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Terry and I met on the West Coast Express, in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Hers is the first account I’ve seen of the Ascension of an individual upon transition (formerly known as “dying”).

“Aloha,” Terry Andrew, New Earth Experiences, April 2, 2016

The day after Easter, I lost a close friend. It was unexpected and she was too young. Perhaps a half hour later a rainbow formed in the only cloud on the horizon. It stayed there for almost 30 minutes. I heard my friend’s voice: I have my rainbow body!

So I googled to learn more:

It is a golden body, a state of God-realization in which Divinity descends and transforms the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. It is considered physical immortality or the highest perfection. Once you get this body, you exist in timeless, eternal space.

Through the ages, spiritual people have worked to achieve this body. What’s different now is, we are moving into our rainbow body as physical beings.

As we activate our rainbow bodies, while remaining in the physical world, we move into the conscious or superconscious experience that is ascension.

This is what we have all been working so hard to accomplish. This is the path of liberation–the liberation of consciousness that results in self-realization. We find that we ourselves are a reflection of God. On this path, once we discover our divinity, we are asked to live it on earth. We open our heart and share Christ consciousness with all. We are all stepping into our physical rainbow bodies as we become sovereign beings and align with the truth of who we are. We are learning how to do this in each moment. And I believe my friend is now helping from the Great Mystery that she flew into.

On her first day in spirit form, Michele was missing her earthly pleasures. She asked me to drive to her favorite organic bakery for a treat and then to the grocery store for a Mexican Coke. Even though I could feel her presence strongly, I said, give me a solid sign that you’re here.

There was a young man with dreadlocks sitting outside the grocery store playing a guitar and singing. That in itself was unusual, and his energy felt ethereal. As I came out of the store, he was playing her favorite song, Aloha Ke Akua by a talented musical collective named Nahko and Medicine for the People ( Michele loved their mission—to inspire people to live in harmony with the Earth and to be a force for positive change. She was all about positive change.

I asked the guitar player what his name was, noticing his third eye was tattooed in a way to indicate spiritual enlightenment. Travis, he said with a warm smile. It turns out that name comes from the French word traverse, meaning the act of crossing through a gate or over a bridge. There he was, the gatekeeper, lighting the way with his song in the very new territory that we are navigating. I put some money in his hat and he said, Safe journey, Michele, and then he sang I’ll Fly Away.

What made this really remarkable was something Michele would have loved. Travis was what she and I called an Orange Man–a mystical man with orange hair or orange clothes who would appear seemingly out of nowhere and create a beautiful, otherworldly experience. We saw our first one on a trip to Mt. Shasta a couple of years ago, and another one a few months after that. So the Orange Man singing Aloha with the tattoo on his third eye was a solid physical sign with a very otherworldly quality, and I felt an almost electrical charge move through me.

The last time I saw Michele, two weeks ago, a message came through for her about moving past her last limitations. She was ready for it, and wondered how to do it. All we heard was, it was something she would know how to do. There was no clue she was leaving.

So after getting her rainbow body in the morning, she appeared that night in the same spot on the horizon, rising up over the ocean as Sekhmet, a solar deity whose name means the one who is powerful. She held an ankh, the symbol of eternal life. In the last four years, I had often seen this amazing power in Michele, still waiting to be birthed.

IMG_1714The next night, she came at sunset and began to write her name in the cloudless sky. Mi, she wrote, never knowing it’s something I have wished I could do. She said leaving now was part of her soul plan when she came to earth. She didn’t know exactly when, only that her soul would know when the doorway opened that she had prepared for.

She said that spirit beings are now able to have more of an impact, as they work from the other side. And in the new energy of the New Earth, we’ll be very aware of what they’re doing.

She wants us to know we can now have a stronger connection with those in the spirit world, who are working hand in hand, heart and heart, with us to create this beautiful New Earth.

We are entering a new level of connection and being. This is a major shift and those who are ready will be making this shift and creating a pathway for other people to follow. Many are sensing this, although it is beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend. Relax your mind as much as possible to allow for this shift to take place. Be open. We’ve done the work, we’ve paid the gatekeeper, he’s singing a song of welcome as we cross the bridge into enlightened living, into our new home, the peaceful hills and dales of New Earth.


new website cosmic female

Others Feeling the Bliss – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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ART : Buddha Bliss – Amanda Sage


Others Feeling the Bliss

One of the benefits of articles that discuss our experience is that they sometimes resonate with you. And many of you actually write in and say so. Here’s one email from Gloria that’s typical of that genre of response. Thank you, Gloria, for your share.

Other emails say that you were able to enter into transformative love or bliss after reading an article. This is what it’s all about so thank you for sharing!

If you have no one to share your experiences with, do what we do here in Vancouver and Bellingham: start a Golden Age of Gaia meet-up/support group.  We had a Vancouver Meet-up yesterday and it was a really loving, bonding, uplifting occasion.  And it saves us from feeling crazy.

How interesting and amazing to find another human being going through the same process that I’m going through! It’s fantastic to know this, really!

While I was reading your post I was laughing practically because you describe sentence by sentence what I am manifesting. Surely many thousands of people more but it’s so unfortunate that it’s basically a miracle to find another person around you that would understand or that is processing the changes from third to fifth dimension.

Even though I feel extremely blessed for understanding a little what’s happening to me I feel very lonely in this department basically because my family and friends don’t believe, understand or see the changes and there is no way I can share any of my experiences with them.

Only my mother knows and is experiencing some of the symptoms I am experiencing.

I feel very lucky I can read your posts because I found your site in 2012 and it gives me so much strength and hope specially during the days I lack vision and hope.

Just had to share my feelings and also want to let you know that your writings are important because you are a missionary of the light in this times of important changes in our beautiful Gaia and within all of us. Please continue to give us all whom are in this important path the light to see more every day.


buddha-bliss-by-amanda-sage art

ART : Buddha Bliss – Amanda Sage


Others Feeling the Bliss