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Beloved masters, never forget, you are eternal and immortal. Your physical body is a temporary temple in which God dwells. The Sacred Heart is the temple of the Soul; therein is the Essence of life where true love resides, and where your awareness of Infinity begins. The Diamond Core God Cell within the Sacred Heart contains the Twelve Rays of God Consciousness which are etheric crystal prisms of refracted Light called Rays that beam forth the Essence of Creation.

Death is a metamorphosis, a changing of the cloak of flesh for a cloak of Light. You have but one life and that is eternal. You have assumed many roles while on your journey throughout eternity; however, you are as you were in the beginning within your Sacred Heart: a Divine child of the Supreme Creator. To become ‘Christed’ is to realize the Divinity within, and then following, unerringly, the guidance of your God Self. In the higher realms your vessel of Light is pure, perfect and indestructible. Envision a wholeness that has never been altered and has no imperfections.

Staying centered within the Sacred Heart maintains your connection to the higher levels of God Consciousness, and assures a steady flow of Creator Light / Love / Life. The Superconscious mind is a magnet for higher, godly truth. The desire body is a generating force within each person. You are dominated by either the ego desire body, which is controlled by the physical senses, or the spiritual ‘righteous’ desire body, which is controlled by the Higher Self. The subconscious, subjective mind is ruled by the conscious mind and past conditioning. It is programmed and reprogrammed through vibratory influences, whereby the lower, negative thought forms of the past have convinced you that you are sinful, weak, imperfect and inferior. Throughout your many past life experiences, you have created a powerful vortex of doubt, depression, fear, scarcity and debilitating disease which leads to premature death. These harmful thought forms have been repeated over and over again until they are firmly entrenched within each individual’s subconscious mind, as well as within the collective conscious belief structure, until they become the accepted reality of the masses.

Your Sacred Mind always knows the truth, and will eventually override the misconceptions of the conscious mind which can be reprogrammed as you strive to clear the subconscious mind of negative influences. Your Sacred Mind is the direct connection to the God Mind. Moderation in all things results in equilibrium, balance and a sense of well-being. Self-mastery leads to control of the physical emotions and the thought processes of the lower mind. A Self-master stands firmly centered within the Sacred Heart in the midst of chaos and change, holding fast to the wisdom of the Sacred Mind as it gathers strength and guidance from our Father/Mother God, an observer of the process as all illusion slowly fades away.

Ascension means attaining a clearer awareness of Self, and accepting the fact that you are an extension of our Mother/Father God. As you delve deeper and deeper within Self, you come to realize your intimate connection with the Creator. Once you have felt the exquisite bliss of a heart-to-heart connection with our Mother/Father God, and you are able to draw fully on the Adamantine Particles of Love/Light, your yearning for love is gradually fulfilled. Your hunger for sustenance will also be satisfied and you will be given the strength, will and determination you require to joyfully complete your earthly mission.

Energy is generated through frequency patterns of attraction, rather than patterns of resistance or friction. Thoughts / words / emotions have a helpful or detrimental effect on the physical vessel and also create a certain band of frequencies within your auric field and beyond and, thereby, your reality on the physical plane is created. The laws of the universe state that you must always experience that which you create. WHEN YOU ARE RADIATING THE REFINED FREQUENCIES OF LOVE ALL AROUND YOU, THE NEGATIVE FORCES WILL NOT AFFECT YOU.

Beloveds, you must become a tributary of the River of Life, a channel for the Divine force of Creation. Stagnation begins immediately when you stop the flow of Adamantine Particles into your Sacred Heart. As you become a Sentinel of Light, your aura will glow and grow as you become illumined by the radiance of Spirit. You, your home, your neighborhood, city, state, province and country all have an auric field, whether it is bright or dim. The heart and soul of each country must be revived. When unity consciousness is lost, the spiritual life force of a country begins to wane. Remember, everything that exists has an aura. The divinity and awesome power of the Creator is in everything!

