A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon – Destabilization

buddha by Bassam Jabry ART

ART : Bassam Jabry


A Hathor Planetary Message

Through Tom Kenyon



Your world is entering a period of immense destabilization.

In past messages we have referred to Chaotic Nodes as unexpected catalytic and chaotic changes. We have also noted in past communications that multiple Chaotic Nodes are emerging, and their interaction is what we are referring in this message as destabilization.

(see a previous Hathor message titled Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and the Dismantling of 3-D Reality).

This destabilization of your world is occurring at the ecological, social and individual levels of existence.

Let’s begin with the ecological issues.

Your planetary environment is, essentially, being poisoned. The acidification of your oceans, the overuse of pesticides, chemical agents and fossil fuels are all interacting to create an ecological Chaotic Node of immense proportions. Indeed, a growing number of your scientists are saying that your Earth is entering the beginning stages of a “6th mass extinction.”

We will turn our attention to the ramifications of these issues in a moment but let us address the other two levels first.

At a social level your world is entering a highly volatile and destabilizing state. This is a complex situation but addressing the most rudimentary levels we would say you are witnessing a clash of cultural values as well as the impact of both climate change and war on migrations of human populations, some of which are being caused by circumstances and some of which are being manipulated by power brokers behind the scenes.

The third level is the individual—you—the one reading this message.

This is also a complex situation and there are several levels involved. One of these levels has to do with the poisoning of your planet’s environment that we mentioned earlier. And as a result of climate change and deforestation, new forms of bacteria and viruses are being spread globally.

These microforms of life are not inert. They are living intelligences that evolve, and they are evolving very rapidly in ways that will make your current medical methodologies for dealing with them ineffective.

A second challenge to your individual stability has to do with the magnetic shifts and dimensional alterations that are unfolding on your planet. Because your nervous system operates according to the principles of bio-electromagnetism, the neural networks in your nervous systems are being challenged by these shifts and alterations. Some of you, especially those who are energetically sensitive, will be prone to this more than others. But increasingly, no one will be exempt.

Communications between human beings will get more challenging—to be gracious about it.

What may surprise you is that some of these challenges will arise in close friendships and intimate relationships. You may find that seemingly insignificant external events can set off tsunamis of emotional responses.

There are two primary reasons for this phenomenon.

The first has to do with the destabilization of your nervous system making it more prone to losing its center. And the second level has to do with the process of catalytic evolution that you are undergoing as a human being at this point in time. What we mean by this is what has been hidden is being revealed. The deepest catacombs of your subconscious are being turned over like a plow cutting through a field. This is essentially a very disturbing state to deal with especially for those of you who think of yourselves as spiritual beings.

If you are of the opinion that being a spiritual being requires that you always be in a state of bliss and happiness then you will find this purification process deeply disturbing, but it is—quite frankly—required for individual evolution and liberation from the restrictions imposed by your religions and confining histories. It is also necessary for humanity, as a whole, to face and transform its own shadow material (i.e., unresolved emotional issues and destructive belief patterns) if humankind is to survive.

In past messages we have said that a course of action could be changed in the 11th hour. By this we were referring to a metaphor meaning that in the last hour before an irrevocable shift occurs it is possible to change an outcome.

We are still of this opinion, but you are well past the 11th hour. You are at one minute before midnight, metaphorically speaking, of course.

What this means is that massive changes will have to occur in a very short period of time if you are collectively to avoid the 6th mass extinction.

As the ecological and social aspects of this destabilization process are so complex, we wish to confine our comments to practical suggestions for you.

One marker, evolutionarily speaking for transition states between dimensions as a human being, is the growing perception that life is a dream. If this occurs for you, you will experience your life and the events of your life as having a dreamlike insubstantial quality. You will still have to deal with the realities of your physical existence, but there will be an increasing sense that your physical existence has an unreal quality about it.

We do realize that in many of our messages we have sounded like a broken record, repeating ourselves again and again especially when referring to coherent states of emotion like happiness, joy and/or appreciation. This has to do with physics and neuropsychology. Coherent states of emotion are an antidote to the destabilization of your nervous system caused by the various factors that we mentioned previously.

