WARRIORS OF LIGHT: PROACTIVE, LOVINGLY ASSERTIVE – Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman @ Star Quest

artist cathrine nodet the warrior

ART : The Warrior – Catherine Nodet





            Beloved masters, in the past it has disturbed or confused many of you when we use the terms “Warriors of Peace” and “Warriors of Light” or what might be construed as militant terminology. Here again, there are many different interpretations and different facets of truth. Since the Earth’s and humanity’s fall into the density of separation and pain, we have fought diligently for you and with you. We have fought the shadows of illusion and the negativity created by your collective consciousness beliefs of fear, guilt and unworthiness. We have fought to assist you to reconnect with the many Facets of your true identity, and to help you remember how magnificent you are.

                 We have diligently carried out the orders and directives handed down from our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator, “Assist our children to return to the Light and to reclaim their Divine Heritage.” Yes, we have been involved for eons of time in a battle between the Light of the Creator and the shadows of humanity, but our weapons have been love, compassion, understanding and support as you traverse the valleys of despair, and seek to soar to the mountain tops of hope and illumination.

                If you will join us in our efforts to bring Light unto the shadow world and hearts of humanity; if you will stand firmly in your convictions that ultimately right will prevail (knowing that only our Father/Mother God are aware of the total picture and what is truly the best outcome); if you can maintain a sense of peace and joy within and radiate the expansive love of the Creator to ALL humanity, then you are truly a warrior in our Legions of Light.

                We have spoken many times before about the laws of cause and effect, or for every action there is a reaction, which result in what is known as positive or negative Karma. For many ages you, as the en-Lighten-ed ones, have been working diligently to bring into balance your personal karma, ancestral karma and race karmic influences. That was a major part of the game of duality and polarity—returning to balance and harmony in all Facets of your Beingness. And so what will happen now as the winds of war, political conflict, and destruction swirl like a dark and heavy mantle around the Earth, touching and affecting everything and everyone? It depends on what you are feeling and thinking, dear ones—what is on your mind and in your heart—as to whether you will stand firmly in the Light or add to the negative karmic thought forms that are being created each and every moment. Many of you have succeeded admirably in balancing your Karmic ledger of life. Let us now call it just that, your “Ledger of Life,” whereby you have a plus and a minus column, and your goal is to turn the minuses into pluses or positive energy patterns.

            It is time to take an inventory of what you are thinking and the emotional energy you are projecting during these days of turmoil and stress on your planet. Are you diluting or distorting the aura of harmony you have created around you by allowing yourself to be caught up in the chaos of miscreations and destruction that is taking place on planet Earth at this time? Are you engrossed in the scenarios that are being presented over and over again via the television, radio, and newspaper media? Have you once more allowed yourself to be drawn back into the density of the negative environment of illusion? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are fueling the chaotic vibrations of the world situation with your energy instead of adding your Love/Light/Power to that of other emissaries of peace around the world. Will you stand on the side of those whose greatest desire is to bring about a peaceful solution for the greatest benefit of all, or unintentionally align with those who wish to perpetuate separation, suffering, and domination?

            We do not mean that you should not stay informed as to what is taking place around the world. However, we are saying that now, as never before, you must rise above what is occurring and join us as observers from a higher vantage point—a vantage point where there is no right or wrong way, only different shades of truth and different motives—a vantage point where no race, country, or religion is totally righteous or blameless, nor totally in the wrong. Remember, each and every Soul on Earth carries a Spark of the Divine within. You must stay heart-centered and attuned to your Higher Self with a Spirit-inspired consciousness so that your actions and decisions are always in alignment with the Divine plan. Then, beloveds, you will stand among the ranks of the righteous ones whose greatest desire is to return the Earth and humanity to a true state of peaceful co-existence in an environment where our Father/Mother God reigns supreme.

            Granted, there are those who have agreed to play the role of a “devil’s advocate,” those who are presenting your shadow side to you in its most destructive way. There are others who self-righteously claim to have only the highest, most altruistic motives; however, we see and know the ulterior motives behind the decisions that are being made, and the actions that are being initiated in the name of peace and justice. The game of duality is being played out on Earth in its most dramatic form right at this moment, and it is up to you whether or not you will be drawn into the swirling downward spiral of mass karmic action that is now taking place.

