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The Elders April Christed Heart Transmission ~ Activating the Diamond Codes of Creation and the Knowing Heart

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Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now, in this sacred month of April. Sweet ones, through the most recent planetary activities of March, of eclipses and equinox energies and the Christed Petal of your Powerful Heart, you experienced a deepening sense of standing in your truth and power as spiritual warriors of Light, whilst simultaneously releasing your own debris of suppressed and ignored patterns. As you observed, released, accepted and/or activated all that was needing to be transformed and embraced, many of you continued to experience deep levels of release including many physical dis-comforts and flu-like symptoms, facilitating a deeper merging and integration of your Beloved I Am Presence. Sweet ones, we mention here once more the importance of trusting and surrendering to the Divine; to allow the flow of your intuitive guidance and Beloved I Am Presence to take you deeper into your blossoming, magnificence and Light. To slow down and ground yourselves in facilitating the release of old fears and patterns that no longer serve you. There is also no need to push a particular direction or focus. Simply connect with your Beloved I Am Presence, expressing the assistance needed as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, in the Knowing that you are not alone, but deeply celebrated, appreciated and Loved.

In this sacred month of April, this observational awareness of the changes still needing to be experienced in non-judgment and Divine Love is expressed through a greater sense of re-balancing, new beginnings, and the activation of the Christed Petal of your Knowing Heart. You are further able to deepen the blueprint of your creational energies and service work as you experience a deeper anchoring and activating of your Diamond Octahedronal Light Bodies and the Diamond Codes of Creation, of Self-Mastery, culminating in an alignment of Light through the June Solstice energies, and a joyous re-union of hearts with soul and star family and friends of the Light.

Sweet ones, we have mentioned these beautiful Diamond Codes of Creation that come through from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God as the eighteenth ray of Melchizedek Consciousness, of God Consciousness ~ the ray of Transcendence, sweet ones, the ray of Self-Mastery, that merges and aligns all aspects of yourselves into a deeper level of purity and innocence and knowing of yourselves in service to Mother Earth. Additionally, sweet ones, you experience a deeper connection of support with soul and star family and friends of the Light, and with this too, the ability to embrace the inner child as your gateway to God. The ability to embrace the wounded child as the ego aspect, as the balance within you that takes you into the seat of the soul.

This beautiful Diamond Flame of Transcendence and the Diamond Codes of Light take you into the knowing that you are the loving parents, guiding the ego aspects of yourselves. This was initially experienced through the merging of the Divine Feminine and Masculine archetypes of Creation, through the merging with the Divine Mother and the merging with the Divine Father, in the embrace and the healing of the wounds that you personally and collectively have experienced sweet ones, on this plane of polarity to know yourselves as Love. And in the healing of your wounds of the Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects, you embrace all men and you embrace all women in Love. The plane of polarity that has seen these experiences activated to take you into a greater level of the Love within yourselves, now comes in ease and acceptance and understanding in the embrace of the ego aspect, in the embrace of the inner child. This small child that you perceive is in pain, and that needs your Love, that needs to be given a voice, that needs to be accepted, and appreciated and understood. And now, sweet ones, these emotions, whether they be sadness or grief, or pain, or fear, can be accepted, appreciated, and given a voice through the energy of this beautiful Diamond Flame of Transcendence, and your Beloved I AM Presence.

The Diamond Light Codes of Creation, sweet ones, continue to bring about a re-balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies for all, as the Christed and karmic timelines merge into all Golden Ages of Light.

And now, sweet ones, in this sacred month of April and the Wesak Full Moon on April 22nd, you connect into the Diamond Light Grid, into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, as well as activate the Diamond Octahedron around your energy field as a fifth dimensional level. As you do so sweet ones, you connect with Lord Buddha, the Ascended Masters and Ray Masters, and traveling in Soul Consciousness to Shamballa through the Overlighting of the Mahatma, the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis, and the Order of Melchizedek, you activate a deeper level of your unique ESP gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, telepathy, intuition and empathy, to name a few. These unique gifts, take you deeper into your Knowing Heart, of your own unique abilities, as well as giving you a renewed sense of purpose, and a deeper understanding of Knowing and observation. As you look through your Master eyes at all of Life around you; not only being able to magnetize and co-create with the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High but in the knowing that you are these multidimensional Master Beings of Light experiencing numerous realities and timelines within the One Reality of All That Is. Additionally, sweet ones, you are now able to more easily integrate the higher dimensional Light frequencies, from the fifth to the ninth dimensions respectively, depending on where you are within the Light frequency matrix with your own multidimensional Light Bodies.

Good sweet ones. So what we are going to do in this transmission is to start with some clearing work through the chakras and the activation and actualization of the first seven Divine rays as you prepare for the Wesak Full Moon and the Diamond Light Body activation.


So, let us start by bringing a focus to the breath, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out. And if it feels right for you, you start to energetically move your body, whether this is the spine, or the lower abdominal area, or the pelvis area ~ starting to ground and center yourselves more deeply now within the energies of Mother Earth. Coming into a greater level of observation and awareness and Knowing of yourselves and your service work on this sacred Earth, in this Now. As you are surrounded now in this beautiful Diamond Flame of Transcendence, of Melchizedek Consciousness, of Self-Mastery, of Purity, and Innocence ~ taking you into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God; where you have a sense now of merging with your Beloved I AM Presence, the highest aspect of your Soul Light within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Overlighted by Mother/Father God, you call in now the Christed Extra-Terrestrials, and in particular the Pleiadians and the Sirians, the Andromedans and the Arcturians, all of the Light ~ the Brotherhood of the Light and Lord Melchizedek, Lord Michael and the Angels and their Divine Feminine counterparts and Legions of Light ~ the Mighty Elohim, Melchior the Galactic Logos, and Helios and Vesta the Solar Logii ~ Sanat Kumara the Bridge to Solar Christ Consciousness, Lord Buddha the Planetary Logos ~ and just feeling yourselves now embraced within the energy of all the Illumined Beings working with, and within Shamballa. Calling in the Ray Masters ~ Master El Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda, Lady Nada, Saint Germain, Lady Portia, Mother Mary, Allah Gobi, Kwan Yin and Pallas Athena. Calling in now all the Illumined Beings you personally acknowledge; and as you have a sense of being drawn deeper into the Light Body of Lord Buddha you connects now into the Unity Grid of Divine Love. Having a sense of connecting with your soul and star family and friends of the Light, with the core groups that are coming together on the inner and outer planes ~ your beloved Light worker family, star seeds, way showers, teachers and facilitators ~ all of you sweet ones, are the beacons of Light.

