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Peaceful Angel by Teresa Kogut

ART : Peaceful Angel – Teresa Kogut

Deep Experience of Peace

Continuing with my Ascension diary, yesterday I had what was for me a deep spiritual experience.

I went down to a level of peace I had not known before and never suspected existed. I learned so much and nearly broke off the experience to record what I was seeing. But this time I didn’t. This time I stayed with it.

One thing I saw was that my experience was confirming what I’d said earlier about bliss.

I used to think that we went from Enlightenment 1, which has this special quality, to Enlightenment 2, which has this other special quality, etc. But in my experience of spiritual evolution (and these are evolutionary times), it simply doesn’t work that way.

What actually happens is that in the area in which our efforts are concentrated (peace, bliss, love, etc.), we just keep going deeper and deeper into that state.

Archangel Michael confirmed that with me, when he said:  “The experience of true expansion of interdimensionality, of coming to touch, embrace and begin to explore the breadth of your soul design … will anchor deeper and deeper until it is simply a state of being.” (1) [My italics.] That certainly describes what’s happening.

I’ve currently been going deeper and deeper into bliss. But I could have chosen any other divine state to penetrate: As the Company of Heaven have said repeatedly, all the divine states like love, bliss, and peace have no end. (2) Nothing divine has a beginning or an end.

Another example would be those whose enlightenment experiences take in Light. They start by seeing the discrete Light of the Self, then the deeper Light of the Mother in all creation, and finally the transcendent light of the Father, beyond creation. They go deeper and deeper into Light.

Deeper experiences of peace, bliss, and Light all illustrate how our enlightenment process is one of continually deepening – or rising, if you prefer that metaphor.

In the deep experience of peace yesterday, I felt increasing stability and confidence. And then it hit me again, because I’ve spoken about this before as well. (3)

The deep peace I was feeling was … yes, you got it … normal.

All the stress we pack into ourselves of a day? Not normal. The stress-free state is normal.

All the ambition, competition, and anxiety we feel in the “rat race” our lives have become? Not normal.

All the testosterone and pheromones and continual focus on “getting laid,” etc.? Not normal. Love is normal. Sex per se is normal. But the sexual lengths today’s society goes to won’t help me end up in a place that feels normal and they certainly won’t lead me to bliss. (4)

And I could go on. What we’ve considered normal all these years, I say, is not normal if by “normal” one means “in our natural state.” Stress is not normal; covetousness is not; lust is not. When we’re stressed, we’re not peaceful. When we’re covetous, we’re very much attached. When we’re lusting, love cannot express itself. None of these lead to lasting satisfaction.

But bliss does.

Our society appears to enjoy going to the extremes of emotion, reason, experience. It’s as if we need a fix of sensationalism to make our lives enjoyable. “Extreme” has even become a sports buzzword.

But the rapid swing from an extreme of hate, say, to an extreme of dysfunctional clinging is not centered, grounded, or balanced. It’s not normal.

The more peaceful I get, the more normal I feel. I think this may be what’s meant by the teachers when they say that we’re remembering who we are. This process of increasingly becoming and feeling normal is like a process of remembering. In many ways. I’m re-member-ing myself, putting myself back together again after a lifetime of being abnormal, along with almost everyone else in society.

It’s also like remembering in another way. A great deal of our knowledge – especially of the new – is metaphorical. I think the use of the term “remembering” is metaphorical. I choose to see my returning knowledge using the metaphor “unfolding.”

But the wordless process that both terms point to is functionally the same. I did not have knowledge of myself one moment; the next moment I did. And the process that occurred to restore that knowledge is unknown. I see it through the metaphoric filter of “unfoldment.” But another will understand it using a different metaphor.

“Normal” is probably seen by most people as plain vanilla, colorless, lackluster. Nonetheless, being “normal” – being centered, grounded, and balanced – is for me the gateway to bliss.

The energies right now are higher than I’ve ever experienced them. The bar is low. A child could hop across it. In fact a child would hop across it if it recognized it, leaving us in the dust. Fasten on to any blissful thought or feeling and ride it to….


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, through Linda Dillon, June 7, 2015.

(2) For instance, “God is Love, and all of His divine creation is contained within Love’s infinite field which is eternal, limitless, and boundless.”  (Jesus via John Smallman, Feb. 20, 2014, at

(3) “Welcome to the New Normal. You’re It,” at

(4) And I grew up in the Free Love era of the early 1970s so I had ample experience of all manner of experiments. Broke my marriage in half. Bored me within a very short time. No lasting reward there. Just a lot of regrets.