Many souls are what could be termed spiritually bankrupt, for they have either used up their allotment of Adamantine Particles of Life / Light and are now so steeped in the lower frequencies of the third/fourth-dimensional world that they can no longer tap into the cosmic river of Life and draw forth the full-spectrum Light of the Creator. Or, since early childhood, they have not been able to attain the required level of harmonious frequency patterns to ignite their allotment of Adamantine Particles stored within their Sacred Heart. Unfortunately, many dear souls take with them into death the greater portion of their allotment of Creator Light. These are the tormented souls who feel unloved and have led a life of suffering and often isolation or violence, created by a sense of hopelessness, feelings of self-hatred and inferiority. They often focus their hatred and frustration outwardly, blaming others and fate for their failures, while all the time being unaware that they are the source of their own pain and suffering. Many of these precious ones chose to come forth on what could be called the lower spectrum of Shadow and Light. At a soul level, they chose the overlay for the life’s drama they would experience because they wished to overcome certain imbalanced frequency patterns from the past. However, many times the path they chose was too much of a challenge and they fell back into the negative patterns of many fruitless lifetimes. Those who have the least freedom of choice are driven by obsession, addictions and unconscious impulses. They are controlled by past negative influences that are very difficult to correct. Remember, dear hearts, you are not judged by anyone but yourself, and you will always be given an opportunity to overcome past transgressions. Self-forgiveness is the first step in healing the past and reconnecting to the ‘power within.’

It may seem heartless and uncaring; but a Self-master will gradually end relationships with people they are no longer in harmony with. There should be no judgment, just a gradual letting go and withdrawal or severance of any energy cords of attachment. It is usually the other person who ends the relationship, for they can no longer receive the ‘emotional energy’ they require from the enlightened person.

So many lonely Souls are seeking their Soul mates, and this is taking place around the world as more and more souls reach a certain level of harmony within. For millions of you, this is the time when your Soul has reached the furthermost point of Its journey of separation, and you are now in the midst of the journey of ‘Reunion and Integration’. Your Soul has gradually been infused with a Divine discontent which is slowly filtering into your consciousness and you have turned inward so as to tame the ego and reconnect with the Soul, the Oversoul and multiple facets of your greater Self. You now have the potential to connect with the many facets of your Soul family, your Higher Self, your many Oversouls and your God Ray (I AM Presence).

On the other hand, many Soul mates have similar soul vibrational patterns but do not necessarily have similar physical auric frequencies. Soul frequencies are stronger than physical frequency patterns, and they are predominate when you are in an emotional, heart-felt state. If the radiance is strong enough, the beauty of Soul shines through; however, it may not be strong enough to overcome the physical, emotional and mental traits that are not in harmony one with another in order to create a lasting, satisfying relationship. Physical relationships are difficult at best on the earthly plane, and especially when you are striving for Self-mastery and are in the process of ‘knowing thyself’ which leads to constant, transformational changes within and without.

This question has been asked by a number of dear souls, and we feel it is important for all of you to understand that, in many instances, all is not as it seems, and it is important that you seek your inner guidance, as well as positive solutions to some of the ‘trends and symptoms of the times.’ Therefore, we are writing this open letter to all the beautiful children who are the hope of the future and to their parents, as well. QUESTION: More and more children are being diagnosed as having autism and other puzzling health problems. Is there a specific purpose for this, and are we being punished for some reason?

Beloved Children of the Light, we know that it will not be easy to contain such wise, old souls in such small human vessels. Many of you have not fully anchored your Soul-self within the physical body. It will take time to adjust to the density of the present earthly environment; therefore, you will gradually incorporate more and more of your Higher Self as you learn to adjust to the pressures of physical existence. Neither you nor your parents are being punished; quite to the contrary. Your family has been, and will be blessed by your presence and they agreed, at a soul level, to assist you on this important assignment. As time goes by and you remember more and more of who you really are, you will realize that you agreed to return to Earth at this time in order to assist your soul family and all those you love deeply during these times of great change (even though you did not need to return to the earthly plane). You agreed to come at this time to anchor a very special Light energy that the Earth and humanity are being gifted with during these times of great change.

This message is as much for your parents as it is for you. Since the veil of forgetfulness has not been drawn as fully over your consciousness, you will remember many things from past lives which may confuse you and you will, undoubtedly, have abilities that are unusual. First of all, you will need love and understanding, but you will also need strongly defined boundaries and structure in your life. Your family should treat you with respect, just as they teach you to respect others. You will always value truth and reasoning, which will accomplish more than threats or restrictions. You will abhor hypocrisy and may rebel during your early school years, for you will not fit in the social structure of half-truths and unfair rules. It will be up to your mother and father to teach you that you can help bring about changes for the better, not by resisting the old, but by showing a new, better way.

Most of those like you have not had many incarnations on Earth; therefore, you have not adjusted well to the physical body and the earthly environment. You have a very sensitive nature and you also have more insight than most, so you will not understand the hypocrisy and distortions of the truth that you encounter. Do not judge others, but allow your own inner knowing to guide you, and you will not be led astray. You are very powerful, beloveds, and have the capability of creating many wondrous things and the ability to bring much joy to those around you. Or, if you choose the downward path, you can be the cause of much destruction and sorrow.

