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Beacons of Light
June 2016
Presented Live 5/28/2016

Greetings Dear Ones, I am The Keeper of Time.

I have come to you this day in order to intersect your timeline and to help you understand part of the larger aspects of the waves that are taking place on your planet right now. In reality, you have found many ways of moving forward, but it is still generally three steps forward and one or two backwards. This is the normal path that everything seems to take when it experiences resistance. Well, you have set your energy well dear ones, as you have turned a rather big corner. We wish to tell you about that this day so that you can embrace and use it.

Clearing debris from your past

Many of you have been having challenges.  Whether they are large or small challenges, physical or environmental, whatever it is these major shifts of energy have taken much of your energy over the last several months. This is understandable for many different reasons. We also tell you dear ones that you basically had to clear a lot of the energy from the past. Many times, those of you who have walked forward willingly to step into new energy have left things unsettled It is not absolutely necessary that you always go back and fix everything in your past. That is not needed. What happens, dear ones, is that it builds to an energetic level almost as if you can carry it in your physical being. In other words, what takes place is that you may have an interaction with someone that you love, and perhaps you say something that hurts them. Then you do not get the opportunity to talk to them or clear that energy, so that gets stored somewhere in your body. You usually focus all sorts of energies in your physical body. This is why you have so many healers on your planet—to release some of those things. But without even going to a healer, the planet has started to shift in a new way.

As we have mentioned before, at the heart of your Milky Way Galaxy is a rather large black hole that has started to feed again. In reality, all of this time you have been clearing and settling energy. This is the reason many of you have had setbacks, challenges or could not see the future. You felt that you could not make your manifestations work, no matter what you tried and regardless of what had worked in the past. It is as if you are out of kilter just a half degree and you seem to miss everything, but now that is shifting for every human on Earth. So, celebrate it not only with your fellow humans, friends, and loved ones. Know you have cleared a huge amount of debris from your past, which you do not have to carry forward into your fifth dimensional living. You will say that it was worth it, when you come Home and can see the larger picture of things. Dear ones, you will understand it at that point, but until then just know that things will get better for everyone.

Lemuria and Atlantis

We are not telling you that all the problems of the world are solved, all the manipulations of the world have stopped, or that everything can settle its own energy. That is simply not true, for you have setbacks coming in several areas. Most we have already clearly spoken about, to  let you be aware of ahead of time in order to make your decisions about where you wish to be. We have told you about the economic re-set and the Earth changes that are taking place. The planet is adapting herself so that she can hold empowered humans. You have done this before, dear ones, when most of you were there in the days of Lemuria. Oh yes, you re-member the Atlantean ones more easily than the Lemurian ones, which almost seem too simple. There was no major wresting of huge problems of how to house all the people or how to make an empowered society. You were successful at that, which is where Earth today is going: the exact same place. You have an opportunity to change everything on your planet. Will it all happen at once? No, of course not. It will happen in small segments, with three steps forward and one or two steps back. You experience that on a normal basis anyway, for it is part of the beauty of who you truly are.

A perfect time to start new projects

You now have the ability to start new things. It is a perfect time, dear ones, to start a new project such as that book that you have always had in the back of your thoughts. You have wondered if you would ever have the time, or whether you would be good enough. We tell you, dear ones, you are good enough, absolutely. And we are waiting to watch the profound effect that you will have on your planet. Many of you have already been doing it already. You hold the energy of love. You are workers of the light who have decided to ground that energy not only in the planet, but in your surroundings, environment, and friendships. These are magical for all of you. We tell you, dear ones, there is so much more ahead. You have great capabilities of touching each other’s hearts. That is what we ask you to do with this. Your luck will start to change, even though it may not all happen at exactly the same moment, so watch as your energy starts to shift. Are we talking about all people on planet Earth? Not all—some are on the degrading cycle. It is mostly those of the light who are moving in this direction. One is not good and the other is not bad, as you will see at some point, because you need the balance of all of it. However, for those of you who have worked in this energy and wish to prosper and work in this area where you can spread your light, you will find things getting a little easier.