There are many ways to accomplish this task of bringing coherency to your nervous system. For one, we suggest you work with the sound meditation A Bridge Between the Worlds (see Tom’s comments below) on a regular basis as a means to introduce this type of coherent emotion into your nervous system.

Another way to create more coherency is to introduce more joy into your life, which is indeed paradoxical for many of you. Very few cultures underwrite the necessity for joy as a value. Sacrifice, martyrdom and self-forgetting are what seem to be valued most in many societies, but from our perspective these are the greatest errors, at least from the perspective of spiritual evolution.

We are very sensitive to the fact that many of you reading this message may be dealing with this paradox (i.e., how to create more joy your life) in very direct and challenging ways.

Our advice, like all advice, should be “taken with a grain of salt.” This is simply our perspective on this particular challenge. Having stated this caveat, our suggestion is to cleave away from your life the thought forms of self-sacrifice and martyrdom. Find more ways to discover joy even in the smallest things. It does not matter how small they are.

And finally, find the courage to speak your truth to those closest to you. This type of truth speaking and self-revealing is, in our opinion, critical for your successful transition through the current and on-going period of global destabilization.

The Hathors

February 7, 2016


Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

First of all I don’t think the first portion of this message should come as a surprise to anyone who has managed to avoid being duped by the hypnotic spell of our mass media and taken a close look at the course of recent world events.

For those readers not familiar with the concept of the 6th mass extinction of life on this planet, below is a link to a class handout I gave participants at a past workshop called The Biophotonic Human. It contains both scientific and layperson friendly sources regarding the growing evidence that we are at the cusp of or have actually entered the 6th mass extinction.

The Spiral of Ascension-Class Handouts

My reason for sharing this information is to introduce what I consider to be a vital concept in a way that is balanced and forthright—meaning without sensationalism—and grounded in scientific credibility. What you decide to do or not do with this information is in your domain of choice, not mine.

While this is a relatively brief message it has levels of information encoded within it.

One of the levels I found intriguing was the statement regarding the perception of life as a dream. This is a very complex topic but in its simplest form, the Hathors are saying that as we move upward in consciousness there is often a growing perception that life is dreamlike. We begin to see through “the illusions” of this world to sense the underlying reality that we are creating our own unique perception of “reality.” Furthermore, we begin to sense more clearly that our embodied existence is just one dimension within a vast interdimensional realm of consciousness.

The perception of life as a dreamlike mirage addressed by the Hathors has a comforting and interconnected quality to it. In other words, when this state of perception arises you feel enigmatically deeply connected to yourself at a deeper level than is normally experienced. At the same time, you deal with the physical realities of your existence and do not try to avoid them. This leads to a type of amusement at being both localized in time and space while recognizing that some part of you (i.e., your multidimensional reality) transcends time and space as well as all the phenomena (i.e., situations, persons and places) that comprise your life.

I think it would behoove us here to make a distinction between what the Hathors are referring to as the dream-like nature of life from the perspective of higher dimensions of consciousness and dissociation from life, which is a mental aberration.

If you are sensing a dissociation or disconnection from life that leaves you feeling less connected to yourself, and if you are feeling emotional states that are discomforting rather than comforting, then I would say you are not experiencing the type of upward movement the Hathors are talking about in this message. Rather you might be experiencing the effects of stress taking a toll on your emotional wellbeing. This is why the Hathors keep discussing coherent emotions attained either through meditation and/or listening to sound pieces that are nurturing and calming like A Bridge Between the Worlds (see the link to this sound meditation below), as well as through the cultivation of coherent emotions such as—but certainly not limited to—joy, happiness and/or appreciation.

In the last the very last paragraph of this message they said:

“And finally, find the courage to speak your truth to those closest to you. This type of truth speaking and self-revealing is, in our opinion, critical for your successful transition through the current and on-going period of global destabilization.”

