Serapis Bey and the Divine Masculine – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Serapis Bey – unknown artist

Serapis Bey and the Divine Masculine


I’m greatly impacted by Serapis Bey’s interview on An Hour with an Angel this week.

Not like I was aware of it until he spoke, but every soul that we’ve had on the program up till now has put forward the point of view usually associated with the divine feminine – let go, don’t resist, surrender, flow.

Serapis Bey uniquely put forward the viewpoint I’d associate with the divine masculine – persevere, be disciplined, have a determined will, push through to the end.

One of his past lives was as Leonidas, King of Sparta, who, with 300 others, stood off the Persian army at the Pass of Thermopylae. Leonidas is known for his iron will.

He couples that with purity of intention. His intention is to serve the Divine Mother.

His will is not directed against anybody, except perhaps himself.  It’s directed to achieving the Will of the Mother. It’s my surmise that a will truly bent to the service of the Mother would have lost the ability to harm.

He said that there was no room in lightwork for self-aggrandizement. He pointed out that everything the Ascension aspirant does is in service to the Divine Mother, not the ego.

If someone was still into those vibrations, they’d be unable to serve, he said. And the Company of Heaven would probably not use them. He spoke very candidly.

He said that the divine masculine was meant to serve the divine feminine – and vice versa.  The genders were meant to cooperate. This cooperation is what is missing and what the rebalancing that is being done now is designed to restore.

What I took away from the discussion was that the gifts of the divine masculine were to be made freely available to the divine feminine, and vice versa. There was to be some specialization of function (child-birthing, child-rearing, for instance), offset by the free service of one to the other – in marriages, communities, and so on.

The way he knit the vision together inspired thoughts in me of King Arthur’s Camelot, the finest of chivalry, Biblical communities, intentional communities. There has always been something about these chivalric stories that appealed to me. As a young child, I was reading tales of chivalric knights – Ivanhoe, Roland, the knights of the Roundtable.

One thing I think they got right was that the chivalric knight served the woman. If the woman served the knight too, the balance would have been captured. But men chose to subjugate the woman.

We had one gender’s service being demanded of it (the feminine) and the other not extending service in return (the masculine). Everything is out of step with universal law and creates nothing but residue of resentment.  Patriarchy rested on a foundation of subservience, which could never stand. In my view, it saw the complete breakdown of the way the genders were divinely meant to relate.

Our relationships were filled with drama, which became the stuff of our nightly entertainment. We hated the drama in our lives but laughed at the drama portrayed on TV.

We were stuck in a cycle of drama. No love can be found there.

To borrow Archangel Michael’s expression, this way of being is being “re-gridded” to rebalance it, to re-establish the mutual connection of the genders through love and service to each other. All of us have a chance to lead in this brand-new expansion in the meaning of humanness, happening around us.

A second memory was aroused in me by Serapis’ words: Perhaps a peculiarly male side of life – the love of discipline.  His discussion of discipline as consistency took me right back to the karate dojo. You had to be self-disciplined if you were throwing kicks and punches around.

I so loved what I could do with my body in karate. And the essence of karate was discipline.

Of course, the discipline he’s referring to is self-discipline. It has nothing to do with others. It’s not a licence to dominate. What discipline produces is designed to be used in servic

What he reminded me of was that discipline required a consistent regimen from us for the constant practice that made for a starburst of understanding and the mastery of … a discipline. Olympic athletes practice it. Ascension seekers practice it. Serapis called it the fast route and offered to guide anyone on it who asked him. (Yes, I did ask him mentally to initiate me in the discipline.)

He re-awakened a sense of the divine masculine in me (both genders have it), which I’d been resisting and suppressing for a very long time. He gave me permission to reconnect with it, under altered conditions. There’d be no more parasitic feeding of the male upon the female.

The gender bond has to be one of mutual loving service, and that in itself leading to service of the Divine Mother. Transformative love would make the difference between swimming against the Third-Dimensional tide and sailing on smooth waters.

Without both genders serving the other, the train goes off the rails. For men especially, this’ll be an adjustment, a rediscovery of ethics, honor, and self-control. For women, I imagine it’ll primarily be a test of forgiveness and then of wanting patriarchy to stop.