Dear ones, we are not even going to say three months this time because that would be very easy to do. You are not quite finished with the last several three-month segments we have given you, but this is a breath of fresh air. Yes, that is the way to think of it—go outside and you inhale. Most of you are very hesitant, so you take small steps to test everything in front of you and make sure it is what you wanted. We ask you to just open the door and breathe. Open the door and take it all in, then step forward into it. If the timing is not right for you, or if some of the issues you have been clearing are not quite released yet, you will know it. Fortunately, you will have opportunities for it to come right up in your face, which is the perfect opportunity to release it. Let it go and make conscious decisions to move forward into the light, for times have changed. Your world has shifted tremendously; the rules by which you have been living have also shifted. You are finding so many things, dear ones. It is just magical for us to tell you that this is causing a huge area of interest throughout the universe, as more eyes on planet Earth than ever before.

About the planet that has found planet Earth

Let us speak for a moment about another planet, which has found Earth. They have discovered you—we have spoken of the planet for the last couple of years. They have found planet Earth, but they do not quite know what to do with it. They understand that there is probably life on planet Earth due to the surroundings. They can see somewhat of the ionosphere, the blueness of the water and some of the things that can be seen from far away. Although they do not have the technology to reach you, they have recently done a few things to get your attention. We tell you there are many opportunities, dear ones, so watch the planet 486 found by Kepler, which that is how they are getting the messages to you. You will see anomalies, things that cannot be explained. Actually, you have already seen a few so watch for more. Share with others when you see evidence of them and celebrate. Do not slip into fear, for it is exactly the opposite of what they have intended. Those who see you out are a great race of beings. Are they ahead of you in any way, in evolution or technology? Well, in some areas they are slightly ahead of you and in others  are behind. In many ways, they are actually very well matched for your evolution. What will be interesting to you is that they also do many of your same rituals. Would you like to speak with them? Simply go into a meditation and open a channel, for they are waiting to respond and would love to do nothing more than to bring some of the energy in from their planet to yours. Do they have all the answers? No, of course not. Dear ones, you are holding many of the answers yourselves. Open this bridge of communication energetically at first, and later you will be able to actually meet some of these beings which will be a grand event indeed.

Earth changes

Earth has also been going through some fairly major changes and shifts. The cycle has been sped up so greatly by the pollution of planet Earth and the industrial revolution itself. The fossil fuels that you constantly put into the air with carbon pollution, is now on a spiral that is moving faster and faster. It is very difficult to predict when these events will take place, but all of you can help to calm this down. You are the beings of light. You hold the energy that comes through you, which you can ground into the Earth. Work in harmony with her in any way you can. You have learned to recycle certain things and to live more in harmony with the planet in some areas. Teach it, spread it around. Share the need for it and communicate with her directly for she is in a major transition. It is actually her transitions that cause some of the opportunities to help you clear your own past. That is really what is taking place.

The core of the Earth, the very center piece of the planet which is solid, is basically moving within the molten sea. The core is moving at a different speed than the outside of the Earth, which is actually what creates the planet’s magnetism. The process works well until it starts to degrade, which is what is happening now. We will share more of this with you as we go forward. Dear ones, we encourage you to work in harmony with Earth, because right now you can make more of a difference in some of these areas than you ever have before. It is almost as if a wind has blown onto planet Earth, clearing many of the clouds and allowing you to see much further down the path than you ever thought possible. Do not be discouraged by the small things. What are the small things? They are the big issues you have been dealing with—at least what you thought were your big issues over the last several months. Are you ready to step past them? That is what is taking place. Inhale a deep breath  of fresh air, then do so over and over again. This simple act will fill you with light, love and energy that you can not only bring to the Earth, but to your fellow man.

You are spirits pretending to be human in a physical bubble of biology. You are learning to use that spirit, how to place it up front and center, with the energy coming from it in different ways. You are the magicians of the game board. We honor you, dear ones, and ask you three things only: To treat each other with respect. To nurture one another at every opportunity and do not forget to play well together.


