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My Divine Father and Mother Within
The art of concentration on you is perception of the One

Yet I have this restless mind, flitting from one thing to another, one aspect of this world of multiplicity to another.
I want to find unity and peace.
How may I do so?

Simple meditation focus always goes hand in hand with devotion.
There are many ways in the path of pathlessness.

One is to find an object, a form, of intense devotion.

There is a beautiful story to illustrate this that the blissful Mother, Anandamayi Ma tells of a disciple who was making no progress in meditation.

The disciple was asked by the teacher if there was anyone or anything that interested him intensely.

Without hesitation the disciple said his main interest was his buffalo.

“Then go and concentrate on the buffalo. Visualize him and do not let your mind wander from thinking about the buffalo.”

The following day the teacher knocked at the door of the meditation room and asked the disciple to come out. There was a long period of silence.

Then the disciple answered in a strange deep booming voice
“It is impossible for me to leave the room because my horns cannot pass through the door.”

Deep concentration leads to merging, blending the divine, both within and without. Samadhi means deep concentration on the divine.

In Tibet we are guided to work with many forms as a path to formlessness, to emptiness.

I AM manifesting, for example, after deep meditation, the forms of both Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri as True Forms both within and without.

This is a very profound practice, taking the form of a deity and manifesting it in your everyday life.

In simplest terms you can do this right now by breathing with the breath of Divine Mother, or walking on the lotus flowers of the Buddha, or invoking the blessing of the Holy Spirit in your Heart, or hearing the Divine Father’s guidance in your ear.

This practice you can do continuously, throughout your day, very simply, no matter what comes across your path.

You bless yourself with the breath, or your footsteps, or your heartbeat, or your listening. Or all of this. Very simple focus.

For hours you sit and play games, watch movies or TV, focus all your efforts on making money or doing courses and passing exams.

Can you apply that same focus to God within?

Another is to find the formless.

Focus or concentration is the energy of transformation.

It is a burning Christ-like passion, a flame of Spirit alight within all of us.

We can concentrate on emptiness or formlessness or pathlessness.

These are samadhi, doors of liberation. Walk through them.

Many people ask me what emptiness is. It is a profound practice, a door of liberation, a samadhi, being empty of separate existence, empty of a separate self. So it is a transformation. From the self to the Higher Self or self that is ONE. I am you and You are me.

Formlessness is also a door of liberation. Letting go, surrendering the form. We can see how this is connecting us to emptiness, emptying ourselves of separate self, surrendering the self.

Pathlessness is another door of liberation. There is no pursuit or goal or path that is outside of you. What you are looking for is already here, NOW, within you. You are already what you want to become. You set up all these lessons, these paths, this knowing. The Kingdom of God, immortality, deathlessness, enlightenment, Christ Consciousness, I AM Presence, Embodying Spirit, BE-ing, it is ALL, HERE, NOW.

To practice samadhi is to live deeply in each and every moment.

This is the secret of the Lotus Sutra, living in all the ultimate dimensions of reality at the same time.


Living our life deeply as the wave so we can touch the essence of the water within us.

We are One with Father and Mother through our conscious choice and creation.
It is through Our Presence, by moment to moment awareness of our co-creation with our fellow beings, this planet and the many worlds, that we learn best how to serve.

I AM traveling between worlds. I am simply breathing walking enlightening listening listening.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother

 altair blog 8.4.

I am Altair, Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”

THE ATMA and the ELEMENTALS @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, April 7, 2016




The Arcturians 

Dear Ascending Ones,

As you continue your process of returning to your Multidimensional SELF, you will be releasing the components of your self that are no longer needed. Simultaneously, you will be placing more and more of your intention onto the SELF you are becoming. As you continue your metamorphosis the small voice of the inner child will call out, “Take me with you.”

We remind you to remember to welcome your Child Self into your High Heart. Your “child” is your Divine Child who became the one you identified as yourself before you began your process ascension. As you collect your Divine Child into your heart, you release your attachment to the third/fourth dimensional Wheel of Life and Death.

Your Divine Child represents your first eight cells that are stored in your ATMA of the Three Fold Flame of your High Heart. Within these first eight cells is all that you have learned from your many incarnations on physical Earth. These eight cells also hold the pattern of lives in which you returned to SELF, ascended, in your other incarnations.

