2016 – The Birth of Love Warrior Souls – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

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ART : Visitation Mary – Susan Seddon Boulet


2016 – The Birth of Love Warrior Souls

by Mother Mary


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 11th March 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

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Love exudes from my heart and soul into your being, I am Mother Mary, I come forth with the Divine Mother consciousness, light and love to support humanity and the Earth at this time of Ascension. It is a time of tremendous transformation upon the Earth, some shifts may be subtle and unnoticed, yet they have been long awaited and will create the greatest impact upon the consciousness of humanity. Please value the subtle shifts taking place within the core of your being because they are opening you up to your truth to become a beacon of love. The consciousness of the Earth and humanity is shifting into a greater space of love which is preparing for present and future experiences of Creator love and enlightenment. This is making way for new opportunities for those upon the Earth and the inner planes.

The vibrations of pure love consciousness are extending with tremendous power from the planet and civilisation of Venus throughout 2016; this is creating a powerful healing within many as well as encouraging a purer perspective and recognition of love. Many people are feeling old energies, understandings and belief systems being dissolved as a powerful awakening of love forms within their beings. As the energy of Venus penetrates the Earth and her humanity with intense power, transforming the Earth into a Planet of Love this will influence the current and next generations being born upon the Earth.

Many of the souls born into the Earth and a physical body during 2016 will either be of the planet Venus, will have a powerful connection and resonance with Venus or will hold a potent high vibrational love frequency. Souls being born in 2016 and to some extent 2017 will be known as Love Warriors. The word ‘Warrior’ depicts soldiers, war and battles, however, these souls known as Love Warriors are coming to the Earth now to participate in love and to encourage others to participate in love. Even the birth of these souls will imprint love codes into the Earth and the consciousness of humanity to support the further manifestation of the Era of Love. Their birth alone will create further potent blossoming and recognition of love upon the Earth and most importantly within humanity.

Souls born with the purpose of being Love Warriors will have a strong awareness of love within their beings and around them. They will powerfully inspire many to recognise the Creator love within them while wishing to dissolve illusions which block each person’s natural recognition of love. This will be achieved subtly simply through the radiance of their light and consciousness when among others. Many Love Warriors will mature with the passion to make changes upon the Earth within society which seem impossible now, however due to their high and potent love held within their entire being such tasks will be effortless with very little negative impact upon humanity. They may challenge governments, manipulation, the creation of fear, poverty, suffering and everything that is required to be brought into a space of love to bring peace to the Earth and all souls. To many adults the pa ssion and purpose of the Love Warriors will be inspirational, their trust in love and the action of love will demonstrate to many all over the world that love heals and dissolves all illusions.

The Love Warriors enter into the Earth now with a challenging purpose, to support all in further moving into an inner space and consciousness of love. However, they are well equipped because their power of love is beyond anything experienced upon the Earth at this time. The Love Warriors will also begin to reform energetically the sacred site, chakras and holy spaces of the Earth so that they are returned to their original use, thus increasing the love vibration of the Earth.

It is a time of tremendous celebration as we honour the souls becoming a part of humanity entering through the traditional human birthing process. Their presence symbolises that humanity has reached a time upon the Earth of high vibration ready to receive love. This symbolises that beautiful processes, downloading and anchoring of love are to follow. I share this information with you now because you are already consciously aware of the power, purpose and necessity for the love of the Creator to be recognised upon the Earth. Your dedication to the light is creating a pure energy upon the Earth which is allowing souls to incarnate holding higher frequencies of love and light. This does not mean that they are more evolved than you; they are equal to your own magnificent soul however you have prepared the energies of the Earth so that these souls may enter with greater remembrance. Rather than being born into illusion they are able to be born holding onto their pure soul consciousness, retaining this throughout their childhood into their adulthood.

