Love, Lift Me Up – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Love, Lift Me Up

If we want transformative love and bliss to flow, we have to desist from projecting our ideas of logic and causality onto them.

Flow is a Fifth-Dimensional process. Logic and causality are Third.

Flow is an ongoing creation brought about by what we might call following “imaginative thought.” Further into the Fifth Dimension than at the vestibule, which is next for us, what we think about appears. It manifests. There we’ll create instantaneously and abundantly by thought.

Now, here, on the Fourth Dimension, apparently, we receive some evidence of relatively-quick manifestations of our thoughts, but nowhere near as dramatic.

Transformative love and bliss are the elixir. Flow is the form action takes. Timelessness is present; we’re outside of time as we know it.

I knew all three in the vision I had on Feb. 13, 1987. (1) I was drenched in bliss. Everything flowed effortlessly, including the fact that bliss allowed me to know what each item in the drama was.

And I saw, when I emerged, that I had been removed from time as we know it for eight seconds.  The eight seconds passed on the inside for me, but not a second passed in the outside world: My car was in the same place at the end of the vision as it was at the beginning.

I cannot recall feeling better at any time in my life than on emerging from that vision. For three days I was in bliss.

I wouldn’t have put it this way then, but I do now: Transformative love and bliss are the solvent that dissolve all remaining traces of Third Dimensionality. Think of it as a bath in the Ganges every time you experience bliss.

Why do I say 3D when we’re in 4D? Because it’s our conditioned learning that we’re up against now, as we move higher and higher towards Ascension.  It’s our habitual response patterns, accepted norms and roles, etc., that will cause us confusion and weaken our efforts. And these predominantly hale from 3D.  So these are traces of 3D that rattle our airframes, so to speak, the faster and higher we go. We need to jettison them.

There’s no sense trying to “tame the mind.” That simply puts one part of the mind against the other and ensures conflict.  Far from taming the mind, it would set the mind a-chatter.

I suggest one of two approaches. Either (1) we can be with our conditioned, habitual responses as they go off and simply observe and experience them through to completion, without projecting them onto others, or (2) we can draw up transformative love and bliss from our hearts and send it out to the world. Or, as Archangel Michael would say: Both.

There are undoubtedly other means: Karma (service) for instance, or bhakti (devotion). But these two are the easiest, the most direct, and the most sensible.   How can you lose sending love and bliss out to the world? You cannot.

I have only to draw a few breaths of love from my heart and send it out to the world to lose remembrance of what I was doing.

What was I doing? I forget.

Love does that to a person. Before we know it, love lifts our vibration to the Fifth and we look down in amusement at our former struggles in the Third.

Love, lift me up.


(1)  “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at



love photo messengers of spirit

unknown photo source

Love, Lift Me Up

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