June Solstice and the message of Truth and Unity from Lord Sanat Kumara – Meline Lafont

art whispers on a summer breeze denise daffara

ART : Whispers on a Summer Breeze – Denise Daffara


June Solstice and the message of Truth and Unity from Lord Sanat Kumara

June 25, 2016


Méline Portia Lafont


Blessings beautiful Tribe,

We are enhancing a beautiful momentum of Heart Gateway into more profound ways. This Solstice stream and energy influx of June was seeded with Galactic codes from the Galactic Center and this brings out a massive awakening in consciousness for humanity. Of course to see the results of this takes time as it brings about many changes on the inner plane within one’s heart and mind. So, all in all, this period of awakening integration will span a few weeks to several months before you will start to see more tangible results.

Nevertheless these codes have all been seeded and this means there is no turning back. The plants have been seeded and now they will need some time to grow. Best way to nurture these seeds within every soul is to keep the faith and strength high, to keep believing in the good of all and the best in all, to understand the nature of language and how one proceeds within when coming to new understandings. Every way is possible, just understand that it may not be the same as yours..nevertheless it is a way to new understanding as a result.

Balance is key in order to keep the order of the Light and the power of Love into the momentum of all hearts on this plane. It will begin with you and by you only being the beacon and conduit for it. These last several months have been heavy with integration in order to provide new wisdom, new keys and the re-coding of our mortal encodements. This all lies in the foundation of our core Being now, being infused in several parts of our Beingness lingering within the fields of mind – creation – emotion – consciousness and physicality.

Now with the June Solstice and the seeds from the Galactic Center, you are seeded with wisdom from the Diamond Ray and the Galactic levels on the planetary level, bringing you further in a deepened awakening and activation of your immortality. The Galactic Center is seeding and nurturing your Beingness with profound new integrations and teachings that are seeded from a black hole as the Center of all.

This brings many to a certain “reset” and inclination to go through such profound changes that you want to change every single part of your life and perception of reality, your work, your relationships and your teachings/views. These seeds enable this gift of resurrection in a sense of re-birthing yourself into different levels.

Lord Sanat Kumara:

“Coming from the state of all and nothing simultaneously allows you to reset and integrate the necessary encodements to rebuild your planetary consciousness and even start from scratch with a different language.

You are seeing the world through different eyes now and what must happen will come about in the most necessary ways to help humanity to reach that point of resurrection. We speak of God consciousness now and not only the Christed Light, for the Christed light has been resurrecting a longer time ago reaching the point of the return of the Christ. Now the God consciousness is being infused and integrated through the Galactic Sun (center) and the Galactic codes.

This God consciousness brings back the sense of Unity and is all about Unity. Thus you will come to see things and events take place on your Earth that emphasize Unity and brings back Unity. You will thrive for Unity and unity will be everything you shall see as a result of many things.

What is between the seeds to Unity and the blossoming of Unity is but a way to get to the understanding of this nature. We are to not take it serious, only to know it is just a way to get you there. The way in-between it is a momentum of change, a power that brings about and helps you all to facilitate this.

Now that the third wave of consciousness has begun to awaken and plant their seeds, you will all feel a heightening in energy within the bodies as this will start to uplift you all in a greater sense of the Self. Unity consciousness will now be able to come forth more as you go through your phases of resurrection. Some will linger deeper into a pace of deep awakening of the Divine blueprint than others, as most are within different stages of their Divine humanity experience.

The embodiment of this great wisdom and knowledge is what is important to hold and to duly facilitate.

Everyone will have to deal with this in their own human way, make sure what you do and choose is the best way for ALL of you. You will have to walk your talks from now on, for quickly will you start to notice that talking alone will not keep you here in this momentum of heart. It is about the foundation of BEing this, thus walking what you talk of and Being all that you say you are.

