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Monday, March 7, 2016

The Flowing Mind–Suzille and the Arcturians — Two Great Upcoming Events


Your Flowing Mind

By Suzille and The Arcturians

We are on the cusp of great change. Exactly when, where, what, how, and to whom these changes occur will be determined in the fifth dimensional worlds that are beyond “time.”

We are on the cusp of great change. Exactly when, where, what, how, and to whom these changes occur will be determined in the fifth dimensional worlds that are beyond “time.” Therefore, “when,” which is a third dimensional term, will be “within the NOW” in which these changes are experienced.

This may seem confusing to your third dimensional thinking. However, if you are to consciously experience these changes, your consciousness—and thus your perceptions—will need to be calibrated to that frequency range and energy pattern of those changes.

Please remember that change does NOT occur – unless YOU experience it. And, whether or not you experience these changes will largely depend on whether or not your consciousness is calibrated to the frequency of reality in which that change is occurring within the NOW.

We realize that you may be confused by the 5D mode of conversation. Our speaking within the NOW of “no-time” no longer confuses Suzille. However, the side effect of her adaptation to that frequency of the NOW is that her third dimensional, time-bound experiences are very difficult to keep track of. We know that many of you are having this experience.

As you adapt to “NO Time,” which means, “NOW,” you begin to live more and more within your multidimensional mind. Meanwhile, your physical brain, consciousness, thoughts, and emotions are trying to cope with the third dimensional stimuli and fourth dimensional stimuli.

This third/fourth dimensional stimuli, as well as the construct of your physical life, are fading from your “choice of perception.” There is such a diversity of stimuli in your third/fourth dimensional reality that you can become lost in the myriad illusions that arise at that frequency of reality.

You see, the third dimensional construct of reality is based on the polarity and separation that you experience in your physical world. Even your dreams can be frightening or limiting. However, time runs much faster in the fourth dimension.

Therefore, many of you learn to meditate, lucid dream, draw, sing, dance, and/or be an athlete. It is through these creative endeavors that you activate your innate connection to wonderful creative ability of your fourth dimensional consciousness, and thus fourth dimensional thinking.

Fourth dimensional consciousness/thinking is constructed of a more fluid reality in which your thought and emotions can change the structure of your reality. You may also be moving through the fourth dimension to remember how to be active your higher states of consciousness.

OR, if you are in the process of “entering into” an earth vessel—or—releasing your earth vessel, the fourth dimensional frequency of reality is very different form your third dimensional experience of what you had formerly thought of as the “person,” or “body” that died.

Of course, while in your astral body you are very aware that you cannot die. Death is a third-dimensional concept. While in your fourth-dimensional Astral Body or your fifth-dimensional Light Body you have the perspective of looking at your third dimensional reality from the perspective of a higher dimensional version of your self.

We do not mean that the 3D issues diminish. What we are saying is that the worries and fears of your third dimensional reality will diminish in importance. As you continue to hear, see, feel and sense that “something is VERY different,” your third dimensional perceptions seem “less important.”

Now, this is very confusing to you because you know you HAVE to take care of your 3D life. You have to pay your bills, go the work, take care of your family, etc., etc. Yes, within this NOW you still have to maintain a strong connection to your third dimensional reality because YOU are changing it.

But how can you change something that you don’t really understand? That is a very important point because you are being called upon to expand your awareness of what is truly happening on physical Earth, so that YOU can participate in this change.


Therefore, we will move on to the “where” aspect of this change. That is an easy answer. The “where” is inside of YOU—deep within your Core! Since you are among our volunteers who took an earth vessel to more intimately assist Gaia, you are fully merging into your/Gaia’s planetary SELF. Therefore, your “where” is every where on planet Earth.

This brings us to the “What is going to occur?” We, your Galactic and Celestial Family, happily answer, “What ever you create!” If you are to ascend with Gaia, you will need to remember that YOU are the creator of your reality.

If you observe reality only from the third dimension, you will likely judge your self—a LOT! However, if you have learned to Unconditionally Love yourself, you will NOT judge your self. Instead, you will listen to the many voices inside your head, your heart, and your body.

We suggest that you tune into the roar of the myriad Higher Beings surrounding your world. Then, intimately and daily connect with your own Higher Self who resonates to the “you” who has found the courage to listen to your reality.

Remember, if you allow all of your senses, perceptions, thoughts and emotions to send you an understandable message, you will need to Unite all this information into the ONE voice of your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

There are many, many of our brave volunteers to Earth that are in the process of communing with their Higher Self. The challenge is that many do not realize that it is their own Higher Self with whom they are communing.