You have energies within that you must learn to develop and use to their highest potential. We suggest that your parents teach you how to go into your Pyramid of Light and, while there, see the healing energies flow smoothly through your body. Ask your Higher Self to help you contain and control these powerful energies, as you learn to direct them appropriately through yourself and out into the world. Begin to use the vowel sounds and tones we have given, and you will find the appropriate tones will come forth, at the proper time, to assist in integrating the powerful energies that will be available to you eventually.

You see, precious ones, you are what is called prototypes of future humanity, for you are among the forerunners for the coming new Golden Root Race. You have stored within your brain structure many wondrous abilities and much wisdom. Some people are calling many of those who have been born since mid-last century of Earth time, the Indigo Children, the Crystal Beings, or the Golden Ones. What you are is very wise old souls who agreed to come to Earth to show your elders and humanity the true way now that the path has been prepared by the brave ones who have awakened and begun the process.

You may not fit well in society as you have experienced it in the past, but that is exactly what you came to do: to adjust to your earthly environment and, as you gain wisdom, to help make the changes that will benefit all the other brave souls like you. Do not put yourself apart by thinking you are different or somehow above those around you. That would be a mistake, for one of your major tests is to accept who you are, and to quietly go about balancing and harmonizing the discordant energies within yourself so that you may be an example and then help others like you.

The negative energies you and those around you will experience as you grow into adulthood will be core issues from deep within which will arise into your conscious awareness so that they may, once and for all, be transmuted and balanced. You have an empathic nature, and you must learn not to allow the imbalanced energies from other people’s auric field to penetrate your auric field, which will create discomfort and distress. We ask your parents to show you how to envision a golden sphere of Light surrounding you which reaches above your head and below your feet. The higher vibrations of Love/Light can penetrate this sphere of protection, but nothing of a lower vibration can affect you if you state your intent that you will allow only the vibrations of God-consciousness to enter your force field.

Dearest hearts, your four angelic helpers are waiting for you to call on them. Just ask and they will answer you. Ask their names and begin an intimate relationship with them. How would you like them to serve? Give them instructions and always ask for your highest good, for that is the only condition of their assistance. They will guide, guard and protect you; they will inspire you and assist you to attain your goals. All you have to do is be clear in your intention, ask for the greatest good of all, and then follow the nudgings of your heart as you take the action needed to fulfill your dreams. Before you incarnated, you promised to bring in the greatest amount of Creator Light that you could bear, which means that you came into this lifetime bearing special gifts but also a great responsibility. Learn to speak words of kindness, for words can hurt deeply. Learn to listen to the small clear voice within, for that is how we will communicate with you. Think before you act; if you feel sad or uncomfortable about something, it means that it is not the best way. If what you do brings yourself and others joy, then know that you are in harmony with your Soul-self. You are the brave ones who will take over and lead the new emerging spiritual/human Beings into a world of peace, harmony, joy and abundance for all. Know that we are near to guide and protect you, and that you are loved beyond measure. Call on us, we are just a thought away, and we will always answer. I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

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art Mark_Arian_14

ART : Mark Arian



ART : Be Like Water – Isabelle Bryer Paintings




One of the practical purposes of Shambhala is to provide a real ‘kingdom’ within our hearts and with each other, that can assist us to know Being, the Source and touch the God-Self in ourselves and others in every moment.

The Great Bliss is a path of pathlessness in Shambhala that generates an innate mind of clear light and a body of light as a divine being of Wisdom.

The sounds, codes and frequencies we are co-creating THROUGH OUR OWN CREATION OF FORM helps the spiritual evolution towards the Light Body.

This creation can be music and singing, dancing and mudra, painting and photography, writing, poetry and chanting, and so many light forms when we learn to trust and be confident and resonate WITH SOUL.

The Codes I have shared from Tareth are gifts to assist with that evolution. For example, simply, you can play them or other Codes you are attuned to, while you create to assist the blossoming of the divine co-creation within.
This is the universal language of divine love and healing.

To turn the physical body and mind into Light is a path of alchemy described in all the hidden texts of Buddha and Yeshua, Krishna and Thoth, where the five constituents of the body – space, wind, fire, water, earth are turned into emptiness through the fire of great desire and consciousness and then merge with the Light by allowing the Light in.

This is Elemental Alchemy.

Let us start with water.

Let us start by blessing the water.

“Blessed be the Ocean of Divine Being in Our Hearts”

Alchemy begins by blessing our own hearts.

Those of you touching your hearts within, the Heart of Buddha, Yeshua, Krishna and Thoth may be having deities and energies from your Light Family emerge, bringing wisdom, initiation and guidance.