Any other way will become hard and difficult to function in for your most natural senses and way of Being will become the order of the day. There will be no other way than to be your authentic selves you see. This is part of the great self mastery and you have been working for this very hard. Now that you are beginning to step in this world of wonders you are to be true to yourselves and be all at heart for what you do, say and are.

You will now manifest yourselves and all that you are as an energy, more quickly. Less time for delusional things to get you out of the illusion. It will spark quickly and clearly. You will know where you are at in an instant. Thus will you get to know yourselves in an all-encompassing way and tremendously profound, and that is a God given choice and command.

You will learn how to handle quick changes and manifestations, as well as your clairvoyant and clarity skills. The truth will no longer hide from you but present itself in your face very directly or through your visions and you will not be able to look away. It will not go before you have seen and know what it is you ought to know. This means facing ALL of you and your fears as well. Like we say onto you: you will get to know yourself tremendously and in an all-encompassing way!

This is the Divine: nothing to hide but clear and open ~ transparent. Others will start to see more of who you are and what you vibrate as, as their senses too are enhancing along with their own fields of intention. Again you will get to know yourselves tremendously as everything becomes clear and truth will no longer hide.

Embrace this truth as it comes to you. It is not your enemy it is your ally. Keep this in mind whenever things come out in the world as truth. Do not hold yourselves down by anger or hate, but embrace the face of truth as it can bring forth joy and freedom. Knowing and awakening out of your sleep is freedom!

You will have to walk your talk now as you are becoming grand masters again. Be true to your heart and yourselves, so will it be in the world as a direct result and reflection.

Moment by moment we abide within your heart”

Lord Sanat Kumara

Méline: on a side note.. this message of Unity may confuse you when you think of the UK leaving Europe.  My understanding and feeling about this happening is that this is the beginning of a different way of Unity as the image of Unity which Europe holds has been a false one.  Now as Europe starts to crumble true Unity can finally start to emerge as a Unity from the heart and not from the mind leadership. Thus in my humble opinion this is a good thing which has started the tangible change towards a different reality and unity heart based.

Love and Light,

Méline ❤

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Preparing For First Contact Chapter 12 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Preparing For First Contact Chapter 12–Your Expanded Sense of Self – Arcturians through Sue Lie



By the Arcturians—Through Suzanne Lie


Your Expanded Sense of SELF

We, the Arcturians, would like to ask how YOU are doing? When we say you, we mean the “awakened humanity,” for un-awakened humanity is unable to even imagine that any one would be able to communicate with beings that are invisible to their third dimensional perceptions.

In fact, there are still many humans who can only believe that reality is ONLY third dimensional. They may concede that something else happens when they meditate or dream, but the explanation need to be rooted within their third dimensional thinking.

  • To our perception, we can see that there are several realties that exist within your NOW. There is the reality of those who only believe in their third dimensional world, and can’t even imagine that any other component of their life is “real.”
  • There is a reality in which some believe that their fourth dimensional meditations and dreams are an offshoot of their physical self, who is their “real self.” Hence, these meditations, and dreams “may be” some form of communication from their inner self. However, their physical self is their highest and/or primary self.
  • There is also a reality in which ones think or believe that their dreams, meditations and imagination may be arising from their inner self to assist their ego self through daily life.
  • Fortunately, there is also a growing amount of humans, but still a small percentage, who believe that there is a higher dimensional component of their own being that resonates to a higher dimension of reality.
  • Some of this group believes that their higher resonance can, and does, assist them with their daily 3D life.

Do you, our fully awakened ones, understand now why your transition into the higher realities is taking so long? On the other hand, there are also many humans who are fully awake to, and aware of, their own multidimensional nature.

These fully aware humans are more than ready to fully activate their fifth dimensional perceptions in order to perceive the reality that resonates just beyond their Beta Wave/third dimensional consciousness and even their Alpha Wave/fourth dimensional consciousness.

As we have stated many times, one can only perceive the reality that resonates to their state of consciousness. On the other hand, there are a rapidly growing percentage of humans who are beginning to awaken to higher states of consciousness.

