Journalling as Healing – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Heart of Healing by Rita Loyd art

ART : Heart of Healing – Rita Loyd  – See Link to Artist’s website below


Journalling as Healing

Folks, I’m making steady progress through the physical healing but I see that that’s not all the healing that has to be done.

I’m also tuckered out. There needs to be some energetic replenishment. I’m going to need to take till Monday off for both types of healing and just lie in the sun, my mind completely turned off. Thanks to Suzi for taking over for me.

That doesn’t preclude me from doing about an hour a day of journalling. I’d like to share a page or two with you now, then fall back to thinking of nothing at all.

I hope you’re enjoying the retrospective.  Over the next five or six days, I’ll be posting articles that relate to the pivotal spiritual experiences I’ve had, most in the last four to five years.

I regretfully have to say: I won’t be trying to catch up on and answer my email when I return Monday. I’ll be starting afresh. Otherwise it’ll be stress city and undo the effects of the healing.

If you had something you wanted looked at urgently, could you please resend it after Monday?

I’d like to respond to every email but I have to warn you that that time appears to be receding.

I do thank everyone collectively for their kind wishes. Your love has been received and I send you mine.

Where were we? Oh, yes, bliss, on one sunny day.

If I were to say “there’re no problems to be found in bliss,” that wouldn’t be what sociologists call a normative statement, a statement intended to persuade or argue for a certain line of behavior.

It would simply be a factual statement. Look around in a state of bliss and you’ll find nothing that shows up like a problem. There’ll be “situations” and those situations will be utterly capable of solution, but, just as Einstein said, not from the 3D level at which they were created.

Immersing oneself in the band of garbled nonsense that passes for so many of our thoughts in Third Dimensionality will not produce an answer. We cannot see far enough. (Werner Erhard once called it “pea soup.”) We cannot get our arms around the whole situation. And we just don’t care or believe enough to invite the kind of energy that might cause the breakthrough to a solution.

But more to the point we lack the combined energy as a group that would be needed to mount and run the kind of projects that could change the course of human history. We just don’t have the juice in Third Dimensionality.

In bliss, on the other hand, which is at least Fifth Dimensional, which is all I’m concerned with here, that amount of energy is available. We can see the whole situation. We ourselves are completely satisfied in every way – our senses are satisfied; our need for validation is satisfied; our thirst for love is satisfied; and all other aspects of ourselves are satisfied. It therefore ceases to be about us although we ourselves become an ethnographic teaching tool, so to speak.

What was impossible before is now easy.

We read so many Biblical stories that describe the Fifth Dimension metaphorically.  So much of what the Biblical writers said is now easily comprehensible when we understand more of the nature of bliss and the Fifth Dimension.

I’m not saying I understand it. I’m just describing what’s happening in the three square feet I’m standing on, looking outwards and looking inwards. I’m being an Ascension anthropologist.  I am the culture I’m studying.

Not only are there no problems in bliss, but I also notice that, for me at least, it would have been near impossible to achieve bliss without first achieving transformative love.

For anyone to whom that term is unknown, I define transformative love as a strong and continuing wave of love coming from one’s own heart that sweeps away negative emotions. Ordinary love is distinguished from it by the fact that negative emotions sweep ordinary love away.

I achieved transformative love on March 13, 2015, thanks to the celestials, and bliss Sept. 30, 2015, after the Blood Moon Equinox and in concert with a clairsentient in another city

It’s my experience that the jump from ordinary love to bliss is too great to be made comfortably by a human vessel all at once. It needs that intermediate state: ordinary love —-> transformative love —-> bliss.

This form of writing is how I get something out of my blood, so to speak, or wrap my arms around it, so it’s very healing for me. In fact it’s one of the chief ways I heal.

I’ll be back Monday unless I have a red-hot share.



Heart of Healing by Rita Loyd art

ART : Heart of Healing – Rita Loyd



Journalling as Healing

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