You have all been indoctrinated by the Lost Ones that, “You are just one, insignificant human.” We ask you to slightly change that message to, “I AM ONE very significant, multidimensional being.”

To best fulfill that mission, we suggest that you transmute “back” into your “Flowing Body.” Your Flowing Body is a return back into your fifth dimensional vessel of light.


To assist you with that “return,” we will NOW send you our latest transmission. We have spoken with you “inside your consciousness.” We NOW wish to assist you to interpret our message in a manner in which you can share with others in a way that they can understand.

We come to you within this NOW to share that we, your Galactic Family, surrounds your planet. Hence, we are able to give you all the protection and illumination that you are able to accept. Gaia is a free will planet, which both strengthens and weakens her.

Since Gaia chose to explore being a reality in which Her inhabitants could be the directors of their own version of reality, She was able to accept residents from myriad different worlds and dimensions onto Her planet.

However, the origins of these inhabitants were forgotten, as they adapted to a third/fourth dimensional reality. We come to you again to remind you that IT IS THE NOW for you ALL to release your old “adaptations” into your current third/fourth dimensional resonance and return to your true Multidimensional SELF.


All of your inter-dimensional abilities, and more, are becoming increasingly common. Best of all, more, and more, people are beginning to follow their inner urges and document that which they are experiencing. Best of all, you are sharing these experiences with others.

Fully remembering your initial arrival on planet Earth will greatly assist you to release your third-dimensional adaptations. Please remember that you bi-located from the fifth dimension, and beyond, from your true, fifth dimensional self.

“Bi-located” means that your fifth-dimensional expression of you who chose to merge a component of his/her energy field with the “you” who is wearing a third dimensional earth vessel – still resonates to the fifth dimension.

When your 3D self is consciously aware that you are infinitely connected with an expression of YOU who resonates to the fifth dimension, your third dimensional self will be able to merge with this fifth dimensional energy field.

When your third dimensional expression merges with your fifth dimensional expression, your collective SELF will perceive you as ONE with ALL the higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

Since YOU consciously resonate with both Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional SELF, as well as your fifth dimensional SELF, you become an open portal through which the fifth dimensional energy fields of your fifth dimensional SELF can flow into and merge with your physical earth vessel.

Your physical earth vessel shares Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional elements of earth, air, fire, water, and either. Your fifth dimension expression of SELF sends fifth dimensional energy fields down through your portal to intermingle with your third dimensional earth vessel.

This fifth dimensional energy field merges with every molecule of the inter-dimensional portal that your fifth and third dimensional selves have opened to commune with each other. Because Gaia is a “free-will” planet it is the decision of your 3D earth vessel self as to whether or not you receive this energy field.

The difficulty is that if your 3D expression cannot perceive this portal connection, you will not recognize the “feel” of the fifth dimensional that your “higher self” is sending to you via the portal of your join connection.

Please remember that this energy is meant to go through your 3D earth vessel and into the planetary body of Gaia. Your fifth dimensional SELF will continue to send you as much fifth dimensional light as you are able to ground into the body of Gaia.

It is vital that you remember that you MUST let this energy travel “Not From You-but THROUGH you.” The synaptic junctions of your third dimensional earth vessel cannot tolerate continual interaction with the fifth dimensional energy fields.

If you do not send this energy into the core of Gaia, you can greatly harm your fragile 3D earth vessel. However, as this energy travels through you, you are able to share it with others via the task that humans have called Channeling.

When you “channel” it is vital to ALWAYS remember:

“The energy travels THROUGH me not FROM me.

If you try to use this frequency of energy before you have fully grounded it in the planet, the ungrounded higher frequency can damage the delicate neural/electrical systems of the clay earth vessel that that expression of your Multidimensional SELF is wearing.

Furthermore, if your ego becomes engaged or you seek to use this energy for selfish reasons, your fifth dimensional expression will stop using “the Portal” until your grounded version regains their “service to others” consciousness.

Even when the grounded one maintains a service to others state of consciousness, the clay vessel that that YOU is wearing can become harmed by light that is too out of sync with the tunnel/portal through which it travels.

From the perspective of your earth vessel self, you will become extremely tired and perhaps even ill. Also, there can be some neurological damage if you do not take “rests” and remain connected with your higher dimensional YOU. This higher dimensional you is much like the “puppet master,” whereas your 3D self is much like the puppet.

However, this “puppet” is actually a very evolved human who has followed the necessary light choices that allows you to consciously connect with your own fifth dimensional (and beyond) expression of Multidimensional SELF.