Therefore, they are beginning to remember their dreams, trust their “imagination” enough to turn it into a “new idea,” allow brand new thoughts and ideations to enter their minds, and trust the inner messages that suddenly appear in their mind, or their body, as they go about their daily life.

These are the ones who will be able to consciously embrace the reality that Earth is NOT the only planet that has sentient life. Many of this population can even embrace the fact that Earth humans are NOT the most evolved “sentient beings” in your huge galaxy.

Do you see the challenge for Earth? There are many very different populations of humanity who think and believe in very diverse ways. How can the population of Earth reach a cohesive state of awareness in which everyone can, at the very least, accept that others can perceive very different versions of reality?

We, your Galactic Family, can understand how difficult it must be for those of you who can embrace fifth dimensional states of consciousness, perceptions and experiences, while you are also living and surviving within your daily third dimensional reality.

We wish to commend you for finding the myriad unique ways in which you are adapting to a very difficult and extremely unique experience. Since Earth became the “melting pot” of many different star beings who came from many different areas of your Milky Way Galaxy, as well as from the Andromeda Galaxy, there is great diversity within one planet.

The type of planetary diversity that Gaia enjoys is quite unique, but part of the reason for this variety of inhabitants is because beings came from many different star-worlds to settle on Earth.

For example, many Pleiadians, Sirians, Draconians and Venusians, as well as members of other surrounding galaxies who wanted to have the experience of being on a free will planet, that was based on separation and the law of cause and effect.

Some beings came from different Galaxies, such as the Andromeda Galaxy, http://earthsky.org/clusters-nebulae-galaxies/andromeda-galaxy-closest-spiral-to-milky-way to explore and often stay within the experience of ascending Earth. We would like to speak a bit about the Andromeda Galaxy.

First, we want to put into perspective that Earth is not even a dot on a universal map: http://atlasoftheuniverse.com/localgr.html This map marks in yellow the three “local galaxies” of your own Milky Way Galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, as well as the Triangulum Galaxy.

Being aware of the evolution of your personal consciousness greatly influences your “sense of self.” You start as an infant in whom your sense of self is connected with the one who feeds and cares for you. As you mature into an adult you sense of self depends greatly on what you do and how your state of consciousness influences what you are doing.

If your state of consciousness is driven by fear, then you may feel that you need to work “hard” and face many disappointments. This fearful state of consciousness creates a sense of SELF in which you are “a victim” who is unable to find love and safety in a hostile world.

However, if you can find a way to rise above the difficulties of daily life, your sense of self will expand into feeling like the victor. When you are able to transmute your sense of self from a victim to the victor, your sense of self will include your ever-expanding ability to gain mastery over your life. Hence:

  • As you realize that you have found the way to rise above that which formerly held you down, you gain a sense of being—your independent, personal self.
  • As you can realize that there are higher dimensional versions of your self who are in continual connection with you—you gain a sense of being your multidimensional self.
  • As you gain a conscious connection with your own higher expressions of self—you gain a sense of being your Higher SELF.
  • As you gain a conscious connection with your Higher SELF, you remember that you have come to Earth to assist with planetary ascension. You can then recall that, in order to achieve your chosen mission, you will need to extend you sense of self to encompass your planetary self.
  • As you become increasingly comfortable with your “planetary self”, you begin to expand your sense your galactic self.

As you merge with your higher, planetary, and galactic sense of self, you regain your multidimensional perceptions that became lost during your many incarnations on the troubled planet of Earth. It is via your expanded perceptions that you begin to remember:

  • The Home-world or Starship from which your Higher Self guides you within every moment of the NOW.
  • Why you came to Earth within this vital NOW of transmutation.
  • How you can communicate with the higher expressions of Multidimensional SELF.
  • How you can follow the directives of your own Higher Self to remember the mission that you chose before taking this embodiment.
  • How you can remain grounded within your third dimensional reality while your consciousness is inter-twined with your higher dimensional expressions of SELF.
  • How you can remember and fulfill your pre-birth contracts.
  • How you can assist others and the planet to move into and through the higher sub-planes of space/time and into the fifth dimensional NOW of the ONE.