When you died, you returned to the Wheel of Life and Death in the fourth dimensional aura of planet Earth. On the other hand, when you ascended you returned to your fifth dimensional Lightbody. It is your Lightbody, which carries you across the Great Void between the fourth dimension and fifth dimension and beyond.

During this era of planetary transformation, many ascending ones will be gathering their Divine Child into their High Heart in order to break all connection with the Wheel of Life and Death. Many of you who could return to much higher dimensions are choosing to connect with the fifth-dimensional threshold world to assist with the creation of New Earth.

Please remember that in every version of the fifth dimension and beyond there is NO time. Therefore, you are entering a reality that has always existed and is simultaneously in the process of creation.

In fact, whenever you travel inter-dimensionally, you blend your great multidimensional essence with a reality, which re-sets your essence, as well as the entire reality. This reset creates new options and opportunities that did not exist before your entry.

In this manner, you enter a reality that has existed beyond time, as your presence simultaneously creates change within that world. Do you see dear ascending ones how much power you have within you? You have the ability to alter an entire reality simply by blending your essence with that reality.

In fact, even within your time-bound earth vessel you influence the Collective and Planetary Consciousness with your every out breath. Furthermore, you inhale the Collective and Planetary Consciousness with your every in breath. Did you know that your breath had such power?

Your first breath at birth indicated that you were alive (logged into the 3D Game) and your last breath at death indicates that you are dead (logged out of the 3D Game). In other words, your Spiritual Essence enters your form at birth and leaves your form at death.

However, since you are your spiritual essence, you are not born, nor do you die. It is your form that is born and your form that dies. Remember that in order to enter into a form-based reality, you must first create a body based on the molecular resonance and configuration of that reality.

Then, when your body is fully formed, your Spirit enters that form. When you enter a reality that is beyond form you merely calibrate your consciousness to the frequency of that reality and blend your consciousness with that reality.

New Earth resonates to the threshold between the third/fourth dimensions of form and the higher sub-planes of the fifth dimension in which form is an option and no longer an indication of being alive or dead.

In preparation for your journey across the void between the third/fourth and fifth dimension, your physical form is in the process of transmuting into Lightbody. However, as your form transmutes into a higher frequency of expression, so does your entire reality, because planet Earth is also ascending.

Hence, both people and planet are recalibrating their form to higher and higher frequencies. Since your form/body is comprised of the elements of the reality you are experiencing, when your reality transmutes into frequencies, you must match that frequency shift to remain within that reality.

Therefore, your consciousness is constantly recalibrating to higher and higher frequencies of light, and your body must recalibrate itself, as well. If your state of consciousness becomes too much higher than your body, you will “die,” as your consciousness is too high to be contained in that lower frequency vessel.

Your earth vessel is comprised of the third dimensional expressions of earth, air, fire, water and spirit/fire. The fourth dimensional expressions of these elements of your body are known as Elementals. Earth Elementals are titled Gnomes, Air Elementals are titled Sylphs, Fire Elementals are Salamanders, Water Elementals are Undines. and Etheric Elementals represent the living Spirit within all form.

The fourth dimensional Elementals hold the breath of Gaia within them and share Her essence with you via your in-breath.

With your every in-breath, the Elementals bring in the higher frequency of Gaia’s form into the Body (Earth Elemental), Breath (Air Elemental), Neural Synapses (Fire Elemental), Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid (Water Elemental) and Consciousness (Etheric Elemental) of your earth vessel.

Then you breathe out your higher expression of consciousness to contribute to the transmutation of Gaia, just as She has shared Her transmutation with you.

  • In this manner, your transmuting form (Earth) aligns with the transmuting form of Gaia land.
  • Your transmuting breath (Air) aligns with the transmuting atmosphere of Gaia.
  •    Your transmuting nervous system (Fire) aligns with the transmuting synaptic junctions within Gaia’s “electrical” system.
  •  The transmutation of all your bodily fluids (Water) aligns with Gaia’s transmuting waterways and massive oceans.
  • As your Consciousness transmutes from etheric (fourth dimensional) into Spiritual (fifth dimensional), your personal consciousness aligns with the planetary consciousness, which is transmuting from third/fourth dimensional to fifth dimensional.

The physical representation of Gaia is the third/fourth dimensional Earth and the fifth dimensional representation of Gaia is New Earth.