And as you hold this space energetically you have a sense of activating now your own diamond octahedron within your sacred space. Visualizing initially this beautiful diamond octahedron activating within the heart chakra, spinning it in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction. This diamond octahedron has eight faces of equilateral triangles which form two four sided pyramids. And as you hold this within the soul matrix you have a sense now of drawing upon these Diamond Light Codes of Creation, linking in to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, and from here into the Galactic Center.

And now sweet ones, as you draw upon the Diamond Light Codes you ground into the energy of Mother Earth, experiencing the Diamond Light Codes that have activated within and through Her Lightbody, and as you draw upon this energy, connecting and merging now into the Inner Earth Sun, the Sun within your hearts, the Sun, the Central Sun, and now Great Central Sun ~ aligning through all dimensions of Light as these multi-dimensional Light Beings.

This beautiful diamond octahedron expands around the body and energy field within a sphere of Light 7.2 feet in diameter around you. You have a sense of these diamond octahedrons activating now within and around the Unity Grid of Divine Love by all Lightworkers coming together and connecting now into this matrix of Diamond Light, of Diamond Consciousness, as this beautiful octahedron now activates within this sphere of Light 7.2 feet or 2.16 meters in diameter around you. Visualizing yourselves now within the middle of this diamond octahedron as you see or sense or simply know that this activation is taking place and that all six points of the octahedron are touching the inner sphere 7.2 feet in diameter around you. This shape sweet ones, activates into the new earth templates and blueprints of Light, and into the fifth dimensional geometries that at this stage exist through the octahedron in a beautiful sea-foam green and violet color, and you see this diamond color being superimposed over this, lifting you now into the higher dimensional templatings and the patterns of perfection, of Solar Christ Consciousness. Having a sense of the sub-atomic particles spinning in increased Light frequencies, having a sense of your magnificence and Light. Calling in now, sweet ones, whatever you are needing through the Diamond Light Body and the Diamond Unity Grid ~ whether this is a clearer sense of your service work, whether this is a deeper level of connection to soul and star family, into the healing of yourselves or others that are close to you, you utilize the energy of the creational forces amplified through the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, pouring forth onto this sacred Earth and into Shamballa ~ this Diamond Light Frequency ~ through Mother Earth’s sacred sites, and crystalline cities. Just allow this infusion of the Diamond Light Codes, sweet ones, to bring to you now exactly what you are needing.


Good, sweet ones. And now as you bring a focus back to the heart you activate the twelve petals of your Christed Heart ~

Healing Heart

Your Joyful and Happy Heart

Your Innocent and Open Heart

Your Peaceful Heart

Your Loving Heart


Your Powerful Heart

Your Knowing Heart

Your Passionate Heart

Your Overflowing and Prosperous Heart

Your Trusting Heart

Your Heart of Integrity and Truth

And now

Your Intimate Heart.

As you bring a focus back now to the Knowing Heart, this is amplified through the Order of Melchizedek and the Brotherhood of the Light.


Good. The Knowing Heart sweet ones, as we have said, takes you deeper into a greater level of balance within your lives as you experience a greater level of simply trusting and surrendering to the Divine. The observation, the Knowing, the insight amplifies for you in this Now, in this sacred month of April, bringing a greater level of renewed balance, of new beginnings. Trust in this, sweet ones. Trust in the power of yourselves through your Christed hearts, as you walk the Pathway of Divine Love.

And now as you start to experience the energy moving into the Wesak Full Moon you find yourselves traveling in Soul Consciousness into the Office of the Christed One within Shamballa, wrapped in these beautiful Diamond Flames and traveling in your Diamond octahedron.

As you enter into the Office of the Christed One, you are further taken into this beautiful octahedronal Shaped Temple of Light, welcomed and greeted by the Ascended Masters and Ray Masters, and the Overlighting of Lord Buddha, Sanat Kumara, and the Order of Melchizedek.


You are being offered initially now, sweet ones, a chakra clearing and alignment; being able to spin the chakras to the correct Fibonacci ratios, releasing all that needs to be released at this time as you move forward in a greater level of balance, as you release any level of imbalance within the seven body system and the seven primary chakras.

And now you bring a focus to the base chakra, as it spins to the Fibonacci ratio of 8/5 in this beautiful red flame of Light and as it does sweet ones it is infused now with this Diamond Light, releasing all that needs to be released, releasing all the aspects that are experiencing any sense of poverty consciousness, of surviving rather than living in Love.

And now sweet ones, bring a focus to the sacral chakra. As it spins now to the Fibonacci ratio of 13/8 in this beautiful orange flame of Light, it is infused with this Diamond Light allowing you let go of any false beliefs and judgments within the sacral chakra. At the same time sweet ones, the kundalini energy is activating, moving from chakra to chakra, assisting in the release of these old false beliefs and judgments that you no longer need to re-experience.


You bring a focus now to the solar plexus chakra as it spins to the Fibonacci ratio of 21/13 in this beautiful yellow Flame of Light, amplified now through the Diamond Light Codes of Creation, letting go of all that needs to be released, sweet ones, from within the solar plexus chakra.


What is emerging with this re-balancing is a greater level of the re-balancing of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy, feeling the gentle love of the Divine Masculine equally with the nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine.