We realize that one of your greatest challenges is the balancing of your third/fourth dimensional reality with your newly downloaded fifth dimensional states of consciousness, as well as with all your ever-expanding fifth dimensional perceptions.

Because you are the pioneers for a new frequency of reality, you are among the minority of humankind who has volunteered to enter into the NOW of transition from a third-dimensional time/space reality into a fifth dimensional reality, that is based on HERE and NOW.

Many of you brave pioneers to a new octave of reality are concerned about the level of chaos in your third dimensional life. We remind you that chaos always precedes change. The chaos reveals that which no longer works in your new higher frequencies. As uncomfortable as this chaos may be, we ask you try to embrace the chaos.

When you embrace chaos, it is no longer your enemy. Embracing chaos allows you to discover and live the newest version of your SELF that you are now ready to download into your ever-expanding sense of self. In this manner, chaos is not your enemy, but your friend who is showing you what cannot expand into the higher dimensions.

The thoughts, emotions, energy fields and thought forms that are inter-dimensional are paving the way to assist you to fully adapt to living within a multidimensional reality in which your physical laws of time and space no longer function.

Those whose sense of self only included their third dimensional consciousness and reality will likely miss many of the higher dimensional events that will only be perceivable to those who have expanded their consciousness, and hence, their sense of self, into the fifth dimension and beyond.

If one is “just a 3D human,” they will not be able to perceive the return of their fourth and fifth dimensional perceptions, as they are busy with the demands of their physical life. They will not find time to meditate, expand their consciousness and see auras, or feel the call of their own Higher Self.

That is not a good or a bad choice. It is simply their choice. Not everyone wearing a physical body has incarnated on Earth to experience and assist with planetary ascension. There are millions of kind and loving people who are not interested in this type of information.

Therefore, we say to those of you who are ready to share their experiences to look first into the aura of the one to whom they are speaking. Look just above their head to see if they are consciously connected with their higher dimensional expressions of self. If you perceive a void, you will know that they are not ready to enter into the experience of ascension.

Talk about the weather or address your joint victories and challenges, then go about your way. We say this to you so that you do not have the difficulties that many “harbingers of change” have experienced when they attempted to move into the next higher frequency of reality.

If you feel it is your choice to work with the population who is not ready for planetary shift, then blessings to you, and remember to be patient. We remind you all that each and every one of you are loved and supported by your higher dimensional family and friends. We also remind you that you did NOT leave our higher dimensional reality.

  • In fact, when you bi-located into your earth body, you expanded your “sense of self” down from the frequency from your Galactic Self…
  • Then you expanded your frequency into the frequency of your Planetary Self…
  • Then into the frequency of your Higher Self…
  • Then you expanded your awareness of being your Multidimensional Self
  • And finally, you expanded your sense of self to include your experience of being your personal self.

Therefore, you did NOT diminish your true SELF in any manner. However, the time, separation, polarity, and hard work of the third dimension made many forget that your human self is, actually, the lowest octave of your Multidimensional SELF.

Many of you have chosen to address unresolved issues from other incarnations, to more greatly empower your self-esteem and expand your sense of self to embrace the higher dimensional expressions, as well as your current physical embodiment.

But, please remember that you have NEVER LEFT your higher dimensional expression of your self. What did occur is that during your long excursions into the third/fourth dimensions of reality, your “sense of self” became limited to your third dimensional self.

This experience is much like feeling your feet walking in muddy water, feeling your body in the clearer water, and experiencing the air and sun on your upper torso and face.

YOU are your feet in the muddy water.

YOU are your head with the breeze and the higher light.

YOU are also the light that caresses your face and makes the crown of your head tingle.

Please remember that YOU are also the mud through which you walk.

Feel all of these expressions of your self within the NOW of the ONE.