As you, the ascending ones, entrain your personal consciousness with the planetary consciousness of Gaia, as well as with ALL Her inhabitants, you contribute greatly to the planetary ascension.

Simultaneously, the great mass of Gaia’s ascending body contributes to your personal ascension. You also gain the additional benefit of a peaceful transition into New Earth because you are surrounded and protected by the entire ascending planet.

The challenge with this configuration of ascension, as there are many versions of ascension, is that you could easily doubt that you are ascending because you are not leaving anything. If you ascended beyond the planet, you would pull away from that reality and feel as though you are leaving Earth. Then you would have physical evidence of your ascension.

However, depending on physical evidence is not consistent with ascension. Instead, it is best to release your ego need for proof, and trust your inner knowing that, since you and Gaia are ONE, you are both ascending together. In this manner, THE RETURN involves both people and planet.

We lovingly join you as we all return as

ONE People and Planet

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family





Hardcover Table Top book available on Amazon

All pictures drawn by Suzanne Lie

                                                                   AMAZON LINK


I wanted to share my process of writing this book. I actually got the idea from my publisher. He liked my pictures and suggested that I make a book with the pictures and just a few words for each one. I thought that was a cool idea, but did not know where, or how, to begin. Therefore, the idea sat in my mind, as it slowly moved into my heart. When I began to love the idea, I decided that I would give it a try. But how would I proceed?

Once again, the idea had to rest in my heart and mind until it was the NOW to begin. Then, one day I decided to just ask the pictures what they wanted to tell me. So, I scanned through the pictures, which were all in one file, waiting for one of them to talk to me. I had been drawing these pictures for decades, and looking through them was a walk through memory lane. As I acknowledged each picture, I gained confidence in my self to give this idea a try. I had never thought of my self as an artist, as I can only draw what comes from inside me, and I have only taken a few art classes.

Looking through these pictures was like talking to my self, as they each had a message that had been shared on my websites, newsletters, YouTube and blog. But this time the pictures came first and the words arose from the pictures. As the storyline revealed itself, I stayed in the NOW allowing each picture to tell me what it wanted to say. Therefore, I had no idea what the plot would be, or how the story would proceed. Of course, since they were my pictures, they told my story.

But my story is also OUR story of finding our own inner light, using it to heal our inner darkness, so that we can travel the path of enlightenment, fulfillment, and love. My process of drawing pictures was a means of relaxation and meditation. Long ago, I made a deal with my self that once I started a picture I could NOT stop because it was not “good enough.”

Therefore, these pictures became my teachers. I was forced to see how much I judged myself and how I wanted to tear the page off the writing pad because it was not “good enough.” Fortunately, I kept my word with myself and worked through the doubt, in my self, to allow the picture to tell me its story. Thus, as the pictures talked to me for this book, they talked about everything I had learned from drawing them.

I share this experience with you the reader, to encourage you to continue, come what may, with your life and allow your inner light to shine it’s path before you. May you, too, become ONE with your SELF so that you can become two with your greatest love.

Suzanne Lie

I wrote my latest book, The Journal, because the Arcturians told me to put together, in chronological order, all the messages I had received since the early 1990’s, and string them together with a storyline. This storyline was channeled by the merging of me, the human, and me the Arcturian. I invite you all to share this journey with me. I hope that the Journey assists you as much as it did me.

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Kindle and Paperback available NOW

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The Healing Temples of Venus by Sapphie of Venus – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

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The Healing Temples of Venus

by Sapphire of Venus

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 8th April 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, it is an honour to be in your presence, I am a member of the civilisation of Venus, my name is Sapphire and my purpose upon Venus is to emanate the Feminine Divine Goddess energies of the Creator of the most appropriate vibration into every aspect of Venus. I am currently overseeing a temple upon Venus known as the, ‘Temple of Divine Goddess Healing and Balancing.’ As I come forth to be in your presence, I emanate a pure white light with hints of pink and sapphire blue, many believe me to be a goddess however I am strongly aligned with Venus, recognising myself as embodying all that is Venus. I embody the Divine Feminine quality of grace. The sacred quality of grace is my power, strength and healing expression. It is the energy of grace that I enthuse the temple I am overseeing with; grace is the foundation of all healing transformatio ns which take place within this sacred space. Allow me to be in your presence and to emanate the purity of grace from the synthesised energies of my soul, Venus and the Divine Feminine. Feel the light, energy, consciousness of grace vibrating throughout your being and notice how it brings you into balance within your entire being. Let me heal you with the power of grace.

