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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Preparing For First Contact-Chapter 15-Being An Agent for the Arcturians



By the Arcturians—Through Suzanne Lie


Being An Agent For the Arcturians

Greetings, We the Arcturians wish to share a message with you within this NOW. We see that many of you are being awakened in a manner that you can better remember your nightly meetings wit your higher expression of your SELF and, also, your night body meetings with us on our Ships.

Sometimes, such as in this case with Seville, you can wake up with a memory of what you learned during your visit. In fact, on July 6, 2016 Seville woke up hearing, we the Arcturians saying,

“In this manner you will be ‘An agent for the Arcturians.’”

She grabbed her journal and started writing before she lost the message. The message continued with,

“What does it mean to be an agent for the Arcturians?

Being an agent is not about what you do. It is about who you are

When you are an agent for the Arcturians, or the Pleiadian, or any other members of your galactic or angelic family, you are “on call for active duty! On call for active duty” means that you walk your talk and do that which you hear inside your higher states of consciousness.”

In other words, you, your consciousness, and your actions are attuned to receive, accept, and perform the inner instruction that you are getting from your Higher Self and/or from any fifth dimensional and beyond being with whom you have an alignment.

With the higher light embedding itself deeper and deeper into your physical body, your thoughts, emotions, actions, and questions, are becoming increasingly inter-dimensional. By inter-dimensional, we mean that your inner information is arising from higher and higher frequency of reality. Also, the higher the frequency, the more deeply the information travels into your core.

Just as the higher light innately travels into the Core of Gaia, the core of the trees, the core of plants, and the core of animals, the higher light travels into the Core of YOU.

Remember, in order to flash into the Lightbody of your true nature, you must remain deeply grounded in the core of Gaia’s planetary body. In this manner, you can join the increasing momentum of all life’s transmutation into a higher frequency of resonance.

Please remember that when you are ONE with the planet,

You are ONE with Planetary Ascension.

Even though your many incarnations on Earth have taught you to be careful, these incarnations have also taught you to be vigilant. This vigilance, which often arose from fear, is NOW arising—NOT from fear—but from protectiveness for your planet, people, nature, the elementals, and all life on Gaia.

As you awaken more and more, you gradually realize what a wonderful planet Earth is. You also realize how harshly Gaia has been treated by many of Her humans. Of course, the “cleanup of Gaia” will NOT occur for the ones who made the mess, which is primarily the Dark Ones.

The cleanup will arise from the awakened humans, who are the ascending ones. The “ascending ones” are happy to restore Gaia to Her fifth dimensional splendor because they will be the ones living in that fifth dimensional reality.

Those that “made the mess” do not believe in the fifth dimension. Nor will they experience fifth dimensional Earth until they have expanded their consciousness into the fifth dimension. Remember dear Pioneers, New Earth is not a place. New Earth is a frequency!

Therefore, you will not get into a spaceship to fly to New Earth. Instead you will need to expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension. Then you will increasingly get “glimpses” of New Earth via your inter-dimensional perceptions of Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, and Clairsentience.

These inter-dimensional perceptions can only be activated when your consciousness resonates to the upper fourth dimension and beyond. Our Ships can lower their frequency to the lower fifth dimension, or even the upper fourth dimension when those who wish to perceive us resonate to the frequency of peace and unconditional love.

However, as soon as even one person holds any ill intentions, the Ship will raise its frequency back into the upper fifth dimension. We do so because we have NO intention of frightening the sleeping one or being a target for the dark ones.

Therefore, we usually keep our resonance in the mid and above sub-planes of the fifth dimension. When we see a group that is filled with unconditional love waiting outside to see us, we may or may not lower our frequency.

From the group perspective on the third/fourth dimensions it may appear safe. However, we can easily perceive the cloaked dark ones or the non-believers who would be greatly frightened.

Our intention is to communicate with humanity largely through the representatives who have worked with us for many years. Since we already have an “inter-dimensional relationship” with these humans, they are aware of the role they chose before they took their current incarnation.

We often give our “channels” time to integrate their fifth dimensional perceptions into their daily lives and activities. Primarily, they need “time” to become familiar with and gain mastery of their fifth dimensional senses that are increasingly being activated.

When one is already clairaudient, they will hear us, and will “take dictation” from us regarding the information that we are sending them. Those who are primarily clairvoyant can perceive our Ships, but may not yet be able to communicate with us.

Then, there are those who are primarily clairsentient. They can feel our presence very strongly but may not be able to hear or see us. Fortunately, as you all transmute your consciousness and perceptions into the fifth dimension, you will be able to actively see, hear, and feel our presence.

The perception that is first to “open” depends on the mission you chose before you took your earth vessel. Often, those who are artists can primarily see us (clairvoyant), whereas those who are writers can primarily hear us (clairaudience). Those who are primarily healers and body workers can primarily feel us (clairsentience).