Realize that you are also “the Now of the ONE” that you feel entering your crown.

You are “All in All.”

As you peak deeper and deeper into the fifth dimensional reality that is increasingly intermingling with the fourth dimension astral world of your meditations and dreams, and your third dimensional life on physical Earth, your Sense of SELF is expanding to include more and more frequencies of your innate Multidimensional SELF.

We, your Galactic Family, remind you to send your ever-expanding sense of self deep into the core of Gaia’s planet Earth to ground your multidimensional, human energy field with Gaia’s multidimensional, planetary energy field.

In this manner, while the third/fourth and fifth dimensional energy fields merge into ONE, people and planet also merge into ONE. Those of you that chose to take an earth vessel within this NOW to assist Gaia with Her transmutation will be transmuting your self while you are simultaneously transmuting Gaia.

You are assisting with the birth/creation of fifth dimensional “New Earth” with the core of third dimensional Earth. You are also sending the seed of your fourth dimensional dreams and aspirations of a NEW LIFE to grow within the core of the planet, while you also plant that seed within the core of your personal earth vessel.

  • As you expand your sense of self to include your Planetary SELF…
  • You expand your consciousness to include your Galactic SELF…
  • Which expands your sense of self to include your fifth dimensional SELF…
  • Who awaits unification with the YOU on fifth dimensional New Earth…
  • As well as the Lightbody YOU within your Starships and Home-worlds!

It has been a long wait for our brave pioneers who volunteered to “assist Gaia with Her Ascension.” Many of you have served countless incarnations on Gaia’s third dimensional expression. Therefore, you have grown to love Gaia as your Mother. We want you to know that Gaia also loves you as Her children.

We suggest that you begin to consciously perceive the changes in your perception of “time.” When you are busy, try to remember to take a moment of the fifth dimensional NOW to go inside and FEEL your Multidimensional SELF within you.

Embrace that being your Multidimensional Self is as normal as having two arms and two legs. Also, take a moment to feel the many versions of your “sense of self” within the NOW of each moment.

In this way you will assist yourself to incorporate all that you have learned in your third and fourth realities with the fifth dimensional NOW of your ever-expanding “sense of self.”

Please remember that the members of your Galactic Family are always within you. Thus, you are never alone!

Within the ONE of this NOW, WE are YOU.

The Arcturians and the members of your Galactic Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:43 PM

We Are Ready by Sue and Other Awakened Ones @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Saturday, June 25, 2016

We Are Ready by Sue and Other Awakened Ones


WE Are Ready for First Contact

Hello wonderful readers,

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences of First Contact. I wish to share a bit of my first contact, and after that I have added some personal experiences that were emailed to me.

The first time that I experienced that a Pleiadian, Mytre whom I wrote about in my Pleaidians books, was in my room, I only experienced an unseen essence. This was in the early 1990s, so I knew I needed to keep this information to my self. Besides, maybe I was “just imagining” it.

The picture to the left is what I first experienced. I am sure I could not see the face yet because I was not ready. Then, when I was ready, he turned around and I saw the face in the picture to the right. The pictures were stored and largely forgotten, but I came across them recently and put them in with the pictures I have been sharing.

I am sure that Mytre was far more regal than the picture, but just as I had just started writing, I had just started drawing. In fact, I had just started being my true SELF. I am sure that Mytre and Mytria, my Pleiadian friends, had a lot to do with the expansion of my consciousness.

I worked with Mytre and Mytria for a while, maybe a few years, maybe less, before I connected with the Arcturians. It all seems like a life time ago, so I cannot remember the exact dates. I can only remember the house I was in and that the kids were off to college, so it was sometime in the late 1980’s.

I never imagined that I would have the nerve to release these pictures, but your amazing stories have given me to GO to share my earliest experiences as well. Of course, I had earlier experiences with the Zeta’s when I was in about third grade. Yes, I was one of those “X File” people. I guess, it is the NOW to share that too.