It is my purpose to share some of the healing temples available for you to visit upon the planet Venus, known as the planet of love. With Venus’ alignment with the Earth throughout this year there are many healing and enlightening energies and temples available to you from Venus to support your accelerated ascension.

I, Sapphire, wish to invite you in your dreamtime or meditation to hold the focus and intention of visiting the Temple of Divine Goddess Healing and Balancing upon Venus. I will be present to meet you and to encourage you into a state of receiving the healing available. The temple will enhance and enthuse the aspects of your Divine Feminine energies within you which are not activated, in use or realised. This will empower your Divine Feminine self creating healing while also creating empowerment of your Divine Feminine abilities. The empowerment of your Divine Feminine energies will automatically create a balancing process within your entire being encouraging you to feel more aligned and as one with the Creator. We will be able to heal any wounds connected to your Divine Feminine self as well as dissolving any blockages which are hindering your natural expre ssion of your Divine Feminine. Thus you will experience a greater feeling of expansion and freedom within your being. Within the temple you will be showered with healing energies of Venus known as balancing energies which will empower balance within your being as well as creating a reconnective process to further align your entire being with the Creator and your truth.

‘Sapphire of Venus, please transport me to Venus surrounded by my guides and angels. Let me rest within the Temple of Divine Goddess Healing and Balancing. I am open to receive healing and balancing energies from your soul (Sapphire), Venus and the Goddess Consciousness synthesised as one healing vibration penetrating my being. Please bring healing and balance to all aspects of my being and reality creating the vibration of grace within and around me as well as a deeper union with the Creator. I am healed, balanced and exude grace from within the core of my being.

Once my healing and balancing process is complete please transport and ground me back into my reality, supporting my awareness in the shifts which have taken place within my being. Thank you.’

I believe that after your healing experience you will be able to sense and acknowledge a deeper presence of grace radiating from within your being.

I also wish to guide you to visit and experience the, ‘Spiritual Illumination with Magnified Venus Light Temple,’ in existence upon Venus. I, Sapphire do not oversee this temple, it is Sakta who is of Divine masculine vibration who supports the work of this temple. A soul whether from Venus or an area of the Creator’s universe can visit Sakta’s temple to experience the brightness of their light, the radiance of their truth and the ultimate light quotient they are able to embody in their current lifetime. Recognising the vibrancy of your light allows you to experience spiritual illumination or enlightenment. All aspects of your spiritual being are revealed to you encouraging you to let go of illusions that you may hold about your truth and spiritual abilities. Allowing you to evaluate your truth and spiritual self. With this knowledge you are able to more fully embody your vibrant light, expanded consciousness and sacred spiritual abilities putting them into action in your reality. This healing process predominately supports major shifts in your perspectives and ability to recognise yourself as your truth. You may wish to visit the Spiritual Illumination with Magnified Venus Light Temple during your dreamtime or meditation, simply hold the request and allow yourself to experience.

‘I invite Sakta to transport me surrounded by my guides and angels to the temple of Spiritual Illumination with Magnified Venus Light upon Venus. Let me rest within the temple and receive the healing light available. I know that as I receive the healing light of this temple it will magnify and enhance my inner light until it is shining brighter than ever before. As I allow myself to recognise the brightness of my inner light so I am able to recognise myself with greater clarity and certainty. I am able to access new enlightenment, let go of illusions connected to my truth and spiritual abilities as well as evaluating with greater understanding the knowledge, consciousness and abilities I hold. I am healed, enlightened and illuminated in so many ways.

Once my healing and illuminating process are complete please transport and ground me back into my reality, supporting my awareness in the shifts which have taken place within my being. Thank you.’

I believe that after your healing experience you will be able to sense and acknowledge the vibrancy, expansion, power and abilities of your light with greater ease creating a deeper state of inner freedom.