Then, after your first fifth dimensional perceptions are somewhat mastered, you will slowly, or swiftly, gain mastery of your other expanded perceptions. Because of your dedication to take in and ground the higher light, your remembrance of your innate higher perceptions are coming more “online” in your daily life.

Furthermore, whereas humans once had to fast, meditate and study with a Guru for long period of your time, NOW many of you are feeling the Kundalini rising up your spine to activate all the innate qualities that you were born with, but forgot.

As your consciousness increasingly expands into the fifth dimensional NOW, there will be NO “time.” Therefore, you will no longer experience the feeling of “waiting for IT” (whatever “it” is) to come into your perceptual field.

As your consciousness increasingly resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, that which you have waited for during uncountable years, and lifetimes, will instantly be HERE in the ONE of the fifth dimensional NOW. And, what a glorious NOW that IS!!

Many of you can perceive energy fields, which are actually “pockets of the fifth dimensional NOW,” in your daily life. Often you try to translate this information into your third/fourth dimensional perceptions, but it does NOT fit.

This higher frequency of energy fields can make you feel extremely tired, and trying to translate the meanings of these energy fields can make you feel as if you have been climbing a high mountain. You are, indeed, “climbing a fifth dimensional mountain/energy field.”

You are so tired because you are trying to perceive and climb that mountain with your third/fourth dimensional consciousness. Fortunately, as you try, try and try again, you will understand that you are using your third dimensional time/space operating system to climb a fifth dimensional mountain.

Hence, you must “put your life in order,” which mean that you must STOP doing what you “must do,” and START doing what you “love to do!”

This transition from “must” to “love” may be long and rather arduous, but you will be able to clearly examine the parts of your third dimensional life that no longer work for you. Then, your fifth dimensional perceptions will come online so that you can actually see, hear and/or feel the life force in every rock, drop of water, tree, cloud and ALL life.

The Elementals will come alive before your eyes, ears abd sensations, as you learn to extend your perceptions into the fifth dimension for longer and longer of what you still perceive as “time.” But, soon, “time” will become NOW and the fifth dimension will become HERE.

It is then that your third dimensional illusions will begin to fall away because your awareness has revealed the truth that you had to “work so hard” to find in your physical reality. As you all know, illusions are everywhere in your familiar third/fourth dimensional reality.

Fortunately, your innate, unconditional love for all life will instantly determine that which is actually fifth dimensional, and you will “soak up this unconditional love” like a planet in great need of water.

Then, your fifth dimensional expression can easily accept and, simultaneously, reflect that unconditional love back to you. At first, you may not perceive the unconditional love shining back into you because your fifth dimensional perceptions may not be fully “online.”

Therefore, be patient and be sure to give your self lots and lots of unconditional love. As you continue to “love your self unconditionally,” your fifth dimensional perceptions will begin to come online in your daily life.

The unconditional love within your High Heart will remind your inner fifth dimensional SELF that you could not have that perception in the fifth dimension yet because it resonates to a totally different operating system.

Fortunately, every “time” that you “catch a peek” of the fifth dimension, you will feel a bit more confident. “Maybe this reality is REAL, and I am perceiving a frequency that I have not experienced since I left the Ship?” you exclaim to yourself.

Then, the fifth dimensional Ship, as well as the life you have on that Ship, flashes past your mind screen.

“Is it real?” you ask.

“No way,” your third dimensional self replies.

Then, just before you decide to just forget it all and go back to work, your High Heart begins to pulsate and shine into your aura, beyond your aura and expand to encompass your entire area.

“What is this?” your third dimensional self cries.

“This IS HOME!” whispers your fifth dimensional SELF.

It is receiving that simple message from your own fifth dimensional self that makes you “An Agent for the Arcturians!” Therefore, say that message again and again.

Look up into your sky and say, “This IS HOME!”

Look deep into the water and say, “This IS HOME!”

Go to the “work” and say, “This IS HOME!”

View your neighborhood and say, “This IS HOME!”

Look into faces of every human, as well as your own face in the mirror and say,

“This IS HOME!”

Being an Agent for the Arcturians means that “YOU are HOME”

And wherever you look is the HOME that YOU have CREATED.

It is in this manner that YOU can transmute your third/fourth dimensional reality

BACK into the fifth dimension reality that was ALWAYS THERE!

Blessings, we the Arcturians and the Pleiadians are with you on your journey.

Call us and we WILL answer.

If you need help to find us, just look into your Heart. HOW ARE YOU AN “AGENT FOR THE ARCTURIANS?” It would be great if you share your answers in the comments section.

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The nature of the Hindu god, one true god, the supreme spirit, called Brahman

LORD VISHNU AND SHIVA ART at Exotic India 9.7.

