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Soul Portraits by Wendybyrd Smith...

ART : Soul Portraits – Wendybyrd Smith


Become an Ethnographer of Your Own Ascension

I’m working with a reader, D, on documenting and mapping her consciousness shift.

The invitation I extended to her, I told her I think I need to extend to everybody.  Here’s that invitation.
Start to become an ethnographer of your own consciousness shift.
What’s an ethnographer? My understanding of an ethnographer is that the kind of anthropologist who records what they actually see, hear and feel in an unexplored setting.
They don’t write about the national history. They don’t look at village agriculture through the ages. They actually observe and record what they witness in front of them, right here, right now.
We’re ethnographers in a profound consciousness shift. I can tell you that my consciousness seems to be shifting almost daily (I appear to get some days off to relax and integrate).
When I go into bliss, for example, I notice how I respond to other events in my life while I’m in bliss, where my emotional floor has risen to, how I increase or decrease the bliss, etc. I explore all the questions that come to mind and then make a record somewhere of what I observe.
Sometimes it’s an article. Sometimes it’s a journal entry. Sometimes it’s a note on a notepad.  But I always make and leave a record.
Others will come along after and do with our work what an anthropologist would call a structural/functional study.  Think of the ethnographer’s study as a series of photographs. The structural anthropologist gathers up all the pictures and looks at them for patterns in behavior, dress, gaze, etc.
So the ethnographer’s data is raw material to and for the structural anthropologist.
Our ascension observations, reactions, and discoveries will be raw material to those who gather up all our accounts (or ethnographies) and look for patterns.
Why would people want to do that? For several reasons.
The first is that ours is the first mass, physical ascension ever. I asked Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel whether we were going into an utterly-new, previously-uncreated space and he confirmed that was indeed the case.

Steve Beckow: Is the realm that we’re building, to which we’re taking our physical bodies, altogether new?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: … Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct.  (1)

He’s been teaching me how the rules have changed in regard to enlightenment. It’s dizzying.
But back to the new space. Previously people dropped the body to ascend. We’re taking our bodies with us. That’s historic, as if the mere fact of ascension was not historic enough.
So our experience of ascension, I believe, is going to prove a very important and very much studied subject on many planets throughout the universe, who are also planning their own ascensions. I know of an ascension taking place in the Seventh Dimension in 200 years and you can bet your boots I’ll be there. Well, I already know I’ll be there. Reporting for duty.
Second reason, have you noticed that no one handed you a User’s Manual to the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions? Not so much as a Michelin Guide or The Fifth Dimension on $5?  (2)
We pop through into bliss, as a friend of mine did the other day, just out of the blue, and look around as if to say, “Now what do I do?” And, after sitting for a great amount of time lost in enjoyment, one wonders, “Well, how is this useful?”
No one tells us what to do.
So having a User’s Guide would be a very, very useful thing and you and I are writing a piece of that when we do our ethnographic studies of ascension.
Start to make the same kinds of notes about you and your consciousness that an anthropologist might make upon coming into an indigenous village for the first time.
Generate criteria of significance.What’s worth your attention and why? What are you trying to do? What are you focussing attention on? Establish the parameters of your study. You at home? At work? On vacation?  Shopping?

Then keep adequate notes of each event in consciousness. “I popped into bliss at 9:00 a.m. today, fully three hours earlier than I did the day before. And I was able to spend practically the whole day in it before it subsided in the evening. People seem to notice it. They seem to pick up around me.”

Everyone kept a diary once in their lives. Well, I’m inviting you to keep one now. Religiously. Maybe even start a blog and record your journal entries. Forget the journal and just write the blog. (Gotcha.)

This is something that every single one of the people reading this article is capable of doing and it’ll prove so valuable.

Nuff said. Thank you, D., for sparking that discussion. I look forward to what your ethnographic study turns up.

(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 16, 2015.
(2) Am I dating myself if I say Europe on $5 a Day?

Become an Ethnographer of Your Own Ascension


Soul Portraits by Wendybyrd Smith...

ART : Soul Portraits – Wendybyrd Smith

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