How can you recognise the souls being born now who are Love Warriors? They will exude love and retain this powerful love radiance whatever occurs in their reality. They will easily be able to see through the illusions of the Earth wishing to cast the rules of the Earth aside. Their passion for the love of the Creator will be powerfully evident and inspirational. They will seek to create action which promotes inner recognition of love. They will also have strong connections to Venus frequencies.

How can you support and assist these souls? To be of service to the Earth, yourself, humanity and the Love Warrior Souls, there is a need to continue to focus upon love within your being. Continue to cleanse and purify your body, thoughts and emotions as this will clear all illusions held within the consciousness of humanity, making space for love consciousness, as well as continuing to raise the love quotient of the Earth. Be observant and allow yourself to recognise these Love Warrior Souls when they enter your reality, energetically share your love with them as a powerful source which will energise, magnify, support and propel them forward in their purpose. Know that you are also a Love Warrior, to radiate love and create actions of love upon the Earth is also your purpose. You may recognise yourself as an energetic guardian and protector for these souls whether they enter into you r life or not. Your purpose is to encourage their purpose, to demonstrate the power of love and lovingly encourage them to realise their pathway. You may also feel inspired to transmit your love and healing to souls being born into the Earthly reality to welcome and support them throughout 2016.

Not all souls born during 2016 and 2017 will be Love Warriors. However, many will and they will be easily recognised. In 2017 and beyond many souls born will hold a different energy. These souls will hold a high vibrational pure love however their sensitivity will be more advanced. These souls will embody a powerful passion for love with advanced sensitivity giving them the opportunity to express and experience love at a greater scale though this may mean that they are highly sensitive to illusion and fear. These Sensitive Love Souls will appear to be very different from the Love Warrior Souls however both are required to support you and humanity in further creating the Era of Love. The Sensitive Love Souls may experience suffering due to aspects of the Earth that humanity takes for granted such as the power of fear within the consciousness of humanity, the vibration of technology, co nventional medicine, harm to Mother Earth and education. While remaining deeply loving they will demonstrate and reinforce to the rest of humanity, especially those not yet spiritual awake, that changes are required to take place in order for the Era of Love to be fully experiences. Due to the presence of these Sensitive Love Souls, their advanced powers and their heightened sensitivity to their surroundings, they will act as the instigators for powerful and long awaited changes to take place upon the Earth to benefit all. They will not be able to tolerate illusions and low vibrations; this may create chaos especially within the families they are born into if their families are not ready to make shifts into a higher vibrational way of living. This will then filter into the rest of humanity. The sensitivity of these souls is not something to fear. Those who recognise the pure love held within the core of these souls will know exactly how to be of service and to make the neces sary shifts which will alter humanity’s lifestyle in the coming 30 years.

The Love Warrior Souls will support light workers already on the Earth in creating impactful actions upon the Earth to create love. The Sensitive Love Souls will confirm that the impactful actions of love are needed and required as well as demonstrating where further growth, healing and love is required both within each person and in the Earthly reality. The Earth and her humanity are entering into a period of tremendous learning, growth and wisdom to further create the Era of Love.

Parents, grandparents, family members and friends of Love Warrior Souls and Sensitive Love Souls are already being prepared for their role. The guidance that is offered is to be willing to recognise the loving truth of the Creator within your own being as this will serve you in guiding theses souls entering the Earth. Please remember that they are not new soul, many have been upon the Earth before, they are souls being given the opportunity to manifest in a purer form.

Please known that I, Mother Mary and also the Beings of Venus, are supporting, loving and assisting all at this time, please call upon us to be of service to you. We are present to bring forth clear understanding, reassurance, healing and guidance.

With eternal love,

Mother Mary

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visitation_mary    susan seddon boulet

ART : Visitation Mary – Susan Seddon Boulet

The Tides of March – New Earth Frequency Update @ Walking Terra Christa

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ART : Elizabeth – by Escume @ DeviantArt


Welcome to the Tides of March  – New Earth Frequency Update


We are the Unified Whole Command of The Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Master Einstein to bring forth our Divine Guidance to each of you in hopes to assist you in the planetary changes that are currently happening.