Lord Vishnu and Shiva @ Exotic India Art


The “Trimūrti” ( त्रिमूर्तिः trimūrti, “three forms”) is a concept in Hinduism in which the cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction are  personified as a triad of deities, typically Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer/transformer, though individual denominations may vary from that particular line-up. When all three deities of the Trimurti incarnate into a single avatar, the avatar is known as Dattatreya.


Hindus believe in one true god, Brahman, but Brahman has many forms.

The nature of the Hindu god

Hindus believe that there is one true god, the supreme spirit, called Brahman. Brahman has many forms, pervades the whole universe, and is symbolised by the sacred syllable Om (or Aum).

Most Hindus believe that Brahman is present in every person as the eternal spirit or soul, called the atman. Brahman contains everything: creation and destruction, male and female, good and evil, movement and stillness.

There are three main aspects of Brahman.

These are expressed in the trimurti and are:

  • Brahma, the creator
  • Vishnu, the preserver
  • Shiva, the destroyer


Evolution of Trimurti

The specific Hindu gods that combined to make the Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva) each have their own origins in Hindu mythology, scripture, and folklore. However, how they came together in a single iconographic representation is still a source of scholarly interest. According to scholarship, the origins of the Trimurti can be traced back to the the Rg Veda, where the earliest expression of god in three aspects is found. Here, the all-important element of fire is conceived in three forms: in the hearth, it is Agni; as lightning it is Vidyut; and in the form of the sun it is Surya. Later on in the Maitrayaniya Upanishad 4.5, it is reported that meditation upon the One reveals it to be embodied in a series of triadic entities, one of these being the triad of Gods Brahma, Rudra, and Vishnu.

By the time of the original composition of Hindu Epics (500-100 B.C.E.), Shiva and Vishnu had gained a place at the top of the Hindu pantheon. Within the Epics attempts were made to identify Shiva with Agni, the god of fire who is of utmost importance in the Vedas. For instance, in one passage in the Mahabharata the Brahmins claimed Agni to be Shiva. In regards to Vishnu, this god already occupied a place in the Vedic mythology,  occasionally being given supremacy as a supreme personal God. His famous appearance in the Bhagavadgita in the form of Krishna only reinforced this reputation. However, in the Epics, the three gods as modes of one greater entity plays almost no role. It is only in the appendix of this work (10660 ff) that the notion of Trimurti is introduced. However, Brahma is largely ignored, whereas Vishnu and Shiva are considered equal parts of an androgynous entity referred to as Hari-Hara, a duad which eclipses the triad in importance.

It was not until the arrival of the Puranas, a large corpus of mythical and historical Hindu texts, that the Trimuti became a standard doctrine. The Padma-Purana, a Vaishnava text, explains the origin of the three modalities of the one supreme Vishnu: “In order to form this world, the supreme spirit produced from his right side Brahma. In order to maintain the world, he created from his left side Vishnu. To destroy it he gave rise to Shiva from his middle. Some men worship Brahma, others Vishnu, and yet others Shiva. Since these three are one, the devout should draw no distinction between them.” This is the first explicit statement of the three gods’ essential oneness as constituents of the supreme principle. However, it should be noted that at no time was the trinity itself actually worshiped.

It has been suggested that the emergence of the Trimurti was perhaps a deliberate attempt to reconcile the major Hindu deities of the time into one universal Godhead in order to minimize the spiritual competition among devotees, and to promote unity and harmony. From this perspective, the Trimurti, like the Hindu deity Harihara, reflects the deep impetus in Hindu thought towards inclusion and syncretism. Until the creation of the trinity, Vishnu, Shiva, and to a lesser extent Brahma were recognized under varying names dependent upon the particular locality in which they were being worshiped. Eventually, they came to subsume the names and traits of deities with whom they shared a similar nature through the agency of popular poetry or art, among other mediums. For example, considering several of Vishnu’s alternative monikers, such as Vasudeva and Vaikuntha, an attempt may be made to identify Vishnu with Indra, another one of the Vedic gods. As these gods rose to preeminence within the popular traditions in various regions, their attributes became coordinate with the powers which had been attributed to Brahma, and they too came to represent the Supreme Personal Being in their own right. Therefore, the three deities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, were to represent a triple Godhead, as it manifests itself in the creation, preservation, and destruction of the universe, respectively.

A representation of the Hindu god Brahmā art 9.7.

A representation of the Hindu god Brahmā


Meaning and Significance

The Trimurti has been interpreted in many different ways, particularly in relation to cosmology. A widely accepted belief is that the three gods seen together represent earth, water, and fire. The earth is seen as the originator of all life and hence is regarded as Brahma. Water is seen as the sustainer of life and is represented as Vishnu. Fire consumes or transforms life and is therefore considered to be Shiva. Alternatively, the three members of the Trimurti are conceived to be analogous with the three planes of consciousness: On the spiritual plane, the spiritual element is represented by Brahma, the psychic element by Vishnu, and the physical element by Shiva. On the psychic plane, Brahma epitomizes intuitive and creative thought, Vishnu is intelligence, and Shiva represents emotion. On the physical plane, the sky is Brahma, the Sun is Vishnu and the Moon is Shiva. Various phases of an individual’s life are said to be represented by the Trimurti.