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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lotus_pond_by_hiliuyun at deviant art

Lotus Pond by Hiliuyun @ DeviantArt



My Ascension Breakthrough – Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

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My Ascension Breakthrough


By Mercedes Kirkel

Thank you to everyone who responded to my last blog post (MY ASCENSION REPORT—PART 2). I felt hugely supported, just by hearing from so many of you who are involved in the ascension process and learning about your experiences. (To see some of the responses, scroll down to the RESPONSES section at the bottom of that post.)


I want to share what’s happened for me since I wrote that post, because the process has continued and I’ve had a big breakthrough—YAY!!!!!


I also want to share what I learned from hearing so many people’s responses and seeing how it did or didn’t match my experience. I’ve actually distilled what I’ve learned into FIVE KEY INSIGHTS INTO THE ASCENSION PROCESS THAT MOST PEOPLE AREN’T TALKING ABOUT. These are:


  1. No one knows what’s happening.
  2. Our experiences are real.
  3. Don’t assume your process will look like anyone else’s.
  4. This is a death process.
  5. We’re becoming our own guides.


I have A LOT to say about each one of these insights and will be sharing more over the next few weeks in this blog.


But for now I want to share my breakthrough with you. Earlier this week, in the midst of reading the responses from so many of you (thank you all, again!) and feeling into what it all means, I went through a shift. It happened within about an hour-long period and had certain steps and connections that I went through.


While I can’t recall the details of the process any longer, the essence of what happened is that I went from confusion, doubt, and concern into trust.


I wasn’t trying to get to trust. That never works for me. My process is the very Feminine process Mary Magdalene describes of surrendering to painful feelings and allowing God to direct me from that place. But seemingly in an instant, I went from confusion, doubt, and concern into trust.


It was as though I’d crossed a fundamental divide and suddenly I was experiencing everything from a whole new perspective. I would describe that new “place” as being united with God.


From this place, I knew that whatever I experienced was fine—including confusion, doubt, concern, or anything else. It wasn’t my preference to experience those things, but it wasn’t going to shake my trust. That trust was coming from being unwaveringly connected to God.


From this place, I realized that I could bring discipline to my experience—not as a means to get to God, because I was already there. But discipline could make the process a whole lot easier. Suddenly, it just made sense to do it. I realized that I had lots of spiritual practices in my “bag of tricks” that I hadn’t been making use of.


A few hours later, one of my friends sent me a link to a video of Victor Oddo talking about what’s happening this month in the ascension process. I don’t know who Victor Oddo is or where he’s sourcing his information from, but he was exactly describing what I had just gone through. And I really enjoyed his “non-typical” spiritual presence—that he’s young, high-energy, no-nonsense, and not assuming any kind of spiritual “posturing.”


Anyway, I felt delighted. I took it as the universe (read: my personal guidance) affirming that I was completely on track.


That night, I started applying my spiritual disciplines. Before I went to bed, I engaged some of the practices from SUBLIME UNION for circulating energy through the chakras. In the morning, I meditated longer than usual, spending extra time resting in my heart and using my 4D manifestation process for strengthening myself.


Lo and behold, I felt a lot better the rest of the day. My energy was strong and I was able to get a lot done, which was reassuring since I feel like I’ve fallen behind and have been barely covering the essentials during the last few ascension waves.


Since then I’ve continued doing the practices and my energy has continued to be strong. I’m being productive and enjoying my life again. That feels great!


Will this last? I certainly hope so, and only time will tell. But even if my energy takes a dip, or even a dive, I don’t think I’ll lose my new center of experiencing whatever happens from the place of being united with God. I don’t think I’m going to lose that, any more than I’m going to forget how to walk or ride a bicycle. It’s there. And I sense that will make all the difference.


I have one last thought. I don’t think it’s any accident that all this is coming up for me right now. The YESHUA AND MARY MAGDALENE CHANNELINGS I’ve been receiving over the past weeks as part of the current series has been off-the-charts powerful and profound. And the topic for the next one is “What Is the Ascension Process.” If you haven’t been participating in this series, I strongly encourage you to join in. The series will be continuing until the end of August and you can listen to the recordings of the previous channelings. To learn more, CLICK HERE.


©2016 Mercedes Kirkel, http://www.mercedeskirkel.com, All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety, nothing has been changed or altered in any way, and the post includes 1) the title, 2) “Received by Mercedes Kirkel” beneath the title and above the body of the post, 3) this copyright notice (full paragraph), and 4) Mercedes Kirkel’s website (http://www.mercedeskirkel.com).