I would love you to share your experience of the Pure Consciousness of the Alchemy of Water, your experience of deities and blending and merging.

* For example, there are Five Female Buddhas gathered around my Heart right NOW. *

The Alchemy of Water purifies the internal waters of our bodies into deities. That is why they appear.
It is an ancient sign that we are becoming water, transmuting our body into the Light Body through the alchemy of water.
Like the Buddhas, Male and Female, the Ones Gone Thus that appear for me in this moment, yours may be Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, Krishna and the Gopis, Thoth and Isis or many other deities, gifts and signs from Father and Mother, Wisdom Beings to blend with and acquire knowledge from to share.

Blessing our Being into magnificence through blending the energies of the deities and Our Light Family is a deep and profound initiation that may take many days.
It purifies the five constituents/elements of your body into Light while your pristine mind of bliss stays still.
This is why the words “BE STILL AND KNOW GOD” are so crucial.
This is one of the primary transformations that happens in meditation, ritual, dance, chanting and sharing.
It allows you to be still and allows the light to enter.
Building gateways of Light to Shambhala, doorways to our past and future selves and the many multidimensional aspects of Our Being.

The five elements in my case become the five female Ones gone thus, the five female buddhas, who emerge within and without and then blend WITH ME and are transformed WITHIN my body.
Into the Great Bliss.
Into Light.
The Holy Spirit.

I will use the five female Buddhas as an example. An example only. Your own sharing may be totally different, guided by your own heart.

* The five are *

The female buddha Vajradhatvishvari and her consort the Buddha Vajrasattva, transmuting the element bliss and blessing the crown.

The female buddha Tara and her consort Vairochana transmuting the element wind and blessing the heart.

The female buddha Pandara and her consort Amitabha transmuting the element fire and the blessing the throat.

The female buddha Mamaki and her consort Ratnasambhava transmuting the element water and blessing the third eye.

The female buddha Lochana and her consort Amoghasiddhi transmuting the element earth and blessing the navel.

* This then gives rise to the magnificent blessing by Prajna paramita, the Mother of All Buddhas and her consort Akshobhya, *

the revelation of pure consciousness and stillness and the release of the energy of love and light and understanding with the power to free us all.
This transmutes your body elements into Light, the Illumination or the Halo which often reveals itself physically around saints.

15th century, Tibet, Vajradhara+consort, private collection, published on Himalaya Art Resources

This is the true potential of co-creation.
BEING THE GOD-SELF, making our own portals and accessing the frequencies of the elementals through our own creations, ALLOWING THE LIGHT TO ENTER and our Light Body to activate.

The sounds, codes and frequencies we are sharing and co-creating THROUGH OUR OWN CREATION OF FORM helps the spiritual evolution towards the Light Body.

We are One with Divine Father and Mother through our conscious choice and creation.
It is through Our Presence, by moment to moment awareness of our co-creation with our fellow beings, this planet and the many worlds, that we learn best how to serve.

I AM traveling between worlds. I AM simply breathing walking enlightening listening listening.

I am truly interested in you sharing your experience of the Pure Consciousness of the Alchemy of Water, your experience of deities and blending and merging.

As we share deeply so we open our shared wisdom and Light.

Ask for sharing and gathering and love to connect us all.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother

– ♥ –

I am Altair, Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”  


ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:
Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.



Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


90 day Re-membering -Re-Union with Self @ Light Worker

art Susan Farrell.

ART : Susan Farrell


90 day Re-membering ~Re-Union with Self

Beacons of Light
May 2016
Presented Live 4/30/2016

Greetings from Home to all of you.

Your energy has set into motion an entirely new world. One that you are just starting to expand into and explore in a whole new way. Welcome to the new planet earth. We tell you this because we watch from afar; we watch from a distance and we can see a larger picture than most of you can see and it is absolutely beautiful. We tell you that as we have mentioned before, there will be many leaving during these times. It is a natural process for there are many that have completed their jobs. They are done with what they came to do and are needed elsewhere. They can stay around if they wish but sometimes they are not able to ground in the same ways and many of them return Home. Now what you should re-member is that humans celebrate birth and mourn death. We do the opposite. Yes, you have all your friends at Home; that is something very few people re-member while they are on the planet. When you return Home the memories will return.  Until then let us say that it is as if you are walking down the street focused on where you are going or what you are doing when suddenly somebody comes up to you and makes eye contact. Your brain can find no record of this person as it searches through the memory banks, but yet your souls know each other well and for just that instance you see yourself through their loving eyes.  In that moment, you re-member.