While working on my section I asked them what they meant by this, and they said that authentic spiritual evolution and freedom depend upon the two pillars of speaking your truth to others and revealing yourself in ways that open internal pathways (within you) and outer pathways (in those around you) for change to occur. If you keep your light hidden from yourself and others, the world will not be liberated by your innate luminosity. At the same time, if you repress and keep your distress and negative responses to what is happening around you hidden from yourself and others (by perpetuating self-forgetting and distraction) you will create a shadow realm that will preclude and eclipse any true spiritual light that might emanate from your being.

Tom Kenyon

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Lightworkers Unite! Steve Rother @ Lightworker

Zaya Saikhan Sambuu  ..

ART : Zaya Saikhan Sambuu


A Call for the Family of E
– Lightworkers Unite! – 

by Steve Rother

Greetings from Home, Dear OnesWe greet you this day with a very unique message, for you have gathered many times not only on planet Earth but throughout the universe. There is a select group of spirits that have traveled wherever they were needed throughout the universe over and again. Many of you are collected on planet Earth right now, for you are the Family of E. Now, what does “E” stand for? Is it incredibly important that you have Es in your name? No, of course not. The E vibration that you use in your languages, which happens to be the most common sound of all languages, is also representative in other places throughout the universe. The E stands for “Empowerment” and for “Enlightenment,” or any translation of that would not actually do you justice. You are simply the Family of E, dear ones.

A Call for the Family of E

Why is the Family of E so unique and why is it a family? It’s very simple: You have a united purpose. Your intention is to be wherever the family is, because it has only recently arrived on planet Earth. Yes, you have traversed the Universe, dear ones. You have been here incorporating your gifts, but you also have been many places throughout the Universe. You are called on when there is a need on Earth. What are the gifts of the E family? The Family of E vibration brings so much in the way of love. One of the biggest challenges that people have is turning around and loving themselves, being able to see and embrace their own reflection in all of its perfection and imperfection. That is but a human judgment, dear ones. You understand that really what takes place here is that over time your environment—we shall simply call it a “society”—has developed certain rules and guidelines. Sometimes they are turned into laws and imposed on other people. When humanity gets completely off track, often the guidelines created start working against them actually bringing down the vibrations instead of raising them up. That is when the call goes out to the universe for the Family of E. It went out some time ago and here you are, for you are the magicians on the Gameboard. You are the ones who can come in and ground your light by telling or teaching others, and being a healer, or just by being who you are. Ahh, some of you study for it.We find it fascinating that many of you take classes to learn certain things, because we teach some of those classes. We also tell you, dear ones, you are not learning. You are re-membering—all of you are. If only we can help you hold up the mirror in front of yourself just long enough for you to get a glimpse of who you really are, you will no longer doubt that you are part of a larger picture. It is an incredible time on planet Earth, as you ground this light and bring all the vibrations of humanity to a higher level.

