The Time of Separation – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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The Time of Separation

Credit: Edvard Munch, Commons.Wikipedia.orgSeparation 22

I only have a small number of pain-free hours in which to write so I’m not going to research right now, but write from recollection.

In the May 6 reading I had with him, Archangel Michael said, out of the blue – so to speak:

Archangel Michael: Many are leaving, as you know.

Steve: Yes.

AAM: Many are choosing alternative realities. The reality that is of pain and suffering, lack and limitation is not of Nova Earth and not of [the Divine] Mother’s creation of 12 dimensions. There is no place for it. So they either have to leave or be relocated. But most of them die. (1)

What’s he talking about? What’s he referring to?

Many of our sources, some years ago, talked to us about a “time of separation,” that would occur.

Not everyone will choose to go on to Ascension.  Freely-choosing Ascension is a prerequisite to ascending.

Many  – like the cabal – will not have assimilated unto themselves sufficient light energy to ascend. Having sufficient light to be able to tolerate life on the rarified Fifth Dimension is a second prerequisite.

At some point those who will not be ascending will be leaving as the energies become intolerable to them. Or for other reasons.

In fact the time of separation has been occurring for some time, but, as with so many other things, in a phased manner.

One phase was a separation from friends and relatives who consistently didn’t want to hear about the consciousness shift and are not taking advantage of it in any way.  Many of them have tried to win us over to their point of view. Things became stretched and those relationships may have snapped. That’s one meaning of the time of separation.

We were told that fundamentalists in religion and science might choose to go rather than face the truth of the situation, as revealed. To hear Jesus say that the “I” in “I am the way, the truth, and the life” is the Christ or soul or Atman and not Jesus as a being may be too much for some people. Others may not be able to take in the changes that will occur in their scientific outlook. They may feel too tired. Or dismayed.

We’re told that many lightworkers will have finished their contracts and have the freedom, at that point, to choose to leave.   Therefore we can’t assume that all separations or leave-takings are somehow negative.

At this time we may have entered another phase. Some cabalists may now be choosing to leave. People who’ve submitted to the cabal’s agenda even if they aren’t members of the cabal may choose to leave.

Some people, in these end times, have agreed to play roles which meant they had to go through horrific abuse, perhaps to expose sexual slavery, satanic ritualistic abuse, or even snuff killings.  They may have endured karma that goes well beyond their soul contract. There may be no need for them to stay and endure more pain.

Their exiting doesn’t mean they won’t ascend.  Of course they will.

My recollection is that the best posture, for taking advantage of the consciousness shift, is to let failed relationships go. Bless them and send them on their way. Don’t be surprised if the process of separation accelerates, the nearer we get to Ascension.

And don’t be surprised if the valence we place on it now drops away. At some point, I think, it’ll be seen as a natural process of comings and goings, as we approach Ascension.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon on May 6 , 2016. Used with permission.


light beings art

unknown artist

The Time of Separation

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