EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS AWARENESS FROM WITHIN – Lisa Transcendence Brown @ Awakening to Remembering

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by Lisa Transcendence Brown

Light brings through constant new awareness now… and obliterates, dismantles and dissolves old unconscious realities quickly and instantly now…. many things doing a 180, flipping upside down and untwisting the twisted distortions of the old distorted human realities…..

Consciousness is you standing as love, standing in your power again. It’s you at your purest form… seeing your own distortions and dealing with them. We all have to do this… in every nano second now.

Realities built on distortions or held together by distortions of unconsciousness must be reshaped through intentional consciousness or they will collapse and dissolve…. they will still reshape, just in a different way…. Nothing is as any of us “thought” that it was….

Prepared to be “surprised” by all that you see … look inward to see why you would have created that experience to see/understand more about yourself, your unconscious patterns and themes… We all have to do this continually and expand beyond the false/illusory limits that we held up until the moment before consciousness came through….

All of this light is CONTINUAL NEW HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS… In the old days (lower vibrations) there were more gaps and “spaces of time” to choose….

NOW, everything is instant…. MANIFESTATION of (y)our own vibrations becoming visible instantly…. all that we do/do not desire… both present in every moment…

Consciousness means making decisions, being responsible, doing what it takes according to your own higher consciousness now. When you open your heart, you see differently… you intentionally act differently, you allow/stop allowing depending on what is conscious and what is not. You can work with unconsciousness to transform it yourself or let it evolve on it’s own….. Which aspect of you is most dominant, will dictate the experience that you have here….

These are not realities of blame, shame, pointing the finger or guilt. These are realities of “I have the power to choose” and doing what it takes to bring the higher consciousness realities through. We leave/left the lower vibrations behind… We just see all as it is and deal with it…. We stand as love, which does not succumb to lack, cater to it or feed it anymore…. This does not benefit any one of us….

We are each always now challenged to move into a higher consciousness reality by identifying unconscious programs within our own realties and stopping/transforming them ourselves. Where we are all doing this together, we can do this as a unit, team or group. Each can assist each other where all are open, ready and JUMPING with these Quantum Realities that do not leave room for the delay of “thinking about it until it works the old way” for the old way does not work/fly in these higher vibrations here.

Your love and power must be stronger than your fear or lack. Your inner wisdom and higher guidance must be louder and more present than your be-little-ing human voice of unconsciousness is. Your action will take you down a path for an experience you “need” to show you something you did not want to see/do before, while simultaneously opening up opportUNITIES all along the way for you to see and become a CONSCIOUS CREATOR of your own realities here.

There is not moment that you are not in command. The difference which “you” is dominant and dictating/transmitting your physical reality experience for you in every moment now…. AS a Higher Consciousness Self you are doing intentionally, with the realization that every thought, every belief, every mentality, every action…. this is what is materializing your physical reality world here…. You are always observing and seeing, you are always meeting the challenges, you are always sleeping to integrate & clear old timelines out, you are always aligning realities…. and letting go/releasing all that is no longer in alignment…..

Yet in-alignment and out-of-alignment is not a judgement of good/bad/right/wrong… It is a realization that you have expanded into a different vibration that you were just the moment before. It’s the awareness that you are taking a new path, one that you’ve been waiting for. It is the understanding that your physical realities are constantly re-working themselves FOR you….. for everyone…. It is seeing that physical matter is taking new form simultaneously in response to your own “new” higher consciousness that you did not have access to before. It is many things… none that are dualistic… for you see polarity, purposes and beauty in the brilliance and magnificence of it all. As a Light BEing… you observe physical matter re-arranging itself continually to take new form… in response to your own vibrational transmissions and intentional consciousness that you hold (embody) in every moment now….

Realities are constantly being re-arranged now… this is how physical matter works. Breaking down the old and replacing it with that of NEW Earth….. moving in and out of vibrations, shifting, changing in every moment….

That which holds higher consciousness long enough can materialize and take physical form. Enough of this forms a foundation…. for more to materialize and “grow”. These are the foundations of your new galactic and ancient civilizations here. They emerge from within you and materialize around you….. You vibrate into and out of realities in every moment. Your light or density dictates the ones you have access to. heart emoticon

Observe collapses and see them as being transformed into Higher Light Consciousness… See what was unconscious about them and see all as a gift of new awareness and that as you embrace the exquisiteness and purity within you, everything realigns again instantly now….. Physical matter takes form according to each’s consciousness. Unconsciousness creates one reality, consciousness creates another. When these are inter/inner-twined within your own physical reality world, you must weed through all and reweave all again through consciousness light.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker on the Embodiment of Light

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art female

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