Welcome to the Tides of March.

Are you going to ride with the current and allow the changes to come or will you fight against the energies that are presently being presented to the Earth?

These are very important questions to ponder as this month is going to be bringing much upheaval and change within the world as you know it presently.

In the present moment the New Moon has arrived with a Solar Eclipse, then the Vernal Equinox occurs, with the onset of the Full Moon of Libra within Aires with a Lunar Eclipse. With the Full Moon energies we of the Spiritual Hierarchy and many of you upon the earth celebrate the Festival of the Christ, the first ascension festival to be acknowledged in the coming months.

Those events on their own are quite powerful but the propulsion of these energies in the combined forces is going to set a new precedence of light to be entered within Gaia’s Core Essence. Each of these elements of Light Forces will bring about change in a new and different way. The planet still being in duality is coming into a phase of what feels right, what thoughts bring about the change, and how do we move into the next step of our evolution.

Each soul upon the Earth has a divine moment to make magnificent changes within their own reality. The choice is up to each person individually, but the hope is that more will join forces of the Light. As more light infractions come surging into Gaia, each of you holding your own frequency is going to be effected in various ways.

The Solar Eclipse with the New Moon energies will allow for each person’s Higher Essence to become more apparent within the dream state, first and foremost.

This awareness can come into the physical body if each individual is ready to accept the potentiality of what is occurring. Our hope is that many will arise to the occasion but it depends on the free will of the physical self. Each person has the capability to receive more and be more within their own consciousness but it takes great responsibility to step into this world of unity.

We all know that a new moon represents the time of great beginnings. What, if in fact, that beginning is so large that the consciousness of the world will increase in proportions that are beyond our wildest imaginations?

The truth of the matter is that this world is changing but not in leaps and bounds as we would like to hope. There is still great duality within many individuals and upon the planet. The darkness has been so great that it is a challenge just to understand the enormity of what could be occurring within the existence of this Earth.

Many times during these planetary shifts so many individuals are able to feel the potential of change within them, but are not able to hold it within their full body structure. This is due to all of the debris that still lives within the planet. The only way that this old energy can be transformed is by the pure essence of Light to be expanded within and around the core.

The energy exchanges that are going to be occurring this month is momentous in the fact that the intensity of the light will be exponentially in greater proportions than it ever has been before. And, it does not stop there ~ each month it will become increasingly more powerful in various ways.

That is why each of you are so very important as you bring to the Earth what every soul desires to have in their possession ~ our Divine Light embodied within the physical vehicle. You will be tested through this process, as it is important to hold this intensity of frequency within your physical vehicle. All that you have been doing in the past is now going to be your guidepost of how you can handle the higher energies that are increasing towards Gaia. Otherwise, it cannot be held within her Consciousness or Auric Field.

You are the Ones that need to fully ground as much of the higher light frequencies coming in as possible. It does not matter where you exist in the chain of ascension mastery; each of you will be going through many levels of awareness that you will need to address within your Emotional and Mental bodies. You are becoming so much more than you ever thought you could be as it has never been achieved in any other timeline of this planet.

Starting with the energies of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon there will be great opportunity to manifest your dreams into your reality as the doorway is being opened through the Great Central Sun for these essences to be ignited into your lifeline upon the Earth. It is important to pay close attention to your dreams as they may be telling you more than you realize.

It is a time in which you can right your karma immediately, but you must pay close attention in how you go about doing so. Forgiveness is a key element and learning to have a focus of your dreams is an important quality at this time.

Floundering and thinking that these energies are going to just take care of you is the wrong thought process to be sending out into the Universe.

Taking time to understand what you desire deeply from your Higher Essence, not the physical self will then allow the energy of the Water and the Wind to carry you there. This takes great trust within your Heart to realize that you, as the physical being you are, may not have full command of your actions in the way that you are used to doing so.