The first of these phases, that of celibacy and studentship (Brahmacharya Ashram) is represented by Brahma. During this phase, knowledge, represented by Brahma’s consort Saraswati, is the individual’s constant companion. The second phase of adulthood and householders (Grihastha Ashram) is represented by Vishnu. During this phase, the individual fulfills all religious and family obligations by becoming involved in generating wealth, which is then used to sustain the family. During this phase wealth is the individual’s companion and is represented by Vishnu’s consort, Goddess Lakshmi. The third phase is that of old age (Vanaprastha Ashram) and is represented by Shiva. This phase marks the renunciation of the material world for an austere life dedicated to the pursuit of true knowledge. In ancient days, this typically marked the time when a householder, along with his wife, left his worldly belongings to live in a forest with only essential belongings, just like Lord Shiva. In the final phase (Sanyasa Ashram) the individual seeks merger with the Supreme power (Isvara). The three phases of life, then, just like the trimurti, culminate into a transcendent One, bolstering the idea that the three gods are in reality one and the same Isvara.

The philosopher Shankara (c. 788–820 C.E.) provided another cosmological interpretation of Trimurti. In his view, Shiva represents the Nirguna Brahman (or Brahman without features), Vishnu the Saguna Brahman (Brahman with features) and Brahma the Cosmic Mind. In more philosophical terms, Brahma is associated with Divinity’s Creative Ground of Being, while Vishnu is said to be associated with Divinity’s Emanated Idea (Logos, Wisdom, or Word), and Shiva is said to be associated with Divinity’s Transformative Energy (Flame, Breath, or Spirit).

Trimurti Today

The concept of Trimurti is most strongly held in Smartism, a contemporary denomination of Hinduism. Smartas, who follow Advaita philosophy, believe that deities such as Vishnu or Shiva are various forms of one ultimate higher power (“Brahman”), which has no specific form, name, or features. The forms of the deity serve as a heuristic purpose in that they provide a physical form for the supreme divinity which is inconceivable. These conceivable forms of divinity allow Smarta followers to narrow their focus during worship and meditation, thereby assisting their spiritual progression toward the great, ineffable divinity.

Vaishnavism and Shaivism, however, believe respectively that Vishnu (and/or his avatars) and Shiva are the superior, personalized forms of god, with all other representations paling in comparison. Whether it be Shiva or Vishnu that they worship in personalized form, the one god is seen in both traditions to ultimately transcend all personal characteristics, essentially embodying the monistic essence of the universe like the classical conception of Brahman. Although Vishnu and Shiva as have each spawned their own monotheistic devotional tradition, Brahma still remains in relative obscurity.

Today Brahmā is almost totally ignored by Hindu devotees, while Vishnu and Shiva continue to be worshiped en masse. Modern India has but two temples dedicated exclusively to Brahma, in contrast to the thousands of temples dedicated to the other two deities in the Trinity. The most famous of the Brahma temples is located at Pushkar in the Rajasthan state. The other temple for Brahma is located in the town of Kumbakonam, (Thanjavur District) Tamil Nadu. Thus, Brahma is no longer as relevant as he once was in Hindu writing, as the focus upon other generative deities, such as Shakti, the Divine Mother has supplanted Brahma as the Source/Creator. As is the case with followers of Vishnu and Shiva who view their own God to be the embodiment of all three divine personas, Shakti worshipers believe the three deities emerge from the Divine Mother, and they are merely aspects of her nature.


Source : New World Encyclopedia and Internet

Serapis Bey, Master of the 4th Ray, the Ray of Ascension – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

art Buddha Sadhana Meditating Buddha by bhargav08 at DeviantArt.

ART : Buddha Sadhana Meditating Buddha by Bhargav08 @ DeviantArt


Serapis Bey, Master of the 4th Ray, the Ray of Ascension

Normally it is each of you, my brethren, that seek me out for the purposes of letting go, eliminating, bringing forth the truth, the purity, the beauty of who you are in this process of going forward in your ascension process. Now, what is my role in this?

Serapis Bey, Master of the 4th Ray, the Ray of Ascension
Serapis Bey
An Hour With an Angel May 31, 2016

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Our guest today is Serapis Bey and I think, Linda, you have the meditation that he gave you on your web site?

Linda: That is correct. And in fact, I had sort of forgotten about it and he nudged me this morning as I was getting ready. There is a meditation that he gave during a workshop that I did a couple years ago. And it is an ascension meditation, taking place at the Ascension Chamber in Luxor. And it’s actually a beautiful, beautiful meditation. I went back and listened to it and it’s very powerful.

