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My Ascension Breakthrough


By Mercedes Kirkel

Thank you to everyone who responded to my last blog post (MY ASCENSION REPORT—PART 2). I felt hugely supported, just by hearing from so many of you who are involved in the ascension process and learning about your experiences. (To see some of the responses, scroll down to the RESPONSES section at the bottom of that post.)


I want to share what’s happened for me since I wrote that post, because the process has continued and I’ve had a big breakthrough—YAY!!!!!


I also want to share what I learned from hearing so many people’s responses and seeing how it did or didn’t match my experience. I’ve actually distilled what I’ve learned into FIVE KEY INSIGHTS INTO THE ASCENSION PROCESS THAT MOST PEOPLE AREN’T TALKING ABOUT. These are:


  1. No one knows what’s happening.
  2. Our experiences are real.
  3. Don’t assume your process will look like anyone else’s.
  4. This is a death process.
  5. We’re becoming our own guides.


I have A LOT to say about each one of these insights and will be sharing more over the next few weeks in this blog.


But for now I want to share my breakthrough with you. Earlier this week, in the midst of reading the responses from so many of you (thank you all, again!) and feeling into what it all means, I went through a shift. It happened within about an hour-long period and had certain steps and connections that I went through.


While I can’t recall the details of the process any longer, the essence of what happened is that I went from confusion, doubt, and concern into trust.


I wasn’t trying to get to trust. That never works for me. My process is the very Feminine process Mary Magdalene describes of surrendering to painful feelings and allowing God to direct me from that place. But seemingly in an instant, I went from confusion, doubt, and concern into trust.


It was as though I’d crossed a fundamental divide and suddenly I was experiencing everything from a whole new perspective. I would describe that new “place” as being united with God.


From this place, I knew that whatever I experienced was fine—including confusion, doubt, concern, or anything else. It wasn’t my preference to experience those things, but it wasn’t going to shake my trust. That trust was coming from being unwaveringly connected to God.


From this place, I realized that I could bring discipline to my experience—not as a means to get to God, because I was already there. But discipline could make the process a whole lot easier. Suddenly, it just made sense to do it. I realized that I had lots of spiritual practices in my “bag of tricks” that I hadn’t been making use of.


A few hours later, one of my friends sent me a link to a video of Victor Oddo talking about what’s happening this month in the ascension process. I don’t know who Victor Oddo is or where he’s sourcing his information from, but he was exactly describing what I had just gone through. And I really enjoyed his “non-typical” spiritual presence—that he’s young, high-energy, no-nonsense, and not assuming any kind of spiritual “posturing.”


Anyway, I felt delighted. I took it as the universe (read: my personal guidance) affirming that I was completely on track.


That night, I started applying my spiritual disciplines. Before I went to bed, I engaged some of the practices from SUBLIME UNION for circulating energy through the chakras. In the morning, I meditated longer than usual, spending extra time resting in my heart and using my 4D manifestation process for strengthening myself.


Lo and behold, I felt a lot better the rest of the day. My energy was strong and I was able to get a lot done, which was reassuring since I feel like I’ve fallen behind and have been barely covering the essentials during the last few ascension waves.


Since then I’ve continued doing the practices and my energy has continued to be strong. I’m being productive and enjoying my life again. That feels great!


Will this last? I certainly hope so, and only time will tell. But even if my energy takes a dip, or even a dive, I don’t think I’ll lose my new center of experiencing whatever happens from the place of being united with God. I don’t think I’m going to lose that, any more than I’m going to forget how to walk or ride a bicycle. It’s there. And I sense that will make all the difference.


I have one last thought. I don’t think it’s any accident that all this is coming up for me right now. The YESHUA AND MARY MAGDALENE CHANNELINGS I’ve been receiving over the past weeks as part of the current series has been off-the-charts powerful and profound. And the topic for the next one is “What Is the Ascension Process.” If you haven’t been participating in this series, I strongly encourage you to join in. The series will be continuing until the end of August and you can listen to the recordings of the previous channelings. To learn more, CLICK HERE.


©2016 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety, nothing has been changed or altered in any way, and the post includes 1) the title, 2) “Received by Mercedes Kirkel” beneath the title and above the body of the post, 3) this copyright notice (full paragraph), and 4) Mercedes Kirkel’s website (

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