An additional temple upon Venus which I wish to make you aware of is the, ‘Spiritual Growth Enhancement Temple.’ This temple is overseen by Osa who emanates a Divine Feminine vibration. Osa is known as a master of power. She has the ability of unleashing your inner power allowing it to flow throughout your entire being. This healing process takes place when you feel stuck, confused or unable to see, sense or acknowledge your pathway forth whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. When your power is unleashed, even if it is only a small amount of your power it dissolves that which is blocking and hindering you in that moment thus encouraging your journey of spiritual awakening and growth. Osa within her temple with the many healing masters present connect deep into your soul and unleash the aspect of your power which will allow the clarity of your soul to come forth into your awareness. If you feel stuck or that your spiritual growth is not progressing at the speed you would wish for then I, Sapphire encourage you to visit Osa in your dreamtime or meditation. Please note that Osa always first asks permission from your soul, if permission is not granted then she is unable to perform the healing for you.

‘I call upon Osa to transport me surrounded by my guides and angels to her temple of Spiritual Growth Enhancement upon Venus. Let me rest within the temple, I am open to receiving the necessary healing light. At this time, I feel stuck…. (please describe your feelings).

I invite you to support me in receiving a surge of power from my soul flowing throughout my entire being bringing forth clarity, understanding and the removal of any hindrance. With this healing process I am able to move forth with ease and perfection in all areas of my being and reality. I am healed, purified and enthused with understanding and clarity.

Once my healing and empowering process is complete please transport and ground me back into my reality, supporting my awareness in the shifts which have taken place within my being. Thank you.’

I believe that after your healing experience you will be able to sense and acknowledge your inner power moving throughout your being with insights of clarity and understanding dawning from within your being.

There are so many other healing temples which are available to you at this time which you can visit. You can call upon a healer from Venus or my energies Sapphire to transport you to a temple. You do not even need to know the name or purpose of the temple; you can simply hold an intention of being transported to the most appropriate healing temple for you.

‘Surrounded by my guides and angels I invite Sapphire or the most appropriate healer of Venus to come forth and transport me to a healing temple upon Venus which will share with me the most suitable healing energy and purpose to aid further healing, awakening and rejuvenation within my entire being and reality. Let me rest within the temple and receive the healing available. Support me in understanding the healing process which is taking place within my being.

Once my healing process is complete please transport and ground me back into my reality, supporting my awareness in the shifts which have taken place within my being. Thank you.’

We, Beings from Venus are present to support you especially in 2016, we are available to assist you so please call upon our healing services to support further awakening within your being.

With eternal love,

Sapphire of Venus

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Solstice fire initiation by the Elohim – Grace Elohim @ Living Joy

anna dittman angel

ART : Anna Dittman


Solstice fire initiation by the Elohim

Greetings beloved ones. We are the Elohim. And we come forth on the ray of unity consciousness, on the ray of christhood, because indeed this is the moment for you to embrace your christed self, it is the time for your fire initiation thru the sacred fire of the sun behind the sun at this auspicious moment of time; the last Solstice before the end of this last circle ushering in the new golden age, the time of no-time.  We invite you to open yourself to receive your fire initiation, your baptism to your christed self, as these are the light codes being infused thru the grand cosmic portal at this Solstice. And it is indeed an unprecedented opportunity and gift, a grand dispensation given to initiate and baptize you into your christed self thru the encodings being ushered in thru the Solstice portal…. meaning that you will receive the complete divine blue printing of your christed self and for those who are ready in addition their adam kadmon body (your fully activated lightbody). This has been granted by divine decree to those of you, who have prepared yourself sufficiently by consistent inner work to shed the layers of ego to become servants and chalices of divine will and so it is said and so it shall be done. However there is no one on the planet, that will miss out. The last ones shall be the first, and the first shall be the last. Everyone will receive exactly as much light as his/her vehicle is able to embrace at this point of time without causing any damage or overload in the central nervous system. An overload can be compared with the blowing or burning of a fuse, when too high voltage is applied. Your I Am Presence and ascension team will overlook the process and know the exact proportion, that your system can deal with and that serves you and has been doing so all along.