You know I haven’t heard from Serapis Bey that often, but when he shows up, it’s always monumental. You know, he’s a no-nonsense kind of being. He doesn’t mince words, and when he has something to say, it comes forth strong and powerful. So, yes, he has suggested to me that after listening to what he has to share with us today, he would really like people to be listening to this meditation.

Steve: Well, very good. While you’re making your transition, let me say a few words about Serapis Bey, because we haven’t had him on the show before and some people may not be aware of him. He is the Master of the Fourth, or Ascension Ray – the Ascension Ray of the Mother – the Hierarch of the Luxor Temple. In one of his past lives, he was reputed to have been the Spartan King Leonidas who stopped the Persians at the Pass of Thermopylae, where he died. Leonidas has come to symbolize personal responsibility and self-discipline. We know him best as one of the three Ascended Masters, the other two being El Morya and Saint Germaine, who began many centuries ago what later became known as The Saint Germaine Trust.

He’s here today to extend the discussion we had last time with Archangel Michael about ascension. So, with that, I welcome Serapis Bey.

Serapis Bey: And I welcome you. Yes, I am Serapis Bey, known by many names, as have each of you my beloved friends. Yes, known as the great disciplinarian, as Master of the Fourth Ray. This is the Ray of Ascension. This is the Ray of Purity. This is the Ray of the White Crystalline essence and energy of the Mother that we have told this channel a long time ago is called Luminesa. I welcome you.

Normally, and it has been this way for an exceedingly long time, it is each of you, my brethren, that seek me out for the purposes of letting go, eliminating, bringing forth the truth, the purity, the beauty of who you are. And this has been the way in which I have worked with many of you in this process of going forward in your ascension process.

In your acceptance of the beauty and uniqueness, the wonder, magnificence of who you are; while eliminating through perseverance, through consistency, through self-discipline, through self-responsibility any sense of your ego, of your own uniqueness, of that sense that you are special in the human ego way of the old realm.

You are unique and special because you are an expression of the Mother, the Father, the One. And that expression is strictly and uniquely so that you can manifest the wonder and light of that purity and beauty: to go from a sense of singularity, to be transfigured into resurrection, to return to the Mother, Father, One.

Traditionally, and I am certainly one for tradition…traditionally this has been an arduous journey. For although I assist you in this rebalancing, it would be erroneous for me to pretend that it has not entailed a true devotion and a singularity of focus to go through this ascension process. Now you, each of you – and in this I speak to the entire collective, to all who currently sit upon Gaia – have made a very unusual decision. Yes, in December of 2012. And you made this decision and in that moment did release your sense of ego and individuality enough that you said collectively, as a unity consciousness, that we will go forth in our ascension one by one. No, as One.

I am ancient. You might say I have been at this for a long time in your reality or any reality. Never had I experienced, witnessed, or envisioned a decision of such magnitude and gratitude, a recognition of the connectedness between all of you. I have never seen or anticipated this.

Now, of course, the Mother, in Her wisdom, always knows the unfoldment of Her Plan. But, it has certainly shifted how I work in my service to Her. Now, in that, in the intervening years, I have stood back and I have still continued to work with many of you, one by one by one. Occasionally, you have come with your sacred partner. But, even in sacred union and partnership, the diligence, the balance, the stepping forward is and has been individual.

But I have also worked with the collective quietly, which is my want. Humans have used far too many words and ignored the strength of spirit. But although there have been many words in these intervening years; particularly you the light workers, love holders, have gained in strength and a sense of discipline. And you have gone forward and I have worked with you silently and sometimes not so silently.

You see, endurance and fortitude and prudence are required – yes, required – for ascension. And you say to me, “But, Serapis, I like to be in the flow.” Well, there is no room for laziness, spiritual or physical. So when you say that you wish to be in the flow, there is still a requirement for attention to your being, your responsibilities, and for steering the vessel, as it were. You cannot abandon that. And I extol your virtues, because you have not. You have paid attention. You have relinquished a great deal of ego because there is no room for self-aggrandizement. The only thing that we adore is the unified Mother, the Father, the One.

Now, why do I speak of this? As Michael, Mi-ka-el, has spoken to you, as the Mother herself deigns to speak to you, there is a new energy that penetrates your entire planet and this collective of One. So it is not individual, and yet, of course it is. But it is equally shared to all. And the Mother, in Her infinite and eternal wisdom, has asked all of us to share, to expand, to extend, to unify, and to penetrate the entire planet with our unique expression of Her love.

This is a gift beyond measure. I do not think that many of you fully comprehend what this means. You could no more resist this flow of energy…like a Tsunami of One. In fact, that is a good name, is it not? You cannot resist it. So your method of not merely survival, but of taking true measure, advantage of this energy that we all send you, is to conjoin with it. Yes, in prudence and balance, fortitude and endurance, acceptance, allowance, thanksgiving, gratitude, and purity.

