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art. lila violet

ART : Lila Violet


The Soulstice Full Moon Gateway 21-Jun-2016

It was my “plan” and intention to write this Note before the Soulstice Full Moon Gateway, knowing that celestial events don’t necessarily happen on Earth’s exact timetable. I was guided not to; my energy was reeling from the powerful calibrations of the Gateway, so was told to rest. So I thought, “I’ll write about it on the day of the Gateway;” yet by then the energies were really flowing, knocking me off my feet on the day of the Gateway. The energies had really really knocked me out. I am reminded that we can make plans yet flow with the energy, for plans may shift. Plans and intentions simply do not fit into the New. We can have an idea, yet it is best to follow our energy, for it will guide us. There just is no room for set plans and intentions, for while they may come from our desire to express Divine Will, they really are based in the intellect and there is no control or making something occur when your energy is not aligned with what is.

Now I share with you what I’ve received for this powerful Gateway, since a Gateway, nor any celestial alignment, is not just at particular time of day, for there is no time anywhere except for Earth. Time is made up so we can be in control. Control is an illusion based in expectations and attachments.

This Gateway has been for the purpose to stand powerfully in and as our Authentic Self. It is time to fulfill our Soul’s mission. When we do, we open the door of our 3D prison and free ourselves to be more. So many refuse to let go, even when the door is already open. Are they that enthralled with the 3D life of duality? Is it fear? Is it control? Is it that that they just don’t think they have the Courage to be free? It confuses me and others, who shout back at the prison, “Come on; this is so much better!” Perhaps many have gotten used to their comfort zone; even if it causes pain. So they read and play in the workshops and talk the talk, yet they do not walk their talk. It’s time! You are more ready than you realize. Are you concerned what others might think or say? Be assured that when you take a step outside of the prison, you serve as an Inspiration to others. However, take as long as you want; there will be more opportunities to receive the Light codes in order to feel strong enough to rise in your Authenticity. While a small percentage of folks have leapt, more will shift in the next few years.

Being in duality, there is always a battle going on; that of conflicting emotions and judgments; and as long as a person is willing to be in conflict, they will create more opportunities to experience duality. To break free of this vicious cycle is to not get caught up in the dualistic world and this takes stepping out of the prison and out of the old matrix and trusting that all is in Divine Order. It takes a Willingness to change; to drop the duality and all its beliefs and concepts and be willing to not just talk about the New, but to Be the New. In this way, one is carried in the Flow and discover that they needn’t have been concerned about perceived loss or “looking” different to those who have not wanted to shift. Life becomes more of an adventure; a sojourn into a new land of promise. The promise is that you will experience more Joy and guidance than ever before. You let go of how you perceived life in the past and open up to how New Life is for you. We have entered a period of Light, which began about four years ago; only most don’t believe it, so attached they are to how life has been in the past.

With each Gateway, each one has had the Opportunity to align themselves with Source and receive the Light Codes that help them evolve. However, many have not done this and so do not receive the Source Codes to evolve. It takes a Willingness to open and receive and then change what needs to shift. Only when a person is willing to let go of all fear and open up to only Love, do they receive. You see we all have Free Will and nothing is forced upon us without our invitation. Light is always available to all of us and is amplified during Gateways. Just as it is not possible to whole someone not willing to receive, it is not possible to receive the Light Codes without your Willingness or alignment. Can you love every being on Earth? Can you love the fly and the mosquito? Can you love the murderer or rapist? If not, then you carry not the Love Codes, but fear and duality. This Gateway feels different in that the Receptivity of Light does not come unless you are ready, yet there are plenty of opportunities to align and ready yourself to receive. Again, choice.

Our highest Path is to be Love and to be that Love in every breath and thought and action we take. It requires us to be aware in each moment, vigilant to what we are feeling and thinking and doing. In this way, we recognize what is not Love and release it. Daily we can align ourselves by opening our Crown and allowing Source Light to flow into us from the Great Central Sun, through our Galactic Sun and then through our own solar disc, down our pranic tube (chakras along the spine) and then ground it to the Earth Crystal Cluster at the core of Earth. This simple practice helps us stay aligned with Source, grounded to both Source and Earth, and be aware of all Gaia’s gifts as well as our own. It helps us to stay awake and aware through this conscious act.