Peaceful Angel by Teresa Kogut

ART : Peaceful Angel – Teresa Kogut

Anchoring Light Body/Gamma Wave Light body @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

art amanda clark guided home

ART : Guided Home – Amanda Clark


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Anchoring Light Body/Gamma Wave Lightbody–Through Suzanne Lie


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Arcturians and Lightbody


Gamma Wave Lightbody

 Through Suzanne Lie

(Repost from 1-29-15)

We come to you this day to remind you that WE are ONE. “We” encompass all our volunteers who logged in to the third/fourth holographic game of “Third Dimensional Earth.” You may have some movies on your television in which the “Greek Gods” are seeing the “mere” humans below them. They have the power to influence these mortals with their mere thought.

As you know, the above scenario is correct, but it is NOT correct that you are “mere humans.” YOU are actually the “Gods” that are over-lighting your way through the confusing maze of transmutational Earth. Yes, Lady Gaia is transmuting more every day. However, please remember that transformation and transmutation are very different terms.

Transformation means that something is added or taken away to create change. However, the frequency of that which is transformed remains the same. On the other hand, transmutation does NOT involve taking away or adding to, but transmutation does raise the frequency of the person, place, situation or thing.

Many of those who are logged into the 3D Game are trapped because they want to add, take away, or alter something or someone. However, that manner of thinking actually traps them in the Game because their third-dimensional thinking can only create a third dimensional solution.

Your return to lightbody begins with returning to the thoughts and emotions that resonate to the fifth dimensional NOW of the ONE. Once you choose to release thoughts that are time based and emotions about what someone “else” did or did not do to or for you, you find that YOU are the creator of your life.

For example, when you are focused on the NOW of YOUR decision to think, do, feel and/or respond, you are within the NOW of that choice. Then when you are tired, overworked and/or just not able to attend to your choices of perception and reactions, you realize that fact and give yourself unconditional love.

Ascension is not about being perfect, but about being loving and forgiving. “Perfect” is a third dimension term, which is the opposing concept to being flawed. Both perfect and flawed are based on judgment as well as on polarized opposites.

How will it be to live in a reality in which there are no extremes such as perfect or flawed? How will it feel to live in a world in which there is no judgment or concept of these concepts?

At first, you may not notice that the NOW of the ONE surrounds you, as even though your consciousness may be greatly expanded, the force of your 3D habit is difficult to break. Even now many of you are actually resonating beyond the 3D matrix, but are only aware of that fact while engaged in meditation or some spiritual and/or creative endeavor. Why does that occur?

How could you be within a higher state of consciousness and not be aware of it? Simple, you are not tuning into your SELF. You are looking “outside” of you and into the matrix. You are doing that because you forgot that the portal “out” of matrix is “inside” of YOU. You, which is your Lightbody, is in the core of your body inside your Kundalini, inside of your spinal cord.

Since your Kundalini is usually latent within your core, you do not realize your own force of transmutation. Hence, you are looking UP into the “heavens” and OUT into another person, place or thing. You have been trained by the 3D Game to believe that YOU are “not good enough.” You have been told that you must improve and/or heal your self.

We say to our dear away team, you do NOT need to improve or heal your self. You need to remember your Multidimensional SELF. Just as a huge tree has leaves that die and fall from the tree, just as a rose bush has some buds that do not bloom, there are parts of your life that do not reach their potential.

It is not bad or embarrassing that you do not “reach your 3D potential,” as that potential was likely given to you by another person or by society. It is for this reason that so many of you totally change your life when you awaken to your higher consciousness.

Once your sense of self expands from the earth vessel you are wearing to the YOU who resides within that vessel, all the 3D indoctrinations of “good enough” begin to diminish. When you are the life force within the body you are wearing, your consciousness expands far beyond your physical limitation and into the NOW of the ONE.

That voice that you have always heard within your heart is YOU. That higher being that you have dreamed about is YOU. That goal that was unachievable in your physical version of self now resonates to the heart and mind of your higher dimensional SELF.

Once you come to that realization, you are no longer concerned about what “they” think. Instead, you are concerned about what YOU think, do, have or believe. You begin to perceive others as lights of consciousness within in the 3D matrix of their human form.

Furthermore, your human form is not better than the form of an animal or plant. Once you realize that YOU are not your body, that YOU are merely wearing your body so that you could login to the 3D Game, other people in the Game are also seen as consciousness wearing a form.

