Adama and His Guidance Into The Higher Dimensions – Telos Book 2 by Aurelia

adama of telos painting by glenda green

Adama of Telos Painting by Glenda Green


Celestia and Ahnamer says~ ♥ ♥

The energy of conscious intent provides the starting point for changes. The enhanced organs of the human body will continue to respond most powerfully when informed by the consciousness of the individual. The human system is a complex one, and two organs cannot be held in separation from the others. Much work must be done on an individual basis to detoxify and nourish all organs of the body.

Communication with the organ elementals to determine what is the best course for each individual is a recommended step.

Consultation with an energy specialist, healer or body worker is highly suggested. There are new energy tools making their way to the surface, all of which will alter the way you treat physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Seek these out and utilize them. Now is the time for all to recognize, at the deepest levels, what a true gift the human body is. Your ancient scriptures that refer to the body as a temple of the Divine were accurate. Your conscious participation in the healing and transformation of the body is what will allow you to create bodies you wish to live in.

Loving your body as a Divine repository of spirit is equally as important as loving the totality of your spirit.

Only when this is accomplished on a global level will the changes that you all desire be made to your food resources and global healing modalities. Even now, tools and substances with great ability to heal and rebuild are beginning to enter mainstream consciousness and markets. It is your continued support and your ability to trust in new forms of healing which will allow this shift to take place across the planet.

The wondrous temples of rejuvenation and healing of old that you so wish for and envision in your future, are in fact here now. They still exist in the consciousness of their original builders and designers. They exist in the energetic memories of those of you who experienced them in other times. Though they may have been destroyed in their third dimensional aspect, they still exist in the higher dimensions, Their original intention and purposes are greatly expanded for use in this present time, and you can draw on these energies without great difficulty or monetary expense. All you need to do is quiet your mind, open your heart and set your intention to connect and experience these energies for your own healing. Allow the process to take place. As long as you allow yourself each day to spend enough time breathing and infusing these energies into your body, the process will be initiated and you will witness extraordinary results.

Together, simply through the power of intention and surrender to Divine Grace, you can magnetize these energies into your auric field at any time. The benefits of these energies can be recreated in the present. The form may not mirror the original, but the energy is the same. The crystalline matrix computer may replace the temple of crystal, but the action is the same.

Recognize the healers and tools in your midst and support them. In times to come, you may wish to recreate the temples, but without first recognizing the ancient tools as they are today, and without first accepting yourselves as you are today, these potentials cannot manifest. Heaven exists around you now, on this planet. It may seem to be true in only little ways, but by giving recognition to all who are working to create this paradise, you support the potential for a global paradise. Do not suffer over what has been, but celebrate instead what is re-emerging.
Be gentle with yourselves, for who else can better love you than you?
( from Telos book 2 by Aurelia)

Telos Book 2 art

From Telos Book 2 by Aurelia


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