Serapis Bey – unknown artist

Serapis Bey and the Divine Masculine

Shaman’s First Transmission To Earth @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sharman’s First Transmission To Earth–Chapter5 Preparing For first Contact–Pleidians through Sue Lie



By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie


Sharman’s First Transmission to Earth

Greetings from our Pleiadian Starship,

Within your NOW we are beginning a series of transmissions from our Ships, which are just beyond your atmosphere. We send these transmissions to those inhabitants of Earth who are ready to expand their consciousness, and thus their perceptions, into the “Transitional Reality of Earth.”

For those who are able to attend to and accept the many writings, movies, blog posts and human communications that remind you that something is changing on planet Earth, what you may not know is that “where your attention is, there you are also.”

In other words, if your attention is limited to third dimensional news, communications, jobs, financial issues, and violent confrontations, your consciousness will become lowered to the level of fear that these messages create.

What you may not know is that those who have been in “Power Over” your reality for generations of your time/space reality purposefully create this worldwide fear. However, your consciousness is expanding, more and more into higher fourth dimensional and fifth dimensional states of consciousness.

As your consciousness expands to include the concept of higher dimensional states of consciousness and versions of reality, your perceptions increasingly calibrate away from your third and lower fourth dimensional worlds of illusion and into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional realities based on the ONE of the NOW.

We, your galactic friends, see that more and more of you are having moments, days, or even more extended conscious experiences of delta and gamma wave consciousness. Your delta wave consciousness brings in enough awareness of your own inner power that you can “Let Go” of lower dimensional lies and illusions.

At first, this process of “letting go” can be somewhat disturbing, as you have released your old third/fourth dimensional operating system and have not yet understood and embraced the new fifth dimensional operating system.

In other words, you have completed your exploration of a third dimensional reality in the first stages of ascension. But, as the frequency of that reality moves into the flow of the NOW of the ONE, your daily, “normal,” perceptions are beginning to expand into the higher fourth dimension of your reality.

Furthermore, an ever-expanding population of Gaia’s humanity is expanding their consciousness to include the next octave of reality, which is the fifth dimension. As you awakening ones now remember, this flow of the ONE expands your consciousness and perceptions beyond your fourth dimensional perceptions and into their fifth dimensional perceptions.

Once you have consciously felt the fifth dimensional energy fields as they flow into your meditations, your dreams, and increasingly into your daily life, the separation, limitation and sequential time of third/fourth dimensions become increasingly “old fashioned,” and you long to enter into the New World that you feel within your being.

As you continue to return to your true fifth dimensional expression of self, your consciousness and perceptions become increasingly calibrated to more easily perceive the multidimensional light and unconditional love that you so longed for during your long mission to third dimensional Earth.

As you have likely observed, unconditional love can be a challenge in a third dimensional reality, but it is also a transmutational challenge well worth exploring. Many of the members of our away teams to ascending Earth have had many incarnations on Earth in many different timeframes of reality.

Now, many of you are remembering your true SELF back home on the Ship. Therefore, we are asking you to share your experiences with us, as well as others within your current reality. Many do not realize that they are experiencing living in a reality that is in preparation for transmutation into the next octave.

We commend you all for choosing such a challenging life in which you are consciously observing and experiencing the impact of the duality of love verses fear. Please remember that from your innate, higher perspective of also being on the Ship, you have the ability to observe the past, present and future of those realities.

From within the NOW of the Ship, you can collect all that you have learned from all third/fourth dimensional Earth. The fifth dimensional viewpoint of the Ship allows you to perceive the illusion of time within Earth’s three cycles of past, present and future, simultaneously within the NOW of our fifth dimensional ONE.

We have observed that by the “time” our volunteers finally remember their true multidimensional self on the Ship, they have had many adventures on third/fourth dimensional Earth. Some of these experiences were “good” and some of them were, shall we say, “educational.”

We say “educational” because not only did these incarnations allow you to have the opportunity to help others on Earth, but you can also better inform us, the members of the Landings Party, about the readiness of humanity for our direct contact.

