Archangel Michael: Open the Floodgates – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art by Daniel Lightfoot.

ART : Daniel Lightfoot


Archangel Michael: Open the Floodgates

Michael 23At the end of my reading with him on April 13, 2016, through Linda Dillon, Archangel Michael turned to the subject of “ennui” – weariness, financial concerns, waiting, etc.

He asked Linda to come back (she usually travels far away) and hear his advice. And what he said was totally inspiring.

This message is so worthwhile that I’ll leave it up for a couple of days. Hear it as if he’s talking to you. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Archangel Michael: We have need to talk about this sense of ennui. (1)

Steve Beckow: Well, actually, I’d welcome that, Lord. It’s like carrying a sack of potatoes around.

AAM: It is exhausting.  You could use a very long vacation or a series of short vacations. (2)

But let us talk. That is why we have begun this day by speaking of what lies ahead, that there is a new realm, a new chapter…. Let me talk to you…

Steve: Please…

AAM: And I will talk to the channel [Linda Dillon] as well so I’m asking her to come back. (3)

Alright. Many times, we have spoken of a new realm of existence and even that term is infused with hope and grace and promise and wonder, and the sense of the fulfilment of dreams.

But in reality, in your realm, as you have said, often weighed down by the practicalities of no money and limited love life or the engagement in community, which has been very rewarding for both of you, there isn’t really a sense of what does this mean, “a new realm of existence”?

If you were to go to bed tonight and you woke up and not just a sense of bliss or ecstasy (4) and not the sense that the world, the physical realm as you know it, had disappeared but that you woke up and you knew, just upon opening your eyes, that everything from the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual realm had shifted.

You would be aghast with wonder and there would be a moment of slight trepidation. What lays out my front door? But it would also be tensed with such excitement that you would be rushing out the front door to discover that.

Can you imagine walking out that front door and finding that you could telepathically understand and connect, not intrusively, but in a heart-and-mind way, not only with human beings but with your star family walking the streets, with the animals that were roaming free and safe, with the elementals that live in your parks and rivers and streams and oceans. And that the attitude, the behaviours and the level of understanding had been translated, transmuted, transformed into knowingness of love.

Steve: That would be wonderful.

AAM: That is the new realm of existence that we are talking about.

Steve: Yes, I have experienced that so I do know what you’re talking about. (5)

AAM: And it is for the entire planet. It is not a distant dream! It is not a doorway that is far away. You see there are two things that are going on simultaneously. And while you are looking to the practical, and we understand that, the signs, the shifts, the financial support, the institutional shifts.

At the same time, within the Mother’s time, there is simply the desire and the declaration of a new realm of existence beginning.

Do these exactly coincide? No. But they are very close. What we are suggesting to you is that the new realm of existence is upon you. It’s right there.

Steve: And I’m not realizing it, is that the case?

AAM: You will recognize it. So do you need to keep your heart and mind an entire being open to it? … Because you both are communicators and announcers of this new realm which is why we are discussing it. A new realm and that would completely eradicate a sense of waiting or ennui. Yes. Yes, you are at the doorstep, your hand is on the door handle so we are inviting you both of you, step through.

Steve: What does that look like, “step through,” Lord. What does that take?

AAM: It takes fortitude, determination, faith, trust and loving yourself enough to give yourself the chance to say, “It can be entirely different, I am of Creator Source, I am Creator and I choose a different realm of existence.” Not reality, but realm of existence.

And so when you go to sleep at night, both of you are declaring, “I will awaken to a new realm of existence.” And allow it to emerge, as if it is emerging like Atlantis from the waves.

Steve: And the new realm of existence is characterized by universal love and bliss?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: Alright, so that is what we should be looking for.

AAM: Yes, and it is what is knocking on your door and you are letting in. You have been doing this so it is transcending into a more permanent state of that realm of existence.

Steve: Okay, very good. Anything more you want to say on that?

AAM: I think this would entice you adequately would it not?

Steve: Oh, that state would be the answer to all my dreams, all my requests, I’m sure Lord!

AAM: It would be the answer to many dreams and you will help many to see it, to discover it, to shift into that realm.

It is not about the separation of humankind when one is stuck in the old and the other in a new realm. It is simply opening the floodgates.

This channeled material is copyright by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, 2016 and used with permission.


(1) Ennui: a lack of spirit, enthusiasm, or interest; a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction :  boredom.   Last week I spilled coffee on my Mac computer and had to shell out a lot of money for a new one.  He knows I’m tired of waiting. And other events occurred which just about laid me low.

(2) Yes, I do need a rest, a vacation. I’ve gone from 2009 without one. Be prepared for me to go away for two-three weeks when the funds become available. No, I won’t be dispensing financial advice to people who participate in the Reval. I’m not qualified to do so and I think only qualified people should do so.

(3) Linda usually goes “way, way out” during a reading.

(4) So not simply bliss and ecstacy and nothing more, but something more, as he goes on to describe.  I’ve experienced bliss and ecstacy, but he’s saying the new realm is that plus more. This was an important distinction for me.

Remember as well that AAM has often said to me that he doesn’t want me to enter the new realm because he wants me to stay in the range of the focal point of the reader. The same may apply to Linda, with appropriate changes. This then is a total change of message for me and possibly for the two of us. He and I do joke with each other but I didn’t have the heart to ask him if this would happen “soon.”

(5) Actually I’d experienced only “that the attitude, the behaviours and the level of understanding had been translated, transmuted, transformed into knowingness of love,” not the rest.


art by Daniel Lightfoot.

ART : Daniel Lightfoot

Archangel Michael: Open the Floodgates

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