigenous shamanism throughout the world as well, and many of these shamanic traditions antedate Christianity and Judaism.

In ancient India, spiritual use of the fire element became a highly ritualized art form. The roots of the Hindu fire puja unquestionably reach backward in time to the early beginnings of civilization. To this day, yogis and yoginis conduct sacred fire ceremonies, or yagnas, in order to transform inner impediments to their enlightenment through communion with the fire element, or agni, itself. And such sacred fires are often used for making offerings to deities, for spiritual purification, Initiations, healing and, under certain conditions, prophecy as well.

Buddhism also uses fire in many of its rituals. Some Buddhist sects use the fire element more than others, and perhaps most notable, in this regard, are the Tibetan Buddhists who use the fire element extensively during pujas, empowerments and many types of prayers as well. I will always remember the distinct aroma of yak butter candles in the temples of Tibet, their warm glow an ever-constant presence.

Moving from the yogas of India and Asia to the western mystical traditions, we encounter a fascinating bit of history. According to some scholars, the Western root of the Four Elements as a philosophical concept reaches back to the Babylonians and one of their primary texts—the Enuma Elis, a scripture written on clay tablets that researchers have placed between the 16th and 18th Centuries B.C. The Enuma Elis describes four cosmic elements: the earth, sea, sky and wind, which, if scholars are correct, morphed over time into the Four Elements (Earth, Fire, Water and Air).

~ Side Bar ~

Note: While it is not salient to our discussion regarding the Four Elements, I thought some readers might find a key element in the Enuma Elis of interest. The text names Marduk as the supreme god among all Mesopotamian divinities, and states that humankind was created for the service of the gods. I personally find this bit of information of great interest since many scholars trace the roots of the Babylonians to the earlier Sumerians. Like the Babylonians, the Sumerians recorded their history and mythologies onto clay tablets, many of which have remarkably survived to this day. It is here in the Sumerian Tablets that an unusual encounter in antiquity is recorded, which seems to locate the source of the Babylonian belief that humankind was created by the gods (perhaps aliens?) to serve them as a slave race. I am not going to discuss this further other than to direct those who are interested in such things as alien encounters in ancient cultures to the fascinating writings of Zechariah Sitchin.

~ Back to the Point ~

When the Hathors gave me their take on the Four Elements I immediately recognized a similarity between their view and the views of various ancient spiritual traditions. But their method for entering into communion with the Four Elements was surprising and unexpected. Ever the pragmatist, I set out for myself to see if what they predicted actually occurred when I meditated on the Four Elements as they suggested. And I can honestly say their method works in profound ways, having engaged it many times and in many different situations.

The Chant of the Four Elements: A Hathorian Perspective

The Hathors, who originally communicated this information to me, say that each of the Four Elements has conscious awareness, though quite different in quality from that of humans. It is possible, according to them, to enter into an energetic communion with each of the elements, thereby opening a portal to other realms of consciousness. And indeed, that is the purpose for chanting this chant to begin with.

As I mentioned earlier, each of the sounds/words for the Four Elements is an approximation of what is, in actuality, a complex waveform. These waveforms cannot easily be reproduced by the human voice since they are continuous tones. The sound/word for the Earth element is EL; fire is KA; and water is LEEM. In the Hathors’ view, air and space are combined into one element and is denoted by the sound OM.

According to them, the Four Elements respond to human emotion, especially those we call appreciation or gratitude.

When you direct your feelings of appreciation or gratitude to the elements during the chant, you open an energetic line of non-verbal communication between you and the elements. It is a mind-altering experience, at the very least, and the longer you engage the chant with feelings of appreciation or gratitude, the stronger the effects become.

There are two phases to the chant—the outer phase (in which you direct appreciation or gratitude to the outer elements of the world outside you) and the inner phase (in which you direct appreciation or gratitude to the inner elements of your body).

The concept of the outer elements versus the inner elements may be a bit obscure for some individuals. So to clarify things… the outer elements refer to all the elements outside your body—the Earth element is the earth itself. The Fire element is the sun or any source of fire/heat outside your body. The Water element is any body of water, or form of water outside your body. And the Air element is the space and air that surrounds you.

Thus when engaged in sending appreciation to the outer Four Elements, you might send appreciation/gratitude to the Earth on the sound EL. When you hear the sound KA, you might send appreciation/gratitude to the sun (even if you cannot see it), or some other form of fire or heat such as a candle, or even a warm radiator. When you hear the sound LEEM, you might choose to send your appreciation/gratitude to the ocean, or to a river or stream, or perhaps clouds (since they are made of water vapor), or even to a glass of water that is nearby. Finally, when you hear the sound OM, you might choose to alternate your sending of appreciation/gratitude to the air around you and then to the sense of space around your body.