Lord Metatron with Lord Saint Germain share an in-depth discussion of the Solstice-Full Moon Alignment for June 2016 with a special announcement of these energies becoming more grounded into the Mt. Shasta area.

Greetings and Love to each of you,

I Am Lord Metatron and I am communicating with Lord Saint Germain in this moment. We are standing within the Command Center of Telos at this moment. We have been wanting to converse with each of you about the energetic exchanges that will be occurring on June 20th, 2016 for the Solstice Full Moon energies.

We have some very important information that we want to convey to you. We are coming together in this way as I represent the Light Infractions that come into the Earth through the Sacred Geometry within the Metatronic Light Frequencies. I will be explaining how this solstice is different from the others and hopefully assist each of you to understand your role in being upon the earth at this time.

Lord Saint Germain, being the Mahachohan of the Seven Rays of God represents the Spiritual Hierarchy of all the Chohans, Elohim, and the Archangels that represent those flames of light. He speaks from the Ascended Master State of Consciousness to assist each of you to incorporate these energies within your consciousness but he has a very important announcement to make about this transition of Light that each of you will be experiencing. We are quite excited about our energies coming together in this way.

I, as Lord Metatron, first of all want to thank you for taking the time to read this information but please connect within your Higher Self with some deep breaths as you absorb the energies off of the page. I bring to you the Metatronic Light Frequencies for you to accept into your consciousness so that the changes that will be occurring will not throw you off balance. We want each of you to fully incorporate as much light frequency as possible, but at the same time to allow your equilibrium to be the determining factor through this event.

Let me start at the beginning by sharing with you about this year’s accelerated phases that have been occurring within you and upon the planet. At first, we were very unsure if humanity would be able to accept the light formations for this Solstice experience. We have found through the previous months of the Wesak energies that the awakened souls are realizing more about themselves than was expected. We know this year has been a challenge for each of you and that your physical existence is going into another dimensional experience. It is for this reason that this Solstice during June with the alignment of the full moon energies will be especially important as a landmark of energetic exchange for the planet.

The Solstice always represents the Feminine and Masculine Divine energies coming into alignment, Heaven and Earth meeting at the point of time to receive the essences unto each other. We are finding that humanity is starting to realize some of these elements within themselves through individuals that are awakening to the higher energies and realizing the potential they have within themselves. We also noticed that there is a wave of movement within these individuals that some believe one way and others that believe another. We know there is duality within the planet as it is truly in the fourth dimensional energies. It is truly being shown in people around the world with the leaders and common folk arguing with one another trying to find their place in their existence.

During last year’s Solstice the Solar Angels of every soul upon this earth were activated to work with each individual through their sleep state, meditations, and hopefully in the awakened state. The Solar Angel is the representative of each person’s Higher Self until that aspect can be fully accepted into the full body system (usually end of the 4th initiation of the Mastery Pathway). We found that people starting changing in various ways even if that person had not awakened in their consciousness to what was happening. It truly made a difference to the energies of the earth plane.

So as of 2016 Gaia moved into a new phase of her initiations with each individual being given the opportunity to open up their energies to the Solar Angel in physical form. We found so many more individuals awakening that would not have done so previously. It has been miraculous to watch and see.

But yet, there still needed to be more that occurred. Just because an individual opened up their eyes and ears to another dimensional world did not mean that they did not know how to handle the energies. We found this to be very true. So more had to happen in a gentle but yet powerful movement.

The Wesak energies were unbelievably powerful for each initiate and even those that were not fully on the pathway starting to think more about their self care and how they may need to change. We did find that many did not understand this process and some have slipped back into their uncertainty of the self.

As the Solstice comes closer, we saw many of you that are awakened and aware of your own challenges and achievements; you were being affected deeply by the present energetic exchanges that were occurring. People were not ready to accept the physical challenges, as the mental and emotional bodies still were not catching up to the rest of the process that has been occurring.

