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The magnetic pull of soul mates is sovereign enough to brake down all mind´s idea of a “perfect” mate, so that one is urged to obey and left no choice than to trancend personal preference of physcial appearence, age, culture or any external physical attributes. It is all about soul coherence and vibration. To soul that is all that matters. Your soul doesn´t care about blue eyes or brown eyes or physical form. Nor does it care about your romantic ideas of the ideal wo/man. The magnetic forces at stake will be forcing a coming together on all levels of your being, if according to soul contract. Foremost the souls will join forces on soul level (in the higher realms) and if it is part of the plan a coming together on the physical level will happen consecutively, when and if both parties are open and ready. If ego are given free hands by one or both parties most likely these unions are seen as a “threat” and avoided, because of the profound mirroring, that these soul connections are triggering. Many evolved souls are still resting in toxic relationships, as they still have lessons to learn to come into self love and divine union within and/or in some cases because of vows of eternal love “I will never leave you” contracts from previous incarnations.

Now however is the time for divine unionships to be formed – a new balanced form of relationship, where we see our partner as an integral part of self, as a divine extension of self, not one to make us whole or complete, but to share our wholeness (holyness) with. A unionship where we see and serve our partner as a living embodiment and expression of God/Goddess in his/her own right with no fear of rivalry or competition, but simply being his/her divine mirror and servant of love in its purest transpersonal expression. These unionships go beyond personal agendas of playing “father, mother, child” or “getting engaged and marry” storylines”, but are about anchoring the twinflame energy/divine union into the new earth matrix to assist our beloved earth in turning into a beautiful star of christ unity love.

It is time, it is time to go beyond our personal story and preferances, it is time we grow up and show up as masters of love and trust love, trust our hearts guidance and follow its guidance. It is time that those still holding on to old vows of eternal commitment to certain souls, set themselves free to evolve and follow their souls plan of creating divine union within and become androgynous divine beings of love beyond condition or personal agenda, sacred vessels of divine union and ONE with all of existence. ~ Linda Grace –


Grace Elohim blog

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Archangel Gabrielle: Necessary Rewiring – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

if-you-were-a-sailboat- by nik-helbig ART

ART : If You Were a Sailboat – Nik Helbig


Archangel Gabrielle: Necessary Rewiring

Archangel Gabriel/Gabrielle through Shanta Gabriel (1) this month contains a passage I found extraordinary. It harked back to something that Archangel Michael said to me on May 27.

In an Ascension ethnography, the topic of the process by which our light bodies are brought online has an important if little understood place.

Archangel Gabrielle said:

“When you are ready for mastership  — living in your most Divine Self while in human form  — that is when your soul opens to receive a special quality of consciousness from the Archangel who is called. Your whole body responds to this essence in pure acceptance, and your energy system opens to the rewiring necessary for divinity to transform you from the inside out.

“A new rainbow Light Body is being created within your energy system that has the capacity to hold higher frequencies and live in harmony with the Earth at the same time.

“The Archangels have been tapped by Divine Intelligence to work with those souls on the earth who are willing to walk with them on a new journey of Oneness. It is not that Angels are the only path to ascension, but these beings of Divine Light are offering to ease the way for you and bring forth a new level of freedom so you can express your highest divinity in fulfillment and alignment with your soul’s destiny.

“We want to work with the creation of your light bodies. We want to refine your energy systems to contain more Light from God, more Grace, more Love. All that we do together will transform physical reality and uplift humanity. The world needs enlightened leaders. The more people who are accessing the light frequencies, the lighter the planet becomes.” (2)

“Your energy system opens to the rewiring necessary for divinity to transform you from the inside out.” Compare that with what Archangel Michael said to me:

“It is important for you to know that in this time, during this frame of reconstitution, rebuilding, re-gridding, re-anchoring into a broader spectrum – that is about one of the best ways we can explain it – that your beingness has expanded and your body is accommodating, adjusting, getting ready to fully step forward into a new realm of existence.

“Yes, it is the new realm of existence of Ascension but it is also the new realm of existence of Terra Gaia, of humanity, of a new way of being upon this planet in tandem not only with each other but with the seen and unseen kingdoms with your star family.