As this person speaks, your heart fills with incredible memories of your lives together and how you have worked with them over many lifetimes. You may have skipped a reunion this last incarnation but this is actually a very dear friend that you did not know you missed so much until just now. You have so many of these relationships at Home. Your veil keeps that memory from you. You cannot interact with all of the beings you know in every incarnation so you select just a few just to make your contracts with and the connections and then you come in and you start to awaken from the dream. Absolutely amazing for us to watch. The connections that you have made, dear ones, reach far beyond your understanding and all of this and now you will start to see it. That is the beautiful part. There is an opening coming for every human to make a deeper connection to the other side of the veil and it is coming in the next 3 months. The three month time window is not determined by clocks or calendars but rather by each individual as they are ready to step into it.

3 Months of opportunities to see the reality of your spirit

Over the next 3 months of your lives, all of you will have the opportunities to have the veil pulled aside just long enough to have this experience. The three month period is not calculated by clocks or calendars, but rather by each of you when you signal that you are ready.  These are memories for you will start to re-member Home the same way that person walking down the street knew you and allowed you to re-member them. You have so many deep connections that you have made over many lifetimes that are not connected to you in this incarnation so many of you will actually find that you reset your physical and your spiritual energy. This is going to be magical. Watch for these opportunities, dear ones. They do not have to be in a traumatic sense at all. They do not have to be during a car accident or during illness or things of this nature. If you set it so and you set your intent, over these next 3 months the veil can be pulled aside several times and this is our gift to you in many ways because it helps you re-member which helps top clarify your path in a higher harmony.  you would have all these attributes and you would never be sad again because you have collected so much information from so many lifetimes

and yet by pretending to be the human, by stepping into the energy, by taking off your wings, separating the veil and having an incarnation in a finite form—very difficult and yet you are doing so well with this. You are able to spread light in many facets because of who you are.

Interactions with Friends from Home

The next 3 months will offer you these opportunities. Now what will this look like exactly? It is hard to say because for every person it might be slightly different but we can also tell you that you will know when it happens. For suddenly, you may see someone or re-member somebody very clearly, knowing the inflections of their voice, the depth and tone of their voice, their demeanor, their hugs and everything about them—but you may not find them on Earth. That is happening now. Why would they wish to do that? Why would the beings that you left at Home wish to come in and have an interaction with you while you are in a physical form? Because they know they can help you re-member just by a little touch of their memories from their lifetimes that they have had with you, they can change your energy ever so slightly to where the memories can come flooding back into your own being of who you are and the interactions you have carried so many times. Breathe, dear ones, and allow this to integrate fully into your lives.

The joy ahead of you is much deeper than you can imagine and all of you as humans will step into this firmly and freely. Enjoy every part of it. Now some of these will be momentary flashes. Something may happen; you may have a memory or a flash of a face that you do not know and then go about your daily lives as you typically do. We tell you with just a little introspection, just a little bit of connection and waking up, you can find a whole new aspect and re-member friends that you left at Home. It is time for this reunion process to take place and we tell you, there will be a 3 month, 90-day period in which to experience these beautiful openings of the veil.

We Know How to Party

You have always asked for this; you have asked to pull aside the veil so you could re-member Home and that is not completely possible on Earth for if we were to pull aside the veil, you would all go Home. No one would be here on planet Earth. You would all realize this was a game you were playing and you would step out of the game into the reality of your spirit. Now, you can play the game and have these little moments and have these memories. Some of you will be able to delve into it and hold the moment for a bit longer as you re-member. But we ask you dear ones, when this does take place with you and you have these memories, flashbacks, we ask you to ground them. Try to bring up the essence of the person who is behind it because they are a friend of yours. You have so many dear friends on the other side of the veil that you have forgotten. It was necessary for you to forget. In fact, they all told you, “Please do not re-member me in this next lifetime. We will catch you on the next round. We will be there when you come Home. We will celebrate you Home in such a way that you never forget it again—until you go back in.” We tell you that is happening more than you can imagine for on Earth, you celebrate birth and you mourn death.

Bringing back all of your attributes

Once a person leaves their body and returns Home, there is an acclimation; we used to call it an acclimation period but the reality is, there is no time on the other side of the veil so it is very difficult to put that into a category or a word that would hold it. Once that acclimation is done, and most of the time it is simply a waking up, seeing the beauty and trying to capture it and to put it into what used to be your mental process. Pretty soon after trying and trying and trying to put things together and make sense of it.  drop into the heart and it all comes to you. Well, we ask you to do that.  You will have these brief moments where you can see something, have a memory or a download of information from Home. It will happen to every single one of you over the next 3 months, once you set it in motion, and to some of you, it will happen many times. There is a thinning of the veil during this next rotation and it gives you the opportunity to bring through and to re-member…not only re-member as in bringing back your memory but also to re-member, to bring back the individual members and put them back together as one. That is who you are.