New Es coming in

We recently asked you to do something very challenging and shared that over the next 90 days, you would have a window of opportunity. You are now roughly 30 days into that window, which is an opportunity to express humanness in some form. That is really what makes this game special…the humanity that you can bring to each other. It is an opportunity for you to be able to see the light from Home. That is magical, for these are the energies that you now work with every day. And every day they shift a little bit for you to do something new. We tell you, dear ones, the call for the E Family has gone out again and there will be somewhat of a baby boom with new Es coming in. It will be so magically wonderful. Treat them well. Welcome them to Planet Earth. Share with them your successes, failures, and your experiences of pretending to be human on planet Earth inside of a dense, physical body. Know that you are incredibly enlightened in ways that you do not always re-member, but you carry the essence of the E Family. If at any time when you are overwhelmed or confused about your next steps, just take a breath and let the rest of the Family touch your heart.
The Purpose of the E Family
Many of you study for this journey, learning things because you know knowledge is power. When you gain knowledge of something, you gain power over it. But is power what you are really after? We are now going to ask you to step to the next level of that equation. If knowledge is power then wisdom is grace, for that is your next step. You are stepping out of the game of humanity altogether, away from the game of duality, right and wrong, up and down, black and white. We find it amazing to watch what is happening  on your planet, especially in your elections. in the United States. When you look at those, you can imagine that we are watching them also. We are absolutely amazed at what is taking place, dear ones. You have experienced a bit of a challenge in the United States, because you have completely polarized everything to such an extent that  you are beginning to see the end of your two-party system. It is actually breaking down right now and starting to divide in a new way. This change is due to the Family of E, because when things do not work the E Family comes in and offers something new. Is it always right or accepted? No, not always. However, you are always there looking for that next step to empower others and keep the energy moving in the most effective way. You, find the path of least resistance in your own life, then turn around and offer it to others. The Family of E can awaken many hearts on the planet and that is all you need, dear ones. When you turn around and work with another being, you help them re-member their own empowerment and abilities to walk as a conscious creator on planet Earth. It is then that you are doing the work of the Grand Family of E Vibration. That is what you are here to do, to awaken the others one heart at a time. It is neither a race nor is it a competition, it is just a general step in each direction to try to open and touch as many hearts with your experience as you can.

A Synchronistic Lifestyle


Some of you say, “Well, I am not a healer. I do not have a special touch. I cannot do the things others can do.” That is correct, but you have gifts that others do not. Find your gifts, ground and start to use them. As you bring them in to a practical use in any form, you make space for more.  The channel starts to flow on a consistent basis and it is very magical indeed, for that is when everything becomes synchronistic. Everything seems to fall into place magically and you experience this synchronistic lifestyle which you have always dreamed about. The Family of E can bring that to you, although you are only one the rest are starting to gather even more on planet Earth than you imagined. Understand, dear ones, that most of you started coming in anywhere from between 20 and 90 years ago. A new wave of energy is now coming in, but we will not call them by a special name at this point, dear ones. Why? Because names can get in your way more than anything else. Trust that they are from the Family of E. They are here to empower people in new ways, giving them hope, enlightening your dreams, and setting things into motion so that you can have the life that you want. This is not only for you, but also for the collective vibration of humanity.

Things You Need to Spread the Light of Home


Dear ones, you hold a magical position even where you are now. You call yourselves Lightworkers and we love that. Many of you are masters of the light in many ways and it simply means that you have intent to spread conscious light on planet Earth. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Now to do that, there are certain things that you need, such as support systems and confidence. There are many things available to you once you set your energy into motion. You will call in others, for there will be many who gather from the Family of E.  We tell you, dear ones, we gave the Keeper something 20 years ago when we started bringing these messages through him. We told him that it was not necessary for him to call this a “channel,” or to point to other beings outside of himself. We explained that he could literally bring through all of this information under the name that he carried through his life—Steve Rother. However, instead he chose to call himself a channel. Yes, perhaps the ego had a little challenge with that. Or maybe that was simply too much for his ego to take, but we also honor the choice because it makes no difference how you carry it as long as you carry it. Some of you will be professional channels and others will be professional teachers that stand in front of thousands and heal them with your words, energy, and light. Some of you will just hold the light right where you are, tap into the collective vibration of humanity and feed everything with your grace.

Practicing Humanness

There are challenges that you will see on your news daily, for there are nations fleeing in search of safe places to live right now. Many of you are taking refugees in. Others are vetting them. Recently two countries said there are so many in need of homes that we have to reject all the rest; 20,000 in one country and 30,000 in another. What will they do now? This is where your humanness can become alive even asking these questions. Place yourself into a situation where you can imagine what that would be like if that were your family, then put yourself in the same circle. Now you are connecting the hearts.