And now sweet ones as you bring a focus to the heart chakra, as it spins to the Fibonacci ratio of 34/21 in this beautiful emerald green Flame of Light it is infused now with the Diamond Light Codes of Creation, taking you deep into the soul matrix and in particular connecting you now to soul and star family ~ the soul and star brothers and sisters, soul mates, and twin flame energy, in this joyous re-union of hearts.  Coming deeper and deeper into the magnificence and Light of who you are and have forever been, sweet ones, amplifying through the Christed Heart, the Knowing Heart. The knowing of yourselves as Initiates of Light, the knowing of your challenges as Initiations of Light.


And now as you bring a focus to the throat chakra, as it amplifies in this beautiful blue Flame of Light, and now this Diamond Flame of Light, and spins to the Fibonacci ratio of 55/34, you let go of your fears, finding a new way of expressing your truth; a new way of communication, sweet ones, in the soul note unique to your vibration and frequency.


And now you bring a focus to the third eye as it spins to the Fibonacci ratio of 89/55 in this beautiful indigo Flame of Light, and now through this Diamond Flame of Light. You come into a deeper sense of knowing, sweet ones, of insight and understanding, you come into the Higher Mind Teachings of Light.


And now as the veils of illusion lift and you see clearly through the Christed timelines you bring a focus to the crown chakra as it spins to the Fibonacci ratio of 144/89, infused now with this beautiful Diamond Light and Diamond Key Codes, you let go sweet ones of any level of perceived separation, knowing that you are One with Mother/Father God, that you are One with your soul and star brothers and sisters, you are One with all life, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love.


And now sweet ones you experience a column of this beautiful Diamond Light being infused, anchored and activated through, within and down the spine, activating now the 33 Cosmic Christ Holographic Discs of the New Earth Templates and Patterns of Perfection.


Merging now with your Beloved I Am Presence, you experience yourselves activating your own Diamond Octahedron around your energy field and around your heart chakra. You are now experiencing what you need to sweet ones, in the Office of the Christed One, surrounded by the Ray Masters and the Order of Melchizedek. Just allow the energy of these beautiful Diamond Light Codes of Creation to connect into the deepest levels of your Beingness as you assist in wrapping Mother Earth and all her life in this beautiful Diamond Flame of Light.


And now sweet ones you are surrounded by the primary seven Ray Masters from Shamballa; and now as you integrate the qualities of these first seven rays in particular at a deeper level, you are taken through another seven Initiations of Light. Within this octahedronal temple of Light you are led into a central circle as Chohan El Morya comes forward bringing through this First Ray of Will and Power in this beautiful Red Flame of Light, activating this now through the Crown Chakra as you focus on the key word of Empowerment, of aligning your will to the Divine Will of Mother Father God.


Now Master Kuthumi comes forward surrounding you in this beautiful Pink & Blue Flame of Light through this Second Ray of Love and Wisdom bringing this beautiful flame through the Heart Chakra as you focus simply on being Divine Love and feeling this Love within your heart and your connection to all life in Divine Love.


Master Serapis Bey comes forward now bringing through the Ray of Divine Intelligence in this beautiful Golden Yellow Flame of Light as you focus on this Wisdom through Knowledge, sweet ones, this flame activates through the throat chakra.


And now Chohan Paul the Venetian comes forward and surrounds you in this beautiful Emerald Green Flame, in this beautiful Emerald Green Flame of the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. The key word here is creativity, the expression of your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits of Light and full creative expressions of yourselves sweet ones as this Emerald Green Flame activates through the base chakra.


And now Master Hilarion brings in this Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge in this beautiful Orange color through the Third Eye and as this Flame of Light activates the Third Eye you experience a deeper sense of the equilibrium through the balance of polarities. A deeper sense sweet ones, of your own balance as you step deeper into a renewed sense of self and this recalibration further takes place between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, between the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands.


And now sweet ones you experience the Sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism as Master Sananda, Jesus the Christ, comes forward bringing in this beautiful Indigo Flame through the Solar Plexus chakra and you are taken deeper into Devotion through trust.


Wonderful sweet ones. And now St Germain and Lady Portia come forward bringing in the beautiful Violet Flame through the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic. This sacred Violet Flame is further activated through the Sacral Chakra and brings a focus to abundance through Ceremonial Magic, to the breaking down of old structures to make way for new.


And now sweet ones you are surrounded once more in this beautiful Diamond Flame as all these ray frequencies activate upon this sacred Earth.

You now experience merging with your multidimensional selves along the Christed Timelines of your Highest Potential. Of the timelines of ancient Egypt and Atlantis, of the Lemurian, the Mayan and Aztec cultures. As you do, you bring into this Now a deeper sense of your own unique ESP gifts through your Knowing Heart as you activate and amplify your own unique ESP gifts.



And now, as the dormant DNA is activated to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow, you come into a deeper level of knowing of yourselves as the teachers, and healers, way showers and leaders in many Golden Ages of Light following the Law of One. And you know too that you are volunteer Souls, choosing to down step your vibration on the lower dimensions and assist others in this Golden Age of Light.  And lastly, sweet ones, you connect more deeply now with your Soul and Star family and friends, who can assist you as you can them, walking the Pathway of Divine Love.


Wonderful sweet ones.

The templating for the extra-sensory perception gifts starts to activate, as you experience yourselves traveling in soul consciousness into the various Ascension Seats within Shamballa drawn to those rays, qualities and colors that activate a deeper level of your unique gifts sweet ones. And in our monthly telewebinar we take you deeper into these beautiful ESP gifts.

For now simply come into the knowing that you are greatly Loved and appreciated and celebrated as you come together as One Unified Cosmic Heart on both the inner and outer planes. And as you thank all these illumined Beings of Light from On High now, you find yourselves back in your sacred space. Grounding once more into the crystal heart of Mother Earth while keeping this connection open to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, to the Ray Masters and the Ascended Masters, and the Order of Melchizedek.

And we thank you for your service work, sweet ones, as you experience the deepest levels of activation of the Diamond Light Codes of Creation that you can at this time. In the embrace of the inner child. In the embrace of the ego self. In the knowing of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

We bless you, and with this, we bid you a most magical day.


