Putting Humpty Together Again – Part 1/3 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Putting Humpty Together Again – Part 1/3

And I became the Humpty Dumpty man

I’ve just been through an incredible healing, which doesn’t surprise me. My life seems to have speeded up incredibly.

It’s as if I get one piece of my own puzzle every day and each piece leads to more growth.

I’m going to walk you through the healing scenario, but first I need you to know the background.

I used to call myself the Humpty Dumpty Man because…. Well, let me excerpt from an article on the subject.

This is critical background to the healing that happened because the healing saw Humpty’s reconstitution taken a big step further. From “What Changes Can Be Seen?” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/07/05/what-changes-can-be-seen/

When my Dad shouted at me from just an inch or two from my face when I was somewhere around 7 or 8, I shattered into a million pieces.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I dissociated. The predominant result was that I had no solidity, no firm ground to stand on and hence no confidence.

I interpreted my weak will as being a result of fear. But it was a result of the [Humpty Dumpty] dissociation.

I didn’t learn that I was dissociated until I was 40, in 1986. At that time, my then girlfriend said to me that I had the profile of an abused child.

At that remark, the two dissociated facets of my personality leapt forward and both said “Yes!”

They noticed each other for the first time and both said to the other: “Who are you?”

One side of my personality was the public side and one the private. When I was alone by myself, the private side would emerge. It was bitter, resentful, guarded, critical, skeptical, etc. (1)

The other was the public side and it was helpful, happy, gung ho, ungrounded, prone to mood swings, devil may care, etc.

They’d finally met. And when they did there was an explosion of rage.

I remember being so angry at my Dad that I phoned him on the spot and was going to yell at him (payback time?), but his girlfriend prevented me from speaking to him. Which was pretty fortunate.

There followed two or three weeks of being an erupting volcano, anger spewing out of me. And finally I settled down.

I was now aware of the two sides of me but it would be another twenty years before I was to fuse the two back together again.

I called myself the Humpty Dumpty Man after I knew what had happened. I did twenty-three Enlightenment Intensives to try to heal the breach and nothing worked.

I’m sure a lot of the debris got cleared away but still no one could put Humpty together again.

And then one day in around 2006, I was talking to my brother, Paul, who is a family therapist, after having just about gotten into a car accident because of a totally-reckless attitude on my part, that we traced it back to things with Dad. My brother let me wax white hot in my screams and protests.

And in that moment, I fused again. I was 57 years old.

Now, in the next part, let’s fast forward to the present.

(Continued in Part 2.)


(1) It’s definitely the grumpy side of me that I described in “Popping Like Popcorn – Part 1/2” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=278954 and “Popping Like Popcorn – Part 2/2” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=279000

Putting Humpty Together Again – Part 1/3

Preparing For First Contact – Energetic Communications @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Preparing For First Contact–Chapter 17–Energetic Communications–Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie



By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie


Energetic Communications

Greetings. I am Sharman here again to speak with you. I am actually wearing an earth vessel within your NOW, so that I can walk among you to best feel the human energy fields. I wear different “disguises” on different days depending on what area I am visiting.

At the end of each day, I return to my cloaked Ship to “call home” to share what I have experienced. I was chosen for this mission because I spent a long lifetime as a human and learned to “read” many of the thoughts and emotions of the humans that I observed.

What I have perceived is that many of you are feeling VERY tired. I have also observed that many of you feel like you are leaving soon, but you do not realize that “soon” is a third/fourth dimensional term.

In the fifth dimension, there is only NOW, so “soon” does not exist as there is only the NOW of “no-time.” However, I have observed that many of you are experiencing a transmutation of your entire physical body.

These physical transmutations, as well as your relationship with thoughts and emotions, are going through a total “remodel.” I have observed that many of you have very full lives in which you are very busy within your third/fourth dimensional self. Then, when you relax, even though you may not be aware of it, you can release the tension of your expansion/return to your SELF into the fifth dimension.

Yes, there is a “tension” regarding your shift. Your third dimensional form is being called on to transmute into a frequency that was only experienced before you took an earth vessel on third dimensional Earth.

Simultaneously, your consciousness rejoices to return to your true SELF who soon, will no longer need to wear a dense, third dimensional form. Many of you ponder, “I am not sure that my body could go through the transmutation into lightbody.”

Therefore, I wish to remind you that you do not need to worry about your physical body, as it will be automatically be transmuted into it’s higher expression as you continue your journey.

“How am I doing, and where am I on my journey?” I perceived in the thoughts of many. Yes, your thoughts and emotions are very clear to my fifth dimensional perceptions, and as your consciousness fully expands into the fifth dimension, you too will consciously perceive the thoughts and emotions of others.