            We are not asking you to passively sit by the wayside and do nothing. You are being asked to stand up and be counted, for your dynamic Life Force energy is needed now as never before. You are much more powerful than you can imagine, my brave friends, and you are playing an important role in attaining a peaceful solution in a very unsettling world situation. The energy you are radiating forth from your heart center has just as much an influence on the outcome of this great conflict as those who are on the “front lines.” You, too, are on the front lines, so to speak, for you have the ability to tap into the pure, unmanifested Creator Light Substance, and mold it into powerful thought forms and actions that can overcome any adversity.

            Those brave Souls who have been called to the battlefield, no matter which side they are fighting for, if they are doing so with a desire for true justice for all, and with compassion of Spirit for their fellow human beings, instead of hate, a desire for revenge, and to enslave or control others, then they are functioning as righteous warriors, and the forces of Heaven are with them. Those who violently protest, shout, and march for a cause are adding their energy to the melting pot of chaos. They are not offering solutions or taking positive action, but laying blame and protesting the actions of others, or often declaring that non-action is the only way to achieve peace and harmony. It is another form of fence-sitting, or not taking a stand. We have told you many times before: it is time to “get off the fence.” It is time to declare which side you will serve, the Light or the shadow side. It is time to declare that you are an Emissary of the Light, a blazing Spark of the Divine, and a proactive cocreator of love, joy, abundance, and harmony. Or are you a human Being who is willing to take the easy way by following the dictates of others, thereby, for the time being, putting aside your Divine Birthright—the gift of free will?

            “Peace” is an often-used word in these unsettling times, and can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. You use the term “peace of mind,” which means having a calm, tranquil state of mind which is free of discord, inharmonious thoughts or mental conflict. Peace can mean a mutual agreement between two people, a family, a group, neighborhood, city or nation, which benefits all who are involved, and which brings about a calm, serene, and secure atmosphere, as well as lawful order. It can also mean a treaty or agreement to prevent or stop a conflict between two dissenting factions. You may be called a peaceable person or a pacifist because you are inclined toward or seek to promote a peaceful environment. You may “seek peace” or endeavor to “keep the peace” through conciliatory actions or by settling disagreements through compromise. Peace is the end result of achieving harmony and balance in any situation. Peace is never attained via the emotional nature or mind of the ego, but through the higher vibrational energies of Spirit, which always seeks the greatest/best outcome for ALL concerned.

            In your world of duality and polarity, the optimum goal is to seek harmony and balance in all things; however, this harmony must begin from within. It must blossom within the heart as you allow Spirit to descend and once more take dominion within your physical vessel. Then you begin to see through eyes filtered with love, and listen with ears tempered by compassion. You know that all you will ever require is yours for the asking, and you no longer seek to take that which belongs to another. You always strive for a win/win solution, and you know that when one loses, everyone loses as well. You become champions of Light and you walk softly but courageously as you carry the blazing etheric sword of Divine will, honor, truth, and justice. You affirm what is your truth, and you live your truth steadfastly with integrity and humility, teaching by example, and allowing all others the same right. You must first seek peace from within, beloveds, and when you find what you are seeking, you will radiate an aura of peace out into the world where it will be joined and magnified by that of others with a peaceful and harmonious nature.

            Together and in force, you can overcome any adversity, and you can create and enhance the cells/areas of Light that you are building on Earth, as well as those within the Fifth Dimension. And when those thought forms of Light reach a certain level of magnification, they will miraculously begin to manifest on the earthly plane. Many of your visions are nearing that point and will manifest seemingly without effort. The final touches are being made and the preparations are almost complete, beloveds; now watch for the wondrous results of all your steadfast efforts.

            Humankind’s inhumanity toward one another has been an ongoing, never-ceasing process since the fall into density. Peaceful co-existence has hardly ever been the ultimate outcome of a conflict. The underlying intent has most often been to conquer, seize, and force others into submission without any consideration for the welfare of those caught in the middle or those who have been forced to fight.

