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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Joy Is The Harbinger of Ascension – Suzille and the Arcturians


Joy Is The Harbinger of Ascension

Suzille and The Arcturians

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Joy is the Harbinger of Ascension. This Joy can begin by flowing through the sky, a leaf, an animal or a human. Joy is not just an energy field. Joy is the doorway to open into your reality of fifth dimensional New Earth.

Unconditional Love allows you to feel Joy and Joy is the inter-dimensional portal to New Earth. There is the Joy of a new-born child, the healing of a beloved person, a successful and fulfilling project, and an important contribution to planetary Ascension.

Remember, Ascension is not a place. Ascension is a transmutation. Transmutation is when the frequency rate of a person, place, situation, thing, or planet shifts into a higher frequency of reality.

If you allow your higher self to speak with you, your fifth dimensional expression of SELF will give you a great deal of information about the path that you have chosen before you took this form, but you forgot.

Fortunately, the highest light has attracted your attention back into the fifth dimension and into the fifth dimensional expression of the “you”, who is over-lighting its fragment of the “you” who volunteered to wear a third/fourth dimensional Earth Vessel.

This Earth Vessel, however, is becoming far too small. This dynamic is occurring because your Multidimensional Mind, your Third Eye, and your High Heart are awakening and opening. This opening best occurs when you remain grounded in the planetary body of Gaia.

Once you are grounded in Gaia, your inter-dimensional portal will open and you will feel the connection in-between the core of Gaia and the portal of your own Higher Self. You will also feel the “you” that resides in-between the earthly and higher dimensional opening of your portal.

This “you” can perceive all the frequencies of all the portals that are within your Earth Vessel. Some of these portals are grounding portals, and need to be channeled through your third dimensional physical vessel, as well as your fourth dimensional astral vessel.

This version of YOU is the planetary “you” because you are wearing a garment of the same elements and elementals as Earth. This is likely the version of you who will experience a sense of “ascension.” In other words, this is your inter-dimensional self.

The form you that represents the entire planet, as well as all the frequency from the core of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water that Gaia has shared with you so that you could wear an earth vessel.

The dark ones did not want to share. They want to steal all that they can from Gaia and from all Her beings. These dark ones had the “assignment” of creating the downfall of the “third dimensional expression of Gaia.” But all nature must die to be re-born and that is the NOW of the New Dawn.

To assist in this rebirth, you must LET GO of the third/fourth dimensional versions of reality into which you bi-located. You released you primary attachment to your lives of comfort, purpose and Joy on the higher dimensions, so that you could inhabit a physical body to more fully assist Gaia.

None of you realized that life on the third dimension could be so difficult, as you all volunteered from your Galactic societies within the Now of the fifth dimensional One and far, far beyond. Third dimensional life was much more difficult than you ever imagined and many of you got lost in the myriad 3D illusions.

At least that is how you judged yourself. The truth is that all of you are doing everything that you can within the circumstances, the body, the times, the cultures, the economic spectrum, and the challenges that the particular Earth Vessel you are wearing is now facing.

Therefore, all of you are among the ones that will ride the huge tides of change, as well as all the waves of change that have been moving through the everyday life of third dimensional Gaia’s shores.

These tides of change, winds of change and inner expressions of change, have merged with the skies of change, the consciousness of change, the thoughts of change and the emotions of change and the fluidity of change.

These great changes are all happening around your Earth Vessel and deeply within your Earth Vessel. Fortunately, many of you have remembered the healing power of Unconditional Love and the trans-mutational ability of the Violet Fire.

With the memory of your SELF you can say, “I refuse to participate in “that” reality—and I send it unconditional love and Violet Fire!” transmute that which is stuck in the darkness into the Light. That Light is dawning brighter and brighter each day.

It is only by holding true to your own higher expressions of self that you can remember to re-member the decree of:

“I AM a Multidimensional Being who has chosen to take an earth vessel on physical Earth.

“I AM a Multidimensional Being who came here NOW to assist with the Ascension of Gaia.

“I AM wearing an earth vessel to share my higher frequencies of SELF with all life on Earth.

I AM that I AM.

I AM my Personal Self.

I AM my Planetary Self and

I AM Here NOW to assist with the Planetary Ascension.

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Working the Bliss – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Reflections Kuan Yin Art by Christopher Beikmann Fine Art America

ART : Reflections Kuan Yin – by Christopher Beikmann @ Fine Art America


Working the Bliss

Continuing with my Ascension ethnography, I awoke this morning not feeling bliss. And I felt lonely for it and forlorn.

If we compare the process to eating a meal, I awoke feeling hungry (lonely for it) and not feeling as if I had enough money on me to buy a meal (forlorn).

But then I felt a peculiar situation. I felt myself full of bliss, but the bliss was just sitting there, inactive in my chest region.

I’d compare it to having finished a meal and feeling full in my stomach, only here my entire chest area felt full.

But the bliss was not moving.  (1) My guess was that I’ve assimilated and integrated some of the bliss that I’ve felt and it seems to be “just sitting there.”  I’m feeling that integrated, assimilated, but “inactive” bliss at the moment.

I began to work my breathing, breathing up bliss from my heart and sending it out into the world.  Soon I felt the bliss become active again, moving up from my heart to my head, at which point I begin to “bliss out.”

Then I realized that it was 6:45 a.m. and I’ve never felt bliss this early in the morning. Usually it comes between 9 and 11 a.m.

All aspects of what is happening are unusual. First of all feeling bliss this early in the morning is unusual.

Secondly, feeling  full of bliss and feeling it sitting there in fulness in my chest area is also unusual.

And thirdly, the ease with which it came up in response to my breathing exercise is similarly unusual. It took only one breath to bring it up.

Now here I am again, in the fulness of bliss. The first thing I notice about it is that I have blithely said for months that the bliss has me feel wonderful. But I now see that there’s a component from me that also contributes to my feeling wonderful.

When I focus my attention on the bliss, I feel amazed, awed, and grateful at how wonderful the bliss feels. And these feelings are also a part of my experience and contribute to the excellent way I feel.

They also add to the experience I have of release, which adds to the elevation I feel.

Whereas normally I’d be getting ready to go over to the coffee shop, and begin my day, researching and writing, I now sit here without a desire in the world but to enjoy the bliss. So much for that agenda!

I began to play with my breathing exercise. If I breathed slowly and deeply, I felt the bliss more fully.

I looked back on the shift in my response to life. Previously I was lonely and forlorn and now I’m happy and content. Bliss has that effect.

I also noticed how my attitude to and interaction with life changed dramatically when I’m in and not in bliss. I noticed that, when I’m not in bliss, I worry about how others think and feel. I think strategically. How am I going to handle this situation? What will I say to that person?

Once in bliss, all that strategic thinking goes out the window and I’m happy just to meet each situation in whatever way I do.

I fantasized that, when I wasn’t in bliss, people could read the fact that I’m strategizing and hear it in my voice and that they also then switched into strategizing.

But when I’m in bliss, I’m not strategizing. I hypothesize that they can also read and hear that and they also drop the felt need to strategize.  We usually call what I’m describing “spontaneity.” I feel spontaneous in bliss.

Ok, time to begin my day. But what a beginning!


(1) I’m not sure bliss ever moves per se.  It’s I who swells and feels transported at the mere touch of bliss. It feels inactive because it hasn’t reached my head area. When it simply remains in my chest region, I don’t feel it. But when it reaches my head I feel it.  It’s as if it enters my consciousness at that time.

Reflections Kuan Yin Art by Christopher Beikmann Fine Art America

ART : Reflections Kuan Yin – by Christopher Beikmann @ Fine Art America


Working the Bliss