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Your Relationship with Happiness and Joy

by the Pleiades


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 13th May 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We send to you the vibration of happiness and joy from the light that unites us all together and is the essence of our civilisation the Pleiades. We are deeply honoured to communicate with you and share our consciousness to support your full being in awakening into the truth that you are: an aspect of the Creator. We come forth emanating our vibration of happiness and joy into your being because these are the Creator’s qualities we wish to enhance within you. We present ourselves as beaming beacons of happiness and joy so you may recognise that we are only mirroring the truth that is always present within you.

Whether you are focused on your spiritual pathway or not, as a soul upon the Earth it is your divine right to experience happiness and joy as well as all other similar qualities of the Creator. Happiness and joy are aspects and energies of the Creator, they have powerful healing qualities, can ignite tremendous knowledge and wisdom as well as further aiding your understanding of your unity with the Creator. Happiness and joy are energetic frequencies which exists within your soul, they can be activated and transmitted by you as well as called forth to shower upon you from the Creator.

This can be achieved by simply stating out loud: ‘I activate and radiate the energetic vibration and frequency of happiness and joy from my soul to permeate my entire being and reality.’

Imagine from your heart and soul an inner glow manifests, it is the energy of happiness and joy revealing itself to you. Feel a sacred and special vibration build from within your being expanding powerfully.

Alternatively, you can affirm: ‘I activate and receive the energetic vibration and frequency of happiness and joy from the Creator inviting this sacred energy to permeate my entire being and reality.’

Imagine the most beautiful shower of light flowing over and through you from the universe of the Creator. Let yourself open your heart to receive as if your heart chakra is a golden well collecting all the vibrations of happiness and love, then distributing the energy throughout your being.

Both practices are appropriate and will awaken different forms of remembrance and acceptance within your being. To feel the vibration of happiness and joy pulsating as if a sound frequency from your heart and soul offers to you confirmation that happiness and joy exist within you and you do not need anything other than a thought to experience it. This brings forth feelings of contentment and being able to nurture yourself and provide all you require. To receive the vibrations of happiness and joy from the Creator is to realise that the Creator truly wishes you to be happy and joyful and is constantly supporting, encouraging and sharing sacred gifts with you. Both aspects of remembrance when activated and empowered within your being will aid your ascension, self-realisation and the manifestation of your dreams.

We the Pleiades wish for you to contemplate happiness and joy. Are happiness and joy the same for you or do they hold slightly diverse qualities of the same source? What do happiness and joy mean to you at a physical level? What do happiness and joy mean at an emotional level? What do happiness and joy signify to you at a spiritual and ascension level? What percentage of happiness and joy do you recognise within your being? Finally, do you believe you are deserving of continuous happiness and joy in your everyday life? These questions will support you in understanding your relationship to happiness and joy as well as how accepting you are of these Creator vibrations within your being. You do have a relationship with happiness and joy, when explored and understood you may recognise that your relationship with happiness and joy actually reflects your relationship with the Creator. The m ore you are willing to allow yourself to experience happiness and joy not from influences in your outer reality but from the powerful vibration within your being, the more you will realise your eternal bond with and as the Creator.

We, the Pleiades also wish to encourage you to recognise the pain and resistance you may be holding within your heart chakra or emotional body due to experiences of lack of happiness and joy within your life or the feeling of being denied happiness and joy. It only takes one experience in your reality to manifest resistance to happiness and joy which can also be recognised as resistance to the Creator. We first wish for you to observe your thoughts, the way you speak to yourself and about yourself to others. Do you emphasise a lack of happiness and joy through thoughts of judgement, complaining and frustration? Alternatively, do you emphasise the presence of happiness and joy within your life through expressions, actions and experiences of self-love, self-acceptance and compassion? The thoughts you produce indicate your relationship with happiness and joy and therefore the Creator. Wi th observation you can recognise and realise the beliefs of resistance you create towards the Creator and how you manifest unnecessary challenges in your reality. Once realisation is born then unneeded habits easily melt away.

You may wish to spend some time communing with your heart chakra, anchoring the attention of your mind and third eye into your heart chakra with the purpose of recognising pain and resistance present. When connecting with your heart chakra you are understanding resistance and pain concerning happiness and joy held within your emotional body and senses. Your heart chakra also demonstrates to you key energies that it may be holding onto whether painful or beautiful which will powerfully impact your ascension. This is because your heart chakra understanding the purpose of your soul and therefore retains certain energies in the knowledge that exploring them will create powerful transformations within your being. Invite your heart chakra to make you aware of energies which hold the vibration of resistance and pain concerning your experience and acceptance of happiness and joy. You may expe rience pockets or bubbles of energy rising into your conscious awareness. When healing is required please call us, the Pleiades to shine our powerful vibrations of happiness and joy into your heart chakra and all the energy connected to resolve and release the blockage.

Many people may say that they do not resist the Creator and yet they cannot seem to create fulfilment in their realities. They may also share that they cannot experience happiness and joy until they experience fulfilment. This is an illusion which hinders you immensely in so many ways. Your happiness and joy come from within you as do your feelings of fulfilment. Every soul has an aspect of resistance to the Creator, this is a part of being present upon the Earth. It is by moving through your resistance to the Creator that you remember yourself as all that is the Creator once more.

Please give all your earthly pain to us the Pleiades as we are present to bring forth healing and transformation within your being. This step is beautiful to experience and acts as a surrendering process after your self-exploration. It sets you free and allows us to support you with our powerful healing vibrations.