Transcribed by Eadie Miller


THE LIFE OF A SAGE IN THE EAST (2) Hazrat Inayat Khan @ Wahiduddin

Sufi Mystic artist unknown art

Art : Sufi Mystic – unknown artist


Volume XII – The Divinity of the Human Soul

Part I: The Vision of God and Man and other Lectures



HOWEVER good and beautiful life in the world is, how true it is that it leaves so small a margin in which to give oneself the thought of God and truth! The daily duties take up every moment of one’s time, and even if there is anything left over there is no end to the worries; and then there is disease and pain and suffering and all manner of other troubles.

A good man must have more patience, as he has to give in to people more and more; but although he will have his troubles, a wicked man will have twice as many, for he has not only the trouble which comes to a good person but also the troubles brought about by his own wickedness. The load is double.

Seclusion, silence, thoughtfulness, meditation, gentleness, all these make the rhythm of one’s life appropriate for receiving inspiration, revelation, and communion, at-one-ment with God. Perhaps you have noticed how things vary on different days. On some days you are very busy, enthusiastic about your work, and on such days you will not feel spiritually or religiously inclined because everything you do demands energy; while on other days you feel quite different, more religious, more desirous of seeking after truth. The troubles and worries of the world do not bother you so much, and the divine things and higher aspirations come more naturally. How is this? It is just rhythm, your mind, body, and whole being go through a certain rhythm, called Sabtal in Sufi terms. This is a rhythm whereby your mind, body, and soul come to feel an exaltation, an inclination towards higher things. It is just like the rising of a wave. A heart frozen through cold, through selfishness, has become liquid through some emotion, affection, love, or distress, sorrow, or despair. It becomes like an ocean when the waves form. The waves make a rhythm, a rhythm which soothes the mind, and which gives you joy and peace and a feeling of being inclined towards a higher truth. This is the life of the Sanyasi, the life adapted to higher aspirations and thought, to communication with the higher life.

At other times the work of the Sanyasi is quiet. He is silent, yet sometimes he does speak to help those who come to him wishing to be guided through there wordily struggles. Then he becomes their guru. Most gurus belong to the rank of the Sanyasi, those who have adopted a life of retirement and who, while living this life, give teaching to pupils.

Buddhist sages:

Then there are the Buddhist sages. Their life is different again. The Buddhist sage can begin his kind of life from the very first. He can become a sage at any age. He becomes a chela, and his living comes to him wherever he goes. The house of any Buddhist is open to a sage; no one closes his door to him, so he never worries about his food, for he will get it wherever he goes.

The same respect is paid to the Buddhist sage as to the Hindu sage, for he has renounced the world just like the vairagi or the sant. His life is devoted to teaching people good morals and to making their lives happy. Buddhists hold great celebrations all through the country to commemorate their sages. They never consider them as dead; they are so sure they have gone on to a new and better life. And this is most certainly true.

Sufi sages:

Lastly we come to speak of the Sufi sages. Here also we find two kinds, the Rind and the Salik. Those who are called faqirs all belong to the Rind. Their life consists in learning to disregard all worldly things. A person fears most being without such things, and this makes him a hypocrite all his life, for he fears missing the things of the world, so this is the first thing to learn to disregard. This is why wine is mentioned so often in the poetry of Rumi, Sadi Jami, Hafiz, and Omar Khayyam. The country where they lived and died was Muslim, and wine was despised and abhorred, so they chose this word as well as other words abhorrent to the religion, and used them in their poetry to express the philosophy of human nature, while incurring the displeasure of the people in general. They hid the action of God and man within these words: wine, jar, glass, rose, etc.

Among these Rind are to be found the so-called dancing dervishes. The idea is that dancing implies motion, and motion means life; dancing expresses the joy of life. And what is joy? Joy is the sign of a good soul, of a good heart. You always notice that when a convivial person, a good soul, a good-hearted man, comes into your life he brings delight to all. Whenever he speaks it is in good humor, and he brings pleasantness and joy. Being joyous himself he makes others cheerful. It is not hypocrisy; he is alive; he is joyous.

Take another person who comes weeping; he will make you want to weep too. Wherever he goes he brings gloom; he is taking misery along with him, and so he makes everyone else miserable. Now what does this mean? It just means that in the depth of his heart there is some decay. He is not enjoying life fully. The sign of life is having goodness, beauty, strength in your disposition, which means that you have some joy and are conscious of beauty, goodness, and joy. Having joy in your nature and disposition, you bring it to everybody you meet. Well, that is the state of the dervish. He says to himself, ‘If I may not dance, what shall I do?’ Possessing the joy of the presence of his Beloved, he feels the Sublimity of nature; he is conscious of all the motion going on throughout nature. It intoxicates him like wine.

Besides, there is a certain ritual among some dervishes, and they trace its origin to the time of   Jalaluddin Rumi, the great Persian poet. It is related how on one occasion Rumi, absorbed in the thought of all life as being one beauty, in the thought of the motion and rhythm of life, began to revolve; and while he circled round and round in front of his pupils, the skirt of his garment as it whirled produced such a beautiful effect that they stored it in their memory for ever after. So the dance celebrates this memory.

The teaching of Jesus Christ will be found among the dervishes; indeed, not only his teaching but his life too. If you wished to see a living example of Christ’s life you could see it among the dervishes, for among them you will find some who have taken a vow of poverty and chastity, as in earliest times. There is no compulsion of any kind about it; they do not have to follow this life; it depends on whether they wish to follow the same kind of life that Christ lived. Wherever you traveled in India or Persia, you will see this whenever you meet a true dervish.

The other form of the Sufi path is that of the Salik. The Salik is a person who believes that he can be a sage and at the same time follow his worldly occupation. His work is making his life amidst the responsibilities of everyday affairs, and at the same time he does this for a higher purpose; his mind is fixed on higher aspirations even while in the world. Every act in all the affairs of life is directed towards higher aspirations, and finally every thought in everything that he is doing is directed towards this higher aspiration. So you find that the Salik is a worldly man, with the responsibility of a home or profession or business or trade, and yet when he has attained to that height he can be made a murshid; he can be a teacher. It is not necessary to renounce the world and become a monk; he can be a murshid even though he is still working in the world.