Now how can we help you re-member and help you bring all of your attributes back? By helping you to re-member those you left behind on the other side of the veil. They are working; they are waiting, looking for these momentary pauses in the energetic field where they can get their love through to you. Three months, 90 days, walk in full expectation of miracles right in front of you and watch them as they start to unfold right in front of you in every way.

3 Months to reset your physical energy

Dear ones, you have so much energy here that you are playing this game of pretending to be the human but you also must realize that you are a very dear spirit. Your energy has been missed. Home has not been the same since you left so that is why we celebrate so much—not only celebrate your path and your choices on Earth, try to help you dare to make those steps even though you cannot see where your foot is going to land. You do not know the outcome and sometimes you are very worried about that but yet, keep moving. That is the one important piece that we ask you to do because several things are taking place during these next 3 months. You not only have the opportunity to have the veil thinned and for you to peer through it, but you also have the opportunity to reset your physical energy during this time. That will be up to each and every one of you. If you wish it to be so, speak it aloud 3 times. There is a magic of 3; in truth, you will find out that everything is built on threes. Everything is divisible by threes once you see all the dimensions of time and space. So, with that in order, know that you can speak this 3 times very loudly and that sets it into emotion where it can permeate the different vibrational levels and the different dimensions of time and space. In doing so, you are basically giving permission to those you left behind to fill you full of light. You are expressing your intent. Now, we warn you, dear ones, do not take this lightly or pretend that it is a game because once you do this, you will feel a change and there will be no going back. It is a very magical opportunity to see yourself from a perspective of Home while still in body.  Enjoy this and once it happens, try to give thanks. Above all, bring in the gratitude. Once you re-member some of these energies from Home that you have known before, the love that you have shared with these beings to help you re-member your true essence, give thanks. Give thanks directly to them and watch what happens.

3 Months of miracles

The next 3 months are a thinning of the veil in several areas. Also, you will see your own creative abilities enhanced during these 3 months. Now some of you are very interested in this as we watch you from Home. You must understand, we do not have egos that we must deal with, we do not have some of the attributes and some of the typical games that you play on planet Earth so it is difficult for us to always understand what your needs completely are. They are defined specifically by you in every moment so speak them aloud. Allow them to be fulfilled in a new way; allow the miracles to start coming back because over the next 3 months, there is a long line of miracles that have been waiting for you that are ready to start into motion. Once you start one, once you accept one into your life, give thanks and ground it, it opens the door for all the others. Have you ever lived a synchronistic lifestyle where no matter what you needed, it showed up the moment you needed it? Are you ready to start working with that? Are you ready to give up the struggle because that is one of the things it is going to take? You have been taught by your loving parents, a truth that worked very well for them in the lower vibrations of the new planet Earth. The paradigm was called work hard. It does not work. It did not actually work back then, but the interesting part is when a creator believes something will work, it tends to work. Now, are you ready for the next step? Are you ready to sit back and let it come to you and to let it fill you from the inside out rather than reaching from the outside in? These 3 months are an opportunity for all of you to experience that. Now some of you are asking, “Well, during these 3 months can I change the difficulties that are in my life that I have been carrying so much? I am so tired and frustrated of carrying all this energy. Do I have to balance the planet the way I have been doing? Do I have to do this? Do I have to do…?” None of it, but you will choose what you wish to do with your light. That is a choice, dear ones. There is no right or wrong about it. You do not need to go out and save the world—just simply open your heart and allow it to be touched by those that have touched you before and they will help you to re-member your true nature and who you truly are. These times are very magical, dear ones. You are being watched by all the creatures in the universe that can watch. All eyes are on planet Earth at this moment. There are so many transitions taking place, so take this opportunity to see beyond the veil.