When you allow yourself to vibrate in harmony with the happiness and joy of your soul and the Creator then you enter into a divine state of being, bathing within your divine inner truth. You hold the key to further uniting your awareness of the Creator with your physical being as well as creating naturally and automatically all that you wish to experience in your reality.  Everything becomes available to you. Most importantly a truthful and valuable realisation dawns that happiness and joy can be experienced eternally. You become confident in your co-creation with the Creator, the fact that there are no limitations only that which you choose to create and life on the Earth is not meant to be challenging it is to be enjoyed. Allow yourself to further enjoy your reality, to break through the rules and limitations of the consciousness of humanity and explore your eternal connection with the Creator, through simply recognising the powerful vibration and transformation frequencies of the Creator’s qualities of happiness and joy.

You may wish to invite us, the Pleiades to daily energetically enthuse your being with our sacred vibrations of happiness and joy to further support the same awakening within your being.

We wish for you to exist in happiness and joy,


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Rejuvenate Reiki Connection with Cleansing @ Reiki With Friends

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Rejuvenate Reiki Connection with Cleansing

Article by Tracy Morrow, Reiki Rays

In a previous article, Reiki Clearing to Rejuvenate the Reiki Connection, I addressed the common problem of feeling disconnected from Reiki energy. This article offered suggestions for how to begin to reconnect to Reiki energy through clearing. If you have taken the time to follow these instructions you were able to experience an energetic improvement that allowed you to more fully experience Reiki energy.

To further rejuvenate a strong connection to Reiki, cleansing is very effective. One may think that clearing is enough, and for some it may be. For others, which means almost all of us, it is necessary to take the additional steps for cleansing. To better understand the difference between clearing and cleansing, you can think of how you might dust your home with a dust cloth on a weekly basis, and how that is effective to remove the dust.

If you dust weekly, it is effective in keeping dust at bay. At the same time, on a monthly or seasonal basis, you need to do a more intensive cleansing. This deeper cleaning will wash away dust mite residue, or other residue which is not so easily dusted away. In this example, you can see how cleansing should be a regular practice for the energetic realms as well.

Reiki Cleansing

Fasting is the best way to remove toxins, including energetic toxins from the body system. Energy gets caught up in toxic chemicals that are absorbed into your body. You ingest it in the foods you eat, and breathe it in through polluted air. While some toxins are naturally removed through sweat and digestive processes, some of them remain stuck in your body.

How long you fast is up to you, but it should not be more than three days at a time. Additionally, many of us cannot completely fast due to health concerns. For us, a fast can include choosing to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and skipping grains and other foods. Raw or steamed vegetables and fresh fruits will help detox the body.

Whichever way you choose to fast, infuse water with Reiki, and continue to do self-healing. You will want to drink at least half of your weight in ounces of water per day, even when you are not fasting. Green or herbal tea should be the only other beverage that you drink during times of fasting and should not replace the amount of water you drink.

Practicing additional yoga poses throughout your fast will further help cleanse the inner body system. Fasting can also include turning off electronics and avoiding the use of your cell phone and other internet capable devices. Using this time for additional meditation, or reading inspirational materials, this will help cleanse your mind of the lower energies found throughout social media.

As you are fasting, it is the best time to reflect on lower energy thoughts and emotions you may have been experiencing. These are a natural part of life. Responding to them with loving kindness, while making any necessary resolutions or boundaries, will help cleanse you from any stagnation in your mind and heart. You can also send Reiki to help heal your ego from these consistent lower energy activities.

As any stuck energies are being flushed from your mind, body and emotions, take additional time to self-heal and cleanse your energetic body. The most intensive way to do this is to take a bath in Epsom salt for 20 minutes. At the end of 20 minutes, exfoliate the skin of your body with coconut oil and sugar mixed into a fine paste. After exfoliating your skin, rinse off in the shower and allow the energy of the water to also cleanse your energetic body.Rejuvenate Reiki Connection with Cleansing

To further clear and cleanse your environment, you will want to use Reiki infused water combined with sea salt and sage. You can add any other natural cleaning substance that you prefer. Then, wash down all surfaces in your home and office, starting from the top and working your way down. You can also do this in your car.

After cleansing all the surfaces in your home, office, and vehicle, sprinkle salt and basil on the floors and carpets. As you are sprinkling the salt and basil, you can set the intention of all lower energies to be swept away. After 20 minutes, vacuum your carpets and mop all your floors. Make sure to throw the salt and basil that you sweep up outside of your home to be absorbed into the earth.

As a final step, you can burn sage or a cleansing incense to permeate the crevices in your environment that are otherwise unreachable. Remember to send Reiki to all areas of yourself and your environment and set the intention for Reiki to flow. At this point, any accumulation of lower energies should be removed and you should be able to feel Reiki energy flowing steadily and strongly.

There is one final step to take to completely rejuvenate your connection to Reiki, and that is connecting to it again. You can easily do this on your own just by setting an intention, although this can be difficult for some of us at times, and should not be a concern. There are additional, and specific methods that you can use to fully connect to Reiki that will be shared in an upcoming article.

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Tracy Morrow

In passionate pursuit of timeless living, Tracy Morrow is an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer and Writer. Tireless in her commitment to service, she is currently invested in helping create better lives by opening minds and resources in order to improve wellness and recovery for families living with behavioral health challenges. You can find more about Tracy at