Now, what is grace? Grace is a synchronistic lifestyle that we mentioned; it is what happens to energy. If you release energy in any form, it always finds the path of least resistance. Always. You have that ability if you do not over think it and simply allow this energy to flow. That was the biggest challenge we had with the Keeper in the beginning. He had been talking in what he called the Chat Room, to all these people who were coming up with these grand, wonderful names that they were channeling. This one over here was called by this name and that one over here was called by another name. So many were coming through from the other side of the veil and you had to re-member not only their names, but also what level of vibration they were from because that was part of  how you identified them. In truth, many people only listened to specific channels that they thought had very high vibrations, and we find that fascinating. You are playing such a beautiful game of pretending to be humans, but yet, you have not forgotten who you really are. You are spirits of the greatest nature and you have come to bring your light to planet Earth at a very critical time, a time where you can help to ground a vacillating humanity. We have asked you to practice your humanness. And we have asked you to look at your own prejudices, because everyone has them. Whatever your prejudice may be, it is not right or wrong; it is not that you must release all of your prejudices, but you should know about them. That allows you to practice your humanity, which is why the Family of E came in…to bring humanity back to humanity.  Have you noticed that everything seems to be going a little crazy right now? All of your so-called organizations are suddenly sort of dissolving and re-forming. Even your own lives are trying to find new ways to ground and anchor. That is actually as it should be, for what lies ahead for all of humanity is greatness beyond your imagination. Dear ones, trust that you have the ability to take this to a whole other level.

In the beginning of our channeling, the Keeper wanted to know all the details. Who  we were, which dimension we were from, and what credentials we had, all so that he could feel comfortable in bringing our message through. However, we told him that we would not give him any of those details at all. He asked another person that was actually a professional channel who said, “If they will not tell you what their names are, do not channel them. They are the bad guys.” He believed that for about three minutes, but we had already touched his heart and he knew it. Now he is wrestling with his brain. Well, everybody is telling me that they are bad guys, but I felt their love. I felt their energy. Very shortly after that, he released what the professional channel had told him, came back to us and said, “Knock knock. Are you still there?” And we said, “Of course, we are still there! We have never left you once during the last 12 lifetimes. What makes you think we would leave now?” The Keeper said, “If you will not tell me what level of dimension you are from, please tell me why you will not tell me that?”


“Ahh, now you have asked a question and grounded light in a new way. Of course, dear one, the reason is simply that humans will put power into labels. Sometimes you put power into your own belief system about what the labels mean. In truth, you have the essence to filter it all through your own heart and take only the vibrations that feed you. That is discernment and it is the first tool of the Family of E…to find what feeds each one of you, so that you can turn around and make a difference on this planet in some way.”

Some of you will speak to crowds; others of you will work one-on-one. Some of you will write to other people that you will never even meet, but they will follow your vibrations and they will gain from it.

Big Hugs and Gentle Nudges
In the very beginning of our work with the Keeper at one point he said, “Okay. Just give it to me.” And he put his fingers slightly on the keyboard and we told him to write the first word “The, t-h-e,” and he did.  And the moment that happened, one more word appeared, then another and another. Soon, he was typing just as fast as he could and the tears were flowing. He shed a lot of tears writing those first books, because we touched his heart in such a way that he re-membered the Family of E. He re-membered a little bit about who he was, and some of the things that he had made commitments to do before he came to this planet this time. We then gave him something that he has hung onto from that point. For when we started to bring through these messages, we always ended them in a certain way. Although we have always said, “Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together,” we added something else at the very beginning. “Big hugs and gentle nudges.” That is what we send the Family of E: Big hugs and gentle nudges from this side of the veil, so that you can re-member who you are and the path that you chose to be on.You are awakening from the dream at an incredible pace on planet Earth. As your eyes open and the sleep starts to fall away from the eyes, we will be there smiling, greeting you Home in the most beautiful ways that we can. Enjoy this journey, dear ones. Know that every part of it is strictly for you. You are a conscious creator walking every step of the way. Be proud of your heritage and the Family of E. And with that we tell you, please treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play the new game of planet Earth together. Big hugs, gentle nudges.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting :
“Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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Zaya Saikhan Sambuu  ..

ART : Zaya Saikhan Sambuu



a tara

Goddess Tara



Dear Ones.
I am going to share something near and dear to our hearts.
Home, Family, Love, Light, the Formless and Form.
We are sharing this with deep Presence and Light.

