Your Soul’s Alignment with Divine Union – Archangel Gabriel through Shanta Gabriel

art Awakening-L meganne forbes is tara

ART : Awakening – by Meganne Forbes


Your Soul’s Alignment with Divine Union

A New Message from Archangel Gabriel

Dear Ones,

The codes for Unity Consciousness are awakening on the Earth in greater magnitude than ever before. During the upcoming Solstice Full Moon, an alignment with your Soul’s Highest Destiny awaits your awareness.

Whenever a gathering of Light occurs, the Archangels are available to step through the divine portal that is created to bring Heaven to Earth. All those who ask to be in that powerful alignment with their Soul can experience the frequencies of Light that bring Divine Union into being.

This Solstice/Full Moon Activation on June 20 ushers a new season of awakening and creates a wave of empowerment for Unity Consciousness to awaken within all souls on the Earth.

What are the gifts you have brought to the planet to share? What is the divine expression your soul has promised to anchor on the Earth? You do not need to know the details to receive this offering from your Highest Self.

Divine Union is only one of the gifts that is being introduced during this Solstice Full Moon activation. With the Sun at its fullest point of the year and the Moon at its fullness as well, the Masculine and Feminine energy is at equal full power to allow Divine Union to be manifest.

For all those who have committed to anchoring Divine Love and Unity on the Earth, a portal of Light is opening on June 20 to anchor onto the Earth the soul gifts that you brought with you into this lifetime. You will now be given an opportunity to receive them in a new way. The grounding of these gifts through your human form is the empowerment being offered to you right now.

On Solstice, June 21, 2014, your Soul gifts were called into your life, but it took all of 2015 for them to be integrated. Now with this powerful Solstice Full Moon, you can anchor the gifts of your Soul through your physical body so you can fulfill your Soul’s Destiny in this lifetime.

The Archangels have committed themselves to assist the Light of Unity Consciousness to be awakened within all humanity. Ask to receive the gifts of your soul and consciously anchor them through your human form. Do this and you shall receive. Whenever the alignment with your Soul’s highest wisdom is invited to work within your being, new realities are brought forward into your conscious awareness. New Life in this fifth dimensional frequency includes a powerful alliance with the wisdom of your soul and a deep and nourishing connection to the Earth’s wisdom.

Let yourself be held by the Archangels and know that the power within these teachings of Light are with you no matter in what hemisphere you are located for Solstice. With this auspicious moment in creation of new life on Earth, those in the northern hemisphere are anchoring the greatest Light ever received. At the same time, those in the southern hemisphere are awakening new Light for all humanity.

The Archangels are assisting the process so you can anchor Divine Union within your body and bring Heaven to Earth during the Solstice on June 20. There will be an unprecedented Portal of Alignment that will assist you so you can anchor the divine attributes represented in the gifts of your Soul.

It is important that you join and celebrate with others so that the magnitude of receptivity and awakening can be multiplied exponentially. If you cannot be with other people physically, an intention to join the Web of Light throughout the Earth that is being activated by the Solstice empowerment will help you connect. These tremendous gifts from the Archangels will bring an outpouring of Love for all humanity on Earth during this precious time.

Invite your Soul to bring your gifts into this lifetime so that you can be the divine demonstration that you so desire to be. There is tremendous support for you to create the alignment that will allow you to manifest these gifts on the Earth now. You are not alone in this process.

Know you are blessed and being supported as you walk through this Solstice Portal. Imagine that there are Archangels on either side of the gateway. Walk in trust as you focus on Soul Alignment within the depths of your being and embrace the activation of Unity Consciousness within your physical body at this empowered time in history.

Remember that all is truly well. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
June 17, 2016


art Awakening-L meganne forbes is tara

ART : Awakening – by Meganne Forbes




the-fire-caller-by-perlamarina art The Fire Caller by Perla Marina

ART : The Fire Caller by Perla Marina



We are all part of a soul family. We ALL have connections to each other. We share the infinite consciousness of Light, Love and Wisdom just as we share the energies of Mother Shakti. We share a common humanity. These energies we experience flowing through your body and mine are not unique to me or you. Their pure activation depends on our alertness, awakefulness and awareness. By being completely awake we connect to the infinite consciousness of Light, Love and Wisdom through our Presence. This is in turn awakens our own divine light within and in others.

We are bringing love and healing to each other. By techniques like dream walking, light blending and shapeshifting a group of friends and I were able to discover soul connections that we all have, regardless of where we live. We are all connected. We discovered where our souls had connected and linked with others and how to heal and co-create with others. We discovered the soul family and how it assisted us to awaken the light body consciousness within. We were inspired by this wisdom to truly make a difference in each others lives just as we can do now. This is what we are all doing here together. This is unity consciousness.

I will share with you what we experienced and how we merged with the Fire Winds.


Some years ago a group of friends and I gathered to experiment with the dragon/serpent energies, Mother Shakti or the alchemy of fire.

Our first experiment was dream walking. Could we consciously enter and ‘participate’ in each others dreams?

If you try this I suggest only doing so with your Beloved or One you know very well indeed as when successful you will access each other’s deepest conscious and unconscious memories from this life and past and future existences. The intention must be Love and Wisdom.

To join together in love.

To reveal wisdom.

Basically, what we did was as follows.

First we set up the ‘link’ with a partner. We sat opposite each other, looked clearly into each others eyes and then at the same time cycled the breath in the ida or left prana channel of the body.

This is known as the Feminine, Venus or Mother Deity. It is simple to visualize this energy as Emerald-Green.

Then at the same time we cycled the Fire Wind, or ascending breath in the pingala or right prana channel of the body.