Each Path then has a unique expression, which is Love in Divine Service. We need not label it, for simply being Love is enough. If you are guided to offer your gifts in a specific way, you will be intuitively guided. If you feel a need to be away from noisy and chaotic energy, then do so, for in Silence is the greatest guidance. In fact, it may be so jarring to be in or around noise that you simply cannot remain there. It’s easy to get sucked into lower energies if you stay in these kinds of environments. If it is necessary for you to be in lower energies, protect yourself by expanding your LoveLight from your Heart outward so that you form an egg around you that is pure Love. When you can stay in this state of Grace, beautiful forms manifest, for what is within is created without. Forms take longer to manifest when one’s energy is scattered and carries more than one’s own consciousness. You build your consciousness through being congruent spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. As you stay focused not on the details, but on your Divinity; your connection with Source; amazing things manifest.

This Gateway is bringing us more powerfully into our New Selves. Many may have experienced lots of intense adjustments and those adjustments are integrating, so it may not be as intense for you now. This Gateway will affect us for several months and take us right up to the Equinox in September. You will notice how the lower energies are shifting higher. As you keep your Light bright, it affects everything. As you notice things, don’t attach to them and understand that all things shift according to Divine Order no matter what it currently looks like. Refrain from judging whether something is good or bad; right or wrong, etc; for as soon as you do this, you have jumped right back into the old dualistic matrix. Our collective job is to shine bright without attaching to how it’s affecting things…just shine.

Trust in the unknowable and unseeable. Trust what you experience, especially when it doesn’t fit into the old norm. These experiences help you move further into Source consciousness. Getting out of your head helps, for the intellect knows only what it’s been told. Open up to infinite possibility, magic and miracles, for these are of the New.

Everything is shifting higher. We are seeing the old matrix, with its duality, fear and violence, be transformed. Remember that Transformation is not an easy process. The old must dissolve and then rebuild from a new DNA or mindset. It doesn’t happen overnight. Observe this over the next several months. Our cells have been calibrated higher so that now we can more easily create new lives. Remember that it takes congruent focus. As long as you carry any of the old beliefs within you, manifestation of the New for you will be much delayed. As we rise in Unity and higher consciousness, there is much to learn and all of it happens within.

As we let go more of healing, fixing and saving and instead trust that others are as gifted and powerful as we; that all beings are Authentic Selves; True Selves and Essence; we enter into a powerfully creative time in which we share our gifts as an expression of Oneness. Can you see where healing, fixing and saving are dualistic? Can you see that in Oneness, no-one is above or below anyone else? Do you see that these things of separation are of the old? We can share without the expectation that one knows more than another. When someone comes to you to be led, do you assume the leadership role or put another in that role? This role assignment keeps the old separation intact or can you see that you are two equals sharing the Light?

Everyone is called to step up in their Power and their Knowing. There will be those who share their gifts; not in order to lead or empower/disempower another, but as an expression of their Authentic Self; neither above or below. This is a time to be all of who you are. What does that mean to you?

art. lila violet

ART : Lila Violet


PREPARING FOR FIRST CONTACT Chapter 10 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

PREPARING FOR FIRST CONTACT Chapter 10 by Pleaidians – Peeking Into The Fifth Dimension


Preparing Others for First Contact

Join us for a one-of-a kind, engaging conversation.

Friday, June 24, 2016

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PREPARING FOR FIRST CONTACT By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie


Peeking Into The Fifth Dimension

We Pleiadians are all “a-buzz” in preparation for our next phase of contact. What that next phase is will depend greatly on whether or not our friends and family on Earth are ready for a clearer, more third dimensional experience of our presence in their reality. First off, I would like to explain my statement about our “friends and family.”

As you may know, many of us have taken an earth vessel for a certain amount of your “time.” During that “time” we made friends that were as close as our Pleiadian family on the Ship. When we returned to our true Pleiadian self on the Ship, we invited you, our earth-friends, to join us on the Ship in your fourth-dimensional night body.

Many of you have indeed visited us on the Ship in your fourth-dimensional, astral body while your physical form slept. Some of you have come to the Ship to use our “Regeneration Chamber” to heal an illness or injury. Others have come to attend one of our many educational meetings, or to just visit your friends.

Best of all, you, our visitors are beginning to remember more and more of your night visits during your daily meditations, writings, activities, and your fifth-dimensional imagination. One of the symptoms we have noticed among our ever-awakening Earth friends is that many of you are beginning to have moments of “peeking into the fifth dimension.”