We have been concerned that many of you would not be able to handle the present exchanges of the Solstice with the Full Moon, but as we researched deeper into the percentages of how to teach individuals to ground these energies, we started to feel that it was time to allow these energies to occur. Sometimes, we in the Spiritual Hierarchy, have been very protective of each of you. The increased energies have been kept at bay so as to assist humanity in the process.

We have found that there are many of you that are ready to go to the next step, the ones that are within the First Wave. These individuals have worked at this a very long time and many souls left the planet due to the increased challenges. They are the ones that have been able to set the foundation for the continued waves to come into the planet.

The other souls that have come in afterwards are catching up to the first level and then there have been several other levels following suit. But it is within these individuals that the 1st Wavers needs to hold their ground through this process as to help the others even though it seems as if you have been doing this for a long time. The following wavers need to acknowledge that the 1st wavers truly have been the pioneers to help others and realize the potential to learn so much through this process.

So this brings me to the Solstice with the Full Moon in June.

These energies represented by the planets of the Moon with Sagittarius bring forth great expansion. It is a time for the Masculine and Feminine Divine to unite. It is a very changing energy that represents Divine Love and Manifestation to be present within the planet. It is also a time of balance between the mental and emotional bodies so that one does not go out of alignment. It is represented by Radiance of the Light and the Emergence of the Dark uniting together as One, not in separation that it has been.

All of our misgivings have been blessed by each of you that is stepping forward during this time to hold these frequencies. The planet will be infused with the Electro-Magnetic pulses that represent the Masculine – Feminine Divine.

What does this mean for each of you?

Well, it is a time of great change, more than you have ever experienced. The ability to fully stand within this power and allow yourself to be grounded to the earth will result in changes in your life that will work with you. It will ignite elements that do not fit this essence so each of you must realize that it is time for elements to come into alignment not only within Gaia but within each of you.

As you are the holders of this light frequency, it is imperative for you to allow the Electro-Magnetic pulses to come within you, through you, and then into Gaia. You are the holders of this light and your job is to send it out of you. But yet, you will also feel the fluctuations of changes to occur within you. It is an opportune time to allow yourself to go into a new state of Beingness, to accept your challenges, and learn that the lessons have not be for naught. They are teaching you to be more and better from your I AM Presence for the greater good.

So I am here to help you ignite these energies within yourself through the Sun and the Moon. We are here to work together and I will also be helping to ground some of the Metatronic Seals within the Earth. These seals are to assist each of you to come to the reality of your Divine Contract as an Angel of Light, to be able to hold this essence within your physical body.

Through the Solstice we will be working within these seals:

  1. Integration of the Higher Essence
  2. Grounding
  3. Male Essence – Desiring to be acknowledged
  4. Female Essence – Desiring to be appreciated
  5. Integration of Masculine & Feminine Divine As One

This is only halfway through the seals as there are 10 seals to receive your Golden Solar Angel, but each awakened soul, upon the pathway of Mastery will work through these seals to allow them to become a reality. We are bringing forth the Electro-Magnetic energies within Gaia to be introduced and accepted by each living organism of this earth.

All of these energies may be very intense for many of you as your four-body system becomes accustomed to receiving the higher light infractions that are necessary to hold these frequencies. You must remember that it is imperative to do the soul psychology work to heal through your emotional and mental bodies. This is just the beginning of allowing the Masculine-Feminine Divine to be fully implanted with in the earth.

It is a powerful event, this Solstice of 2016, which truly reflects what was desired to happen in 2012 but humanity was not ready. I am very excited to be with each of you and work more closely to allow these energies to happen upon Gaia, within Gaia, and within each of you.

I now turn the energies over to Lord Saint Germain so he can tell you more exciting news.

Blessings and Love,

I am Lord Metatron at your service.



Thank you, Lord Metatron for the fabulous introduction to these energies and the event we are all about to experience. I am excited to be able to be the Being that has been chosen to speak about the physical manifestation of the Electro-Magnetic energies.

I am Lord St. Germain, standing here with my colleague and close friend, Lord Adama, High Priest in Telos to share this news.

During the time of the Solstice as the Electro-Magnetic energies are flowing into the planet, there will be a physical event that will occur in and around Mount Shasta. Those of you that are aware of our Golden City over Mount Shasta in the Etheric 20160429_180006858_iOSEarth will understand what we are conveying to you.