So you are asked now beloved ones, to breathe deeply in and out for some minutes and let go of all definitions of identity, all concepts of form to connect with your formless state, to become the holy grails, that you have earned thru continual shedding of  the veils of illlusion and in this state of divine surrender to resurrect thru the sacred fire. We ask you to focus on your crown chakra…. feeling it expand and open into the thousandfold lotus with ease and grace……………. now feel the light pouring in filling your vessel with sacred fire love……………… filling every cell, every fibre, every atom of your body and upgrading your dna…………. This proces is not to be understood, only to be embraced and allowed. This light in itself consists of encodings, that hold the divine blueprinting of your awakened christed self (you need not do anything, but let it find its way, it is divine intellegence in its purest form) and as this pouring in of the sacred fire takes place breathe deeply and allow yourself to dissolve into and merge with this light, which is pure god awareness, pure awakened christ consciousness in the highest possible octave, that your system can deal with at this present moment.  You are now bearer of the christ flame, you are servants of divine will in action. You are re-united with your divine inheritance, your original angelic dna. You are El-o-him, co-creator gods each one of you in your own supremacy in obedience and service to your monadic solar source self. We ask you to be conscious of your responsability to serve as such as unwavering pillars of light. You are the torch-bearers, the lighthouses for those still lost in the sea of darkness to find home. Thru your vibration, which is the vibration of christhood and resurrection, you will be able to catapult others into this same frequency, as they open themselves to do so, as the needed vibratory rate for a collective quantum leap has been reached. However it is everyone´s free will to decide whether to ascend in this window of time or not and part of their divine plan, whether this is chosen or not…. thus everyone independently of their present level of awareness, will be given opportunities to do so and you will be the midwifes and the new ascended masters walking on earth; the first ones to ascend and maintaining their bodies in the physical realm. You are the bewinged ones, whose return you have been waiting for. You are the return of the race of the avatars on this planet. The One who acts as One, who serves the ONE, that permeates and sustains all living things. We congratulate you and thank you for all your efforts and all the inner work achieved to fulfill the prophecy of the new golden age. So when we salute you, we salute you, as you. We are no different from you, we are one in heart and soul. We are the golden Ones. So it is written. Be blessed in the light of the Almighty ONE. We are the Elohim.

Received thru Linda Grace Antara Ma thru Elohim June the 19th 2012.



anna dittman angel

ART : Anna Dittman

Purification – Theresa Crabtree

egypt face female

Photo – unknown source


Purification simply means to cleanse. The first step in purification of the physical body is to fast, which allows your body time and energy to purge itself of unnecessary toxins and stored substances. Once purged, the body feels invigorated. You will find that as you improve your diet, your body odors will become pleasantly fragrant. Rather than slathering on chemically laden soaps and body rinses, sometimes a shower of water is all that is needed to cleanse the skin. Remember to bless and thank the water as you immerse yourself with its cleansing and healing properties!

What other ways can you purify yourself? Pay attention to your thoughts, words, actions and feelings. Negative thoughtforms glop together. When a person makes statements such as, “I am sick and tired of this. That is such a pain in the neck! You’re killing me!” he is in actuality creating dis-ease in his body. It is not the actual words that are the cause of the dis-ease; it is the emotions behind the words that are the triggers.

Your Spirit Helpers surround you each and every moment. It is their pleasure to help create your dreams into reality. They do not pay attention to all the words you think and speak, for much of this is nonsense. What they do pay attention to are the feelings behind your words and actions. Emotionally charged complaints such as, “I am sick and tired of this job” are catalysts that your body uses to help you get out of the unwanted job situation. With an accumulation of these thought forms, becoming “sick and tired” may be the way this manifests.

How much more gracefully situations can change when you are paying attention to your thoughts and feelings! Can you see how much better it would be if you came to the conscious understanding that you wish to take action and change circumstances at work, adjust your attitude or to get another job, rather than being forced to make a change because you are too sick and tired to work?

Pay attention to what you would truly like to experience in life. Focus your attention on what you want rather than what you do not want. Look around and choose the steps that lead you toward this goal. Watch for synchronicities that lead you to the next step or a person who has answers or assistance for you.

Many times, your Spirit Helpers will have things set up for you, but you miss the clue. There will always be more clues set in front of you. Step out of your comfort zone and know that each step has its importance and an abundance of blessings. Be grateful for every person, place and event you encounter on your daily walk and expect miracles to happen!

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The return of sacred tantric relationships – Lady Venus through Grace Elohim @ Living Joy

art twin flames ble

unknown artist


The return of sacred tantric relationships and the necessity and importance of being servants to love by Lady Venus

Posted 15/11/2014

The Return of the sacred tantric relationship and the necessity and importance of being servants to love by Lady Venus. Received by Grace Antara Ma november 15th 2014.