Blessings to you all and thank you for sharing you stories. Please read the many stories in the comments of the 6-23-16 blog. There are also more experiences that have been emailed to me:


I learned this way by my teacher and friend healer in the tradition of the Aymara who are still living all around Lake Titicaca in Peru. It is knowledge that’s is ancient and learned in there tradition from parent to child, grandmother to grandchildren. The time is come to share these ways with the people in the west and all over the world.

You need a bag full with dried dark beans, like lima beans or coffee beans. Go to a place at the water. Take only one bean in your hand and think about that you want to let go, want to be released. For example: “I’m not good enough”. You can speak out loud or just speak in your mind. It doesn’t matter, do what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Then, blow three times in the bean and throw it in the water. Feel if you have to release the same thought/feeling/situation again or if it is time to go to the next one. We are all full of fears, feelings and situations we want to leave behind us, release out of our systems. So take your time.

I would like to share one of my own sessions with the black beans. I asked a teacher from a course a question and I felt ignored. When I asked again she gave me the feeling that it was such a stupid question, she would not answer me.

I felt really disappointed (I paid a lot of money and first she ignored me and then she made me feel stupid!), like I’m useless, not worthy and lots of heavy thoughts were blocking me. After a couple of hours I decided to clean myself with the beans, because I really did not like the depressed feelings I fell into.

So I went to the water and during the short walk I felt like 12-13 years old again. When my mother abended me, my father did not know how to deal with me and my stepmother did not wanted me, but  had to put up with me. All of the situations, feelings, thoughts about that time I put in the beans.

I cried my eyes out and kept working with everything I could think of. And after 30 minutes I felt a change, I felt lighter. And after 40 minutes I felt myself smile and uplifted. I decided to take a long walk to my home and found myself laughing, smiling, dancing and singing in the rain!

If you have physical pain, complaints, take a bean and rub it over your body. Then blow three times in it and throw it in the water. Do this until you feel that the beans have taken your physical discomfort.

Please, make sure that your beans will not be taken by an other person. It is full with your heavy energy and you don’t want anyone to take this. The water will transform your heavy energy in light energy which will be grounded in Gaia.

Heart to heart, A


Hello Sue,

I am happy to be attending webinar today.

I am a bit late with my homework; it sounded easy and I have everything in my head but the putting on paper is something else.

The thing is we don’t know how things will turn up in the future and we don’t know the sequence of events.

I trust that I will be guided, we all will as we are all working to assist Gaia and humanity, so I have faith that it will go well.

See you later on at the webinar

Here is my text:

How do you plan to contribute and raise awareness?

What do you see as important to share?

What tools will you develop to assist others?

The way I understand it there will be lots of changes that will rapidly sweep over Earth and these changes together with revelations may cause concern and unrest. I expect our first job is to remain balance and assist our fellow humans.

How do I plan to contribute and raise awareness?

By listening to what people have to say.

There are lots of people who have a need to talk and they have no one to listen to them. By listening to them I will give them the opportunity to let out whatever they need to release. Then I can gently help them see that they created the situation themselves also that they are the ones who can change it. This is their first step towards awareness.

From here I would follow the guidance of my Higher Dimensional Selves.

What do I see as important to share?

To Love yourself.

Loving yourself is so important; it’s another step towards awareness. It helps you to see everything through “new eyes”, with a clarity that wasn’t there before.

Here is a great opportunity for me to share my story of how loving myself has helped me. Again here I would follow my inner guidance. Every person is different; there is not one way to help all. Also other leaders will have some good points as well that I can use.

What tools will I develop to assist others? The way I understand it there will be lots of changes that will rapidly sweep over Earth and these changes together with revelations may cause concern and unrest. I expect our first job is to remain balanced, be truthful and assist with answers and the accepting of the changes.

I am also considering starting a blog where I make relative information available. I can let anyone I help with raising their awareness know about the blog and invite them to visit it.