Now we also wish to address one item for you have so much going on in the United States especially with all your elections, all of the fun, crazy things that are taking place and we will ask you to simply let go and to know it is on a path of least resistance. You have many things coming; you will have attributes and you will have opportunities to actually work with those in a new way. Do not take any of it too seriously. Take a breath, dear ones, and release the fear. Know that no matter what happens, you are going to be well taken care of. The Lightworkers on planet Earth have struggled to be there ahead of the game, holding a vibration that is very difficult on a low vibration planet. Many of you have paid a very dear price for doing exactly that. Well done, dear ones. You will now find yourself in a new space, a new opportunity, a new place for you to ground the light in a whole new way. Enjoy this journey. Know that there are no wrong turns. Know that there is nothing you have to do. Just experience it and love every part of it. That is the beauty and as you see people leaving your planet in greater numbers, celebrate them and know that sometimes the noise from our celebration parties get so loud that it might wake you out of a dear sleep and we said that intentionally. Hear the celebrations and know the love that we have on this side of the veil and we promise when we greet you Home, you will have magic in every aspect. Keep up the great work. You have placed yourself in the exact moment of time and space where you can make the highest difference. Now as these openings take place, allow yourself to be charged—full of light, full of love for the road ahead and enjoy the ride.

It is with the greatest of honor we ask you to treat each other with respect. Know that you are all playing a game of pretending to be a human and play well together.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


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ART : Susan Farrell

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Unleash Your Healing Potential in Four Steps – Haripriya Suraj @ Reiki with Friends

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ART : Symbols for Healing – Toni Carmine Salerno


Unleash Your Healing Potential in Four Steps

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

The path of healing is chosen by several souls as part of their life purpose on Earth. Many people feel an inner calling to heal and to help. They feel inspired to make a positive difference in the world. Many potential healers and lightworkers are drawn to the path from a young age and it feels very natural to them. Others have life altering experiences that launch them on the path. Either way, once the desire to heal is awakened, life takes on a whole new meaning. There are several paths that one can choose as a healer and Reiki is one of them. Many people start off with Reiki and eventually explore other modes of healing, while others commence their journey with different practices and land on the Reiki path sometime later. Many of them integrate several techniques of healing, while some stick to just one mode. There really is no right or wrong. Each path is unique and we do best when we choose the path that our inner self resonates with, for that is the calling of our soul.

If you have chosen the healing path, are you doing justice to your choice?

So often we make great choices but fail to follow through on them. We give in to lethargy and get distracted by a million things happening around us. In the process, many of us do not utilise our healing potential to the fullest. We all know someone who got attuned to Reiki but gave up in a few days or months. There are others who begin to communicate with their spirit guides and angels and then abruptly stop all communication. It happens to almost everyone and has happened to me as well. I did not practise Reiki for almost four years after my second degree. Reiki then gave me a powerful wakeup call and brought me back to the path. Even after resuming my Reiki practice, I did not utilise my potential for a very long time. One day, in meditation, I received a message from my guide that I was not utilising my complete potential. I was rather taken aback because I was perfectly content with what I was doing. I tried to explain this to my guide but the message kept returning to my awareness, “You are not utilising your complete potential.”

I did not take this seriously until I started receiving messages from different sources that I was indeed not living up to my potential. That was when I decided to take action and set out to live my purpose to the fullest.

Unleash Your Healing Potential in Four Steps
Image by josealbafotos

Considering that it relatively easily for us to get distracted and lose focus, I discovered that one of the best ways to stay focused was by forming a team with spiritual helpers from the higher realms. It is also great to form a team with our human healer friends, by catching up with them, attending workshops, participating in group healing sessions etc. However, this is not practically possible for most people on a daily basis. On the other hand, working with our celestial friends is an everyday possibility. Working with them brings a lot more focus and commitment, besides polishing our healing skills. We can literally ask to be trained by them. Right from the comfort of our homes, we can interact with them every single day and we can get trained to unleash our complete healing potential. We can receive the necessary support and inspiration that will help us blossom into powerful healers. We all have this potential in us and once we set an intention to fine tune our skills, the Universe supports us in a multitude of ways.

So, how exactly can we awaken and utilise our healing potential to the fullest? Here are four tips that may be of help.

