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art The Sage by Nichbolas Roerich

ART : The Sage – Nicholas Roerich


Ascension Symptoms: Mountains are Not Mountains

On April 13, 2016, in a personal reading, Archangel Michael surprised Linda and I by telling us that both of us now could, if we wished, enter the Fifth Dimension.

Archangel Michael: I will talk to the channel [Linda Dillon] as well so I’m asking her to come back. …

You both are communicators and announcers of this new realm, which is why we are discussing it. A new realm … that would completely eradicate a sense of waiting or ennui. Yes. Yes, you are at the doorstep. Your hand is on the door handle so we are inviting both of you to step through.

And so when you go to sleep at night, both of you are declaring, “I will awaken to a new realm of existence.” And allow it to emerge, as if it is emerging like Atlantis from the waves. (1)

So far, both of us have been under orders not to enter. I could be in states of love and bliss associated with the higher dimensions, but I still needed to be “here.” (2)

And that was to assure, for my part, that I stay within the readers’ focus.

What has changed I cannot say, but the way is now clear.

And so, here I am having strange symptoms – which I always attribute to our ascending – and not recording them.  Let me catch up.

Several years ago now, I lost my memory. For a year, I tried in every way to get it back. But then I learned that it was a purposeful thing: To loosen my attachment to Third Dimensionality.

At that time, I could still remember things from a while back and long ago. And I could recall present-day things if I really worked at it. So I had a little short-term memory and a fairly-good long-term memory.

Back then I was more or less alone in having memory loss, but today I hear the complaint commonly.

Since the reading, I have periods of time when I have no memory at all, no recall, no ability to bring something back. My mind becomes a total blank, as solid in blankness as a brick wall is in substance. No amount of trying to recall is successful. (I have one friend who has the same experience.)

And that isn’t all. As late as a month ago, I did my income tax and had no trouble with it. But now, I have absolutely no head for numbers. I draw a complete blank. I almost feel sick if I’m forced to think mathematically.

I think this is a temporary thing. I’m sure I’ll be OK for post-Reval business. I joked with Archangel Michael about it and he said that, after the Reval, I could hire someone to be my memory. So it didn’t bother him. But, for now, it’s very inconvenient.

The matter came up because I now need to talk to the income-tax people. They’ve cancelled an agreement that has been in place for more than a decade and I need to discover what to do next.

When I imagined meeting with them, I couldn’t think of the names of the legal arrangements, the forms involved, nothing. I drew a complete blank trying to think in the abstract (well, all thinking is abstract, I’ve recently discovered).

So no memory at all and next to no numerical or abstract comprehension.

At the same time, here I am writing reasonably coherent articles.  And that may be a giveaway – that I’m able to do something. If I’m able to do something, it eliminates some kind of systemic failure.

Even here, in writing, I couldn’t write a word about a mundane subject. It has to be something (1) at the forward edge of things and (2) as deep and broad as I can possibly make it.  It has to challenge and inspire me. Otherwise I’m repulsed at the thought of writing it.

There are other things as well.  I almost want to run away from mundane conversations on the bus.  Very little tolerance of pasttimes, empty gestures, and meaningless ritual.

At the same time, I have an ongoing requirement of myself that I observe the highest standards at all times. I don’t need to be so rigorous at this stage of things, but the desire is there regardless.

I also notice that I sleep like a lamb at night. This hasn’t been my condition for at least a decade, perhaps two. This too is unusual, but slipped my noticing.

Finally, I’m noticing in myself at this moment that I have the attitude that, if I haven’t grown in a day, I must have gone to sleep for some reason. Growth these days feels palpable.  My expectations of myself are high.  (I also acknowledge the wonderful conversations I’m having with others who are also intent on ascending.)

It’s as if unfoldment itself were speeding up.

These are things that have started happening to me since that reading. I don’t think they’re coincidental. Life has become a crazy patchwork of unusual responses to what used to be considered perfectly normal situations.  It requires me to navigate narrow channels that go off in strange directions.

All is unsettled and unsettling. I’m reminded of the Zen saying: For a time, mountains were mountains and rivers were rivers. Then came a time when mountains were not mountains and rivers were not rivers. Then mountains became mountains again and rivers became rivers. Right now, mountains are not mountains.


(1) “Archangel Michael;: Open the Floodgates,” April 15, 2016, at

(2) Entering the Fifth Dimension does not mean leaving the world we’re all inhabiting. Well, I don’t think it does. It points to a different state of consciousness, as far as I’m aware, not a different geographical location.


art The Sage by Nichbolas Roerich

ART : The Sage – Nicholas Roerich

Ascension Symptoms: Mountains are Not Mountains