It is not that a murshid gives his knowledge to someone else. It is not possible to give one’s knowledge that way, so the murshid does not profess to be able to do this or that. His work is to help another person to find out for himself, to discover for himself what is true and what is not. There are no doctrines to impart, there are no principles to lay down, and there are no tenets according to which his pupils must order their lives. He is just a guide along the path. He is the one who kindles the light that is already in the pupil. He does not stand before the pupil as a priest; he is as a brother, a colleague, a friend. As he is just a human being he is limited, exactly as the pupil is; he is liable to make mistakes and to have failures as anyone. He enjoys no special authority, nor is he one who stands apart in holiness. He will say, ‘ I am not more holy than any other person; if he is not holy, no more am I.’ No, the murshid is the friend of the mureed; he is a friend on a path, which the mureed has not yet trodden. So he can advise him if the mureed desires to be guided, and he can be his friend if the mureed desires him to be a friend. He can solve the mureed’s problems; he can show him how to understand what kind of life is best for him; he can show him what truth is and how to attain to it.

The sage in the East is regarded everywhere with respect, whether he be a murshid, a sadhu, a sanyasi, or a sant. The name does not signify. One will hear that Hindu and Buddhist and Sufi sages are all different from one another. Well, that is true; they can be different just as in Western countries there are differences in the churches. For all that, there is really no difference between the sadhu, the sanyasi, and the sant. Both Hindu and Muslim will bow before the sage, whether he be Buddhist, Vedantist, or Sufi. No one makes any distinction. Every sage is just a person on the path of truth, and so people respect him, though the feeling which one receives from a sage may be a little different in each case. But they all bring with them a light and an inspiration, which are quite remarkable, as I know from my own experience.

When one is in the presence of a vairagi everything seems faded and pale, as if nothing in life had any value; it seems as if one had risen above all weakness and above all earthly goods. One receives a feeling of kingliness, as if one were above everything; it seems as if all else was just a hindrance. That is the feeling one gets.

In the presence of a sanyasi the feeling is different again. One has a sense of inspiration, of revolution. All the problems of life seem to be settled at once in his mere presence. It is like a light illuminating one, so that one begins to feel things and look upon them differently. The feeling one gets in the presence of a Buddhist sage is a moral experience. One gets a feeling of self-sacrifice, of gentleness, goodness, and sympathy for every living creature.

When one is in the presence of a dervish of the Sufis one gets a feeling of ecstasy, which Omar Khayyam calls wine. It is an atmosphere charged with magnetism; there is a sense of intoxication, a spiritual intoxication which could never be compared with any effects of wine of the worldly kind.

Lastly, when one is in the presence of a Salik one feels as if one’s eyes had been opened so as to perceive all the beauty there is in the world, the beauty of inner planes, the beauty of outer planes, the beauty of the whole manifestation of life. It is as if the curtain had risen upon a stage as soon as one had arrived and one found the stage full of every imaginable beauty. Some wonderful beauty had hitherto been hidden, and now it is all opened out before one.

For those who expect wonder-working from a sage, who expect him to prove that he is a sage, I say that it is the very presence of a real sage which brings such great joy and deep peace. One need never seek a greater wonder than this evidence in order to know that one is in the presence of a true sage.


Sufi Mystic artist unknown art

Art : Sufi Mystic – unknown artist

THE LIFE OF THE SAGE IN THE EAST – Hazrat Inayat Khan @ Wahiduddin

SUFI by S.a. Noory - Watercolour

ART : Sufi – by S.a. Noory – Watercolour

Volume XII – The Divinity of the Human Soul

Part I: The Vision of God and Man and other Lectures



WHEN I reflect on the English word ‘sage’ it seems to me that it must come from two different roots, of which one is to be found in Sanskrit, namely ‘swaga’, and the other in Persian, ‘safa’ or ‘saga’. The first root means ‘heaven’, which suggests that the one who tries to become a sage is trying to attain heaven or to become it himself. The other root suggests that a sage is a person who wishes to construct something, one who is constructive. But, of course, there is no such word as ‘sage’ in any eastern language, though they possess a similar word, ‘sant’, which has the same meaning as ‘saint’. Then there is the word ‘sadhana’, which means ‘mastery’; and a Sadhu is one who masters life.

Now there are two different temperaments. There is the one which is always inclined to be contented with things, to accept everything as it comes, willing to live a retired life, resigned to everything that may happen. Indeed we see this temperament more or less in everyone. The other temperament is the one which wishes to master things, which has a desire to master every situation, to master another person, to master an undertaking, to act with will power and courage.

No doubt there is good and evil in both temperaments. The person who is always retired and resigned and contented with everything is not necessarily all good, without any evil in him, nor is the one who controls others and masters circumstances always an ideal person. It is just that there are these two temperaments, and everyone has more or less of the one or of the other.

The Sadhu and the Sant represent these two temperaments. The Sadhu controls and masters things; the Sant is resigned and contented in all situations and under all circumstances in life. He chooses a life of retirement and resignation. If you were to ask me which of the two is superior, I would say that there is neither superior nor inferior. If you work according to your temperament, that is the natural work for you, whereas if you work against your temperament it is like knocking yourself against a rock, and there is no hope of progress. But if you do what you are fitted for, and act accordingly to your temperament, then there will always be progress. The temperament is not a virtue to be displayed; neither is it something to be overcome so that one acts against one’s own nature. The sage recognizes these two temperaments and uses them accordingly, giving them more rein and rendering them more evident to the eye of the seer. He studies how they operate in people’s lives, and no doubt it is very interesting to study the lives of the sages in the East from this point of view; but to a stranger in these countries it is mystifying how their different behaviors can belong to sagehood or saintliness, because in the West people have the idea a sage must be kind, retiring and renouncing, or perhaps even a wonder-worker. So when such qualities are not in evidence it might seem that there is something wrong with the sages! To gain deep understanding of what the saintly life means, and to form a reasonable opinion about the sages in the East, much patience and tolerance are required. People are apt to be disappointed when they judge from appearances.