We have repeatedly reminded you of how the chasm between the Light and the shadows is widening, almost as if a world filled with the vibrational patterns of Light is being superimposed over the Third/Fourth-Dimensional world of illusion and shadows. This condition is becoming more dramatically defined every day. It is imperative that you stay vigilant, heart-centered, and Spirit-inspired each and every moment. You must learn to set energetic boundaries, and constantly reinforce your shield or column of protective Creator Light. You must listen to the whisperings of your heart, for it is there that your angelic guides and teachers will leave treasures of wisdom for you to access and use.

Go within, my faithful companions, and remember how, so many eons ago, we soared the Universe together, creating new galaxies, worlds and civilizations beyond your wildest dreams. Remember how you had available to you all the Divine substance of Creation, and all you had to do was reach out with your mind and mold it into form. Remember how all you had to do was envision something and it miraculously appeared before you. Try to remember the many forms you have taken, some human, but also many different forms in a variety of compositions, textures and features, but all beautiful and perfect in the eyes of our Father/Mother God.

            It is important that you remember that you have experienced every Root Race that has ever populated the Earth, meaning that you have been every color and you have borne the characteristics of every race now embodied on your planet. We are telling you that you are a multi-faceted Being who has experienced all the richness and diversity that this Earth, this solar system, galaxy, and Sub-Universe have to offer. And so, how can you judge your brothers and sisters because in this lifetime they have different colored skin than you—or because they have different customs, beliefs, and worship differently or call their God by a different name? It has been said, but bears saying over and over again, when you do so, YOU ARE ONLY JUDGING YOURSELVES!

            Remember, beloveds, during these times of great change, you can make a difference. Shine your Love/Light for all to see. Allow us to assist you to fulfill your earthly mission and nurture you with our love. Together, we shall prevail. I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : RonnaStar@earthlink.net


artist cathrine nodet the warrior

ART : The Warrior – Catherine Nodet


“Nurturing Yourself in the New Energy” – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson

art by Ichiro Tsuruta at kai fine art_com-4

ART : Ichiro Tsuruta @ Kai Fine Art


“Nurturing Yourself in the New Energy”

June 2016

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light. Today, we wish to discuss nurturing yourself in the new energy.

You are continuing to experience many energy shifts that are bringing in new, higher-dimensional energy, and this is opening your awareness to new possibilities in the Universal Light. New realms and new vistas are coming into your awareness.

The higher-dimensional energy has a quality of refined Light. The particles of this Light are very fine and rarified. They have a quality of being very ethereal with infinite possibilities. They are calling to you and inviting you to experience this refined energy. They are reminding you of your true home. They are calling you to experience the Oneness of all of Creation. They are calling you to let your own energy field rise in refinement to incorporate this refined energy.

Your personal energy field is enhanced when you nurture yourself. Nurturing yourself is no longer optional. It is crucial in the new energy.

Nurturing yourself in the new energy can help you to assimilate the higher-dimensional energy. When you nurture yourself, you are surrounding yourself with the heart energy of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine energy is loving, caring, compassionate, and understanding. It is longing to give you the nurturance you have provided to others for aeons. Now, it is time to give this nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine to yourself.

Surrounding yourself with the heart energy of the Divine Feminine enables you to relax and expand your consciousness to higher levels. Then, the new, higher-dimensional energy can settle gently into your Being, and you begin to rise to higher levels.

The more often you assimilate the higher-frequency energy, the more easily you can move between the dimensions. As you do this, you become aware, on a Soul-knowing level, that Love is the universal vibration of the spheres.

Nurturing yourself each day will help your vibration remain high. When you nurture yourself first, this keeps your Being filled with Light. This allows you to tap into Universal Love. As you are feeling this Love, you are able to be of greater service to humanity. It is hard to share with others what you do not first do for yourself. Therefore, nurturing yourself each day is not selfish. Quite the contrary, it is honoring your own Being by nurturing yourself first and then sharing this Universal Love with others.

The ways in which you decide to nurture yourself can range from time alone to being with others. It is highly personal depending on what makes your heart sing. Doing what makes you feel special and restores your energy will help you to nurture yourself.

It is the small, consistent nurturing of yourself that can make your heart sing. Even a few small things each day can build a bridge of caring for yourself that will allow you to go throughout your day fulfilling other responsibilities more easily. When you know that you will be doing kind, nurturing things for yourself each day, your Being is more likely to remain filled with higher-dimensional Light. It is an anticipation and joy when you appreciate and honor your Being.

