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The Constant and Universal Theme of Service

Part of our role in this Ascension is, not only to ascend ourselves, but also to serve as incarnated lightworkers, helping others to ascend or helping to prepare the ecostructure of the New World they’ll ascend to.

From start to finish, the role of incarnated starseeds, celestials, and other lightworkers in this planetary Ascension, unique as this Ascension is in the universe, has been to serve.

Others, who are approaching Ascension for the first time, are devoting their attention – perhaps at higher levels of themselves – to their personal preparations.

Archangel Michael said there was no one “Event” but instead will be a series of events. One is Ascension. The other is the Reval. And both have stages and processes.

I’m preparing to start my own financial service and found myself reflecting on how I would do it.

I came upon a part of myself I had not really given much thought to yet. I call it “the dominant cast of my mind.”

The dominant cast of my mind is that of a monk. I’ve either been a monk or a philosopher several times, apparently. I realize that this lifetime I need to serve as a financial wayshower and a man in relationship – neither of which come naturally to the kind of monk I think of myself as being.

But this was a much-neglected side of me that now was asserting itself as I got closer to dealing with funds.

Werner Erhard would have called the dominant cast of mind our “always-already listening.” It’s the predetermined cast of character we bring to the situation, that which precedes the situation and frames our response to it. We come to any situation with our mind already partially made up.

So here I am, having tossed my hat in the ring to serve as a financial wayshower, and I am by inclination a monk. How might it work with financial wayshowing? I asked myself.

Well, I have very little attraction to money, except for its usefulness in conveying love and support in tangible form.  Above and beyond my daily needs, I have very little use for money except to assist others. That seems to me to promise some relief from actually dealing with funds: I won’t be attached to them (I hope).

Moreover, as a monk by leaning, I can draw on spiritual knowledge that may not be available to some others. For example, I’m aware that the treasure of life (love) is to be sought and found in the heart, not in material wealth or what it can buy. I’ll skip buying the yacht and the chateau in the South of France.

I’m also aware that remaining centered and balanced in all things is imperative when acting as a financial wayshower. Many more things can be handled by remaining in the center than when on the extremes of passion and emotion.

These things I draw on spiritual knowledge for. As you know, spiritual knowledge was more or less elbowed out of the marketplace from the 1980s on. Instead business was cast as an exercise in preventing others from stealing our lunch.

How fortunate to have interviewed Serapis Bey last week because he re-kindled my interest in the divine masculine, which is exactly the part of me that I’m going to have to draw on after the Reval.

I think of the divine masculine as being “will.” I think of the divine feminine as being “love.”  That does remind me of the Heavenly Father and Divine Mother.

Everything in life will change with the snap of a finger. And how will I remain a monk amid the various perks and tantalizing offers being offered me? It will be challenging – very, very challenging. We’ll all need to help each other with the adjustments that will come.

There’s something else that’s happening.

Everything Archangel Michael has told me lately, via my personal readings through Linda, has ignited in me a much greater seriousness about my work. There are some aspects of the last reading that I don’t feel comfortable talking about but the effect on me was to have me get very much more serious.

To get serious about my work, to claim my dominant cast of mind and make it work, to prepare for the tsunami that the Reval will be, etc. – these all surface in me like strong urges or impulses.

Another interesting occurrence. Recently, in a discussion with a friend about the importance of remaining centered I saw, in a flash, several visions in my mind’s eye. One was of a man hammering an iron rod into stone, planting a flag in the rod, and standing firm. Another was Excalibur being inserted into stone. And a third was Ulysses lashed to the mast.

All three seemed to communicate the message that strong determination will be needed to get through this next chapter – the events of the Reval – and carve out a life that’s do-able,  helpful, and successful. But that’s the first time I’ve been aware of being fed impressions or images.

In regard for the need to have will after the Reval, I think again of Serapis Bey as Leonidas holding off the Persian army with his force of three hundred. Except now all the battles are internal.

It’s the army of desires, issues, resentments, fantasies, taboos, etc., inside of me that I now will need to handle.

Having escaped illusion once, we agreed to return to it again, on a mission of mercy from the Mother, done out of love for Her and her creation. Is that not the constant and universal theme of service?


egypt female and worker

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The Constant and Universal Theme of Service