“So it is as if you are blinking, and, yes, I know you’ve said to me many times, ‘Michael, this is too slow.’ Well, it is a very slow blink in terms of your perception, but from ours it is a blink, and your entire world as you know it, has changed.” (3)

So, in our ethnography of Ascension, we need to take note of this rewiring or regridding that’s necessary if our lightbodies are to be activated and brought online.

Of course there’s no opportunity to know more about it from our own experience until we’re a ways further down the road. But we can make note of the subjective experience of going through the events of this phase.

There is the invitation, folks. The archangels and the angels want to help us refine our vibrations. They want to work with people in the activation of their lightbodies.  They want to produce leaders. The more people who take the leap, the lighter the planet becomes.


(1) As far as I’m aware, archangels don’t have gender. In my understanding, gender is associated with male and female procreative organs and archangels neither have them nor procreate. But that’s simply my guess.

(2) Messages From Archangel Gabriel – With Shanta Gabriel. June 1, 2016.

(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading wth Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 27, 2016. Used with permission.


if-you-were-a-sailboat- by nik-helbig ART

ART : If You Were a Sailboat – Nik Helbig


Archangel Gabrielle: Necessary Rewiring

Straight Talk on Ascension – What is Time – Episode #5 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Monday, June 6, 2016

Straight Talk on Ascension ~ What is Time? ~ Episode #5


Straight Talk on Ascension ~ Episode # 5

What is Time?

Today is Monday……whatever. I can’t really keep track of 3D time or places. I will be with the “time thing” for a while and then suddenly, what I now recognize as a thought form comes into my consciousness.

The concept of thought forms instead of words, sounds, pictures, and other 3D visions of communication is still a bit new for many of us. Therefore, these fifth dimensional “channels of reality” that are increasingly coming online with our expanding consciousness can still easily confuse us.

Just as we are beginning to understand this fifth dimensional operating system, the fifth dimensional reality channel suddenly goes off-line. Then, if we are lucky, or centered, the higher frequency reality comes back online again.

Within that moment of that fifth dimensional Now, we are connected with the frequency of reality, which is just beyond our dream world, where we first learn to travel inter-dimensionally. It is during our inter-dimensional consciousness travels that we can recognize and receive inter-dimensional thought forms.

Fortunately, we are regaining more and more of our ability to realize that these flashes of our “imagination” are indeed fifth dimensional portals of light that we are able to perceive within that Now. 

Within that Now, there is no separation, no time, and no sequence because the fifth-dimensional frequency of reality is beyond time/space.

The fifth dimension is the next octave beyond the fourth-dimensional Astral Plane, which is just beyond the third-dimensional material reality.

Our consciousness is expanding into the fifth-dimensional Gamma Waves. Therefore, we are beginning to catch glimpses of a higher reality that does not resonate to the third or even the fourth-dimension.

This “Initiatory Portal” is what guides us into the first adventure of our expanded perceptions of reality. Expanding our perceptions through this “Initiatory Portal,” is a conscious passage for us to meet our fifth-dimensional SELF.

The word “initiation” is used because once this portal has materialized to our multidimensional perceptions, we know we are on the cusp of a leap into a new octave of our consciousness, perceptions and experience of reality.

This frequency leap is much like leaping from the edge of one cliff and on to the edge of the next cliff, which is on the other side of the void separating the two cliffs.

To make this leap, we must stand on one threshold and prepare ourselves to leap across the nothingness and onto the edge of the opposite cliff. However, this is not a leap of our physical body, but a leap of our state of consciousness.

In order to make this leap, we must “let go” of the first cliff (state of consciousness) to jump to the next cliff (state of consciousness). In order to LET GO into a higher frequency of consciousness, we must “let go” of our old perceptions that resonate to that frequency of reality.

In this manner, we can begin to embrace the new “operating system” of the fifth dimension. We are accustomed to the operating system of the third/fourth dimension of time and space.

We are also accustomed to polarities of male/female, night/day, good/bad and many more. These polarities are like the two different cliffs that are separated by the “seemingly nothingness” of the “in between.”

