NEW EARTH RELATIONSHIPS – Lisa Transcendence Brown

art Catherine Andrews re TF

ART: Catherine Andrews


Yesterday was a huge day of reflection on NEW EARTH RELATIONSHIPS, why we come together, what roles we play, the purposes, when things work, when they don’t, the balance that must be achieved by all from within, what we desire in various types of partners, how we all maintain balance as a compliment, not as a need… What it is that connects us energetically, which energies draw us together, which ones cause us to separate off to experience our chosen journeys apart….

Our NEW Earth Existence & Relationships are a transcendence of (co)dependency, complacency, lack and any “need” in every capacity. NEW Earth relationships are the opposite of human ones.

It doesn’t matter what type of a relationship it is… each is about maintaining balance of all… at all times…. seeing where distortions are, when things get out of balance and openly, honestly, lovingly discussing what works and doesn’t work and how to bring all back in balance again, together. Otherwise there’s no reason to be together, in any capacity, other than soul family that will always love and support each other, just not always in the same physical space.

Physical space is a most important thing. We understand what physical things/beings mean and when/why we allow them in our space. We do not give our space to just anyone/everyone. It takes a lot for us to share space and we cannot be in each others space all of the time, we need lots of space to expand and tune. Everyone always has to be on the same page (wavelength) and we often need time apart to honor each of us. This is sacred respect for each other and ourselves too. (p.s. Many partners have their own rooms, spending time together when the energies call, time apart to honor their own tuning process…). As more soul families and partners come together for their fields to merge, amplify and create more NEW Earth Realities here, the process looks nothing like old human relationships did.

Here relationships are of full support, inspiration, thriving, contribution and full responsibility by each for their own entire physical reality world. The human aspect holds back on what it is willing to contribute. We don’t hold back for ourselves…. We respect each other, give each other space, do what is necessary to make sure everything is taken care of…. We only pull back when there is a human aspect “taking” or “needing” without understanding…. Here we must “teach”, or guide where one is open, so that all can understand and stand in their own power AS a Sacred & Divine Being again. β™₯

So, I shall be writing/sharing/teaching much on NEW Earth Relationships, Twin Flames/Souls, Divine Soul Union Partnerships… especially since the huge portal opening/activation a few days ago and Sacred Relationships is a prominent energy present for many right now. It’s become more prominent the last many years as we all emerge in light and leave the old relationship mentalities and energies behind. Here, leaving behind means identifying, understanding, resolving/unifying and transcending all from within, and moving on to exist in a reality of more expanded consciousness than we all had before.

Honor you, know yourself, deeply, fully…. as you truly know yourself, as a soul, then you allow yourself to experience the depths of other souls open and ready for this too. β™₯

As love and with the highest vibration of cosmic light,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼…


art Catherine Andrews re TF

ART: Catherine Andrews


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