By this statement we mean that you are experiencing brief moments of consciousness shift into the fifth dimension. Some of you are aware that you are actually visiting the fifth dimension, and others perceive your experience as a “sudden flash of awareness.” In fact, these “flashes” are a temporary expansion of consciousness.

These “temporary experiences” are moments of merging within your fifth dimensional consciousness. You all align with your fourth dimensional, dream state of consciousness while sleeping, but many of you are beginning to  have these “flashes into the fifth dimension” while you are wide-awake.

These flashes often arise when you are having fun, being creative, merging with nature, enjoying your loved ones, and just before you move into a meditation. What is occurring is that you are aligning with your fifth dimensional SELF.

Very often you will find this “self” in the sky, in a tree, hovering over, or in, the water, or even as you gaze into a fire. You are having these experiences because you are experiencing the elementals of the higher fourth and fifth dimensions.

These elemental beings, that are the building blocks for all life, are looking for ones who are ready to experience their world, which is on the very edge of your “octave jump.” Within your NOW, the third and fourth dimensions, which you perceive via your beta/alpha wave consciousness, are intermingling and resonating within the same NOW.

Because of the merging of the third and fourth dimensional perceptions, and thus realities, the octave jump into fifth dimension and beyond is bleeding into your daily life. The challenge is that this octave jump represents a different operating system.

Whereas the third/fourth dimensions resonate to time and space, the fifth dimension resonates to the NOW of the ONE. You may still appear as an “individual” on the third and fourth dimensions, but on the fifth dimension you are unified with the ONE of all life.

Within the resonance of the fifth dimension, reality is based on unity with all life. We, on the Ships, resonate to the fifth dimensional ONE and beyond, but we also have a strong sense of our personal expressions of self.

One concept that is difficult to understand during your pivotal shift between your 3D physical/4D astral self and into your 5D Lightbody self is that in the higher dimensions there is UNITY within diversity. We are all ONE within our fifth dimensional reality. However, we enjoy many different experiences of that ONE by wearing different version of our multidimensional vessels.

When we are within our fifth dimensional Lightbody, we can choose to create a “space” between ourselves, and others, or we can merge into an ever-expanding light of multidimensional unity. It is the ever-expanding light of unity consciousness that is necessary for humanity to be of their greatest assistance to Gaia.

The reality is that ALL of you, whether or not you are aware of it, are moving into a slightly different and slightly higher frequency of reality. Many of you are feeling as though some thing, or some one, is flying around in your head.

NOW is the time to “brainstorm” with your friends and/or family. By “brainstorm” we mean that you talk to others with whom you are totally safe to say, release, feel and express the myriad new feelings, thoughts, perceptions, dreams, ideas and concepts that seem to suddenly be arriving within your consciousness.

What is actually occurring is that YOU are “suddenly resonating” to a frequency of consciousness that is beyond what you have ever experienced in any of your physical incarnations.

What is happening is that you are realizing and remembering that humans were meant to be the most advanced species. However, because of the interference of the dark ones, too many human are behaving in a fashion that no animal would ever treat their heard, flock, school, pod, or swarm.

Fortunately, many of you are awakening to the fact that YOU are the children of Mother Earth. In fact, YOU are the collective consciousness of all the versions of your Multidimensional SELF that you have ever had in any of your incarnations on Gaia’s planet.

It is within your total unity with Gaia, that you, Gaia’s human children, will unite with each other to expand your personal third/fourth dimensional personal consciousness into the next octaves of your fifth dimension and beyond planetary consciousness.

As the ONE being of “humanity,” you will ALL open and enter the inter-dimensional Light Portals. You have all been practicing this grand, united opening for many incarnations, as well as on your Ships and on your Homeworlds.

We ask that you also practice this “octave jump” during your current embodiment on Earth. As you cross into the opened and opening light portals, your physical bodies will react to the higher, fifth dimensional, living, light streams.

We advise that you remember your body’s language. Your personal earth vessel is made of all the elements of the planet. Hence, your earth vessel can commune with Gaia to remind you of all the incarnations that you have ever taken on third/fourth dimensional Earth.

By remembering your myriad adventures on dear Gaia, you will be able to more deeply remember and understand what you have learned during your many adventures on Earth. Then, we ask that you remember, and re-connect, with your memories of living on a fifth dimensional Starship.