Hindu sages:

We will first take the sages among the Hindus. This race is naturally sage-like, and a Hindu sage may be a Brahmin, a Kshatriya, a Vaishya, or even a Shudra. There are sages among all castes in India. The idea has been worked out in that country for thousands of years; it is in the people’s blood, and this tendency can be seen even in a child. In my own childhood I derived great pleasure from being in the presence of a sage. At an age when others liked to play ball or play with kites and pigeons I yearned for solitude. It is as if such a desire has been carried on for thousands of years; not only have the sages made their impression on the race, but the race has also been impressed by sagehood itself. The people have the greatest respect for a sage; the greatest admiration, whether they are in business or in a profession, or students, or whatever walk of life they follow. Their greatest joy is to be at the feet of a sage; it is as if one were at the feet of the Deity. So the greatest thing in the world, the highest ideal of life, is some day to be able to become a sage. Not only does the Brahmin feel thus, but also the laborer, the Shudra, has the desire to be released from his toil and obtain a glimpse of that beauty which is hidden in the sage.

There are two kinds of Hindu sages: the Vairagi and the Sant. The one is ascetic, the other is saintly. The life of the Vairagi is very surprising, very extraordinary, and it is a great puzzle to those who meet him. One might be quite afraid of a man who was lying down with ashes rubbed all over his face and body, or perhaps sitting almost in a fire. His very appearance is so strange. He may be living in a graveyard outside the city, and going into the city only to obtain food for himself and his friends who are Vairgis like himself. At other times he goes off into the wilderness and lives there. He spends most of his time in meditation and in striving after mastery of the self.

The path which the Hindus follow is one of the four Yogas, and it is through Hatha Yoga, the path of abstinence, that the Vairagi endeavors to develop his spiritual life. In following this path, practices may be carried out which seem hideous, or at least very strange, to those who do not understand the underlying philosophy or ideal. Whatever he does, the object is to reach the spirit by killing everything that hides the spirit from his sight. One might say that he considers himself to be his own enemy, so he crushes everything that is not spirit, everything that interferes with his spiritual progress. He seeks to kill all that is mortal within himself, realizing that in this way he can attain to a higher and more powerful life.

No words can ever describe the experience he gains. No one else but he himself can possibly understand his experience; it is like a child who has never eaten sugar what the word ‘sweet’ means. Only they can understand the idea of sweet who have experienced sweetness. So a Vairagi is very powerful; to perform a miracle all he has to do is flick his hand. His whole life seems to stand before him as his obedient servant; all who see a Vairagi know that he is the master of life.

Once one is master of self one is master of life. The self is that which makes our life limited, so when we master it we master life, and we become its master in proportion to the degree in which we have attained self-mastery. Such a person is master even of plants and trees, or any living being; he has mastered everything. We cannot easily appreciate this, for it is quite unintelligible until one has oneself developed that mastery in one’s own life. Then it is possible to see how life seems to become obedient in all manner of relationships.

Do we not see, even in our own limited experience, how things go wrong when we have become weak in will or mind in one affair or another? It is not possible to master the conditions of life until we have learned to control ourselves. Once we have mastery over our self everything will go right. It is just the same as when a rider has no strength in his fingers, so that he cannot hold the horse’s reins. His fingers must obey his mind before the horse will obey. This is true of all circumstances in life, and of all the various conditions around us, our relations, our friends. We may complain that no one listens, that our servant does not do what we wish him to do, that our assistants do not carry out our orders. We may blame them when all the time it is ourselves who are to blame because we have not mastered ourselves first. After we have done this they will obey.

The Vairagi learns his lesson mainly through abstinence. Why is this? Because things go wrong through our own weakness; we do not do what we wish to do; we consider ourselves so small that we cannot achieve our own wishes.

There are many wonder-workers among the sages of the Vairagi category. But do not think that they will mount a platform and perform! Anyone who walks on to a stage to show off miracles is false, not real. The real Vairagi aims at his own mastery and is not concerned with doing tricks for the world to see, so no one sees them. The Vairagi’s whole life is a wonder, and yet the world is unaware of it. Not only is he a wonder in himself, but the whole world is a wonder to him, so great is his vision, his power, his inspiration. But his life is a very hard one; it is a great renunciation.

The other kind of sage is the Sant. He also grows through four stages, of which the first is Brahmacharya-shrama or the stage of study. He uses the intellect and he learns about life through both study and practice. This is an intellectual attainment of knowledge. From this he passes on to Grihastha-shrama, the attainment of knowledge through practical experience of the responsibilities of life – responsibility for wife, husband, children, home; the experience of living with neighbors, with enemies; doing one’s duty by them in every way. All this is necessary before he can become a sage.

Next there is Vanaprastha-shrama, in which the aspirant goes beyond serving just his family. His consciousness comes to realize that all he has done for his family so far has been done for himself, for his wife and children. Now he must live for others, for the people of the town, of the country, of the race; he must even do what he can for the whole world. This is the service of humanity, the path of duty.

Finally he arrives at Sanyasa-shrama, which is a life of retirement and solitude. This is the life of retreat. The man who has lived a life of honesty, virtue, goodness, and service is recognized as having done so by his wife and children, and they appreciate that now he should be allowed to follow the life of his own choice. They realize it is time for him to go into retreat. He must go into Sanyasa-shrama; but he does not do this unless his family consents.