Also I would wait and see how the group grows and see how to combine with other leaders. Again I feel to follow my guidance and don’t fix on a predetermined way. People are awakening faster now then when I started to awaken, so maybe I can even direct some to Sue’s blog.

The effects of the sudden changes and revelations, too many it will be shocking revelations; but it could turn out to open the way to step in and gently begin with the disclosure of our galactic origins.

I trust that I, that all of us will be well supported by the Higher Dimensional Guides. I have faith that the experience we can handle whatever comes on our way. The important thing is for me, for all of us to remain centered and in connection with the 5th dimensional consciousness thus keeping the frequencies high.


I received some info this morning from the Pleidians regarding first contact that I feel I need to share with you.

First let me say that my divine complement made him self known to me about 3 weeks ago and I went into shock. Meaning that I sobbed nearly for the whole day and was intensely distraught. I could not understand why but go an answer this morning as the Pleidians showed me what happens during “first contact”.

They showed me a portal within us that opens during first contact. Once it opens and the energy exchange begins, our field is deeply shaken as the feelings of remembrance come forth in a “brutal way”. Brutal in the sense that our 3D mind (even if we navigate in the 5th dimension) can not grasp the energetic shift that is happening at once. It is as if we clear all of our past lives at once and we return to the first cells of who we are.

That is when the connection truly occurs. It takes a little while to balance those energies (a few days) as the energy is still moving through our physical vessel. Lots of sleep needed and we may feel parts of our body recalibrating. We also connect at the Pre-departure level (before we came here) and so our mission is crystal clear if it was not already.

For my part I got to reconnect to my divine complement first because I need that “active” connection to be able to fulfill my mission and this is part of my contract. I had to get over the “I want to go home with you feeling” but once I did, the channel of communication opened up as I remembered “our agreement” and why I was here. So now, It feels really as if I am on a mission.

What the Pleidians wanted me to know is that it may be difficult for some, the more sensitive ones to “manage” the emotions that may arise from first contact. That “home” feeling we hold in our cells is awaken at once and may be confusing to some of us. They want us to know that this is normal and that the feeling will go away after a few days and that we need to think of this connection as “extra help’ for our mission.


First Contact Sharing

I like to share what my “First Contact” with a “light being” called “Namahá” predicted me in 1996. They subscribed themselves as a fife dimensional conglomerate of many light beings, which decide to be together like in a bunch of grapes.

In some way this is like higher dimensional lightships work. There are members of my soul family in it & so they accompanied me in my awakening process until now.

Anyway, they told me that a time would come; where the first awakened ones will help the people around us who halt between fear & love. In this time these both poles will separate in a rapid way.

This time is now! And now I realize also, that it has to do with the so-called First Contact that is close. It has to do with it, cause if it is happening and our star sisters are visible to more & more of us, everyone has to decide between fear & love in a last moment. Do you know what I am talking here about?

I sense that this First Contact is going to happen simultaneously with the huge waves of multidimensional light which are also very close to swash around this world. What do you sense about this coherence?

The lost ones are in ultimate fear about this wave & I sense that they surrender in this moment & even stop spraying which was their solution against the rays of cosmic light from the source.

Anyway, First Contact will be for me like a big party. This kind of party is definitely part of my Mission Assignment! The wind blows brothers & sisters ~ let s sail on & ride these huge waves in trust that all is good. Good to know you with me!

Navigator El Nan, New Earth Logbook Solstice Year 4 Arcturus Dominion



Hello beautiful people,

Here is something that came this morning for sharing.

A ship has been over my house for a while now, I met my divine complement about 3 weeks ago, and the Pleidians are starting to move around in my house. I know that they are here as I get sudden flashes of them being around at different time of the day and I see them in my bedroom or living room, etc.

So this morning I had this desire to see them, really see them, not in my mind/third eye rather in a form that would materialize right in front of me. I began to breathe and to focus on the wall in my bedroom silently saying ” I know you are here and I want to see you now”.