It is imperative to have complete command of your Higher Self. The incoming energies demand it to be. The New Moon is just a beginning as there is an ending of what has occurred previously. You may take with you some elements of the old that could still be working for you, but the majority of those elements will be dissipated through deep reverence of what you are experiencing. It is a time of Grace to flow within your heart as you see the changes enfolding within your life.

As we move through the month, you will take what you have acquired and apply it in a different manner. You will be able to ground more of what you have desired into the ability to see more opportunities of your growth enfolding within your world.

The Vernal Equinox will be a time of great celebration as you look back on the previous cycle of the season to be ignited with joy and understanding of what you have endured. Have gratitude for the challenges that you have faced as they have helped you to become who you are presently. These changes are absolutely imperative at this time.

Around the world the energies will be different. The Northern Hemisphere will experience new growth appearing and the Southern Hemisphere will see the fruit of their labors to be birthed. It is a beautiful time in which change will appear and you will be able to feel the difference from the previous period.

The Full Moon of March 23rd with a Lunar Eclipse is when a true process of grounding takes effect. The energy from the beginning of the month will continue its progression to allow the seeds that have been planted to start to come to its fruition. As long as each individual stays true to their Higher Heart from the Source of Oneness that they are, then the tides of true Peace will start to be felt.

This is when the true testing is actually going to take place as it will be up to each of you to hold within your heart the strength and courage to continue on the journey of the Light. The world still needs deep acceptance of this Light and many individuals will test this time. Your beacon of light is extremely important and it must come through yourself, first and foremost.

It is a time to truly go deeper within your own core essence in order to hold the same frequency that Gaia needs to sustain herself. Everything that has occurred at this time needs to be grounded unto the Earth. It will be up to each of you to hold up your end of the bargain.

This means that you will go through an internal cleansing program through your four-body system. Luckily, you have a lot of help at this time, which is not just from the planetary changes, but it is the Festival of the Christ. This ascension festival occurs in Divine Timing as it represents the resurrection of the old energies to be completely removed in order for each Initiate, Student, and Master of Ascension to clear away the elements that cannot be held within the system for the phases of Wesak which occur in the following month.

The Festival of the Christ represents the Blue Flame of Will and Courage. It is a time to uphold all of the powers of the Light to step forward into the unknown and accept your destiny.

This moon can truly represents peace, which is something everyone wants to experience upon this planet, but the other forces from the light truly want the opposite. So it is a great testing ground for each of you at this time. The work that you do within yourself will make or break this element to be infused within Gaia’s essence.

We knew that this year would represent the Universal Laws and they are starting to come into place. Every one of you is very important to the status of the earth and each of you is important to us. It is a time of great power and strength to be able to uphold these energies deeply and with reverence. We are in a very important battle of Light. The difference with this battle is to allow the energies to assist you to get to your next destination. It is a time to ride the waves of the Light and feel the blessing of the Wind taking you there. The only weapons that you need to have is your own Light, of your I AM Presence and Higher Self to be your guide.

When you state that you are part of the Ascended Master State of Consciousness, you then become an Integrated Being of Light from the Source of Oneness. There is nothing that can interfere or impede your progress. That power alone has the most magnificence.

We see great things that are possible. So many events that could change the course of this world are contingent on the present energies that you will be experiencing. Please remember this when you are feeling the frequencies of light to come within you and it feels uncomfortable or unsure. Utilize your tools with the Rays of God to assist you in creating a balance, find out what is coming up for you, use your Physical Mind with your Divine Mind to change those thoughts into a positive affirmation and you will see great change within yourself.

It is our time together as we come into Unity upon this planet. There are so many Beings of Light that are assisting you so please know that you are not alone, not at all. Reach out to others and join hands of the most powerful frequencies of light coming into the planet. 2016 will truly bring about great change.

Thank you for being part of the change.

In blessings and love,

We are the Unified Whole Command of The Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Master Einstein at your service of the 144th dimensional frequency of Light.