You will already notice a rise in frequency of energies in your spine and heart as you read this.
We are moving inter dimensionally as we speak and share together.
So ask your Light Family to be present.

Let us talk through connections with our Light Family, the Christ, Buddha, and Krishna Consciousness.

We will use Tara, the Mother of Liberation as an example of the connection we make with our Light Family.
Tara has many ‘forms’ because the liberated Masters understood that souls relate to many different ‘forms’ in their path Home towards the Formless.

There is
Green Tārā, (Syamatara, the Buddha of enlightened activity)
White Tārā, (Sitatara, The Wish-fulfilling Wheel, or Cintachakra, compassionate, blessing long life, healing and serenity)
Red Tārā, (Kurukulla, a fierce goddess magnetizing all good things)
Black Tārā, (power)
Yellow Tārā, (Bhrikuti, wealth and prosperity)
Blue Tārā, (transmutation of anger)
Cittamani Tārā, (Highest Yoga Tantra, Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism)
Khadiravani Tārā (Tārā of the acacia forest, who appeared to Nagarjuna in the Khadiravani forest of South India, the “22nd Tārā”)
to name a few.

Avatars, divine mothers (like Tara), enlightened masters, that are real, are not special as persons or individuals.
They are very simple.
So simple in fact that many people do not see them at all.
They are real manifestations of the Light of Being.

We, as a collective, are also manifesting Light, and need to make a collective leap in awareness and consciousness to ‘see’ and ‘hear’.

Light recognizes Light.
Light is within you.
Light attracts Light and is not limited to one particular form.
Within and without.
Light can come through an Ascended Master or Divine Mother like Tara to you.

Let’s go deeper.
Is that Light EXCLUSIVE to you?
Light comes from God or Source or Being.
Unbound. Free. SHARING
That is what Light Family is for after all. Sharing.
The more we share the more expansive that Light and Love becomes.

Exclusivity is FORM. And form is restrictive.
Restriction is ego no matter how high a form it presents itself in.
LIGHT has no boundaries
The Light Family member or Ascended Master or Divine Mother like Tara is reflecting back the Light of God to you to awaken your PRESENCE and allow you to share that Light. It cannot be bound or exclusive or attached to one person.
We are learning how to live HERE AND NOW and be free from bonds and forms.
That IS one of the greatest lessons.
Unconditional love.
Limitless Light.
We all need to break free of forms. Embrace Love.
Allow the Light in.

We DO NOT own or have exclusive rights to the LIGHT.
When we truly deeply see ‘the way the truth and the light’ we fundamentally experience UNITY and LOVE
This is crucial. This is a deep truth that a soul discovers for themselves.
We SURRENDER to the Light.
We lose ourselves in the Source.
We establish Presence in our mind and heart.
We go beyond name and form to the nameless and formless. There is no ‘mine’ or ‘yours’ in presence. Presence is ONE.
This is what we are moving towards.
The Christ Light within us all.
The power of Tara, the Mother of Liberation, to free us all.

I was given the most extraordinary insight by Divine Mother when I mediated deeply on Tara.

It was incredible, indescribable.
I could SEE the MAGNIFICENCE of your SOULS.
You are beyond imagination.

There is particular significance in the manifestation of the Trinity as in the phrase spoken by Jeshua “Where two or three have gathered in my name there I am in their midst”
Being is felt as the ever present I AM which is nameless and formless.
To dwell deeply in this state of PRESENCE is enlightening.
It is freedom from all forms.
“Where two or three have gathered in My Name (in the state of Presence) there I AM in their midst”

I was in the Light, in whirling serpent energies.
The Cosmic Christ, Buddha, Tara revealed your past lives.
The wisdom learned that is here NOW.
Then I was taken to the futures of this world.
I could see your missions in each of them.

I was shown the vast array of information we are sharing in these Circles that is wisdom only if it brings insight and joy. The wisdom of UNITY.