The room began to move, as in the closet looked like it was going to disappear. And I received the absolute knowing that my room would completely disappear and I would move into a different reality (still in my 3D body) in order for us to meet. That this would be the first step.

I could feel myself saying no to my room disappearing this time and I continued to fix the wall while my third eye was throbbing. I have to say it takes huge amount of concentration and tons of energy to hold that vibration and I began to see and feel the presence of someone but still within my mind.

I suddenly heard “Commandant Sherman” and saw a beautiful Pleiadian in a white suit flashing in and out within my third eye. I saw part of his face up close, really really close. It was like he wanted me to see his skin. And yikes! It was not like the Pleiadians I usually see, (LOL); it was the real close up deal. In other words what I would see if they were to materialize in front of me.

I was not scared but it was weird. It was really weird because it was not human. Ouch… I thought, I am not prepared for this and I need to get used to this. I need time. I felt a warm embrace as if to tell me “we know, its okay and this is why we are showing you this.”

You and the others need to “prepare for viewing”.

Ah… yes, of course. My naivety startled me as I thought I would be ready yet I am discovering that it is not so. Excited for the landing I totally undermined the fact that if I were to see the Pleiadians in front of me, I would most likely be in shock.

And this is what they want me to do. To practice to raise my vibrations to a point where my reality disappears and get comfortable with that. And ask that they show me part of themselves, (face, hands, feet) anything that feels not “human” so that I get used to their appearance.

They are here to help, eager to help, as when they land they need us to be the way showers for others. I have been asked to share this as some of you may feel the same way.

Much love to all of you…



More coming from my divine complement today…

I am getting that ships are hovering over each leader’s house. If you can, try to connect with “your” ship as I am being told “transmissions” are beginning. If you are aware of your divine complement on the ship, NOW is the time to connect – via your third eye. You can do this with eyes closed or open, it does not matter.

Imagine a V shape between the eyes of your divine complement and focus on the light that is nested inside. It is very blinding and strong, so be prepared to feel its resonance throughout your head. Your brain may feel like it is tingling and your spine may feel hot.

I did this with my eyes open and saw my third eye open in a vortex that was getting larger and larger. Once I closed my eyes, they started to roll and my jaw began to tremble. So I know a transmission took place. Lots happening in the ear area as well, I keep having the sensation of water flowing out of my ear.

Realities are beginning to super-impose. I experienced that today as I was lying on my bed and the room began to fade, just a little. To do this is, it helps to lie down and focus on something on the ceiling. For example, a lamp. When the energy rises the lamp will look like it is moving a bit and you will see a bright white light around it, flickering –

Keep your eyes open and feel. The more you relax and let the energy do its work, the faster it is going to happen. If you feel frustrated because nothing seem to happen, relax your shoulders, your legs and close your eyes a little as if you are falling asleep. That is usually the best way to get there.

When the vibration rose, I suddenly knew that I was on the ship yet I was physically in my room. As I looked around I knew with absolute certainty that everyone I usually meet on the ship was right there, – on the other side of the reality of my bedroom.

I became fully aware of the two realities being so close and that the 3D hologram could disappear if I wanted to. I was in the NOW of the ship with my eyes open. A totally new feeling.

In a way it is like bringing your meditation (that you usually do with your eyes closed) in the NOW of your 3D reality. I felt like I pulled the ship in my reality versus going on the ship as usual.

My third eye was throbbing and my higher heart began to hurt – I immediately remembered the Arcturians saying that your connection 3rd eye/high heart what was the one thing that remained constant as we travel inter-dimensionally. I felt an urge to lift off my bed.

The Pleiadians want us to know that we are protected and loved. They are incredibly excited and rejoice every time with take a step forward, no matter how small. ❤ o:p=””>



I had a very amazing lightship connection experience, was like a total illumination with sound too, a giant cord to the lightship & total experience of that reality, was all the vibration of light such as cannot be described in earth terms.

If any of you wish to share your experience in the comments section, we would love to hear from you.



Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:19 AM