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Powerful powerful powerful upgrades and activations today loves. All day… going strong. First we had cellular cleansing in the mornings (these can bring tears for many), to then shift to Diamond Light Code Frequencies, to then shift to new super high frequency activations that were “condensed”. These packed alot in and ran through our whole system…. still going… Producing has been impossible, so just had to honor and get through it however it needed to occur… sleep, relaxing the brain/body/muscles so that faster integration can occur…. Working in slow-mo. When we are tuning-up, we can’t receive or transmit very easily, so we have to step completely away. The Crystalline Solar LightBody can’t have interference when a strong tuning process is occurring. When we are emitting/tuning our magnetosphere/electromagnetic energy field… everything can be a disruption… We have to honor “no incoming/outgoing” during this time…. There’s alot of this journey that is not “convenient” (that’s the point), yet we have to honor it as it is beyond important for us all. Flow with it loves… when it is complete, you’ll awaken ready to rock and roll, with more awareness, more power, more abilities, more support, more abundance, more opportUNITY, more everything you desire. NEW realities arriving in every moment that you are Jumping Quantum Style.

I love you and will return where I can. The May Energy Report will post soon. Get your sleep/rest, nature, focus your productive energy and expand your consciousness …. Open those hearts wider… Wide open is how we exist here.

P.S. The throat chakra has been undergoing HUGE upgrades for days. More open communication…. Speak with your heart and stand in your power… by embracing the love that you are and sharing it with all that you connect with… while “stopping” the old unconsciousness as it comes into your awareness. Embrace your Mastery loves… These realities require everything that you are! heart emoticon

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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