This is known as the masculine, Jupiter or Father Deity. It is simple to visualize this energy as Ruby-Red.

We did this while still looking into each other’s eyes and using the dragon/serpent fire to connect with whatever aspect of the partner’s consciousness we wished to for healing. This was mutually agreed upon beforehand.

This first experiment in dream walking was fully successful in all ways beyond our imaginations. I was able to enter into my partner’s dreams and she was able to enter mine. We could communicate consciously in our dream states to the point where we could also forsee certain events for each other.

We were able to demonstrate in front of the group simple feats such as telepathically relaying thoughts and images which the others could verify and selecting from random objects or sets of playing cards and passing the results to the other person who was some kilometers away in another house. We could also predict the layout of a random selection from packs of cards, for example, or visualize a set of random numbers and pass them from one mind to another with perfect accuracy. These are simply just good tests of the ‘link’.

The bliss of such unity is quite overwhelming as we could feel, perfectly, what the other person thought and ‘see’ what thoughts and images their mind held. So as I suggested, if you try this, do it with appropriate caution, respect and mutual agreement. Love and Wisdom. If any one partner wants to stop then stop. Let it go completely.

This gave rise to Light Blending which in fact is a real state when the body glows with light. By allowing the Light in, blending with the Light, and assisting others to heal and grow in their Light, the Light magnifies the glory of your soul. Our other friends, who knew nothing of our group, started to make statements such as ‘you are glowing’ or ‘there is a light around you’. We truly could feel that.

Shape shifting is a natural consequence of the change in your Light Body. Day by day as we linked and worked with each other we began to notice changes that connected us to the wisdom of past lives and deities. The form and shape of the other person as we practiced these techniques and exercises took on different ‘roles’ and connected with their Light Family in visible ways, that were apparent to us all. We could ‘read’ their ‘timeline’ as it were and see, through the veil, into the invisible world. This was very useful to be in a group like this as we could all share and see what the others saw.

Altair Goddess fire blog

Shakti, the Goddess of power, different forms – unknown artist


The changes in the Light Body happen through The Goddesses, also known as the Ten Shaktis, which are winds or energies that flow through your body in channels (of prana, life force or chi) in the same way as the sushumna (central channel) and the ida and pingala (left and right channels) flow.

The Ten Shaktis are, the fire accompanying wind and turtle wind (wind elementals), the upward moving wind and the chameleon wind (fire elementals), the pervasive wind and the devadatta wind (water elementals), the serpent wind and the dhamnajaya wind (earth elementals), the vitalizing wind (space elemental) and the downward voiding wind (pristine mind or bliss elemental)

The Ten Winds of Mother Shakti are moving through the eight channel petals in your heart and the prana channels above and below the heart. Above the heart is the vitalizing wind and below the heart is the downward voiding wind. The Ten Winds become the Ten Shaktis with practice.

They will appear to you.

This why alchemy and the Grail are so important. The Higher Heart is activated through the practice of inner alchemy, your inner magic.

The Father and Mother are the right and left channels (ida and pingala) which dissolve into the central channel (sushumna) through the fire of great desire.

This is why Yeshua said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and Buddha said the Buddha is within.

And Krishna said To enter the spiritual sky, the Kingdom of Heaven, the abode of Krishna, one’s individual consciousness needs to be perfectly united with the Ultimate Consciousness (the Krishna Consciousness) within

And Thoth said you are One with the Master and One with All.

As the Kybalion says The ALL is Mind. This is the secret of the Universe. You are not separate from anything. The All is Within You. This is alchemy and the power of Manifestation.

This is the fire of bliss flowing in your light body.

quan yin pinterest

Quan Yin – unknown artist


1 – Mother of Dragons 2 – Dancing in the Fire – The Great Seal – Mahamudra 3 – Activating the Fire Winds

Again, the KEY is what you do and how you work WITH the energy relationships of the Awakening of the Fire, the Mother of Dragons and the Great Seal, the Mahamudra, and the Fire Winds.

What I have shared here is merely a feather on the breath of God. It is designed to trigger questions, deep source questions from I AM, the power of divinity and Presence WITHIN. The Dragon’s Power is NOW manifesting as fire and Prana from the middle throne of your heart in the physical body and the Higher Heart in the etheric body. The Higher Heart is accessed by mastering the Dragon’s Breath or the Breath of Fire, which is also ONE with Babaji’s Breath. Raising the Serpent Fire using sound vibration such as the Yeshua Codes and mantra such as Ku-Ma-Ra unites the polarity and awakens the inner fountain of love. Meditating between 4am to 6am as the Dalai Lama does is a simple secret known as ‘Brahma Mahurta’ (the hour of Brahma) as the ‘Breath of God’ naturally unites due to even breaths in both nostrils.


This is the true potential of co-creation. BEING THE GOD-SELF, making our own portals and accessing the frequencies of the elementals through our own creations, ALLOWING THE LIGHT TO ENTER and our Light Body to activate.

You carry the golden flame of enlightenment within you Dear Ones.

Let it shine.


Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi swāhā

Go beyond your self, go beyond what you know, go beyond the breath, empty yourself, bathe yourself in Divinity.

We are One with Divine Father and Mother through our conscious choice and creation.


It is through Our Presence, by moment to moment awareness of our co-creation with our fellow beings, this planet and the many worlds, that we learn best how to serve.

I AM traveling between worlds. I AM simply breathing walking enlightening listening listening.

I am truly interested in you sharing your experience of FIRE

As we share deeply so we open our shared wisdom and Light.

Ask for sharing and gathering and love to connect us all.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother …


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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