Remember, your fifth dimensional self maintains the multidimensional opening of your shared inner portal. Simultaneously, your third dimensional self maintains the third/fourth dimensional opening of your shared inner portal.

These two expressions of YOU resonate to the frequency of consciousness of the part of the portal that you maintain. However, what has been occurring more and more is that the third dimensional expression of you is allowing more and more of this higher frequency of light to enter into your earth vessel.

As long as your physical expression realizes that you MUST maintain a higher state of consciousness on a regular basis or the higher light can actually harm your earth vessel. We remind you to not be alarmed, when the higher light “opens” higher dimensional messages that have been dormant in your physical brain.

Your third dimensional self is beginning to consciously perceive these messages because your earth bound consciousness has expanded enough to activate your higher brainwaves. It is these higher frequency brainwaves that allow you to receive higher and higher dimensional messages without damaging your physical brain.

It is at this point that your fifth dimensional self can pull through messages from higher and higher dimensions of realty. Simultaneously, your third dimensional YOU can ground these messages deeper and deeper into the planetary body of Gaia. You are also able to consciously perceive and share these messages with others.

When the third dimensional YOU at the 3D opening of your portal can consciously receive, document and share the messages that your 5D sends from the higher dimensions, our inter-dimensional portal expands more deeply into the core of Gaia, as well as into higher and higher dimensional realities.

Eventually this YOU will be able to totally release all attachment to the third dimensional “holographic timeline” of planet Earth and merge the consciousness of your personal earth vessel self with the consciousness of the fifth dimensional SELF.

Furthermore, once you have merged your personal consciousness with your planetary consciousness, you be fully aware of the portal within the core of the Earth. It is then that your bi-located SELF, can be in constant communication with your earth vessel self.

When you entered your earth vessel, you entered time, as well as all the myriad possible, probable, alternate, and simultaneous incarnations of Earth. In this manner, you have access to the YOU in what you likely now consider your “past self.”

To your third dimensional self, these lives are within the “time” of the past. However, to your fifth dimensional self, these lives are ALL resonating to the NOW of the ONE. Hence, your constant connection to your Higher Self will greatly assist you to expand your perceptions of reality far beyond one individual being living in only one timeline.

We ask you now to go deep inside your long forgotten memory waves to remember entering the earth vessel that you are currently wearing. When you remember entering “this life,” you can remember the YOU that is often known as your “Higher Self.”


Hopefully the WHO is YOU! All of your inter-dimensional abilities, and more, are becoming increasingly common. Best of all, more, and more, people are beginning to follow their inner urges and document that which they are experiencing. Best of all, you are sharing these experiences with others.

Beings who have ascended beyond the third dimension often briefly return to the physical world to show others that a transition into Lightbody is possible.

Perhaps YOU will be one of those being.

Perhaps, you already are!




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The Maturity Phase, Solar Template, Embodiment and March energies – Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

March anna dittmann

ART : “March” – Anna Dittmann


Méline Portia Lafont ~ The Maturity Phase, Solar Template, Embodiment and March energies


March 7, 2016


Méline Portia Lafont

Blessings Love Tribe,

Since we have entered the maturity phase a lot of things are being asked of us while being bombarded by tons of energy blasts from the Solar System as well as from our SUN. The inner Sun, which we recognize as the Solar Christ within, is being amplified within its activation on a Solar level as to where we are embodying each level of this Christed Over soul step by step.

As we are now the mature grounded conduits, the Christed morphogenetic fields of the inner Sun as well as from the Solar Sun as the Solar Christed level are blending in spectacular ways. All we are to find is the inner Sun template while diving in a deepened level of our awakening ascension.

Your inner compass may be distorted at this time and pointing out to every direction like a magnet gone wild, something which has to do with the inner Sun Template arising and thus bringing forth deeper alignments and actualizations which affect your morphogenetic human fields.

It refers to all magnetic and spherical fields of your energy blending into a super consciousness so that you can embody all of that consciousness field and bring this forth through awareness and embodiment. The Super consciousness of your current spherical field as well as your inner vibration as a BEing is emerging through the many Templates that are available for you at this time. And let us say that for most of you out there, reading this, it will be the Solar Template often also called the Solar Christ.

What does this mean?

In terms of definition ~ something which is impossible to define in the way it represents itself as ~ your bodies are in a transformation phase. Yet again, and so we continue to change as change is what serves the best and all. There is not one single point in the Cosmos that does not change and as Master Saint Germain would say: Change is the only way. So we are in for another phase of embodiment as to where the solar Template emerges and allows us to move from the resurrection level to the embodiment level. The embodying of the Solar consciousness and Solar Christed Light.