One technique that you may wish to use to nurture yourself is to tune in to your Divine Spark, which connects you to All That Is. It is the eternal part of you that resides in your heart center. The more often you tune into your Divine Spark, the more brightly it will shine. This allows you to receive and carry even more Universal Love and Light. Your own Being is singing and happy, and this Light radiates out to humanity, the planet, and the Universe.

This allows you to view events in your current surroundings from a higher perspective. You can more easily relate to others. You realize that everyone has a Divine Spark within and that this is what connects everyone in Oneness.

Another way to nurture yourself is to practice self-appreciation. You can do this by focusing on your positive qualities. This is not done in a boastful manner. It is rather acknowledging those qualities that are part of who you are. This can be done privately in your quiet time.

These qualities may range from kindness to loyalty to being helpful to others. You may be open to new concepts and are a seeker on the spiritual path. Focusing on positive qualities can help to raise your vibration and keep your heart energy open to universal Love.

When you practice self-appreciation, this helps you to keep your body of nurturing energy full. Then, you are able to extend this nurturing to others. You begin to rise to higher-dimensional levels and, in turn, help to lift the energy of those around you.

Beloveds, we encourage you to continue to nurture yourself so that you may extend this nurturing to others. We are with you as you surround yourself and others with Love.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.


art by Ichiro Tsuruta at kai fine art_com-4

ART : Ichiro Tsuruta @ Kai Fine Art


All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

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Website: www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

THE OCEAN OF LOVE – Altair Shyam

Hindu Art Painting of Shiva and Parvati as Ardhanarishwara, 'Ardhanarishwara' ART.jpg Altair

Hindu Art Painting of Shiva and Parvati by Sonu Chopra @ NOVICA – see comments from artist below

Lord Shiva and Parvati become one soul and body, known as Ardhanarishvara. Shiva appears in his blue “cloud complexion,” while his beautiful consort wears a floral earring and nose ring. Working in luminous oils, Sonu Chopra depicts this symbol of their union. “I want to celebrate the trust and dedication a couple has with one another,” she says. “Only with complete trust and honesty shall a man and woman become one.”




Dear All

Thank you for your beautiful sharing on LOVE.

Guided by you and because of OUR collective energies I was gifted with a magnificent vision in my meditation of last night.

I was at the etheric retreat of Lord Shiva at the summit of Mt Kailash.

Shiva and Parvati were together in Shiva’s etheric retreat. Shiva turned and looked at me. His gaze is indescribable. Then the Divine Pair blended into Saraswati and Brahma. The fusion was the deep, ecstatic bliss of creation. Then they in turn blended into the wisdom and knowledge of the Bodhisattva Manjushri and Benzaiten Saraswati. A cosmic meaningful confirmation of the role of Divine Consorts.

The meaning of this vision is connected to some experiences I have been guided to share soon on the Alchemy of Fire and awakening the Mothers Bliss points in your body. There is great power within you and your energy body which is awakening. This power works through the ida, desire power (MahaKali) light channel in the left side of the body and the pingala action power (MahaSaraswati) light channel in the right side of the body. The basis of all this power is LOVE. It always comes from your heart.

Interestingly, most of the ‘phenomenal’ miracles that have happened to me over my life in the physical, from calling star craft to telepathy, connecting with animals, manifestations and bi-locating or ‘visiting’ others have all happened through mastery of love in conjunction with activations of the left astral channel (desire) followed by manifestation using the right astral channel (action).

Here is Shri Mataji speaking about exactly this Power of Love.