The next phase in the chant is to the inner elements. And as with the outer elements, you have a lot of leeway in how you work with this.

When you hear the sound EL, you might choose to direct appreciation/gratitude to your bones (the densest part of your body).

When you hear the sound KA, you might direct appreciation/gratitude to your Solar Plexus—to the etheric fire within you that yogis call Bhuta Agni, or you might choose to direct your appreciation/gratitude to the fire of digestion that yogis call Jathara Agni, since digestion is, in fact, a slow burning fire (oxidation) that releases nutrients and energy. If your awareness is very subtle, you might choose to send appreciation/gratitude to the mitochondria in the nuclei of the cells that comprise your body (with the exception of red blood cells which do not have a nucleus). The mitochondria are the power generators for the cells and they produce a type of fire as well.

When you hear the sound LEEM, you might decide to send appreciation/gratitude to the water element in your body, such as your blood or lymph.

And finally, when you hear the sound OM, you might choose to send appreciation/gratitude to the air element within your body, such as the air that is in your lungs. And when you send appreciation/gratitude to the element of space within you, you might try sending your appreciation to the space between your organs. Or if you have a very subtle awareness, you might send appreciation/gratitude to the space between the atoms of your body!

I have noticed that when I engage the chant in this way (i.e., alternating between the outer and inner elements) for a few minutes, the boundary between my inner world and the outer world becomes blurred. Interestingly, this blurring of personal boundaries is one of the characteristics of certain mystical states of body and mind. Other persons who have worked with the chant have also reported similar experiences.

To use the chant the way it was given to me, send the feeling of appreciation or gratitude to the outer elements first and then to the inner elements that comprise your body. And then turn your attention back to the outer elements, then back to the inner, and so forth. Each cycle of the chant is used to send appreciation or gratitude to either the outer or the inner elements.

As you continue to direct your emotion in this manner, an inner bridge of awareness is established that can profoundly alter awareness and allow you to enter into communion with the more subtle aspects of these elements.

It is my hope that this brief description of the process will serve you as you explore the potency of this chant. In the final analysis, I think it is the union of your appreciation (or gratitude) with your awareness (or contemplation) of a given element (Earth, Fire, Water or Air) that opens the portal between you and the elemental realms of being. In other words, the chant itself is just a device to trigger awareness that it is time to move your attention to another element.

Communion with the elemental realms of being can produce profound altered states of mind and body. And they can open doorways to remarkable fields of knowledge.

Here is a sample of the chant from my CD entitled Ascension Codes:


Unconditional Love for Our Self ~ Chakra Six @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Unconditional Love for Our Self ~ Chakra Six


Dear Readers, 

We have moved beyond our personal self, who is represented by our first Five chakras and into our Multidimensional Self, who is represented by our Sixth and Seventh Chakras. Therefore, the meditations for unconditionally loving these chakras will be less about our personal self and more discovering, releasing and living the Unconditional Love, Multidimensional Power and Infinite Wisdom of our TRUE Multidimensional SELF. Thank you all for continuing this process through your childhood, adulthood and into your true Multidimensional SELF. 

Unconditional Love for Our Self THE SIXTH CHAKRA ~ YOUR THIRD EYE

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A circle surrounds the symbols for the first five chakras. This is not the case with the sixth and seventh chakras because these two chakras represent the expansion of our consciousness beyond the confining “circle” of our third dimensional self.

LOCATION: The location of the sixth chakra, also known as the Brow Chakra, is between the eyes in the center of the forehead.

PETALS: There are ninety-six petals in this chakra. These turning petals accelerate into a swirling vortex when the Third Eye is opened.

NOTES AND MANTRA: The note for this chakra is high A, and the mantra is “aum”, “om”, or “mmm”. The mantra “om” is used by many traditions to achieve theta wave consciousness.

COLOR: The color for the brow chakra is indigo. The children being born now are called the “Indigo Children” because they are born with their Third Eye fully opened. It will be our challenge to protect these children from our dangerous world until they are old enough to become our leaders.

RULES: The sixth chakra rules our intuition and imagination and is associated with the parts of our consciousness concerned with a spiritual view of life. This chakra is sometimes known as the Home of Spirit, as it has the ability to inform us of the motivation behind actions. Through the sixth chakra we can observe the outer theater of life from an inner point of view. Inner vision is also ruled by this chakra. Through meditation upon our brow chakra, we can gain great inspiration and the vision of our purpose and destiny.