Before describing this life I must explain why it is necessary. Why should not one always be in the world? Why the need for retirement at the latter part of life? This retirement is only too necessary. In the first place the man has given up all his life, all his time, all his energy, to the study of worldly things; secondly he has done all this in the interest of his family or perhaps for many people around him. It is right that he should some day have a rest. We ourselves feel justified in resting when Saturday comes, so why should he not have his Sunday after working all his life – a life that has been nothing but continual conflict every moment, proving him to be wise and kind and gentle, true, honest, and virtuous through it all? His patience and virtue have been tested through all the temptations to which he was exposed, through all of life’s difficulties, dangers, humiliations, and responsibilities that had to be faced. This man is surely justified, on reaching the fourth stage of life, in having a little peace, with no more worries or responsibilities of business or profession or even of his family. The world should leave him alone to think and meditate and let his muscles, bones, body, and mind be at rest. All this is natural. So you cannot imagine anyone in the East, and especially in India, not longing from the time he was born for the day when he can become a sage. Whatever may have been his occupation, profession, business, trade or family, he will have been longing for that moment when he could become a Vairagi at last, when he could cast off the load of responsibility that he had carried on his back all those years. He has longed for the time when he can give himself over to thinking about the truth, having now peace and rest and opportunity to communicate with the eternal Being. He has all the time been hoping for his desire to be granted when he may have a rest, with enough time to think of God and live that life wherein one becomes capable of being one with God.


SUFI by S.a. Noory - Watercolour

ART : Sufi – by S.a. Noory – Watercolour

Out of the Wave – Stepping out of Reaction – Steve Rother @ Lightworker

angel   Red Angel by Mariska

ART : Red Angel – by Mariska


Out of the Wave
– Stepping out of Reaction –

by Steve Rother

Beacons of Light—April 2016

Greetings, Dear Ones,

I am the Keeper of Time and I have joined you on your timeline to share a little bit about what is coming, where you are and the beauty that we see from this side of the veil. You are in a very unusual situation; you are evolving faster than you ever thought possible. Oh yes, we understand. You watch your news and think that everything is taking steps backwards rather than forward. But it is actually the rapid movement of humanity that is causing the backlash and that is all it truly is — backlash. If you look at the last several years of your own personal life, you will see that you have evolved past things. In truth, many areas are starting to change. . This is outstanding, because now you are starting to see things from a totally different perspective. The forward movement, which has been so rapid over only a few years, has also caused a backlash and a simple balancing of the wave patterns. It is very common for humans to collectively take three steps forward and two steps back. We are telling you that it now looks like five steps forward and one step back, so please do not get discouraged about what you see in front of you. There are actually some things that you can do to anchor a new light and help the collective vibration of humanity to help form a new level of consciousness. It will be a lever higher than ever before, which will also prepare for the further evolution of humanity. You are now carrying as much as one-third more light than you were before December 12, 2012.


Love vs. Fear
This means that even the cells in your body have had to do a major adjustment to hold that light even momentarily. So you can understand why sometimes your physical body feels as if it is being taxed and drained, for it is moving at the speed of love. Dear ones, there are some beautiful things taking place. First, a new grid has formed and we are very proud of that even though it is less than a couple of hundred people. It has spread quite well in specific parts of the globe, and if nothing more it will help to balance some of these waves and return humanity to a more normal evolutionary period that is not as challenging. In the meantime, there are different sides that have taken on this area. One side hopes to move forward with love, while the other side is moving forward with fear. We are not even going to tell you that one of those is right and other is wrong, for that is up to each individual and humanity to decide.  However, we can tell you those are very clearly opposites. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. When you understand that, you can take your side. Now please understand, dear ones, it is not a battle. You have often fought against the darkness. Oh yes, we must fight against the darkness; battle between light and dark. Re-member, if you battle darkness with light, all you end up with is a bunch of gray. Dear ones, it is never a battle over darkness; that is not to be feared. When you fear anything you must go to battle, so take a look at the base fear that even causes you to think that or to relate to it when someone else says it. Now, it is much more about integrating than about turning off and trying to take sides. That is a huge evolution of humanity that you have not quite learned to discern yet, and that is what we would like to share with you today.
30 Days of Forgiveness
You are all one. It is very hard to say that at a time when you are going through these very public elections with everybody pointing fingers at everyone else, trying to point out the difficulties and challenges of each other rather than talking about what they would do if they were elected. Very challenging indeed. It is also being experienced on a more personal basis for many people, because some of you feel lost. You may feel like your energy and work is not having the profound effect that you have wanted it to. That is how we can help you today, for there is a very simple technique that works very well even in this energy. We also tell you that in the next 30 days, you will have a window of opportunity to use this and even have the forces of the universe behind you. It is called forgiveness, and it is not easy. What would it take for you to forgive those who put the bomb in Belgium recently?  What would it take for you to be in the shoes of one of those bombers? What would it take for you to suddenly find yourself in that position, suddenly doing something even if deep inside you felt it was wrong? That is what it will take to solve everything.
The Game of Light and Dark
These are the times, dear ones, where you have stepped onto a field of harmony. There is probably more harmony on planet Earth right now than there has been in some time. How can you harmonize with those who would do you ill will at every opportunity they can? That is what changes everything. When the light chases the dark or when the dark seems to chase the light, who really wins? Oh dear ones, there is never an argument. Any time light shines upon darkness, it takes over and that is why we are telling you they are not actually opposites. It is only the duality that humanity has been living in for so long that makes you carry those ideas and belief systems forward in your world. Re-member, dear ones, they do not belong here. Those types of reactions are also what provide extremist groups the opportunity to strike fear in the hearts of everyone. What they do not know, of course, is that no one can ever be controlled by fear for very long. Oh yes, it can have a very profound effect on anyone at any moment in time, but only over a very short period of time because you have a self-balancing system. That is why you are carrying so much light, and if it were to balance you were able to get out of the wave. You will have a grand life and all of humanity will start building together instead of fighting each other, the way you have been doing over so many years now.
What does that look like? It starts with compassion, which can sometimes be very difficult. Only when you learn about a person can understand what they are feeling, their belief systems and what is guiding or motivating them. Take a look. Do a little investigation and figure out what it is going to take for you to release your own anger. Should you want to get something back or right a wrong? Absolutely not. Now you return to the light chasing the dark again, stepping out of your evolution back into a field of duality. And yet, you have stepped into a field of Triality. Where the shadows can go away, the darkness cannot hold in the light; it never could. Is there ever a case where darkness overcomes light? No, dear ones, not even in your physics does that happen. All we are asking you to do is to carry a little more light, not only from your reactions with other things but also with the forgiveness.
Humanity Evolves As One

