Archangel Michael: An Overview of What is Happening Right Now – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael: An Overview of What is Happening Right Now – Part 2/2

If the Reval is a precursor to Disclosure, talks like this from Archangel Michael and others are precursors to the Reval.

After this discussion of the Reval, Archangel Michael, later in the reading, went over what I should be doing after it, very fully, step by step. 

That so much emphasis should have been given to the Reval in this particular reading represents or betokens, in my eyes, a milestone reached or a conscious change of direction in the plan.

The fact that the celestials want to talk about the Reval now seems to suggest it may be close.

Archangel Michael: Now each of these [events like the Reval, Disclosure, and Ascension] could be thought of as a singular event but it is really a chain reaction at the same time.

Humanity and the leadership who are the stewards are also the ones who are holding the vision and leading the way so all of this can occur in an orderly – well, our idea of orderly; the Mother’s idea of orderly – fashion so that it does not create further chaos, further turmoil, further upheaval.

Now it is upheaval but we would call it “upliftment.” We would call it, instead of revolution, spiritual advancement, evolution. Happening in terms of what humanity is used to, but at a fairly rapid pace.

So I wanted to begin there to give you an overview of what is happening right now. So I’m not talking in the distant future. I am not talking in the next years. I am talking about right now. (1)  Is this clear?

Steve: Yes, it’s clear, Lord, and there are also many messages that say all the pings have gone around the world.  Jacob Rothschild has stepped down. This, that, and the other have happened so it appears to me that the Reval’s going to be happening very, very soon.

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: Good, I’m getting ready for it.  I have a slew of questions for you!

AAM: Then you begin and I will speak quickly!

Steve: Will the Sovereign Rates be offered in Canada?

AAM: If they are offered, they will be offered everywhere.

Steve: Are they really as generous as is being discussed currently – thousands of dollars per Zim?

AAM: No.

Steve: Why are people talking about that as if they are? What’s behind that, Lord?

AAM: Understand that there are still various fragments that have been involved, some with the best of intentions and some with disruptive intentions, in this process.

As you well know this has never been a process simply for lightworkers and loveholders. There are many different facets to these various groups.

Now within these, over the years, there have been many who have not only been disruptive but who have been mal-intent. They have provided a steady stream of information the purpose of which has been to distract people and make them more interested in the money than in the purpose.

Then there have been those who have good intent but who also do a lot of daydreaming. So there are both parties. There are many putting out information that is not entirely accurate.

Some base their words on wanting to distract you and some base them on simple wishful thinking. So, no, it is not the case. It will be generous but it will not be that generous.

Steve: Now when you go for the Sovereign Rates, the discussion so far is that you also have to do a structured payout. I’m not really attracted to a structured payout even if it were generous. It just invites complexity.

AAM: You have an expression upon your planet, “Take the money and run.” That is our advice. (2)

Steve: That may mean going for the International Rate, right?

AAM: It may be going for a different rate but it will not be that significantly different when you are talking about [amounts deleted].

Now let us explain why. The very institutions that you are dealing with – now, yes, they will change – are institutions that have been anchored in the old realm of lack, limitation, avarice, control, greed.  So you do not want to be dependent upon them to get your money.

That is why we so often have suggested that you be working and thinking in terms of credit unions, community banks, that type of institution.

Steve: Will I have any trouble withdrawing my money from [Bank] and putting it into, say, [a Credit Union]?

AAM: No. They are not being illegal or dishonest. But it’s not their first desire. Their first desire, their purpose for organizing is to make money. So will they entice you? Will they encourage you to stay? Do they want your business? Will they treat you well? Yes. But over time you are rebuilding different kinds of financial institutions.  …

Steve: Any words of guidance as to my own Ascension path?

AAM: You are doing extraordinarily well. And, yes, it is important that your body is healing and that the resting and the meditation and the union is taking place. You are well underway! You have been flowing and flying through that portal repeatedly.

Steve: I wish I was aware of it!

AAM: You will be.

Steve: Going deeper, is that the way for me to go?

AAM: Yes, deeper, higher, however you can conceive of it. For you it is deeper.


(1) Is this  hint that the Reval is happening “right now”? He later confirms that it is.

(2) This advice might be specific to my case. Those with smaller holdings, if they are permitted to go for Sovereign Rates and a structure payout, may benefit by it.


tara green pale

TARA – unknown artist

Archangel Michael: An Overview of What is Happening Right Now – Part 2/2