This brow chakra rules our sleeping dreams. There are three kinds of dreams:

1 Our unconscious dreams, which bring old issues up from our subconscious so that we can gain a clearer understanding of how we really feel instead of how we “should” feel. We can perceive these dreams as nightmares or as opportunities to be conscious of our own darkness so that it can be healed and released.

2 Our conscious dreams, which are often dress rehearsals for what we are doing or trying to do in our waking life. After having these dreams we may feel tired, as if we have been working all night, and in a sense, we have been.

3 Our superconscious dreams, which allow us to have actual waking journeys through the inner planes. It is important to write out these dreams and integrate them into our everyday lives for they are actual, spiritual guidance.

Even if a dream is not remembered, it still releases psychic tension. Research has show that people who have received adequate sleep, yet have been deprived of dreaming, become disoriented and psychologically disturbed. It is even more beneficial if we learn to remember our important dreams, because they give us important information about our SELF.

There are two effective ways to remember our dreams. One, we tell ourselves upon falling asleep, “I will remember my dreams”. Two, before we open our eyes in the morning, we tell ourselves what our dream was. This activity transfers the dreams from our imagistic right brain to the language areas of our left brain. Then we can often remember the dream long enough to write it down. Some dreams are not difficult to remember and, in fact, haunt us until we process them until we fully understand their meaning.

SENSE: The last two chakras rule our higher senses. The sixth chakra rules our higher sense of telepathy, empathy, ESP, and all the other abilities that are latent within the 85% of our brain which we do not normally use.

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: The holistic thought and realization of inner correlations of Sagittarius/Jupiter, the divinely inspired thought, higher knowledge, and flashes of intuition of Aquarius/Uranus, and the imagination, intuition, and access to inner truths through devotion of Pisces/Neptune rule this chakra.

ELEMENT: The elements for the last two chakras are also metaphysical, or beyond the physical. The sixth chakra rules spiritual vision and inner sound.

CONSCIOUSNESS: This chakra rules the expansion of our third dimensional consciousness to encompass our conscious perception of the fourth dimension. This conscious perception of the fourth dimension means that we remember our inner travels, whether they are through sleep or meditation. It also means that we learn how to integrate the inspiration, illumination and knowledge we have gained into our everyday physical lives.

PERSONAL TIMELINE: The brow chakra represents the stage of life where we are self-realized adults and have learned to live in harmony with our expanded SELF and with others. Since we live in the third dimension, this does not mean that we never have problems but rather that we don’t see them as “problems”. Instead, we experience life’s difficulties as initiations through which we can grow and expand our consciousness. We realize that our true self is a multidimensional being who has spun a hologram of its essence into the lower dimensions to gather experiences. Our self-realized adult feels in unity with All That Is and is aware of the responsibilities of that unity.

SOCIAL TIMELINE: The time era best represented by the brow chakra is the hopeful near future. If we can survive the challenges of today and connect to the consciousness of Earth, Lady Gaia, we shall experience the profound union of Planetary Civilization. At this time, that possibility looks a bit grim, but we must remember that the darkest hour is just before dawn.

We have been informed for many decades now that we are moving into a Golden Age where we shall live in constant connection with our multidimensional self. There are many of us who have that experience in this year of 2001, but there are many more who do not. If we can consciously merge with God/Goddess/All That Is, and surrender to that Oneness, we shall be free of the fear of this hologram and choose the reality where we knowingly move onto fourth and fifth dimensional Earth.

ENDOCRINE GLAND: The endocrine gland for the sixth chakra is the pituitary gland. This gland is discussed in depth in “Opening the Third Eye.”

NERVE PLEXUS: The nerve plexus for this chakra is the carotid plexus, which rules the nerves of face, sinuses, vision and hearing.

CLEAR: When this chakra is clear there are enhanced intellectual and psychic abilities. Our memory is good and our perceptions are accurate. Through our ability to consciously travel into the higher dimensions of our inner reality, our ability to visualize is amplified, our imagination is expanded and we are able to project our visions and imaginations into our outer world. Our sinuses are clear and our hearing and vision is amplified by our ability to use our innate inner senses to amplify the information gained by our five physical senses.

UNCLEAR: When the sixth chakra is unclear we have difficult focusing in life, we can have mental health problems, we may be detached and distant from others and we suffer from intellectual stagnation. We may suffer headaches and fuzzy thinking as well as sinus problems, headaches, and vision and hearing problems.

