Consider This Your Invitation to Build Nova Earth @ Golden Age of Gaia

Earth Witness Buddha by Sabina Espinet at Fine Art America

ART : Earth Witness Buddha – Sabina Espinet @ Fine Art America


Consider This Your Invitation to Build Nova Earth

As we’ve discussed before, we lightworkers are not only ascending personally (and we’ve ascended before), (1) but we’re also tasked with assisting others to ascend.

One of the ways we’re helping them to ascend is to come into Reval earnings which we can use to fund … well, Nova Earth, really. Isn’t that the case?

Didn’t we say to Archangel Michael some time ago, give us the tools and we will finish the job? Here come the tools.

Lightworkers who’ve agreed to become financial wayshowers and stewards of the Mother’s wealth are asked to use a part of their earnings for philanthropic and humanitarian ends.

Guess what? This gives us our opportunity to vote on how we want Nova Earth to be.  This is our opportunity to manifest, through the funds we receive, the Nova Earth we want.

The moment when we come into our earnings? That’s the moment when we have maximum advantage, influence, and buying power.

At that moment, we have a good chance to call into manifestation, through strategic gifting, matching grants, and collaborative funding, what we only envision about the New World. We’ll have a tremendous say in many matters, the most say we’ll have had to the present moment.

With the power of our coordinated, and, in some instances, combined wealth, we can fund projects that will clean up the planet, reconcile populations to each other, end crime, etc. Oh yes, and feed the hungry and house the homeless.

If we were really smart, we’d agree not to spend our earnings until we meet in congress after the Reval and arrive at an overall plan, revolving around building Nova Earth.  But I haven’t the time to lead such an initiative. What about you? Others must step forward for these ideas to bear fruit.

Perhaps we could have congresses on each of the world’s problems. Resettlement of Syrian refugees. Addressing drought in the Horn of Africa. Addressing starvation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Etc.

Do we want hunger on Nova Earth? No? Then let’s fund those who feed the hungry.

Not us. We don’t feed the hungry. We run a fund that supports others to feed the hungry. It’s an important distinction if we’re to flourish at our jobs.

We create jobs for others. We ourselves keep our hands out of the work. We’re needed to steer the ship of our foundations.

Want us to stop eating meat and set the animals free? Let’s find a non-meat food alternative. Let’s fund a company to make something really satisfying that will get us all off meat.

Is there anyone here who doesn’t realize how widespread the practice of sexual slavery is? Or that American companies are involved in it (what is D-Y-N-A-C-O-R-P)? And for sure the Illuminati are all over it.

How many people pledge to use their money to end sexual slavery on the planet? A hand here. Another hand there. On behalf of the women rescued from wretchedness, thank you.

Let’s house the homeless. Let’s employ the jobless.  Let’s provide a social-safety net of services and money, for a minimum living standard below which no one will be allowed to fall.

If the government stopped buying weapons, we’d have enough to achieve all our goals. Fortunately, we’ll have enough anyways.

We lightworkers are only responsible for this transitional period that we’re in right now: From here (July 2016) to Ascension (Sahaja). After that, the world will exist in what Hindu sages call a “liberated” state (moksha). We’ll all be naturally blissful and there’ll be no such thing as harm to another. Our services will no longer be needed.

Put another way, we’re tasked with achieving, as best we can, a world that works for everyone before Ascension.  Every action that contributes to having the world work is elevating, uplifting, inspiring. In effect, we’re all of us lifting each other up by building a world that works. In building together, we ascend.

Should our funding be coordinated? I think so. But who’ll have the time? Not me. (2) Is there a hand up?

People who know how to do spreadsheets, accounting, graphing, planning, estimating – will you coordinate? Project-management lightworkers? Accounting lightworkers? Estimator lightworkers?

We’ll be focusing on looking in and looking out, in that magic moment of peak possibility, at what we’ll support and, grow and nurture with our gift of abundance from the Mother. This is our chance.

We’re building a world that works for everyone, Nova Earth, Nova Being. We’re leaving behind the oppressive Third-Dimensional vibrations that held us down, including the habits we’ve formed out of them, that persist.  Matthew Ward explained recently that, though we’re out of the Third Dimension as a location, we haven’t broken with Third-Dimensional habits.

“Although Earth and all of her residents are in fourth density location-wise,” he said, “the majority of the populace still is within third density awareness-wise.” (3)

I watched a documentary on Winston Churchill the other night. He made a bollix of a lot of his career before he became Prime Minister. Once in that chair, it became clear that what he lacked was a truly big and challenging position. He was born to be Prime Minister. He was born to oppose Hitler. And anything less and he behaved like a nuisance while as Prime Minister he was the savior of the nation.

Building Nova Earth is a big and challenging project, just the kind to bring out what’s latent in people, truly the best in people.

Let’s build Nova Earth together. Consider this your invitation.


(1) “In your other Ascension lives, all of you (even those who are now lost in darkness) have had Ascension experiences.” (“Arcturian Message – Keeping the Lights ON,” channelled by Suzanne Lie. August 6, 2014, at

“YOU are a Multidimensional Being who has volunteered to wear an Earth vessel to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Your Earth body is the ‘vessel’ you must wear in order to calibrate your state of consciousness with a third-dimensional frequency of reality.” (“Straight Talk on Ascension – Part 3. By Suzanne Lie,” January 26, 2016.

Steve Beckow: But, Lord, could we take that a step further and not only say that most of your listeners are in the process, but that in fact most of your listeners have ascended in a previous life and are here to either model Ascension or help others through? Is that a correct statement?

Archangel Michael: In one way or another, the majority … have gone through a similar process in a different incarnation, in a different reality and lifetime. (Archangel Michael, An Hour with an Angel, Jan. 23, 2012, at

“Many of you have been through the Ascension process on other Worlds in other lifetimes. You have volunteered millennia ago to come into the experience of duality on this World so that you might experience the unique interplay between opposing forces that are at play in this World.

“You have mastered many unique challenges upon other Planetary systems and bring these qualities and attributes with you.” (Melchizedek, Oct. 4, 2011, through Marlene Swetishoff, at

(2) You’d have to take up one of these ideas and do it completely yourself. Anyone who takes up an idea needs to be self-generating, self-loving, and free of self-worth and ego-gratification concerns. In other words, a mature spiritual adult.

(3) Matthew’s Message, October 19, 2014, at


Consider This Your Invitation to Build Nova Earth

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