Now, what is my role in this? And believe you me, I have asked the Mother this many times throughout many, many, many, many, many, many centuries. I assist with ascension and there have always been committed adepts who have come to me. But in this shift – because that is what you are in the middle of – my role also changes. You, my beloved students and disciples, for those who are brave enough to even approach, have always come to me in and out of form. It matters not. But, at the beckoning of the Mother, I come to you. So you see, this shift, this ascension, this process that you are undertaking, shifts things not only for humanity, but for many of us as well. Now we are fully capable and willing and happy, joyous, to do this. But it is certainly a change of venue. There is nothing that I would not be honored to do for our divine Mother. And, because each of you are of the Mother, of Her pattern, there is nothing I will not do for you.

But I do not do it to you. There has been much discussion in the past several years with many of us and the Archangels, about the nature of sacred partnership, sacred union. And repeatedly we have said to you that we are in sacred partnership. Very few of you have the time or have taken the time or have the inclination or have sought out the insight to truly know what this means. Now let me tell you. I do not do this for you. I do not take you and simply flip you through the ascension process. I will not do that. There is an awakening of your will, the elimination of ego, the opening of heart, the alignment with divine mind and heart and will. And all of these aspects are necessary for ascension. So, “What then,” you say, Serapis, “do you do or help us with?”

I come to you as brother, as one who has walked the planet many times. And yes, I am the disciplinarian, but only insofar as it brings you to the place of purity and power and the acceptance of responsibility for your sacred self, because that is your promise to the Mother. So now I come to you in sacred union and partnership to offer you my assistance.

All of humanity – I come to you to assist you in the deeper letting go, in the deeper elimination of all aspects of your being that are not a crystalline, clear alignment with your divinity and the Mother’s divinity. I will guide you, I will support you, I will walk with you, I will correct you, because it is not of punishment. That concept, and certainly that behavior does not exist on our side. But if you are headed consistently, or even now and then in the wrong direction, if you are praying and praying and working, and at times even struggling to come into that alignment that you can simply walk right through the portal and you think you are doing your best, but you are erring in one way or another, I will correct you because I love you, because I honor you. Not because I wish to point out that you are in the wrong. That is futile. I would correct you, and I will correct you if you ask me to, so that you do not waste your energy and your heart energy in pursuing something that is not going to get you where you want to be.

There is every gradation of heart consciousness right now upon your planet, and many doors that you have been waiting for, for a long time, have been flung wide open. Now we are adjusting and helping you adjust to these new ways of being. Now, for those who are completely oblivious, there is a more subtle penetration. But I am also speaking not only to Gaians but to those of you that are awake.

You’re saying, “Well, what can I count on you for?” You can count on me to be fully and completely consistent. You can count on me to point out and correct when you misstep. But not only to say, “Oh no, you are doing it wrong,” but to gently, and sometimes not so gently, redirect your energy.

Why I do this is to bring forth purity and beauty, love. You’ve come to this planet as the implementers of the Mother’s Plan. Now we are part of that implementation team, but in a very different way, because this ascension is in physicality. This ascension is remaining on Earth and creating and anchoring Nova Earth – a beautiful paradigm that I would and in many ways did manifest when I was in form. So I know the diligence, the attention, the hard work that this has entailed.

So yes, I come to tell you that I am bi-locating mightily. I am still in the chamber at Luxor. But I am also in every town, city, metropolis, countryside of your planet, working with everybody. I do this for the Mother, but I also do it for you.

Those of you who choose to work with me, who take my extended hand, have a deep level of commitment, valor, bravery. So why do you do this? Because it speeds things up: that your yearning, your determination to ascend and to lead the many is so strong, your commitment is so deep, your eagerness is beyond what humans think of. That is why you do this. And with that, that is why I accept you.

It requires balance, self-responsibility, and discipline. You cannot say I will do it one day and then slack off for the rest of the year. I do not work like that. Ascension does not work like that.

Now, dearest friend Steve, where do you wish to begin?

Steve: Serapis, your discussion has been most unusual among people that we’ve had on the show. Up ‘til now it’s emphasized what I may be permitted to use “the divine feminine,” which is to let go, to flow, to drop resistance, to surrender. And yours is very much the voice of the divine masculine – use of will, the exertion, effort, discipline. So it’s a very different perspective you’re giving us.

Let me ask this question. Either in ascension or in the stewardship of the Mother’s abundance, in either field, your words apply. That we need to show discipline, we need to be consistent in our practice, et cetera. Can you talk to us more about this whole faculty of will? About where light workers are with their exertion of will? And any changes we need to make into the future as we either go into ascension or into stewardship?

Serapis Bey: I would be pleased to talk to that. And yes, my tone, my energy, is significantly different from many who have come forth. Let me begin with an observation, which is grounded in truth. I bring to your attention the value, the importance of the divine masculine and the masculine. As you ascend there should be, and yes I say “should” – should be no differentiation between those two.