  1. Do What You Already Know – Start off by doing the best that you can. In Reiki terms, that would amount to being committed to daily self healing. That’s the least that we can and must do if we are indeed serious about progressing on the path. Whenever you practise, request the Masters, Guides and Angels to shower their grace on you. When we are touched by divine grace, our innate capacity to heal gets strengthened and activated. This is exactly what happens even during a Reiki attunement. Most of us did not utilise our innate capability to sense or work with energy until we got attuned to Reiki. During the attunement, we were touched by a mysteriously divine energy and boom…. we found that we were indeed sensitive to energy! The same principle can be applied even as we continue to practise. When we request that we are blessed, blessings are showered upon us. Our celestial friends are very happy to help us hone our skills and we experience great learning.
  2. Offer Healing to Others – Whenever someone requests you for a healing, accept the opportunity with gratitude. Of course, there are times when people seek something other than what Reiki offers and then we are forced to politely refuse. But if all seems OK and your intuition gives you a go ahead, take up all requests for healing, even if you are a beginner in the field. Even a Reiki Level 1 practitioner has the potential to share the joy of Reiki with several others. Again, request the Masters, Guides and Angels to help you with offering healing to others. Invite them into your healing space and request them to oversee your work and to guide you if necessary. If you surrender to the process, you will often be surprised at some of the things that happen. You may sense more powerful energies flowing through your palm. Or you may suddenly find yourself offering healing in ways that you have not consciously learnt. Things just seem to happen on their own and you can sense the difference.
  3. Music and Drumming – Music has a powerful healing effect. It can add power to healing sessions by helping awaken some of our latent healing abilities. It is well known that music, especially drumming, forms an integral part of healing in the shamanic world. Experiment with drum music and see if it helps you. It is not necessary for one to follow a Shamanic approach in order to benefit from the power of drum music. Simply listening to it also brings profound benefit. Music can also help us form a stronger connection with the higher realms and thereby make it easier for us to communicate with them.
  4. Meditation – Silent meditation is another powerful complement to Reiki practice. It helps us tune into the divine essence in us. As we practise meditation, the mind becomes still and the light of our soul begins to glow brighter. So, rather than being controlled by our minds, we allow our soul to take the lead and all our healing efforts are directed from that level. Meditation also helps us listen to the guidance that our guides and angels often try to communicate to us, which is nothing but the wisdom of our own Higher Self. Even ten minutes spent in quiet meditation everyday can bring great benefits to healers.

Love and Light!

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Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki. She is the founder of Aananda Holistic Center where she conducts as well as teaches Reiki and Angel Healing. Haripriya resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya at and at Aananda Holistic Center on Facebook.

The Time of Separation – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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The Time of Separation

Credit: Edvard Munch, Commons.Wikipedia.orgSeparation 22

I only have a small number of pain-free hours in which to write so I’m not going to research right now, but write from recollection.

In the May 6 reading I had with him, Archangel Michael said, out of the blue – so to speak:

Archangel Michael: Many are leaving, as you know.

Steve: Yes.

AAM: Many are choosing alternative realities. The reality that is of pain and suffering, lack and limitation is not of Nova Earth and not of [the Divine] Mother’s creation of 12 dimensions. There is no place for it. So they either have to leave or be relocated. But most of them die. (1)

What’s he talking about? What’s he referring to?

Many of our sources, some years ago, talked to us about a “time of separation,” that would occur.

Not everyone will choose to go on to Ascension.  Freely-choosing Ascension is a prerequisite to ascending.

Many  – like the cabal – will not have assimilated unto themselves sufficient light energy to ascend. Having sufficient light to be able to tolerate life on the rarified Fifth Dimension is a second prerequisite.

At some point those who will not be ascending will be leaving as the energies become intolerable to them. Or for other reasons.

In fact the time of separation has been occurring for some time, but, as with so many other things, in a phased manner.

One phase was a separation from friends and relatives who consistently didn’t want to hear about the consciousness shift and are not taking advantage of it in any way.  Many of them have tried to win us over to their point of view. Things became stretched and those relationships may have snapped. That’s one meaning of the time of separation.

We were told that fundamentalists in religion and science might choose to go rather than face the truth of the situation, as revealed. To hear Jesus say that the “I” in “I am the way, the truth, and the life” is the Christ or soul or Atman and not Jesus as a being may be too much for some people. Others may not be able to take in the changes that will occur in their scientific outlook. They may feel too tired. Or dismayed.

We’re told that many lightworkers will have finished their contracts and have the freedom, at that point, to choose to leave.   Therefore we can’t assume that all separations or leave-takings are somehow negative.

At this time we may have entered another phase. Some cabalists may now be choosing to leave. People who’ve submitted to the cabal’s agenda even if they aren’t members of the cabal may choose to leave.

Some people, in these end times, have agreed to play roles which meant they had to go through horrific abuse, perhaps to expose sexual slavery, satanic ritualistic abuse, or even snuff killings.  They may have endured karma that goes well beyond their soul contract. There may be no need for them to stay and endure more pain.

Their exiting doesn’t mean they won’t ascend.  Of course they will.

My recollection is that the best posture, for taking advantage of the consciousness shift, is to let failed relationships go. Bless them and send them on their way. Don’t be surprised if the process of separation accelerates, the nearer we get to Ascension.

And don’t be surprised if the valence we place on it now drops away. At some point, I think, it’ll be seen as a natural process of comings and goings, as we approach Ascension.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon on May 6 , 2016. Used with permission.


light beings art

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The Time of Separation