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Heart Chakra – Your Threefold Flame

Threefold flame of the heartThe threefold flame, or divine spark, is the seed of the divine within our heart chakra. It is the seed of the Inner Christ and the Inner Buddha.

The threefold flame embodies the same qualities of love, wisdom, and power that manifest in the heart of the Almighty, in the heart of your I AM Presence, and in the heart of your Higher Self. This divine spark is your passport to immortality.

The threefold flame resides in the secret chamber of the heart. It is the Eighth Ray and the eight-petaled chakra. It is like the antechamber to the twelve-petaled heart chakra.

The Heart Chakra – Your Link to Divinity

The heart is the soul’s link to divinity. This is because the I AM Presence placed a spiritual flame—the essence of itself—in each one’s heart. This flame is also the essence of God, because the I AM Presence is an emanation of God.

Qualities of the Threefold Flame

Right within your own body temple are three fiery plumes of the Holy Spirit—pink, yellow, and blue pulsations of living flame. Thus the heavenly Trinity gains expression in the world of material form. And the energies of Father (blue), Son (yellow), and Holy Spirit (pink) are resplendent in the heart of man.

Also corresponding with the trinity of body, mind, and soul, the threefold flame supplies man’s needs for
Power to run the body (the faith and goodwill of the divine intent);
Wisdom to nourish the mind (illumination and the right use of the knowledge of the Law); and
Love to fulfill the destiny of the soul in conscious outer manifestation (a just and merciful compassion that is always rewarded by individual creative fulfillment).

The flame within the heart is your personal focus of the sacred fire. It is your opportunity to become one with your Higher Self, whether you call it the Christ, the Buddha, the Tao or the Atman. It is the potential of your Divinity waiting to burst into being within your humanity.

Long ago, during the first three golden ages before man’s departure from innocence, the crystal cord was nine feet in diameter and the threefold flame enveloped his form. Man’s source of energy was literally unlimited and his higher consciousness was all enfolding. After the Fall, man’s opportunity to exercise his free will was curtailed. By cosmic edict the threefold flame was reduced to one-sixteenth of an inch in height.

As the flame of illumination expands from within your consciousness, it gradually enfolds your being until God, as holy wisdom, is enthroned upon the altar of your heart. But with each increase of wisdom, the power and love plumes must also rise by the fiat of your devotion; else the wisdom will not be retained. Likewise, with each getting of power there must come the attainment of wisdom and love in perfect balance. So, too, love is actualized only through an equivalent manifestation of power and wisdom.

On the average, the threefold flame is one-sixteenth of an inch in height, but its plumes are usually not the same size. Only when the three plumes are in balance can the threefold flame expand as a whole. And when your threefold flame expands, your spiritual light and power will increase exponentially.

Balancing the Threefold Flame

Threefold flame and secret chamber of the heart chakraHow can you balance the three plumes so that they are equal in size and intensity? Through devotion to God and service to life.

Saint Germain advises us to meditate on the qualities of each plume to determine, through our soul sensitivity, which of the three is the weakest and which is the strongest. Then, he says, we can use the power of the strongest plume to strengthen the two weaker plumes.

You can tell when your plumes are not balanced by how strongly you feel God’s power, God’s wisdom or God’s love in your heart. If you do not feel the first, second or third plume of the Trinity pulsating in your heart, then you know that you must exercise the neglected attribute or attributes.

For instance, if your blue plume is your strongest plume, then it is in command of the yellow plume as well as the pink plume. Maintain your strength in the blue plume and use it to shore up the yellow and the pink plumes. Then take action to increase the pink plume and the yellow plume, thereby attempting to establish equilibrium between the three even while you fan the fires of the heart.

If you have a tendency to withhold love from your adult self, from your inner child or from others, go out and find those who need your love and give cup upon cup of Love’s elixir to all who will receive your love. Stay with this assignment until you feel the strength of God’s love in your heart and you know of a certainty that you have brought the pink plume to the level of the blue plume.

Now, if you sense that you are not exercising the wisdom God gave you—by teaching the illiterate to read and write, for instance—then bring the sunbeams of God’s wisdom to those who need them most. Serve others selflessly and you will know the freedom of giving away the gifts of the Trinity.

Your goal in this process is to balance the threefold flame so that the love of your heart may also be equal to the intelligence of your mind and to the determination of the will of God that he sealed within you in the Beginning.

Using the Science of the Spoken Word to Help Balance Your Threefold Flame

Balance the Threefold Flame in Me

Give this decree with Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Balance the threefold flame in me! (give 3 times)
Beloved I AM!
Balance the threefold flame in me! (3x)
Take thy command!
Balance the threefold flame in me! (3x)
Magnify it each hour!
Balance the threefold flame in me! (3x)
Love, wisdom, and power!

Heart Chakra – Your Threefold Flame

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