So Mote It Be; Let It Be So

Integrated Channel:   Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

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Walking Terra Christa will be facilitating the Festival of the Christ ceremony on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 at 4:30 PM Pacific with Master Djwhal Khul as our guide.  More information is available via  http://walkingterrachrista.com/classes-events-calendar/.  Please note this is an Public Global Teleconference Teaching which is provided as a service through your donations. Please use the link below to assist.

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The Elders March Equinox Transmission ~ Activating the Petal of the Powerful Heart – Anrita Melchizedek

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The Elders March Equinox Transmission

  Activating the Petal of the Powerful Heart


Through Anrita Melchizedek

You Tube https://youtu.be/8BgZEwdtixo

Mp3 download http://www.pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads


Elders Transmissions ~ March 2016


Welcome sweet ones, welcome to this magical month of March. Having experienced the Solar Eclipse, New Moon/Super Moon energies on March 8th/9th, a new sense of Self emerges along with a deeper feeling of joy, empowerment, passion and focus.


Leading up to this celestial dance of increased Cosmic Christ Consciousness sweet ones, and the activation of the Powerful Heart Petal of the Christed Heart, old veils of illusion lifted as timelines of the collective consciousness of Humanity were cleared of old energies, broken promises, betrayals, and injustices.


Many of you sweet ones have been clearing these imprintings of old miasms, false beliefs and thought forms intensely from mid-December to mid-February of this year, and this purging and clearing collectively, has created a new alignment into the Galactic Center and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, taking all life deeper into Solar Christ Consciousness. As you moved into moments of the past, old emotions, memories forgotten, events and demands of conformity and judgment, observation of choices made were accepted and understood, and in this Planetary activity of Light, a new sense of empowerment activates through the solar plexus, diaphragm and heart chakra, along with new Cosmic Templates of Light.


The Cosmic Templates of Light activating through the Sun, Central Sun, and Galactic Center, offer you a deeper sense of Solar Christ Consciousness through the breath of Source, experienced in energy and movement particularly through the physical body. Additionally, as theDiamond Light codes of creation activate through Mother Earth’s Light Body and into her leylines, vortices and sacred sites, a re-wiring of your chakras to these Cosmic Light Templatings and higher dimensional frequencies occurs.


It is the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light sweet ones, that in this sacred month of March step forward to connect you deeper into the Cosmic Light Templatings as you move into and through the Equinox energies on March the 19th/20th as well as the Christ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energies on March 23rd and additionally recalibrate for the April 7th Solar Eclipse. A truly powerful time sweet ones, amplifying and activated your Christed Heart’s as you collectively move into the next level of your Soul’s forward evolution through empowerment and passion.


So let us now set our sacred space as you experience a deeper sense of the energies in this sacred month of March.


Bringing a focus now initially simply to the breath as you inhale through the nose and out the mouth. Just allow this exhale to release and to let go of whatever is needed to be released from the body at this time. Deepening this exhale almost like a long sigh now, letting go, releasing, starting to sense and find balance. As you now breath in through the nose and out through the nose, creating a deep rhythmic breath, bringing a focus now to the lower abdomen, expanding the lower abdomen as you breath in, and contracting the lower abdomen as you breath out. As you come deeper into your own hearts, you visualize your Christed Heart activate within the heart and thymus chakras as you merge now with your Beloved I AM Presence, the highest light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Calling in your Master Guides and Guardian Angel and all other Beings of Light your personally acknowledge and that wish to join you in this sacred space. Grounding into the crystal heart of Mother Earth as she sends you her Love back up your grounding cord into your body and energy field, as you connect now into the Unity Grid of Divine Love. This grid of Light within you and around you holding the New Earth Templates through the Light Body of Mother Earth, that connects all like-minded souls into the group I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light. And now sweet ones, you connect to all the lightworkers and starseeded ones at a Higher Light level, as well as all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High assisting in the ascension of Mother Earth and all her Life, so that all Life may receive these light frequency codes through the Unity Grid of Divine Love. Wonderful sweet ones.