We have also learned, that many of our volunteers to ascending Earth have had many challenging experiences and need to return to the Ship for regular debriefings and much needed R&R. After being in a polarized frequency of reality for a long “time,” they are ready to return Home for a much needed visit.

Before the finale of your long process of third dimensional life, after life, after life, many of you enjoy visiting the Ship. Some of you have only had one or two incarnations on third dimensional Earth, but some of you have taken many incarnations on many different locations and timelines.

Our volunteers often forget their true self and become completely immersed in their third dimensional version of life on Earth. Some of these experiences were part of their mission statement, so that you could collect and bring back data about how we could best assist with the earthlings’ personal and planetary transmutation.

It is one thing to observe the dramas, both good and bad, from a higher dimensional perspective, and an entirely different thing to observe it while you actually live within that physical/astral reality.

Unfortunately, because of this great challenge, many of our volunteers have become trapped in the “Wheel of Life and Death” of a third dimensional planet. In some lives our volunteers may have fallen into the lowest resonance of the third dimensional energy waves.

Often, this very brave mission was their choice. These spiritual warriors chose to live out as many incarnations as it took for them to remember their true Multidimensional SELF, while still wearing their earth vessel.

When they did remember that they were inter-dimensional travelers, they could begin to document their experiences, so that others who are just beginning to remember could discover that they were NOT alone.

As many of you can now recall, you were visiting Earth in the timeline that is on the cusp of a consciousness breakthrough into the fifth dimensional octave of planet Earth. In fact, there are many within your “breakthrough reality,” as we call it, that do not have such a realization-YET.

Hence, it is important that those who do recognize the “feeling” of breaking through the dogma and separation of the third dimensional paradigm, know that the octave of reality to which you are beginning to resonate is the fifth dimensional version of the reality.

We can see that many of you are in dire need of some rest and recreation before you can move onto the next phase of your mission. Therefore, we lovingly invite you to visit our Ship in your night body or gamma wave meditation.

After you have had replenished your earth vessel with our fifth dimensional unconditional love and transmuted your earth vessel with our Violet Fire, we ask that you serve as a scribe and document your experiences.

We then ask that you share these experiences with others, as well as with us. We will begin our “landings on Earth” within Gaia’s fifth dimensional frequency band. In that manner only those with a fifth dimensional state of consciousness will be able to perceive us.

Because there is so much strife on your world within this now, it would create too much fear and further aggression (as aggression is created by fear—not bravery) if we landed in the third dimension of reality. On the other hand, if you can expand your consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimension, you will be able to perceive us.

You must remember, though, that your higher states of consciousness have different frequencies of perception. Therefore, you do not see us as you would a physical airplane. At first, you will likely perceive us as an “inner knowing” that we are there. Then, if you are away from a populated area, we can move into frequencies closer to your physical perceptions without fear or aggression.

If you use your higher states of consciousness to invite us into your home or property, we will appear within the fifth frequency of consciousness in which you invited us. In other words, if you ask via your fifth dimensional consciousness, we will enter at that frequency.

Once we know that the majority of people are ready to confront the beginning of an entirely different era of their reality, we can reveal ourselves more often. Earth is a very difficult planet to make contact with because it has such diverse cultures with vast ranges of readiness of personal and planetary ascension.

As an example, some earth humans will only be able to shift from their third dimensional, physical expression of self into their fourth dimensional, astral expression of self. On the other hand, some will be able to shift into their fifth dimensional, lightbody expression of self.

Some Earth humans are even ready to shift into their sixth dimensional light being or even their seventh dimensional Oversoul. Because Earth has always been such a diverse planet, some humans are even prepared to shift into their eight through twelfth dimensional expressions of SELF.  Fortunately, many who could personally shift into the eighth through twelfth dimensions are only shifting to the fifth dimension in order to use their multidimensional energy fields to assist the entire planet to shift into the fifth dimension.

Gaia is very grateful for this assistance, and those who do make that temporary sacrifice will experience the joy and adventure of Gaia’s transmutation into a fifth dimensional “light planet.”