Now, what if you say, “Okay, we have forgiven all those people. We sent them love for their misdirection, at least from our perceptions. We sent them love as part of humanity, for they are also part of the human evolution.” As we have told you many times, dear ones, humanity is a bandwidth of vibration. Although you may consider this to be the highest vibration and that to be the lowest vibration, in truth they are all equal in some ways. Humanity has always moved in the entire bandwidth, not just in the higher vibrational levels.  But it will not work that way anymore.  Before it had to move together, so all of humanity has been limited in evolution by the lowest vibrational person. How quickly can they move? You are all interested in working with the lowest vibrational person, to see whatever you can do to bring them up and to help them evolve as well. What you can do though is to forgive them, because that works. It is the next step of humanity, which takes you out of the wave entirely. That gives you the opportunity to set something into motion for yourself, rather than to appease your anger. This happens on many levels, not only on an individual one but also on a collective level of a country. In fact, many of you have been controlled by that without even knowing it.

What happens when your country is attacked? One of the first things that people want to know is who is responsible. Then they want to find out why they did it and how can they get revenge or pay it back. That is duality, the old energy. As Einstein once said that it is not possible to solve a problem on the same level that it was created, so the solution is step above it. Step out of the frustration and anger, to start setting a higher goal of carrying more light. How would you love your enemies? Oh, what a mess that would be. But that is exactly what it is, because when you left Home those people might have been right next to you. You might have actually been holding hands with them as you came into planet Earth. Spirits do that often, so what would it take to find that? If you can reach a critical mass on planet Earth where enough people can do this, it will disintegrate all the energy that has been built upon. Suddenly their organization, if you can call it that, falls completely apart. It is not that it is negative and needs to be buried, simply they are human beings. Those souls and spirits are recovered and can actually be used for very positive purpose rather than just settling a wave.


A Critical Mass of 100,026
This is a perfect opportunity to step completely out of a wave to reach the higher position, so that you will be able to carry even more light than you thought you were carrying. You are carrying some beautiful things. Even the cells and microbes in your body are literally changing as we speak, to allow for all humans to carry more light. Now when you put the light in that way and it starts to build with people, sometimes there is a reaction. That is what you are now experiencing on a very large scale. You can change that by not reacting yourself, but it is very difficult to do. There are many wars that have started on planet Earth in a reaction. Do not let that happen again, because you have enough wars already. If you wish to play the game of going to war, you have enough already. Step out of it, then step back. When you reach that critical mass with just enough people, 100,026 to be precise then you can start forgiving and everything opens and changes. You reach a level of stability of growth in which you can literally find your way again, and step into a whole new reality together in harmony.
Giving the Gift of the Future by Forgiving

Now you have a new vision; now you have a new way of looking at things. Re-member that nothing is right or wrong, dear ones. You have come to planet Earth to be here at this exact moment so that you can be part of what is taking place. You made it, and you are here already making a difference. You are profound carriers of the light; you are the workers of the light. That is why we call you Lightworkers. You see how that works? How beautiful.Does this mean that all of the religions on your planet are ever going to agree on something? No, probably not. They do not evolve much, in case you have not already noticed. Their purpose was to find guidelines that you could follow and understand, while you were pretending to be separate from each other. But you truly were not, for you carry that light from Home and every step that you take is in density. Dear ones, can you give yourself the gift of the future by forgiving? Forgiveness clears your own path of least resistance, because it allows the opportunities to step forward without becoming attached or playing the game of light and dark. Start by saving your light within yourself. Let it out and speak your truth at every opportunity. Oh, we know, some of you have great difficulty speaking your truth because you do not feel like you should be carrying that truth at times. Sometimes you wonder, “Others know more than I do, so why should I speak at all? Why do I not just listen and gather?”  Because, dear ones, you were given part of the puzzle that you agreed to carry when you left Home and came here. All those that you promised it to are waiting for you and cheering you on to take that next step. They have been helping you along the way as well. Now is the opportunity to step in and create a new reality—something entirely yours that can take you into the next millennia. Are you ready? You have done such an incredible job already of holding the light. We know that many of you do not feel that, because you judge yourselves. We see that and understand. However,  we see it and tell you about it at times because it starts a very negative cycle. You are creator beings, so every thought that you hold between your head and your heart is manifesting in front of you. The more of your heart energy that you can put into it, the faster it manifests. So, what are the most important things that have been manifesting on planet Earth? Fear. Yes, that too is a heart energy. If the opposite of love which you hold in your heart is fear, so you can see how fear also comes from the heart.


A Reunion of Light

Take a breath, dear ones, and with that breath we give you confidence. Anchor it in your being. Anchor it within the very cells and microbes of your body, for they are all part of you often pretending to be separate from the whole. It is time for a re=union of all the light and you can make a big difference as long as you do not carry that resentment.

Now, what about other forgiveness’s? Almost every human being on Earth has some anger or frustration that they have carried for many years. It is very challenging; you are the one that is affected with all of it. During this next 30 days find people, even those from your own past that you can also forgive. Let go and correct the energy with you, for there is magic ahead, dear ones. You are grander beings than you ever understood. Home is starting to awaken from the dream. You are here, touching each other, awakening each other, sharing the light, and holding it. Dare to speak your truth. If you feel you do not deserve to do that, understand that there is a way for you to speak your truth and still make room for other truths. The grand puzzle from Home that is all starting to come together.

It is a beautiful time on Earth. We know you see difficulties and understand that many of you are in personal struggles yourself, simply trying to survive. Know that this is temporary for all of you, and believe that you have the tools necessary to change everything in front of you. It starts with righting yourself and releasing the darkness to the light. Trust that you can very easily take care of every part of it.

You are magicians, every one of you. You are the grand beings from Home who pretend to be separate to  come down here and play this beautiful game. Well done! Now, consider this next 30 days as an opportunity. See how many things you can let go of and how much lighter you can become, as you forgive and give yourself the gift of the future. Welcome Home, dear ones.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect no matter who they are. Nurture one another and play well together.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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angel   Red Angel by Mariska

ART : Red Angel – by Mariska