The Arcturian Emissaries of the Light now come forward, surrounding you in beautiful Violet Silver Quantum Healing Pod of Light. They invite you into the midway station of Arcturus, to initially receive your 5D Templating Crystalline Cloak of Light. Some of you are already familiar with this sweet ones, and you now find yourselves traveling in this Healing Pod into the midway station of Arcturus. As you enter into this midway station, you are taken on-board an Arcturian Light ship, and welcomed and greeted by your Arcturian Master Guide and/or Arcturian Multidimensional Self.


You now find yourselves in a Crystalline Templating Chamber of Light, assisting in the creation of your individualized Cloak of Light. It is explained to you sweet ones, that your Arcturian 5D Crystalline Templating Cloak of Light radiates and activates the New Earth Templates, neutralizes lower frequencies and contains within it numerous and unlimited programs of light.


With the assistance of the Arcturian medical and healing teams of light, you now receive your 5D Crystalline Templating Cloak of Light. This cloak of light is placed around your body and anchors comfortably into your energy field and hologram according to your level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness. And now to experience your 5D Crystalline Templating Cloak of Light, have a sense of activating the 12 Golden Petals of your Christed Heart. Activating now the Peaceful Heart, Loving Heart, Healing Heart, Joyful and Happy Heart, Innocent and Open Heart, Powerful Heart, Knowing Heart, Passionate Heart, Overflowing and Prosperous Heart, Trusting Heart, Heart of Integrity and Truth and now, your Intimate Heart.


Wonderful sweet ones. You find yourselves connecting to the Sun, Central Sun, and now Galactic Center, aligning deeper into Source Light and Solar Christ Consciousness. You now ground into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth and the Diamond Light codes of the I Am Avatar Consciousness within her Crystal Heart. Good sweet ones. You now connect into the Crystalline Unity Grid, into the New Earth Templates of Light. And now your kundalini energy activates through the kundalini of Mother Earth as your light quotient increases to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow. Wonderful, precious ones. And now Overlighted by your Beloved I AM Presence you merge with your Soul and Star Families of the Light.


You are going to start sweet one by working with a Matrix Removal Program. This program transmutes old false beliefs and judgments at a cellular level, and in particular the negative ego programming within the sub-conscious, the conscious and within the energy field. As you now request the activation of the Matrix Removal Program, you have a sense of old false beliefs and judgments surfacing, or old programs that you may not even be aware of simply coming up into your conscious mind, as you now visualize a golden lattice grid moving up from below the feet, up through the body and energy field and now dissolving into your 5D Crystalline Templating Cloak of Light. All that you no longer need to work with and experience to know yourselves as Love, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light, is released, embraced and transmuted.


Good sweet ones. You have been in preparation for this Now moment for a very long time. And now as you experience the Equinox energies on March 19th/20th, you find yourselves connecting to the Light workers, starseeded ones and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High assisting in this beautiful Equinox celebration of Empowerment and Love. Good sweet ones.


As you bring your focus back into your Christed Heart, the Golden Petal of the Powerful Heart in particular activates, and the Chambers of Empowerment, Compassion, Freedom, Integrity, Truth, Justice Healthy Boundaries, Humility, Clear Communication and Passion activate through this Christed Petal, and now through each one of your chakras. You now bring your focus to Mother Earth, surrounding Mother Earth and all her Life in this beautiful Golden Flame of Christ Consciousness. And now sweet ones, through her primary chakras, you activate the qualities of Empowerment, and Compassion, Freedom, Integrity, Truth, Justice, Healthy Boundaries, Humility, Clear Communication and Passion, making these qualities available to all Life on this sacred earth, allowing the Golden Flame of the Powerful Heart to anchor and activate within the Hearts of all Humanity.