I am a servant, so deeply honored to serve the Mother. But what do you think the divine masculine does? Now, very often, in these discussions, which are correct by the way, there is discussion of the divine Godhead, shall we say, of being the unspeakable, unknowable, unmovable. But the masculine serves the feminine, feeds the feminine, infuses the feminine, so that that movement, that eternal infinite creation takes place.

Now, the divine feminine in that creation, in that movement, in that speech, serves the divine masculine. It is the balance. It is the reciprocal nature of all.

Too often, in the history of humanity, which is long and bloody, the sense of the masculine traits have become bastardized, have become abused. And that is part of the self discipline to never fall…never fall…into the patterns of authoritarian control, or greed or lust – abuse of power. And that is part of what you learn at my temple.

You are entering a phase of time where it is the fullness of our Mother’s energy re-anchoring upon this planet, and actually much farther than that…but we will focus on this Gaia. But what has also happened in this spiritual awakening of many, and now I speak particularly of light workers and love holders, is there has been a somewhat shying away. And I am speaking in generalities, so do not feel, unless it is totally applicable to you, that I am in any way chastising you, because I am not; I am explaining. Many of you have backed up from what you have thought of as those masculine traits, and moved into what I have suggested – the flow, the surrender, the acceptance. All of these are completely necessary for stewardship and for ascension.

But so is the balance with the divine masculine. How action from your heart consciousness, from the love, comes into form is through will. How you demonstrate the power, in the purest sense, to be a steward, to assume that responsibility, is through that sense of self-responsibility. If you do not have self-discipline, self-responsibility – not in the sense of self-aggrandizement, but of commitment and knowing the truth of your place in this grand unfoldment – then you cannot be a responsible steward. So that balance of both is absolutely necessary.

Action, with the new responsibilities coming to you, is necessary. Now, what has happened with humanity, male and female, is that when I speak of action and bringing into form the building, whether it is the temple at Luxor or a home for yourself, it requires action. Now, there has been a belief system that has come into form that action or attendance…because I will not use the word ‘work’…is somehow arduous or that it has to take a long time.

And none of that is of truth. But, it is the willingness and the will to be in alignment with truth, of Michael, of the Mother, of the beauty. Why would you create anything – whether it is a meal, or a cup of tea, or a city, or an institution, or a tradition – that is not of purity and beauty? But that requires the self-discipline to make sure that the self-aggrandizement isn’t creeping in.

Now I am not saying that there is only one vision of beauty or purity. There are many reflections and expressions of it and that is the unique beauty of each of you. But, when you are taking these actions in what you think is a balanced way, the beauty is a reflection of that part of your divinity and the Mother’s. It is the willingness to service. That is what stewardship is. And unless that is present, the blessings do not flow.

These blessings that you have talked about are given in a responsible way. That was our agreement when we have formed this, and many by the way, several trusts, that they would be divinely patterned, divinely inspired and a reflection of divinity in form. So, there is no room for what people have thought of as the old masculine, of the ego.

There is work to be done. And that is why I have said to you, if you are going slightly askew, then I will correct you. And it will be gentle, and then it will be stronger, because it is important in our partnership that we listen to each other. I do not speak or whisper simply to hear my voice. I have no need of that, for it is far more wonderful to simply listen to the Mother. But when the Mother has asked me to step forward in this way, and teach and model and mentor the self-responsibility and the balance, I do so.

So is my voice one that you are not used to hearing? Yes. But, is it part of the balance that already exists and exists in you and of you? And so both sides, not either/or, but the cooperative partnership of your divine masculine and your divine feminine. But, what moves, what moves you, what speaks through you, what anchors on the planet is the divine feminine, infused and held by the will and the spirit of the divine masculine. Both are necessary. Do you understand what I say?

Steve: Yes, I do. Oftentimes, I don’t follow up on something a person in your position says, Serapis, and I kick myself afterwards. And I don’t want to do that here. Please, could you talk to us about the work that remains to be done? And I’m talking specifically of light workers, of ascension way showers, financial way showers.

Serapis Bey: Examine your motives. Now, this is something, whether I come to you or you come to me, it will always be our starting point. Are your motives – and I do not adopt an accusatory tone, this is simply the way I speak – are your motives, is your motivation of purity? You have seen upon your planet how money and power have corrupted. How it can easily, very easily, lead to egoic thoughts, feelings, and expressions. And that is the road to hell. (Chuckle) Not that hell exists.

The motive of being a steward, whether it is a pathfinder to ascension, a pathfinder to new institutional ways, pathfinder of new communities, a pathfinder of new financial wherewithal, the motivation is actually quite clear. It is this humble, exalted, desire to serve the Mother. And in that expression of service is to serve your fellow humans as well as Gaia and all the kingdoms.