Be blessed beloved sister, beloved brother of the ONE, the Beloved in all of you. I am honored to be given this opportunity to speak of the origin and necessity of serving in a sacred relationship. I want to speak to you about the return of the tantric relationship on the new earth. First beloveds I want to remind you of the true origin of serving and its purpose. There has indeed happened a great distortion to the true meaning of a sacred relationship and of tantric union. Because of the abuse of power, because of the neglection and supression of the divine feminine causing humanity to fall out of divine equilibrium, so you have forgotten that indeed you are one and because of this suppression a sort of competition within self between the divine feminine and masculine was created, between mind and heart. Great fear rose in the heart of humanity and you forgot the true meaning of serving, of being a servant to love, of being a servant to your next. You forgot that in serving another, you indeed serve the whole in self.

Divine service thru sacred union was indeed practiced throughout thousands of years in different cultures thru the use of tantra. Not the tantra you have come to know in modern times, where it has often been misunderstood and misused for personal pleasure and this indeed is far from its main purpose. In the times where divine balance was still prospering on this planet, one would only enter a sacred relationship with another only for the means of serving a higher purpose, for serving as embodiments of god and goddess. Those kind of relationships were transpersonal in nature and have nothing in common with the kind of relationship you have come to experience in modern times. I plead you now beloveds to please once and for all let go of your fears, let go of your fear of being used, of being surpressed, of being manipulated, because those are the very energies, that will keep you in separation and will disable you from being of service to humanity. As long as you still vibrate in the bandwidth of ego and personal desires for sexual pleasure, you will more easily be subject to the lower energies of others…. emotionally, sexually and energetically. Those attracted to personal power and controle will detect the signature of fear in your auric field and like parasites take advantage of your divine tantric energy for personal pleasure, which will keep you off track from your true purpose on this planet. 

The tantric relationship of the new earth is one that is based on mutual trust, on mutual respect and uncondtional love. It demands a total surrendering into being of service to your partner, to serve a higher purpose, a purpose that goes beyond the personal. A purpose that transcends egoic desires. When two souls connect with these premises the chakric system of both will instantly align and build a vortex of love. They will so to say become one chakric system, a sacred cauldron and as a result an alchemical reaction will be ignited and activate the pineal gland of both and the outpour of the sacred nectar, Ambrosia, will be released and pour into the high heart and from there illuminate the entire body and auric field of the two. From the high heart space orgasmic waves of liquid light will be triggered and send waves thru all layers of the earth´s crystaline grid and up thru the higher transpersonal chakras and into the lightbody and establish a direct alignment to source, to the cosmic heart of father, mother, god. And a vortex to the power of the vibratory rate of the 144.000 will be formed and activated, a field of pure christ consciousness and any person touched by this vortex will be catapulted into expanded awareness and the next higher octave possible depending on his/her current vibratory rate. In this illuminated space the Beloved in both will dissolve to the point, where they will not be able to identify nor differentiate themself from the other. It is a state of being where you transcend the sense of individuation, a space from which you transcend your story, your body, your gender and any emotions, that are originating from the personal, and a state of being of pure christ presence is forming in the two unrestricted by time and space. 

So beloveds I invite you to trust that nothing will happen to you, if you surrender fully to love, if you commit with all your heart to being a servant to love. Meaning that you refrain from responding to the projections of ego of wanting to feel inferior nor superior, because divine equilibrium and equivalence is essential to being of service in a tantric relationship, as this can only be matched by two souls, that are one and (whole/holy) within themselves, feeling absolute equal within self and within the partnership. Understand that serving another being is the greatest gift, that you can bestow upon self, it is gifting your self as well as gifting your partner, the earth and all life. It is a sign of great spiritual mastery and maturity, that can only be achieved by those, that plead equality with all beings, with all life. So take this step with me out of the matrix of the piscean age, of the patriach dominion, that held you hostage whether man whether woman, you were all hostages to fear and to separation, the women, because they felt surpressed and inferior and the men thru their own surpressing of the divine feminine within, which was caused by their fear of losing power to the divine feminine, which they felt in fear of and inferior to. All because of the lack of understanding, that you are only aspects of each other.