Wonderful sweet ones. As you experience this beautiful Equinox energy, the Arcturians give you the gift now of the Arcturian Powerful Heart activation. This activation requires that you simply focus on your heart, on the Divine Love within yourself, of the knowing of yourself as a sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love. As you bring a focus to the heart now, visualize a diamond octahedron activate within the heart chakra. This diamond octahedron is infused with all the frequencies of the Powerful Heart, of Empowerment, Compassion, Freedom, Integrity, Truth, Justice, Healthy Boundaries, Humility, Clear Communication and Passion, and if there is any level of misalignment to these frequencies within your personal lives, you are shown sweet ones, how you are indeed the warriors of Light and how you can use this powerful energy to wield power rather to submit to it. To stand in your truth, wielding the sword of Holy Truth. To bring about justice for all life. To finding the passion that takes you into the next level of your Soul’s Forward Evolution, blossoming and magnificence. Finding your voice. Finding a new sense of Self. Wonderful, sweet ones. And now just have a sense of these frequencies being activated within your Arcturian 5D Crystalline Templating Cloak of Light.


You now find yourself traveling now through the Christed Timelines with your Arcturian ET Self or Master Guide. Through all these timelines ~ earths and parallel/past lives. As your Healing Pod now slows down, as you see this dimensional doorway open in front of you, you are taken now to the point of origin of a particular timeline most related to disempowerment, loss of control or giving your power to others. The timelines that are played out, karmic timelines that were genetically inherited with memories that are not yours, but have been experienced and re-experienced through the family lineage is also possibly being cleared at this time. Whatever it may be, sweet ones, simply Love it and embrace it. Observe. And be gentle. Appreciate and celebrate these emotions, what they teach you, how each emotion when given a voice transforms into a greater aspect of your Soul light, taking you into a deeper level of your magnificence and Light.


And now, a Violet Silver Quantum Grid of Light is placed around the Solar Plexus Chakra area, bringing in specific Light frequency spectrums to turn off the gene code of the dis-ease or false belief so it no longer activates or re-activates or plays at in this Now. As this occurs, sweet ones, you may temporarily experience a sense of this disempowerment in the releasing, loving and accepting of the full range of your emotions. And now you affirm to yourselves: “I am an empowered warrior of Light. I experience clear boundaries. I attract those of an equal or greater light. I am completely neutral and loving and compassionate with those that are in a different place to where I Am energetically. I am always in my own power and good things happen to me. Not only am I deserving but I am a warrior of Light. I am humbled by my own ability to experience the depth of emotion and still look through my Master eyes at all of life around, in the knowing that I Am Love. This is why I chose this school of learning. This is why I chose this life. But where I am right now, I no longer need to experience any level of the victim or persecutor consciousness, any level where others choose to take advantage of me or attempt to take advantage of me. The freedom that I express is the knowing that this is not happening to create a deeper sense of disempowerment but rather a greater sense of the knowing of the power I have, of my ability to wield power rather than yield to it. I stand up for Truth and Justice. Communicating clearly and gently and lovingly. And I am seen and heard and appreciated as I see and hear and appreciate others”.


And now the Arcturian Star Council activates the Star Ki codes of multidimensional awareness, crystalline consciousness and interconnectivity through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


Good sweet ones. As you now come back into your sacred space, you are well prepared for the Christ Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd, taking you deeper into the Christed Heart and activating the Petal of the Powerful Heart in particular, revealing all that needs to be unveiled and made manifest for this sacred earth and all her Life.


The Easter Celebration on Good Friday, March 25th and Easter Sunday, March 27th, illuminates the energy of Solar Christ Consciousness, and you sweet ones, are the vibrating Flames of Christ Consciousness leading the way in this Golden Age of Light.


As you ground now into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, while keeping this connection open to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, know sweet ones that the Flame of the Powerful Heart activates into the Solar Eclipse on April 7th too, taking you deeper into passion, purpose, empowerment and freedom.


All is well sweet ones, all is well. The recalibrations experienced energetically and the emotionally oscillations come to a place of stillness in this Now sweet ones. To a place that is filled simply with the energy of Love.


And we thank you for your service work sweet ones, and with this, we bid you a most magical day.