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi about Shri Saraswati

Creation Pingala Right Channel

“The Saraswati power within us which I have not talked to you so far, because you are already using it too much. We have 3 powers within us… the one power which is… is the Left side power of desire, the Mahakali power… whatever you desire the desire comes true. After some time you find you do not desire anything that is not wanted… you only desire something that is good for your spirit, and the spirit of others. The another power which is enlightened within us is the Right hand side power… the power of action… called as Mahasaraswati. Physically and mentally we are overactive… specially in the society where we are supposed to be ‘developed’ – we develop through using this power of action… Becomes Shri Mahasaraswati and then Shri Vishnumaya. Saraswati is the Goddess of learning, whilst Mahasaraswati is the Goddess of knowledge. She has 4 arms, wears white, the sign of purity, and has in her hands the vina, roses and a book. She gives the power to understand the subtle meaning behind the words. Also she gives the power to speak… to communicate by writing… and drama; She is the sister to Shri Shiva… She gives us Subuddhi, wisdom; She also corrects excessive attention to money, and does not therefore go hand in hand with Shri Lakshmi. Her qualities include creativity, art, music, communication, comprehension. The basis of all the creativity of Shri Saraswati is love – if there is no love, then there is no creativity. All the great creative works of the world have vibrations, and only those that have vibrations have been sustained by time; The quality of Saraswati is that she ends up into subtler things. So the Mother Earth ends up in fragrance, and music ends up in melody, matter in aesthetics, whilst water becomes the River Ganges, and air becomes the Vibrations.

Now for Sahaja Yogis as I say there should be no ritual… ritualistic things always make you absolutely dead… there should not be… like early in the morning you start with a mantra… and go on repeating mantra like a mechanical thing… it’s absolutely paying no respect to the Deity. But in a proper way… whichever deity you want to awaken… think of that deity, try to cleanse it, with all the understanding and deliberations… with respect… with a protocol… and not just to take somebody’s name and just go on chanting any mantra you feel… it’s not a mechanical thing. Sahaja Yoga is a thing which has to come from the heart… it is heart felt… if you do not do it from your heart it has no meaning. You may carry on like that, but you’ll find after some time you have lost your vibrations… you have lost the cool breeze… because heart doesn’t like mechanical things… every day it does new things… it never sticks onto habits… it never sticks on the same routine of things… it’s bubbling every day with new appearances… and so the mechanical things that you do deaden this power of Saraswati… one has to do it with complete love towards yourself and toward others… with complete esteem of your being and others. Sahaja Yoga should be in the centre. There is a difference between childish and childlike… you can be innocent like a child, but you’re matured… and both the things make a special dignified personality of such a person. All these things come from this Right side power, when you use it properly. Unless and until you have this established, you cannot impress other people by your behaviour. Other people, new people who come to you should see this majesty… this royalty within you… which you are enjoying as a blessing from God Almighty”

Mahasaraswati & Her Powers

“The second, the Action Power of God, manifested by Mahabrahmadeva, called as Hirenyagarbha, that emanates from the Adi Shakti; The right side creative power, the power of thinking… of our mental and physical effort; The Adi Shakti with the force of Mahasaraswati, created the whole Universe… and in that she created this world. Now by your second power, you will automatically meet people who are learned, and who are Sahaja… you will also read books which are Sahaja… even if you have to read some ‘other’ books, you will be able to know that ‘this’ is not correct, and ‘this’ is correct… and by that you will enrich your mind… when you will start speaking, people would be amazed… that those who have never spoken would be speaking very well… those who have never known poetry will be writing poetry. Lots of things will happen on the field of art also… those who did not know art, will do marvellously in art”.

– ♥ –

I am Altair, Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”


Preparing For First Contact–Chapter 4-The Debriefing–The Pleiadian @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Preparing For First Contact–Chapter 4-The Debriefing–The Pleiadian-Through Suzanne Lie



By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie


The Debriefing

Thanks to Shelia’s loving care, I recovered sooner that I expected. I have come through this experience with a much greater respect for the humans, as well as the many other galactic volunteers to wear an earth vessel during the era of post WWII and into their NOW of preparing for contact.

Of course, many humans are still unaware that contact with their galactic family is eminent, but more and more seem to be awakening to that event. Earth’s Internet has allowed the people to communicate with each other free of the “power over others” media that focuses, not on truth, but on maintaining their control of the planet.

I know I will soon be called into my debriefing, so I will have a chance to share all that I have learned. In fact, with that very thought, I am called into my debriefing session. I was expecting this call, so I am ready and leave my cabin to go to our meeting room.

After the appropriate amenities of greeting, I sit down before the panel that first briefed me for my mission and wished me well, as I went off to take an earth vessel. This statement may seem confusing, but even though some time seems to have passed during my third-dimensional reality, the Ship functions via the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.