Since we on the Ships resonate to the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond, we know that Gaia will, and already has, become Her planetary lightbody. Once this ascension process begins, it will progress faster and faster because the process will leave third/fourth dimensional time and move into the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.

It may take many incarnations before one who is totally lost in the third dimension can remember and totally merge with all the octave of their multidimensional self. Fortunately, time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimension.

Once one begins their process of returning to their true, Multidimensional SELF, their transmutation moves faster and faster until they flow into the fifth dimension. Once they expand their consciousness, perception, sense of self and reality into the fifth dimension, they leave the time/space of the third/fourth dimensions.

The lifetime in which a person, or a planet, is able to make that breakthrough is often called the “Transmutational Reality.” Just as you, our dear volunteers, are experiencing more and more “unseen beings” who wish to assist you to expand your “imagination” and/or “state of consciousness,” so will many more.

Earth has become a Transmutational Reality. Hence, an ever-increasing number of Her inhabitants will be experiencing moments of “peeking through the veil of illusion” to find that which was always there, but they forgot.


Finding Your Light-BodyMeditation


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Hope you see you all join us


Sue Lie

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Everything is Coming Up Angels – Shanta Gabriel @ The Gabriel Messages

Angels of Joy by Marija Schwarz at Fine Art America

Angels of Joy by Marija Schwarz @ Fine Art America


Everything is Coming Up Angels

There are times when the Heavens open so the Angels come closer to the Earth to bless all of humanity with deeper communication and connection. This is one of those times.The Archangels have a vested interest in the evolution of consciousness on the Earth. They want to help each and every one of us to find our way through the density of this time and create a life that works in more strategic and sustainable ways, enabling us to thrive in the new 5D frequencies of Light that are so available.The following is from Archangel Gabriel.

Dear Ones,

In the expanse of all life, there are times when the messages of God’s Love come through the presence of Angels. These blessed beings of Light carry the powerful presence of the Divine to touch the hearts of all those who are open to receive.

Never before has there been a time when the gifts of Divinity are so available. You need no intermediary, as these gifts are a part of your Soul’s destiny. There are moments in life, however, when a personal loving touch from the Grace-filled Wings of Angels can act as a soothing balm to the soul who yearns for more Love, Peace and the pure joy of Divine Union.

And so there are Angels to bless, embrace, guide, protect, and love you into the eternal place of unity with God within you. The Archangels, as the leaders of the legions of winged beings of Light, hold a special place within the ascension of the Earth and all humanity. They are the architects of new life, and each one holds a special resonance that your soul recognizes as Truth.

There are even moments when the field of Light that holds this resonance coalesces to create a new life path, or to enhance the journey your soul has chosen. At those times, your most Divine Self has put out the call to receive a greater presence of guidance, empowerment and love into your life on Earth.

When you are ready for mastership  — living in your most Divine Self while in human form  — that is when your soul opens to receive a special quality of consciousness from the Archangel who is called. Your whole body responds to this essence in pure acceptance, and your energy system opens to the rewiring necessary for divinity to transform you from the inside out.

A new rainbow Light Body is being created within your energy system that has the capacity to hold higher frequencies and live in harmony with the Earth at the same time. The Archangels have been tapped by Divine Intelligence to work with those souls on the earth who are willing to walk with them on a new journey of Oneness. It is not that Angels are the only path to ascension, but these beings of Divine Light are offering to ease the way for you and bring forth a new level of freedom so you can express your highest divinity in fulfillment and alignment with your soul’s destiny.

We want to work with the creation of your light bodies. We want to refine your energy systems to contain more Light from God, more Grace, more Love. All that we do together will transform physical reality and uplift humanity. The world needs enlightened leaders. The more people who are accessing the light frequencies, the lighter the planet becomes.

As you embark on this new discovery path with the Angels of Light, it will affect all areas of your life in a way that brings new awareness and Soul Alignment. You will find correlation within you so all is in alignment with Divine Union. Because the Archangels are here to teach the principle of Unity Consciousness, you will see how skillfully it all fits together.