Do you remember when you only knew about your 3D form and had no idea abut the consciousness whom was wearing it? Your old perspective was almost like the old belief that the Earth was the center of the Universe and the Sun rotated around it. Now you look back and think, “How could they ever believe that the Sun rotated around the Earth?”

You will not need to answer that question, as there is no reason to complicate your life by trying to educate or change those who are not ready to know. However, more and more DO want to know.

Your SELF will recognize their true SELF because of your joint expanded perceptions. Because of your shared awareness, you will KNOW that they are “wearing” their earth vessel. Then you can share with each other about how you first expanded your perceptions into your fourth dimensional astral body.

You can also share how you began to perceive your self as your fifth dimensional lightbody self. These conscious perceptions of your fifth dimensional lightbody are initially experienced via your gamma wave consciousness. You greatest challenge will be to remember that experience in your daily life. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you immediately document this experience.

Also, if you begin these meditations with a companion who can ask you questions about your experience, it will assist you to speak about what is occurring. Speaking about your experience brings it into your 3D conscious brain to formulate the words.

In this manner, you will begin to learn….remember… to allow the gamma wave consciousness to interface with your physical form in a manner in which you can document. You will remember and share your adventures in the higher frequencies of the ONE. Each time you have a gamma wave experience, you will become more and more comfortable with the concepts that YOU are your lightbody, and your physical form is your outer shell.

Hence, you have progressed from believing that YOU are your physical form:

  •   Into believing that YOU are the fourth dimensional consciousness that enlivens that form
  •    Into knowing that YOU are the multidimensional consciousness that enlivens that form
  •      Into knowing that YOU are the fifth dimensional, and beyond, lightbody that awaits activation within    the core of your spine
  •    Into experiencing the FEEL of being your Lightbody

When you have your experience of “being Lightbody” you will need to make sure that your physical earth vessel is in a safe place. It is also helpful if you have a person to assist you in grounding your Lightbody by asking you questions about your experience and documenting them. You can also record your experience.

Remember, with your first adventures in Lightbody, your challenge will be to stay within that experience. Doubt or fear will pull your consciousness down into the lower brainwaves. On the other hand, unconditional love and compassion for all life will assist you to remain in a gamma state of consciousness.

Again, we highly suggest that you ask someone to be your grounding force. This person can also ask you questions about your experience so that you have a reminder of how it felt and what you experienced while traveling in the higher realities.

Yes, just as theta wave consciousness allows you to travel into the realms of the higher fourth dimension and delta wave consciousness places your perception of self “outside” of your physical form, gamma wave consciousness activates your Lightbody, also known as your Merkaba. Your Merkaba is your “chariot of the Gods.”

Within your NOW, “Gods” are not far away in “Heaven” or some “other” realm. You are ALL that has been titled “Gods” within your own gamma wave consciousness. Now this information has been suppressed by the forces of power over others.

If the “minions” of humanity where to know their true power within, the forces of power of others would be “put out of business.” In fact, this “power over others group”, also known as the Cabal, the Illuminati, and many other names that we will not disclose at this NOW, have lost the final battle to gain complete power over Gaia.

As you are likely aware, they have had a very long run through all of the years of the Kali Yuga, which is the final cycle of the “darkest night before the dawn.” That dawn has NOW awakened. Many still slumber in the illusions of polarity and domination of an outside force.

Therefore, our dear ones who volunteered to enter your current incarnation to assist in awakening humanity and healing Gaia, we ask you to please: “Come out, come out wherever you are!” You no longer need to play “hide and seek” with your own higher SELF. It is the NOW to BE your SELF in your daily life.

There will be days in which you may feel as though you are flying through life and other days in which you will feel as though you are trudging through mud. Obviously, you will be able to maintain higher states of consciousness when you are flying and will likely fall into beta wave consciousness when you are trudging.

The up-down roller coaster of life in the third dimension is slowly coming to the end of its ride. You were joyful when the ride carried you UP and frightened when the ride sent you DOWN. But, the roller coaster ride is being retired, as is the entire 3D amusement park.

This “park” was invaded by darkness way back in the later days of Atlantis, and that darkness has grown by creating myriad wars in which both sides were backed by the same dark ones for the sole purpose of filling their own pockets. As this behavior escalated over the last 2000 years, Gaia began to take the greatest “hit” to Her health and welfare.

