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art : Marina Gregoryan

ART : Marina Gregoryan


The Problems Presented by Sudden Wealth

I feel concerned by Archangel Michael’s recent comment that:

“The greed for wealth and the desire for control upon your planet, if anything, are heightened at this moment. And they are also heightened, we are sad to say, on the part of many lightworkers as well and that is very unfortunate.” (1)

Greed and the desire for control heightened among lightworkers?

I continue to think from what’s probably a false degree of confidence that lightworkers will escape such things as greed for wealth and the desire for control.

But I see them in myself so why would they not be in others?

I watch myself at subtle levels, stirred by the desire to amass wealth – I’m definitely not exempt.

And “the desire for control”? The desire that I should have the ability to have things the way I want them, when I want them, also runs deep. And that desire as well will quite conceivably be energized by the addition of wealth to the equation.

The addition of wealth could turn what is subtle now to what is explicit later. So I have my work to do.

Let’s combine the two urges: Both the desire for wealth and control are at heart the desire to command any and all of the Earth’s resources that we wish to draw on, to have supreme ease and satisfaction: to have whatever we want – to eat, drink, drive, live in, see, experience, etc. – when we want them.

Of course, that ignores the fact that humans are much more than just the life of the body. Satisfying any of its desires doesn’t bring deep or lasting satisfaction. It proves at best temporary and then the desires return.

Andrew Cohen once pointed out that the deep peace that comes from having something we want doesn’t come from having it but from the momentary cessation of desire. So it’s desire and attachment that deprive us of the deeper states of satisfaction and completion, not not having the thing in question.

And desire and attachment are not addressed by increasing the extent of our possessions.  They’re addressed by experiencing these states of being through to completion without acting on them.

How does one remain in service to others in the face of something probably more intoxicating than booze, more addictive than drugs – sudden wealth?

How does one sidestep selfishness and the self-serving bias when one has what so many people want and the temptation to control increases as a result? And the feeling that our wealth will protect us from attack because we have what others want?

All of that simply induces us to burrow deeper and deeper into what’s far removed from the divine qualities.

Are these urges that Archangel Michael points to something that will flare up and pass? Or will we allow them to influence, shape, and even determine our lightwork after the Reval?

Let’s look at some of the other advice AAM gives us on how to handle financial wayshowing, this most difficult of assignments.

We were discussing how much currency is enough when he said:

“You have pointed to this and it is something that people have need to be vigilant of. There is such a burden that comes with ‘ethical’ wealth and the practise of integrity – yes, of sharing – but really of one’s ability to manage and stay in balance.

“We don’t desire anybody’s life to be obsessed with the management of currency, of abundance, of anything other than spiritual currency. And so, enough is enough!” (2)

Again there’s that phrase “stay in balance.” Not being seduced by wealth to lean either to the left or the right, to go to extremes; not allowing wealth to tempt us from our path of service. That’s the big challenge, isn’t it?

Are lightworkers not tasked with the one main challenge: to remain balanced while administering these sacred funds that come from the Divine Mother?

AAM cautions us against being super-irresponsible with wealth. But, in another place, he also counsels us against being super-responsible. Again balance is what’s at issue.

AAM: There will be a tendency on your part to feel that with all this money that you are super-responsible.

Do not panic. And simply know that there is a place and a plan and everything is in order and will fall into place. It does not need to happen in one day. And you are being mightily (and I use that word very specifically) mightily protected (3) and that this is a long-term project. So there is no rush. Everything will be in place.

And do not allow other people’s sense of urgency or need, their own need, to unduly influence you or make you sick, dear heart. … Adequate rest, healthy food, a great deal of laughter, rest and breathing room, and even an arm’s length from those who would like to have access to you for immediate results.

Steve: I don’t understand that last comment.

AAM: So in other words, let me call up Steve and get my mortgage money. You cannot do this day in and day out. It is too stressful. You are not the spiritual or the literal ATM. (4)

I pay a price for having these discussions. The conventional wisdom is not to identify oneself as being in the position we’ll be in.  It causes the email to increase. The pleas that come in are heart-breaking but there’s nothing I can do about them at this moment.  Scam artists and frauds can latch on to us. The wiser course of action would be to remain silent, to be “prudent” and “cautious.”

But we lightworkers have not only agreed to be financial wayshowers; we’ve also agreed to model financial wayshowing.  The second is important too.

So discussions such as this become important. And the price that’s paid becomes a part of the job.

As with so much else, no user’s manual comes with a currency exchange.  Hence the advice that the “Mighty Ones” give us assumes importance.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 23, 2016.

(2) Ibid., April 24, 2015.

(3) The “mighty ones” are the Archangels.

(4) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, , Nov. 19, 2013.


art : Marina Gregoryan

ART : Marina Gregoryan

The Problems Presented by Sudden Wealth