In fact, returning to the NOW after so many years of living within time has been one of my most difficult recovery challenges. However, as I sit down before the unconditionally loving and totally accepting panel, I know that I have returned home.

At first the four, two men and two women, because we Pleiadians see the combination of male and female influence to be very beneficial. Now, I do need to explain that we Pleiadians have so much contact with our Earth family wearing physical bodies, that we often maintain a gender while on duty on the Ship. Then blend with our Divine Complements, if they are on the Ship, during our times of rest and recreation.

I hear the voice of one of the four and bring myself back to the meeting at hand. “I am sorry,” I say as I am swept back from my revere. “I am still adjusting out of my third dimensional thinking and back in to my fifth dimensional thinking.”

“Yes,” one the of the female officers says with a smile, “we can see that. How are you adapting to life back on the Ship?”

“Oh, I am appreciating my life here so much more now that I have seen the challenges of ascending Earth. At first, I kept flowing back and forth between my human and my Pleiadian self.’

“But I am sure that this debriefing will assist me to completely align with my true, Pleiadian nature, as each time I talk about my experience, it assists me to more completely return to my true, fifth dimensional self.”

“Did you read the Ship’s Bulletin from the Arcturians that it is the NOW for us to make ourselves more public to the humans on Earth?” she continued.

“Yes, I did.” I replied.

“It is for this reason that we have summoned you in for your debriefing. We see that you have greatly recovered from your Earth mission, and we are eager to understand what you have learned during your away mission,” said the four in unison.

At first I was a bit confused as to who was talking, as I was still holding the third-dimensional Earth concept of individuality. I could see that they were hearing my thoughts and were allowing me to re-calibrate my consciousness again into my fifth dimensional, unity consciousness.

“Thank you,” I said. “Since this is the first time I have left Shelia and my cabin, the remnants of my 3D experience are still in operation with some of my thinking. I appreciate your unified communication, as it helps me to complete my re-orientation back to my multidimensional self.”

“Are you ready to begin your debriefing now?” they said in unity.

I took a moment to make an assessment of my recovery and said, “Yes, I am,” as I took my seat across the small table between us.

“Then we will begin our debriefing. As we stated, we are ready to make our presence more obvious to humanity, especially since the latest Arcturian directive regarding releasing our cloaking more often and making our presence more known to the many who are ready and, in fact, asking us to show ourselves.

“However, we also know that there are many on Earth who are not ready to accept a reality in which there is reality beyond the limitations of their perception. Since you actually fell into that third-dimensional thinking during your away mission, we ask you to directly address your opinions and observations regarding Earth humans readiness for contact.”

“You are very correct,” I responded. “My life on Earth began with hope, excitement, an opened mind and a wonderful sense of adventure. However, the hardships of living in a reality in which so many people wish to gain power over others, where most people have to work hard for a living, and where unjust laws are passed to punish the innocent and reward those who live off of the misery of others, has given me great respect for the humans who have somehow remembered their true, multidimensional abilities.”

“As you know, I fell into total forgetfulness of my true Pleiadian self, of my life on the Ship, of my many friends and even of our my complement, Shelia. I think that my body became too injured and sick because there was a war within me. On one side I wanted to remember my true self, but on the other side I found it easier to just give up.

“There is an immense brain-washing campaign down there in which the Power Over groups seem to have most of the control of the media. There is a great deal of truth that is being revealed via the Internet, but there are many people who do not have computers or Internet service.

“Furthermore, when highly intelligent and/or awakened humans use their innate creativity to make a statement, the dark, power-over ones hold back their inventions, hide the true storylines of their movies with excess violence, steal their patents, and much more. Many have even been murdered for speaking the truth.

“Yes,” the panel answered in one voice. “We have gotten this same intel from our other volunteers to Earth. You volunteered to take on a reality in which you were overcome by those challenges, so that we could better understand where people begin to get lost. Can you assist us with that information?”

“I think so,” I said. “I have been speaking with Shelia about that very thing. She was observing me from the ship and could give me some great feedback. She told me that when I did not allow a deep loving relationship into my life that I began to get depressed.

“Then, as I became more and more depressed, I looked at my self as a victim to others rather than the master of my own life. Of course, being in an unjust war in which many innocent people were murdered, their homes and land was ruined and no one stopped it, took away much of “spirit for change.”