However, as our consciousness increasingly adapts to the fifth dimension, our expanding mind can perceive that the “in-between” is not just empty space. As we adapt to our fifth dimensional perceptions, we can see, hear, touch and smell the “something” is in-between all 3D versions of separation.

As we begin to naturally perceive all fourth dimensional auras, we can easily see how our auras overlap and intermingle. Hence, the male and the female blend into the “in-between” to reveal the androgynous version of humanity that was always there.

However, even though we were accustomed to being on the edge of our third/fourth-dimensional self, we could not perceive the fifth dimension because our perceptions were not yet attuned to receive that frequency of reality.

We were accustomed to being on the edge of our third/fourth-dimensional self, but we are just now beginning to embrace our fifth dimensional self who is just beyond that which we formerly perceived as the “edge.”

In order to begin our shift into our fifth-dimensional self, we need to move beyond the experience of our many third and fourth-dimensional lives. In other words, we must totally release that third/fourth dimensional “edge” in order to jump across the the “in-between” and onto that fifth-dimensional threshold of reality.

We can best prepare for this challenge by learning the new operating system of the fifth dimension. Once, we had to crank the engine to start the car. Then we used a key to start the car. NOW we must realize that WE are the car.

The “fifth dimensional system” is NOT separated into opposite polarities, like it is in the “third dimensional operating system.” Therefore, our fifth dimension self is NOT separated from our third dimensional self, except via our third dimensional belief in separation.

It is this paradigm shift of the fifth dimensional operating system that will be very challenging to many of us. Releasing our addiction to individuality, competition, and sequence will be our ultimate test of faith.

But this is not about our faith in others. This shift requires faith in our self. What will happen? We do not know. We must release all that we have become attached to in our 3D world in order to leap into a reality that we have not experienced while wearing a third dimensional earth vessel.

Those of us, and there are many more than we may thing, who are beginning to remember our higher dimensional realities, our life on the ship and/or our inter-galactic home-world, are getting a “preview” of where we might be going and who we might return to.

As we know, it is easy to get lost the first time we take a journey.

Also, this leap of faith can be much like crossing an old rope bridge that is swinging back and forth as we cross. This crossing takes great confidence within our self and within our knowingness, but at least there is something to hold onto.

On the other hand, this leap of faith/consciousness is not just about crossing into a new reality. This leap is about realizing that WE ARE our Higher Self. WE are the Ascension Representatives for all of the lives that we have ever taken on third/fourth-dimensional Earth.

We do know from our dreams, aspirations, creativity, and deep inner reflections that we can and will make this leap of consciousness. We also know that WE are ready for this higher octave of reality.

“But when will this occur?” we ask. The answer is, “This shift will occur within the NOW of the ONE.” This answer may seem impossible to our 3D consciousness. However, our consciousness is growing far beyond the confines of the earth vessel that we are currently wearing.

Also, many of us are feeling our Kundalini awakening and preparing us for the shift from a third/fourth-dimensional Earth Body into your fifth-dimensional Light Body. As we shift into and out of our Lightbody, we will find that we have entered a dimension of reality that does not adhere to our “third dimension operating system.”

The third dimensional operating system is based on inner/outer, masculine/ feminine, and/or Higher Self/ego self. These titles were created to find a manner in which we could talk about the operating system for our third dimensional world.

However, as we transmute beyond the concept of “separation from others,” our perceptions of separation begin to blur into the “Unity with the ONE.” It is within the NOW that we can expand into our fifth dimensional operating system. 

We will also discover that more and more we are leaving “time.” When we leave time, we also move beyond all conceptions of sequence, deadlines, and single moments. At first, this can be very frustrating, and even a bit frightening, as we are wonder what is “wrong” with us.

However, “wrong” is a third dimensional term. And, in order to enter a reality in which every thing, every situation, and every one  is Now, we must release our habit of being ruled by time.

Since our “new fifth dimensional reality” has NO separation, there is NO chain of command, there is NO boss, there is NO employee.  There is NO future and NO past. There is only HERE and NOW.

Within the Here of the Now is Unity with ALL LIFE.

Most importantly, in this new reality, there are NO conditions for love.

All love is unconditional!


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