If it is – and I am not suggesting, by the way, that this means that your own personal wherewithal is not attended to, because if you are not taking care of yourself, this is self-responsibility – if you are not taking care of yourself, if you are not taking care of your family, and in this I mean not only your biological family, those you have chosen to incarnate with, but also your soul family, your soul community. If you are not taking care of that, then you are not being responsible and self-disciplined.

But, what is your motivation? Is it based on an ego desire to be important, to be boss, to have power of the worst kind over others? Or is it in your own discerning, humble way to truly serve? So the first thing that is worked on is the mental, emotional, ego needs, because there is no room for this.

Think of it this way. In a hierarchy, which is often how humans have thought, you want to put yourself at the very bottom of that hierarchy because that is what service is. Now, in your traditional thinking – thinking that I have to be at the top because I have to lead – leadership is patterning the right behaviors that are true to the Mother, the right actions that are true to the Mother, Father, One. So we start with this sense of “Oh, I’m going to have money. Oh, I am going to have power. Oh, I am leading the way.” Now if it’s because it makes you feel important or does it make you feel truly important because you are fulfilling your promise, your responsibility to your sacred self and to the Mother.

Because there is a fine line, and this how humanity has gotten off track – that you want to be in charge, or you want to be more important than your neighbor down the street. No being, not on our side or yours, not throughout any multi-verse, is more important than another.

That includes me, El Morya, Jesus Sananda, Maitreya, none of us. You cannot assume this. There is no room for ego. And this is something that you must, MUST, be vigilant of and that you must give each other permission to observe and if it is in need of course correction, to speak of in saedor, in kindness, in balance, in love. But if you see truly, not from a place of anger or mistrust, but if you see one of your dear family going off track, then of course, out of love you point it out to them. Then the choice is theirs. You’re handing them over to me. But this is work.

Now, the second thing that you work on is consistency. I hear many of you say to me – you don’t know you’re speaking to me. Sometimes you just think you are speaking to each other. You say, “Oh, I can’t meditate.” And then you just don’t bother trying. Well, that’s the same as saying, “Well, I can’t run the 10K and therefore I am going to stop walking.” It is absurd.

This is self-discipline. And meditation takes many forms, and I am using that as an example because it is a popular one. So, my question to you is, do you consistently give yourself a path, not a sense of path, not a sense of path as in “I do not wish to harm myself, I love myself because I am love and I am the love of the Mother. And the Mother loves through me.” But if you are in genuine relationship, think of your partner, your spouse, your best friend and you say, “I am in this deep, abiding friendship. Oh, and by the way, I can’t call you. I can’t talk to you. No, I don’t have time to see you, but I love you.” Well, is this real? Of course not.

You are lying to yourself. So where is your consistency? Where is your self-discipline? There is a belief… you have come to think of discipline as punishing, controlling, some form of pain, or that you have done something wrong. That is not discipline. That is cruelty. Think of discipline and self-discipline as consistency. Are you consistent in what you think and feel? Where you place your attention and your actions? Or are you all over the map, as you would put it?

And, if you are, the disciplinary action is not, my beloved friends, to beat yourself up. It is to gently take my hand again and bring yourself to the center, to stillpoint if you can, and simply refocus. So this is another area of work.

And, in that, look at your actions. “Do my actions and behaviors and interactions match the truth of what I am really hoping to achieve, that fulfillment with the Mother?” Your biggest area, can I say, where you can improve somewhat, is in the treatment, thoughts, feelings, actions, anchoring that you have of yourself. Now there is still some more mayhem on your planet. But if you bring the attention back to yourself, “Am I being pure? Am I purity? Am I beauty? Am I love? Am I luminescent joy?” You’re very hard on yourselves.

And, think of this. Yes, in your lifetime there have been many, many challenges…I do not deny or minimize at all. But in the treatment, the feelings, the knowing of yourself; you see, all those control and hurting disciplines, they come from ego, who is very eager to maintain control. But, the Mother, our beloved Mother, is nothing but gentleness. The reason we do not tend to speak of the qualities of the Mother in terms of will, for example, is that it is not necessary.

When She dreams, or creates, there’s such gentle love that you do not feel the necessity for will-directed action. So when you are looking at yourself, is the balance there of the gentlest love that simply puts the will into place and allows it to flow smoothly, gracefully, beautifully? Discipline and self-love is not about cutting off your arm to show that you intend to serve. It is about loving your arm and loving yourself. There is work to be done there.

Steve: Serapis, I have squeezed every minute out of the hour to give to you. Is there anything you want to say in closing, since we have reached the top of the hour?

Serapis Bey: I have declared myself as a being that is traveling your planet. If you whisper my name, if you approach me in Luxor, I am at your disposal. It is my dearest desire that you will call me. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2016 Council of Love, Inc.


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ART : Buddha Sadhana Meditating Buddha by Bhargav08 @ DeviantArt