In the 5th dimensional reality consciousness ~ Grace Elohim @ Living Joy

Β art Alex Grey..


In the 5th dimensional reality consciousness seducing or aiming to manipulate others to controle them is absolutely absurd. Because of having achieved divine Union within and shedded all layers of ego, we have become fully empathic (clairsentient) and telepathic and thus feel what others think or feel and know their intentions or motivations behind doing things (even if they are unaware of it themselves). Any attempt to seduce or deceive anyone in 5th dimensional awareness will appear rather clumsy or even ridiculous as the “hidden” is obvious. You cannot play around, pretend or hide anything to anyone who is fully telepathic. Words spoken that are not in alignment with your heart and used for the aim of manipulation, will carry a certain “turbulent” frequency that will bear witness, that it is not originating from truth. Hence it is much wiser to use that manipulative energy devoting oneself to become fully authentic and transparent. Love doesnΒ΄t tolerate to be manipulated, deceived or controled. If you truly honor another person show it thru pure intentions, transparency and authenticity and by respecting free will. Love is space, freedom and transparency. If these premises are not met, it is not love but egoΒ΄s aim to create co-dependency.

As 5th dimensional telepathic clairsentient beings we openly share our feelings and intentions without fear of “loosing face”, or without hiding behind masks or shields of protection. Love can flow and be shared freely and untamed without any hidden desire to having it “paid back” or without necessarily wanting to “partner up” with another or expecting a certain outcome, without placing any conditions on the other. Free will is respected, honored and cultivated thru “playing with open cards” by being openhearted and clear in our thoughts and deeds. We are left no other option than being authentic and true, if what we truly strive for is unconditional love. In the fifth dimensional energy love is ruthlessly amplying and enlightening all shadow “games” of manipulation, all untrue will want to display itself, all lies will strive to come into the light. Such is love in the fifth dimensional reality bandwidth. Be clear of your thoughts, Monitor your intentions and if any doubt, prove whether ego have taken you for a ride…. you might be surprised…. we all know how sophisticated and creative ego can be. No big deal if it has happened… it is never to late to realign with your heart and become transparent and true. ~ Linda Grace –

Fabulous artwork by Alex Grey.

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