EARTH CHAKRA: It is fitting that the earth’s sixth chakra is located in the Himalayas, Tibet, as this is an area that has always cherished consciousness expansion and travel into the inner, higher planes of reality.

DIMENSIONS: The brow chakra rules the theta waves of our expanded awareness as well as intellectual and psychic excellence. This chakra represents our conscious exploration of the higher dimensions found within our SELF. Through meditation upon the sixth chakra we can open our awareness to encompass the fourth dimension up to the threshold of the fifth dimension.

SUMMARY: The sixth chakra represents the first step towards our journey Home. Once this chakra is opened, our higher senses are activated and our perceptions of life expand. We are no longer able to limit ourselves to the physical rules of separation from others and from SELF. We will never again experience physical life in the same way because we cannot limit ourselves to the “boxes” of mundane life.

Our journey has begun and Divine Discontent will overtake us if we try to turn away from our greater life. Fortunately, the reward is that our creativity is greatly enhanced as we tap into our inner storehouse of inspiration and illumination. We now seek within for our answers, and we use outer resources for validation rather than as our only source of information. The door to the fifth dimension stands ajar and we are tempted to enter.

Mundane life calls to us to continue as we did before, but we CANNOT. We are different and this difference must be expressed in our outer world in order for us to find peace. We search, inside and out, to find a life that fits this new resonance we have found within. Jobs change, friends change and relationships change. Eventually, we find new jobs, friends and relationships that can accept and appreciate our greater self, and happily, there are those who remain our true companions. With our expanded resources we find others to help us as we, in turn, help others.

We have stepped upon our Path to Soul, and we are going Home—Home inside our SELF.

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How do you experience unconditionally loving your self through your sixth chakra?


Master Saint Germain – Manifestation ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within


Master Saint Germain ~ Manifestation

February 14, 2016

Méline Lafont

Picture Méline Lafont


Greetings, Saint Germain here.

 Let us speak about manifestation.

So, how come that you are seemingly always awaiting things for you to come and to be manifested? Because you are expecting things to happen in the future rather than in the present. So you wait and you await, focusing on and occupying your minds with the thought that it will happen in your future now. So you bring your focus to this future present in such a way that you forget to see what is there in the now and what is already unfolding in this now.

All things always linger in the now moment and being in every now moment aligns you with the greater potential of all. It also allows for all to emerge and be in this potent momentum and present itself to you as your own creation vortex. But then, you simply allow yourself to experience the delay of it because you wait for it as if it is still to come while it is already here in the now. So you delay your own creation in that sense by focusing on your timelines as if it is only there in the future.

Are you seeing the creation pattern and behavior of your human self ?! The only reason for the delay of your creations is because of your belief it can be delayed in the first place and because of your habit of always be focusing upon your future present instead of the now present. You place yourself in the future now and so are you awaiting what has to come. Are you seeing how you are always placing things far away from you in a time distance which continues to stay “unreachable” so to say, for as long as you do this?! Aligning with the Now is allowing all of your creations to exist in this now. Aligning with your future is slowing down your creation to exist, just as awaiting something does for you. And you should always be and stay in this now, my friends, for only that shall bring you more of that manifestation skill. Then you will reap the fruits of this very tangibly.

You will have to understand timelines and how these function, how these were programmed into your minds and what you have made of them through your beliefs. Many different aspects to it, is it not?! Yet all are influencing the way you experience these timelines and since these are fluctuating more than what you are used to, it gives you the impression of a roller coaster shaking all timelines into the mixer. Well no remote control shall help you to find the right frequency for you. Only the lingering in the moment of Now blends with all of them and allows for you to have a taste of all of these timelines in the most balanced way possible.

It is through inner happiness, joy and love that you access all within as well as without you, or at least that which you experience as the without. So Bless you for BEing in the NOW and for continously representing yourself as your SELF in every way of the momentum, through many ways of your infinite potential. You are so loved and Blessed that is beyond all things, represent that at all times and in all ways of your ALL Beingness. That will bring you your manifestations through a blink of an eye ~ an effortless creation not by forcing it nor creating it with intent but by BEing just that in that moment opening the door of potential through all Beingness. That is THE moment of existence within all where all lies, lives and moves. That is YOUR true moment of creation and manifestation through the heart.

Living and Being from the moment within the moment.

Now graduate yourself from this Heaven and see beyond your own eyes. Look into the heart, straight into that moment of all things. Bless you for that moment, for your heart and for your Being.

I AM Saint Germain

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