March is the bridge for this as Solar consciousness Lord Sanat Kumara states.

I’ve been aware of an inner Sun being present within me and it is of such a strong pulsation. It moves me through levels of consciousness that could not have been reached before in embodiment or maybe just not perceived as such. A magical force and such an inner strength of quality, equality and so much energy to give and work with!

Prior to this experience I was completely “out” for 8 days in all my 4 lower bodies. Emotional peak, mental tiredness, ethereal pressure and physical pains. I have not experienced such body aches before: bones, muscles, heavy migraines and fever, inner cold.. But what came forth from this is what I share with you now. A renewed sense and such a magical force within, it leaves me in a complete new body and awareness. At least that is how it feels.

The outer reality stays the same and has not changed, but within I have changed so much! This brings forth the change of how I perceive the world and how it feels to me. Taking things much less personal and less serious. For me a Divine Blessing and overall sense that all is truly well. Even having much to worry about in my personal private space, still feeling so relaxed with such an inner knowing that all is well.

You may feel a lot is going on in your abdomen area and your 3 lower chakras as well as the heart and your head. As the inner Sun is emerging as we speak we are integrating the Solar consciousness embodiment phase on a deeper level. Thus your Solar plexus chakra has much purging going on to help you settle in this new level of consciousness and awareness. All of this is in order to help you and prepare for the Solar Christ consciousness to now become embodied in your lower central chakras which are your physical chakras.

Also the alignments with the Solar Template had to be made through the Solar Plexus chakra in order to establish this Divine connection. This being so in every embodiment here on this Earth, it is therefore that you may have heard of many having intense flu symptoms. These have rather been deep detoxifications for many on the awakening stage and a recoding for those who are moving towards the awakening stage. This all to awaken Humanity with the Solar stages of Light and to welcome those who are ready for true embodiment of this Light.

Powerful it is and you may have felt it, as I have. No doubt you have and still are feeling it!

As Mature Conduits we now have the skills to move further with our tasks in more deep, profound ways. For many this means following your inner call, take action and provide this world with your sense of your inner Christed Light. Everything you have been learning, following, reading and experiencing has now led you to a space where you can be conscious of what you are, what you represent and what you are capable of. Take over the torch handed to you and do something beautiful with it. Be confident, you have learned enough and reclaim your Divinity to be this in action and into form. Time to make it YOUR way and spread your conscious seeds.

Those who may call themselves the Light holders are holding the torch now. Enlighten the world you see and witness the massive changes happening worldwide which all began from within you. You witness with your eyes what is being felt going on within you, albeit reflected through the collective mind.

For others this may mean to deepen your experience by being bathed in the Solar Light Temples, and so you may soon start to discover what this will entail for you. No one knows, for we have never entered this kind of journey before ~ not in this way with our physical bodies on such a level. May this be a journey with all kinds of blessings and deep Love for that is what it feels for me at this time. It is like giving birth to a SUN, what an experience!

3 Portals this month

3 Beautiful portals this month shall open and amplify this experience, they will come about in the most deep and strong way that your vehicle can hold. All you have to do is to go within and to open yourself through allowance for this experience. The Sun and the Solar Template are of Great power and wisdom, they may perfect some of your skills and body template as well as make a change in other skills. The Solar eclipse/New moon on March 8, 2016 is all about empowerment of the many facets and brings light on what to change in your reality. The new moon shall give you the energy and power that is required to bring this change about.

The super equinox portal is always a special portal with Divine intention to upgrade our Solar codes to the next level of embodiment.

The Lunar eclipse on March 23, 2016 is another amplifier of Solar Christ activity within our brain circulation. This way our circuitry will be infused with solar codes to help all of our organs and muscles to be encoded by this Light frequency and start their process of adaptation. Something that is needed for our embodiment stages.

So a beautiful moment with many inherent opportunities it will be. What you do with it is always entirely up to you, it is being shared for you only to beccome aware of it. The specimen of this energy flux that I am feeling since 2 weeks now is amazing and so strong. I have to keep my head clean and focused, something which has become easier and becoming more naturally. On the other hand, it has become more difficult to keep my head on things that are not of the 5D energies. It has become the other way around.

Come and join in this beautiful wave of momentum and celebrate your embodiment process ! May you BE you in all ways.

With love

Universal created gift  2012-2016.  We co-create together and share with Love. All Rights to share, blog and use excerpts are permitted by Universal law provided the content is copied unaltered, is distributed freely, and the author + website is mentioned.  Méline Portia Lafont


March anna dittmann

ART : “March” – Anna Dittmann