The call has gone out. Who will answer? Let your Soul respond. And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel

The Archangels work in systems of empowered light. When these frequencies provide links to the human energy system, what develops is a new level of interaction within you that sparks the codes in your Light Body field. This enables you to work more freely with the new frequencies, learning to sustain them so you live more comfortably in 5D life. Your way to this alignment is fully supported by the Archangels working with you.

During the Summer Solstice on Mt. Shasta, June 21, 2014, an activation occurred when the Stargate of the Heart was opened. Because of the refined frequencies of 5D on Mt. Shasta, this activation provided a deep opening connection to the Soul gifts of each person on the Earth. With awareness, you can bring forth a life pattern from another dimension into this life so your soul has the ability to use these gifts to bring Higher Consciousness to the Earth.

We spent all of 2015 integrating these new frequencies into our physical bodies. Now, on Solstice June 2016, we will again climb the sacred mountain, back to Gabriel’s Gateway on Mt. Shasta, to anchor the frequencies that will allow your Soul’s gifts to manifest on Earth. Come join us if you feel the call to work in person on the sacred mountain.

A Rainbow Ring around the Sun with Venus shining within the circle greeted us at Gabriel’s Gateway on the June Solstice, 2014.


Our amazing Solstice experience in 2014 brought the teachings of the Archangels into a new empowered level of teachings for me. I was given a deeper understanding of the qualities of consciousness the Archangels represent, so they could anchor in our physical bodies for the purpose of creating a new field of Divine Light within our bodies and in the world. This new Light Body enables you to access the Higher Dimensions and anchor them in your body so you become a bridge from Heaven and Earth. This focus is working in and through all that we do together.

Greater manifestation of your dreams and a deep inner place of peace develop as you have access to the new creative forces catalyzed by the teachings of the Archangels. Through intention and prayer, breath and connection, all aspects of life from human to Divine are activated and brought into union within the higher frequencies of Heaven.


Walking with Archangels through Life Program - Shanta Gabriel

New Archangel Study Program for 2016
Walking with Archangels through Life

I am excited to announce a new seven-class series called Walking with Archangels through Life. This is an Inspired Archangel Study Program that includes seven teleconferences in which I transmit the essence qualities from the Archangels to create new energy links within you. This provides a deeply personal connection to the Archangels that are represented in each of your seven main chakras.

The Archangels want to offer tools for personal and spiritual growth, and provide ways to live in the 5D frequency shifts with more grace and ease. When you walk with the Archangels through life, you experience a powerful force for Love shifting your awareness and refining your energy system so you create a more beautiful life experience. The Archangels offer key system linkups for this creation.

What You Can Expect

In each class, we will be working with the Archangel that holds a template from the human energy system for the higher dimensions of 5D living. The coding is within you that will provide you new access to a field of Light energy you have never experienced. Using the tools provided by the Archangels, new energy flows will open within you so more Faith and Ease is available for you to use. These practices also open channels of Light that act as electrical circuits, connecting you to a larger Source of energy for your daily life. As you create this alignment, you are able to sustain these higher frequencies in a more balanced way.

The technology of Light is a refined system the Archangels have brought into the world. Those who feel a resonance from their Soul can step into these refined fields with Grace. How do you know you are called? Are you curious how Light works? Do you want a personal relationship with the Archangels that will heighten your evolution, as well as the consciousness on the Earth? Do you want your chakra system to function in greater balance with the new frequencies of 5D on the Earth?

If so, I invite you to join me for this magical program. In each teleconference, I will channel the essence of the Archangel that is represented in the particular chakra we are studying. This will create an opening and a new level of balance in each chakra to provide you with a practical and foundational connection to the empowered presence of the Angelic Dimensions in your life. You will also receive a special meditations (mp3s) that will assist you to gain a deeper heart connection to each Archangel, as well as beautiful study materials to help you anchor the teachings into your daily life.

A sampling of what previous program participants have to say:

“This period of connecting to the angels is a beautiful, life changing experience. I feel so happy and blessed to be part of this. I want it to go on forever.”

“Thank you for helping me strengthen my connection to angelic assistance and love. This has gradually become a BEYOND WORDS experience.”

“You have brought so much to my life in these short 7 weeks. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”

Click here for more information and to register. Register by June 20 for Early-Bird Savings!