“The generation that I chose to enter was born just after World War II. There was a brief time in the 1960’s up till the late 1970’s where it appeared that humanity had recovered their courage to speak up for themselves.

“However, after only a few years into the 1980’s that spirit for change was gone and everyone had to work hard to pay for the “credit cards” that the Power-Over ones gave away as a “gift.”

“I was in the United States, but there were myriad similar stories, with slightly different timelines, all across the world. Fortunately, the Power Over others’ underground bases where finally destroyed by our Galactic Forces. If that had not occurred, I am sure the entire planet would be in worse shape than it is now.”

“Do you see hope for those who are lost to the indoctrination of being the “elite power-over group” and/or for those who feel trapped and victimized by their version of earth reality?” the panel asked me.

I had to think a bit before I could give my most honest answer. Finally, I said, “I did not, and could not, see much hope while I was still wearing my earth vessel on the planet. However, now that I have recovered, I can many important changes that were occurring before my very eyes, but I was too downtrodden to perceive them.

“I guess my answer is that if the grounded ones can connect with their higher resonance of self in the higher dimensions and/or on the ships, they can gain a perspective of personal empowerment.

“At first, they may only think of this their “higher self” as being someone above them, but what I did not remember until I returned home on my ship, that “higher self” was always within me.”

“Yes,” responded the panel. “We also see that finding their power within has allowed many humans to make a huge difference in their reality. Unfortunately, we also observe that there are still many kind and loving humans who cannot allow them selves to embrace even the possibility of what they call “extraterrestrial life.” Could you address that issue?”

“Yes,” I responded thoughtfully, “I can try to answer it. In fact, I also became so lost that I could not believe that someone who is not even on our planet would help us. I fell into a state of deep victimization in which I could not trust anyone, even my self.

“So, if I could not even trust my self, and/or my own culture, friends or country to help me, why would I even think of trusting something that I could not even see? On the other hand, even if I did see a Starship, I doubt that I would have believed it. I would likely have called it some kind of conspiracy.

“Since I had fallen into the state of consciousness in which I was the victim to “them,” without identifying who this group of “them” was, I could not allow myself a solution. Even when I was called back to the Ship, I had so lost all hope in ever getting the assistance that I so desperately needed that I fought the very thing that my inner self wanted.

“Not only was I totally lost to the power-within of my Pleiadian self, I was lost to the power-within of my human self. I have found that the most difficult part of my recovery was to forgive myself for so totally forgetting my own higher dimensional SELF.

“It was the unconditional love and total acceptance from Shelia, my Divine Complement, that helped me to finally unconditionally love and acceptance my self. But how can we send unconditional love and total acceptance to the many wounded ones on third dimensional Earth?”

“Sharman,” replied the panel as they sent me unconditional love, “You have been very helpful. We have been trying to discover a manner in which we can best assist the humans on transmuting Earth, but your recent experience of being human has reminded us that our most effective assistance is to help humanity to help themselves.”

“Yes, yes,” I answered in an excited voice. “Do you remember our early Pleiadian history? We too wanted to create a new life. So, we traveled around the Galaxy in search of the exact planets in which we could ground our unconditional love and multidimensional light to create our new homes.”

“Of course,” replied the panel. “Perhaps the best assistance we can send to the humans is unconditional love. In fact, we can begin by sending the collective power of our Pleiadian unconditional love to those who wish to have “power over” others, as well as to those who are finding and/or living via their “power within.”

“Yes,” I said excitedly. “Just speaking about Power Within has completed my recovery. I am ready to further help in any way that I can.”

“Thank you,” replied the panel. “This has been a very informative debriefing. We will be calling on you again. In fact, we are planning to send regular ‘Transmissions to Earth.’ The Arcturians have been sending these transmissions for many decades of Earth time, and found them very useful.

“Since we Pleiadians appear very similar to the humans, we will be amongst the first Landing Party on Earth. Therefore, we wish to prepare humanity by sending regular transmissions to Earth. We would like you to be in charge of that Commander Sharman.”

“Thank you,” I said as I stood to leave. “I would be honored to assist with preparing humans for our landings in any way that I can.”


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