We further ask that merge your memories of fifth dimensional unity on your Ship with your intimate relations with Gaia as your planetary home. In this manner, you will more easily remember how to:

Live within the fifth dimensional Unity Consciousness of HERE and NOW…

While your physical form lives in the third dimensional separation of TIME and SPACE.

Your fifth dimensional “Lightbody” is a quantum leap beyond your third/fourth dimensional “physical body.” Remember that the frequency of the earth vessel will greatly influence your state of consciousness, and your state of consciousness will greatly determine the frequency of reality that you will perceive.

Your Lightbody is already surrounding, and simultaneously contained within, your physical body. However, your lightbody is an octave leap beyond your physical earth vessel. Hence, there will be a “dance of synchronization” that you will need to practice. This synchronization is:

  • Synchronize your consciousness with the fifth dimension and beyond
  • Synchronize your perceptions with your fifth dimensional (and beyond) states of consciousness
  • Synchronize what you eat, how much you sleep, what you wear, and what you do with the directive you are receiving from your inner, fifth dimensional SELF.
  • Synchronize your inner fifth dimensional SELF with your higher fifth dimensional self on your Starships and Homeworlds.
  • Your inner fifth dimensional SELF is your Lightbody that is waiting to be awakened within the Kundalini at the base of your spine.
  • Your higher fifth dimensional SELF means your higher frequency SELF, and SELVES, who reside in the fifth dimension and beyond.
  • Your Lightbody is your fifth dimensional body that resonates an octave up from your 3D/4D body.
  • Just as you must adapt to your higher states of consciousness, perceptions, diet, thoughts and       emotions, you will need to adapt to your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

We see that many of you are making these important adaptations. You may not even be aware of these changes that your higher dimensional consciousness is quietly making in your daily life. However, you are become increasingly aware of a level of balance and happiness that is occurring within your life.

You may be surprised by this slow, but steady shift, because you are NOT trying to be better. You are NOT working harder, or making better decisions. You may not even be meditating more, eating better or exercising more.

But you may be realizing that you are easily making more healthy choices. You are not making this change because you “became a better person,” as your 3D self might have told you.

No, you are making these transmutational choices simply because you want to. You are finding a sense of inner peace that you did not “work hard to create.” You are not sure why this inner peace is caressing your consciousness. Even more surprising, you have no fear that this inner peace will leave you.

“Is there some thing in the water?” you ask yourself half joking. In fact, you are finding that joking is much better than worrying, and smiles feel better than frowns.

You are even catching yourself in a mirror or in a window pain and seeing a “YOU” that appears to be new. Instead of suffering from “floating anxiety” you are blessed by “flowing peace and happiness.”

“Why do I suddenly just know that everything will be OK?” you ask yourself. But, then, you forget to answer your question. “Worry,” asked the questions, and you are remembering to release worry and replace it with “Hope.”

What is occurring is that your consciousness is rising beyond the frets and fears of your third/fourth dimensional world. Instead of forgetting to be happy, you are forgetting to be sad. “Why is this happening?” you ask.

The answer is that your consciousness is naturally resonating to the higher frequencies of light that are increasingly caressing your planet, your area, your home, your family, and your life.

There is a small, frightened part of you that does not want to trust that life can actually be happy and calm. Go to a mirror and look into the eyes of that frightened one…

Stare deeply into your own pupils and say,

“Dear wonderful me.

I AM READY to be happy.

I AM READY to remember my true SELF.

I AM READY to visit my Starship, My Homeworld and my Galactic Family!!”

Earth is a “free will planet.” Therefore, if you want to change your life, you will have to make that pact with your 3D Self, your 4D Self, your 5D Self and your Mother Gaia.

When you remember to speak with all these versions of your SELF, you will realize that you are NOT alone. You will remember that you are constantly surrounded by the loving energy fields of all multidimensional expressions of your SELF, and all the members of your multidimensional family.

Invite them all into your daily life.

You will find that they are VERY happy to assist you.

Blessing from your Pleiadian and Galactic Family

End of Our Transmission

Preparing Others for First Contact Join us for a one-of-a kind, engaging conversation as we discuss ways in which we plan to prepare others for first contact.
Friday, June 24, 2016 1:00 P.M. – 2:30 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) (Check Local Time Event Fee: $49.00 


If you are unable to attend live, we welcome you to go ahead and register, 

and you will receive the recording.

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