In the emerging of and anchroring of the new earth consciousness, you are demanded to trancend those patterns and concepts of relationship, that you have outgrown thru extended inner work on your ascension path. Refrain from comparing or judging yourself or your partner, but see yourself as a servant and mentor of your next, of your partner. Not being afraid of showing weakness. Many of you feel that you need to show strength, that you need to stand above others to avoid to loose power, to always be one step ahead of the other…. in case you should be deceived, abused or abandoned. Dwelling in those energies will only attract just that. The necessity of letting go of those distorted ideas about relationship is paramount on this stage of your evolution to give space for the tantric sacred relationship, that you all yearn for. For it is indeed your one and only purpose to serve love, to be conduits of divine unconditional love. What beautiful gift, what beautiful blessing are bestowed on those responding to that calling, to those willing to sacrifice their egoic desire and personal need for power and controle. In a tantric sacred relationship there is 100% equality and personal immunity and it is an absurdity to even thinking about being superior or inferior to the other, as you form ONE being, one organism, that together serve as a sacred cauldron for spirit in service of divine will. 

Yes beloveds you are in truth servants of love and that is where you will find your purpose, it is where you will find home, it is where you will find fullfilment and completion. Kneel, kneel before the altar of love, see your partner as an embodiment of love and as a servant to you and devote yourself to serve him/her unconditionally as his/her (w)holy other. And the Beloved in you will encompass you and permeate your whole being and your partner will fall on his/her knees in accordance, if ready to respond to that call, and if he/she is not, it is not the one to form a divine union with. If there is no commitment by the other to respond to the Beloved within you, do not fall back into fear, because only by deeply surrendering to being a servant of love, you shall be the sacred cauldron thru which the Beloved will unite and melt into ONE. And in divine timing your true tantric partner will find you thru the magnetic vibration field emanting from your heart and only by being and vibrating in this frequency the magnetic attraction will take place according to plan. 

There is indeed a great amount of souls on this planet currently holding this vibratory rate of divine service patiently vibrating as true servants of unconditional love standing-by to their tantric partner to turn up, who in some cases are still bound by egoic desire for personal pleasure or in other cases holding on to karmic relationships, that are outlived, but held on to because of old vows of responsability, that are mostly sustained by co-dependence and fear of being abandoned. Let it not divert you, let it not abstract you into becoming impatient. Every encounter and coming together of tantric partners will happen according to plan and in divine timing. There is no way of forcing or speeding up the course of events. Because all such sacred relationships has been agreed on on soul level and even if the coming together of these sacred couples in some case may seem to be delayed, there will be the needed support offered to each and every soul enabling the necesary awareness to be achieved in divine timing. And until having reached the vibratory rate needed to comply into sacred union with your tantric partner, there is still inner work to be done on either side to establish divine equilibrium within self, which is a premise to form a sacred relationship as servants to love. Until you will meet and unite with your tantric partner keep all your focus on the Beloved within, be unwavering beacons of unconditional love, not allowing yourself to being abstracted by personal desires or compromises. 

For you will indeed recognise your tantric monadic partner beyond doubt simply because you will be profoundly telepathic connected, so any of the two that might trying to hide their true feelings and intentions will know this to be in vain, as there is a total coherence of all of the energy bodies of the two and all levels of their being, so they will clearly know, what the other thinks, feels and intents. Any attempt to pretend will be futile, as both will have a sense of being “inside the other” perceiving as the other, the self. There will be no other option left than trusting deeply in your perception, because of the undeniable clarity, that such divine connection will birth in you and the deep soul love, that connects and have connected you to your tantric partner beyond time and space thru eons. It is such sweet enchantment, that you will have no other Option and desire than surrendering and recognising the purpose of your soul connection and union. 

Beloveds, take this invitation to move into the unknown space, into the untamed wilderness and ecstatic realm of divine union, of dissolving into love, the loosing of self to love and returning to source, to the point from which you originated, to the point you are deemed to return to again and again as servants of love in a sacred tantric dance. This is Lady Venus receive my blessing, receive my gratitude for your presence on this beloved earth as divine servants to love. There is no one other, than the One, the Beloved in all of you. Give space to the Beloved in you and encounter and see the Beloved in your next, in everyone that crosses your path and most of all only give yourself to love, to the ONE in another, the one that serves love. You are deeply loved.

Transmission received by Linda Grace November the 15th 2014. Feel free to share with reference to my website www.graceelohim.com