Each Higher Self had six shining points.
The six blessings of magnificence, at the third eye, the throat, the heart, the navel, the crown and the secret place at the base of your spine.
Each shining point had a sound, om, ah, hum, hoh, ham, kshah.

I will share with you the blessings of one of these shining points, Tara, one of the Divine Mothers.
There are five Mothers, also called the five female Ones Gone Thus or the five female Buddhas. Each of the five Divine Mothers has five Divine Consorts.


The heart blessing, the wind of green Tara, the north pole of the moon, flowing into the heart fills the Self with the Divine vibration “HUM”. In Her river flows the Cosmic Christ, Buddha and Krishna, Archangel Michael and Apollo, Ra, Helios and Amaterasu…

To work with this wind in practical terms requires deep PRESENCE.

Breathing in and out the Light Presence of Tara at our heart. Filling the Self with the vibration ‘HUM’ at the heart. Feeling the divine flow of Light deities as their love fills our heart. BEING ONE WITH THE LIGHT.

Practically we are transforming our ‘coarse’ body into the Light Body of Tara.

To do this requires us to develop our subtle body and mind, our very subtle winds and inner energies, so that we can transform into whatever form of Tara we choose.

To use the subtle wind and subtle mind well, we need to STOP the coarse wind (the breath) and the coarse mind (the unconscious ego-self mind). To stop the continuing cycle and ceaseless chatter of the unconscious mind it is essential to bring deep consciousness and presence into your everyday life when things are going smoothly.

The power of PRESENCE means the PRESENCE OF LIGHT grows around you a real energy field of a very high vibration that no darkness can penetrate.

You need to be able to be the WITNESS during these calm times, so that in more stressful times you can ‘step out’ and recharge and not ‘burn out’ from the endless cycling and whirring the unconscious mind does in times of stress.

Then, even in times of emergency or the transitions of death, you will be mindful of the LIGHT that is your REAL PRESENCE.

The subtle winds that we are experiencing as ascending or descending breaths cause the body to change from one moment to the next so are even present in the transitions of death.

To STOP the coarse wind to allow the subtle winds to be used you need to practice SLOWLY under guidance the deep power of yoga where the clear light of conscious awareness manifests.

The Babaji Breath I have spoken of before is a simple ancient technique that has the blessing of the Masters to do this.

The Source Codes I have shared with you activate the soul memories needed to practically travel inter-dimensionally and free yourself of the need for the physical body.

Devotion and love are the primary factors that lead to the trust necessary to let the physical breath cease and the subtle wind take over. To let the Light Body activate and to travel the many worlds and Higher Realms freely.

The breathless state is one of Babaji’s gifts to the world, “to die daily” being one of the initiations He passed on to Jeshua in the Himalayas.

The soundless state is one of the Source Codes gifts to the world, to travel in the Body of Light.

The breathless state allows you to return to Source through the formless nature of the Divine Mother Tara.

The soundless state allows you to navigate the Source Light and its manifestations of the Divine Mother Tara.
It allows you to let the Light in, unbound by the mind’s chatter. It allows you to be STILL.

This is the truth that sets you free.

BE STILL AND KNOW THYSELF is thus understood now on many levels.
STILL the breath.
STILL the mind.
STILL the heart.

I AM with you everywhere, in every place.
I AM with you when you give yourself totally to me, in body, mind, heart and soul.

We are One with Divine Mother through conscious choices and creations, through our Presence, by moment to moment awareness of how important our co-creation is to our fellow beings, this planet and the many worlds we serve.

You carry the golden flame of the enlightenment of Divine Mother within you Dear Ones, aryas, My Noble Beings.

Let it shine.

Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi swāhā

Go beyond your self, go beyond what you know, go beyond the breath, empty yourself, bathe yourself in My Divinity.

WE are Krishna, WE are The Christ, WE are the Buddha.
Seek refuge in Krishna, the Buddha, the Christ Within.There is Our Salvation.
Love and Soul Blessings from the Source.

TARA Altair blog

Goddess Tara – unknown artist

I am Altair, Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”