When the planet became so deeply wounded by the people who occupied her, in fact by a relatively small group of those people, your Galactic Family was given permission by the higher forces to assist the planet and the humans who would accept our unconditional love and multidimensional light.

Because humanity is choosing to accept your light and love, we did not “break the law of Gaia’s free will plane.” At first, only a few humans could hear that we were calling them. Therefore, many of us decided to implant the essence of our higher expression of SELF into the human form of those who accepted the assignment of assisting Gaia.

It was extremely challenging for our volunteers, who begin this process after the close of WWII. These first volunteers had to remain secret about their true self. Many of those who did not keep the secret were harmed or killed. However, over 3D time, those who survived were able to assist others to awaken and commune with their own higher expressions of SELF.

You are NOW beginning to open and enter your own Arcturian Corridors of ascension. These Corridors are entered and explored via your own gamma wave consciousness. Please remember that it is the force of unconditional love and compassion for all life that allows you to regain and retain your gamma consciousness.

In the next post we offer a recording of our channel’s experience with gamma wave consciousness. Please remember that perception IS creation. Therefore, as you each travel into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will experience what your own consciousness can best recognize and attend to.

Therefore, each of you may have very different experiences because each of you will choose different perceptions. In this manner, you will create myriad different versions of fifth dimensional New Earth. We remind you again that:


When you begin your conscious travel into and through the higher dimensions, each of you will gather your own “puzzle piece” of life in the fifth dimension and beyond. When you return to your physical reality, you will contribute your “puzzle pieces” that you have collected on your inter-dimensional journey to the planetary puzzle of “Ascending Gaia.”

Most important, ALWAYS remember that YOU are already ascended in the higher dimensional expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF. You did not take a body to advance your own spiritual growth. The days of “individual” spiritual leaders and saints ceased with the closing of the Piscean Age.

We thank you for remembering. It is this remembering that is vital so that you can remain clear of the jaws of your 3D ego. Love your ego unconditionally, and place your Multidimensional SELF in the driver’s seat of your Mission to Earth.

We now post Suzille’s fifth dimensional journey. Please remember that each of you will perceive that which is in alignment with your own “reason for incarnation.” Then you can add that “individual puzzle piece” to the ONE puzzle of Planetary Ascension.

We send you ALL unconditional love and unconditional gratitude.

The Arcturians, Pleiadian and other members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Through Suzanne Lie

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:50 PM

Up Jacob’s Ladder of Consciousness – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

sandi fitzgerald .

ART : Sandi Fitzgerald


Up Jacob’s Ladder of Consciousness

The impact of knowledge on us, it seems to me, grows the farther up Jacob’s ladder of consciousness we go.

Ideas (intellectual knowledge) elicit our mild interest.

Feelings (experiential knowledge) elicit strong interest and sympathetic action.

Intuition (intuitive knowledge) calls up mild certainty in us.

Realization (realized knowledge) calls up strong certainty.

These are all steps in Jacob’s ladder that we angels walked down eons ago and are now, apparently, walking up again.

When we share our knowledge, if we communicate ideas, people may be mildly interested for a while, that interest declining the longer we share.

If we communicate feelings, people are often roused and moved to action on our behalf.

If we communicate our intuition, people may accept our version, at least as being the truth for ourselves.

If we share our realizations, people may accept our version as being possible and perhaps probable truth for all.

If we want to move, empower and inspire, we may want to cease sharing only ideas, wade into the water more, and share at least how we’re feeling.

If we want more impact than that, we may want to share our intuitions.

If we want the most impact, we may wish to share what we’ve realized and know as true. Humbly of course. No ego.

To a certain extent, it’s the exhilaration we get from risking – risking being transparent, risking apologizing, risking seeking forgiveness, etc. – that propels us into states like transformative love and bliss – at least in my experience.

It’s the power we derive from declaring ourselves, taking a stand on something, or making a difference that enables us to relax enough, confident of who we are in the matter, to allow the love and bliss to arise from our hearts. Or so it’s been for me.

It’s the integrity of our word that allows us to leave shame and guilt behind and face whatever the future brings with a clear mind and a clean conscience. And to forgive ourselves the errors we made before we were consciously aware.

The unmasking of ourselves, the revealing of ourselves to others, our vulnerability results in us emerging and standing forth as our natural, normal selves of increasingly-higher dimensionality. Is that not the purpose of life – to stand forth ever more as our natural, normal selves?  And who is that natural, normal self?


sandi fitzgerald .

ART : Sandi Fitzgerald