This city has been a meeting place for all of us within the Ascended Master State of Consciousness for eons of time. We call this Golden Etheric City Havalanechee. It represents the 22nd Ray of God in the flame of Platinum and brings forth the essence of the Source of All That Is. It is the stage of the 5th Dimensional Consciousness of Completion, the God and Goddess coming together as One.

At the time of the entranceway of the Solstice, with the Sun and Moon coming together, accessing the Electro-magnetic energies, this city will be igniting its essence of the Platinum Ray to spin through the atmosphere into the 4th dimensional Earth residing in Mount Shasta. It will ignite electro-magnetic rays that will come into the crown of the mountain, through the mountain and around the mountain bringing forth a 5th dimensional consciousness that represents Divine Completion.

Since the City of Telos is beneath the mountain it will be the foundation of these energies to be held within and around the mountain for 144 miles through the forests, the lands, and the people. It will ignite a higher consciousness than has ever been experienced before beyond Lemuria and Atlantis.

At first, the waves of light will come in very softly so that no one is shocked by its frequency; yet it needs to be grounded. It will assist in removing debris and clarifying the energies around the area so that eventually the individuals living and visiting the mountain will be assisted greatly to change.

It will be very subtle and may take many years for this to occur, but it is a true beginning.

Since Mount Shasta is the Root Chakra of the Earth this means that this chakra is being cleansed and purified by these light infractions. It will be the beginning of changes upon the earth and since Mount Shasta will be considered the Ascension Capital of the Earth, it will be the first cleaning energies. Let’s face it, we all know that this earth needs cleansing and now is the time for it to be integrated and grounded within the earth. Some of you may know that there are some conflicting energies within the area, so this grounding process of the electro-magnetic energies are going to assist substantially.

At the same time, the crown of the Mountain will hold this light frequency through the Golden City of Havalanechee as it becomes closer to the physical earth. This will take some time, but this will be the start of the transference of the light to be acknowledged. The tip of the mountain will ignite small fragments of light to other mountains around the world, like, Himalayas, Machu Picchu, and Mount Fuji so that there will be a transference of this light that will be ignited in various points around the globe.

It is the first time that an event of this sort will be accepted into the Earth. Lord Ashtar and the Intergalactic Federation of Light will be transferring the energies around Mount Shasta and other mountain ranges as we have discussed.

The initial energies will start at the beginning of the Solstice. As I said it will be very subtle, but it will help individuals to heal by coming to the mountain especially with the intentions of being part of the Union of the Masculine and Feminine Divine. Changes will happen here, and I, with all the Ray Chohans, are here to assist in the integration and acceptance of more light infractions within each person.

If any individual is uncomfortable with what happens to them, they will find themselves leaving the area as this energy will not be for them. This will assist in transforming the land masses to create Mount Shasta to be the center for Ascension for initiates that receive a magnetic pull to be here.

It is a time of great change and now we can fully accept the physical reality of the higher dimensional energies to come into alignment. We are very excited to have this occur at this time. We hope you will join us soon in the magical capital of the world.

I am honored to walk with you and be part of this magnificent acceleration. As you know, I have been desiring to see these changes to come to fruition for about 100 years. Our time is coming and this is our beginning of healing for Gaia and each of you.

Thank you for being with us, alive on the planet. We will work with each of you to assist you in your personal journey. Please do call upon us so that we can create the New Earth together.

In deep honor and respect,

I Am Lord Saint Germain

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Walking Terra Christa will be holding a Solstice/Full Moon Ceremony on Monday, June 20th, 2016 at 4:30 PM Pacific. Dial: (605) 562-3140, Use Access Code: 405260# for US Calls, or click the link for International options: OPEN TELECALL.

Walking Terra Christa held a 2-hour class with Master Thoth and The Great Divine Director: REVEALING LOST PUZZLE PIECES: THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT.  You may utilize this class in your personal time as it represents Changing and Accepting Timelines from the soul’s perspective. It is very helpful in accessing One’s I Am Presence and finding your true essence to be initiated.

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