Allowing changes to occur in your life without attachment – Archangel Gabriel through Shanta Gabriel

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Dear Ones,

People have told me that this time feels like there are whirlwinds of energy around them, filled with upheaval. In my world, everything was literally moved out of the house where I live as it got sold, and then I moved back in for the next two months, lighter and more congruent with who I am now. As weird as it may sounds, I know several people who had this same experience in June.

The message from Archangel Gabriel is:

The fields have been fluctuating radically in the past few weeks, and definitive decisions seem to change before they are even made. Life might seem clear and then suddenly shift as all that was hidden comes into the light. These are the days that teach you about allowing changes to occur in your life without attachment.

It is a very new level of order, but one in harmony with the new 5D life being created on Earth in the wake of the Solstice. As you hold yourself in deep alignment with your Soul’s highest wisdom it allows a settling deep inside that creates a new connection to your heart’s intelligence. Stay in harmony with yourself in these fluctuating rhythms of the Earth and you will learn to trust yourself in your new levels of Truth.

Recently it has been hard for me to schedule specific timing because it has felt as though the energy has been fluctuating so radically. Has anyone else noticed that?

I have been following my heart for a very long time, but life around me has never felt so changeable as it has been this past month or so. I have also noticed that what feels so sure in one moment changes in the next. Maybe it is astrology and planetary movements, but it feels alien to my desire to be impeccable in my word.

Since I have a heart-based life that includes a heart-centered business, I have noticed voices in my head as well as the outer world that speak of the need in business life for consistency. Although I have been consistently working with life as my spiritual practice, consistently asking the Universe to work in and through me, consistently doing my best to stay in alignment with my Soul’s highest wisdom, consistently trying to stay in my heart and emotionally neutral, I have consistently also found the outer manifestations of life to be very erratic. Since most of what occurs affects us all, I am guessing that many people may also be experiencing this phenomena.

So, in staying with this interesting time of radical fluctuation, I have changed my Archangel class series to a later date. Walking with the Archangels through Life now begins on July 14 and ends on August 25, meeting every Thursday at 5:00 pm PDT for an hour to about 1 1/4 hours in timing.

Walking with Archangels through Life is a practical study of Archangels and the Chakra system. All classes will be recorded so if you cannot attend live, you will receive all the study materials with the recording after each class. You will also receive a bonus Archangel Meditation mp3 that will help you to create a more personal relationship with the Archangel we are studying that week.

In addition, the great news is that Early Bird Pricing will be extended until midnight July 11! That means that you pay only $333 for this amazing experiential 7-class program! I’ve also added a new two-payments option.

It is my heartfelt intention that you receive a deeply personal connection to each of the Archangels that are represented in your seven main chakras. To open the way for this alignment, I will transmit the essence qualities from the Archangels to create empowering new energy links within you.

The Archangels want to offer tools for personal and spiritual growth, and provide ways to live in the 5D frequency shifts with more grace and ease. When you walk with the Archangels through life, you experience a powerful force for Love shifting your awareness and refining your energy system so you can create new, more beautiful possibilities for life.

A sampling of what previous program participants have to say:

“This period of connecting to the angels is a beautiful, life changing experience. I feel so happy and blessed to be part of this. I want it to go on forever.”

“Thank you for helping me strengthen my connection to angelic assistance and love. This has gradually become a BEYOND WORDS experience.”

“You have brought so much to my life in these short 7 weeks. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”

Join us! Now starting July 14. Click here for more information and to register.

Be sure to watch this video in which I talk about the program and my experiences with the Archangels!


About Shanta

Shanta Gabriel is an author, way-shower and Angel Communicator, whose life is devoted to Bridging Heaven and Earth by alignment, immersion, and connection with the Archangels with whom she has trained for over 25 years. She shares this work by facilitating and inviting people into a direct experience of Infinite Intelligence and Love.

For more information about her classes ~ Walking with Archangels through Life, as well as private sessions and products, visit her site at

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