What I have observed is that many of you are doing quite well with your journey, as it is a journey of consciousness. Part of the reason why so many of you are so tired is because the frequency of your consciousness is MUCH higher than the frequency of your body.

However, your body cannot transmute too quickly because the 3D patterns of connection within your body elementals are too slow to contain all the higher frequency energy fields.

Therefore, you are using your higher-frequency, Multidimensional Mind, your Third Eye, and your High Heart to assist you in your process of adapting to the higher frequencies of your reality. Within your NOW, the lower third dimension is slipping from the awareness of the ascending ones.

As you continue your multidimensional journey into the fifth dimension, you will discover that you fell less fatigue. I also observed that many of you had created what I would call an “over-lay of your lightbody network.” In other words, many of you are consciously, or unconsciously, feeling your lightbody floating just beyond, yet around, your physical form.

I have noticed that more and more of you are becoming aware of this “overlay.” As you become increasingly aware of what may appear to be an “external” lightbody network around your physical form, you expand your “sense of self” to include your ever-expanding aura.

You will experience this overlay of Lightbody via a sensation just above your skin. You will only be able to perceive this overlay when you are in a higher state of consciousness. But, once you have perceived it, it becomes quite more natural to feel this overlay of light whenever you remember to center your consciousness on unconditional love.

As you feel the inter-dimensional unconditional love within your consciousness, you will begin to sense it as it “tickles,” embraces, and surrounds your earth vessel. As these sensations come online with your third dimensional perceptions, you will begin to perceive your daily life in an expanded manner.

Before your expanded perceptions came “online” in your daily life, you experienced reality as “only physical” However your expanded perceptions are VERY sensitive to inter-dimensional energy fields. These inter-dimensional energy fields seem to suddenly occur then, just as suddenly, they seem to disappear.

It is not that the energy fields are coming “in to” and “out of” your life. What is occurring is that your calibration to the higher frequencies is coming online, then offline, then online as your consciousness changes from higher fourth and fifth dimension, then back to lower fourth and third dimension.

The frequency of consciousness determines the perceptions that you can consciously register in your brain as being “real.” There are many inter-dimensional visions, sounds, and thoughts entering your consciousness within this NOW.

By “inter-dimensional messages” we mean the message that are traveling through at least two of the higher dimensional frequency bands around Earth, as well as two higher dimensional frequency bands of your consciousness before you perceive it via your physical awareness.

The frequency bands of your consciousness, from the highest to the lowest are:

Theta Wave, fifth dimensional consciousness

Delta Wave, higher fourth dimensional consciousness

Alpha Wave, fourth dimensional consciousness

Beta Wave, third dimensional consciousness

There are, in fact, many communications that you, the awakening and ascending members of humanity, are beginning to consciously experience. The awakened ones call these messages “channels,” but the un-awakened ones may call them “hallucinations.”

Most of you will first feel these energetic communications via your physical body. Your physical body is much like the encasement around a long-range radio. Most of these, higher frequency message are first directed to your High Heart.

Inter-dimensional messages are first received via your High Heart because the Three Fold Flame within the ATMA (core) of your High Heart is your own inter-dimensional center. Your ATMA is your “inter-dimensional center” because the Unconditional Love, Infinite Wisdom, and Multidimensional Power within your ATMA are all inter-dimensional qualities.

When you experience an inter-dimensional message, and you are ready to receive it, tune into your High Heart (between your physical heart and your throat) to translate that message via your own inter-dimensional “unconditional love,” “infinite wisdom,” and “multidimensional power.”

Inter-dimensional messages arise in the fifth dimension and beyond to eventually be shared with your third dimensional brain and body. These inter-dimensional communications move first into:

  • The higher states of consciousness within your Multidimensional Mind,
  • To be shared with your physical body to be grounded into the Earth,
  • Then into your High Heart to be translated.

The frequency of these inter-dimensional messages cannot be fully accepted by your conscious awareness before they are grounded. If you were aware of them before they are grounded, they might feel like as electrical buzzing.

Fortunately, every time you ground an inter-dimensional message, it re-enters your physical form, and is then routed to your High Heart so that the inter-dimensional communication can be translated into a message that you can more clearly understand.

Some will perceive the message via their clairaudience—inter-dimensional hearing. Some will perceive the message via their clairvoyance—inter-dimensional vision.

Some will perceive the message via their clairsentience—inter-dimensional feelings.

We remind you that any thoughts of, “I am so sorry, but I do not have enough time to do that.” actually means: “I am so sorry, but that is not important enough for me to create the time to do that.”

Please remember that an inter-dimensional message comes into your awareness within the NOW of the ONE of the fifth dimension. If you push it away because you are not ready to hear it, you will not be able to recover that NOW.

However, if you say, “I am ready to receive that message into my body.” You will naturally discover a NOW in which the message, that has been stored in your High Heart, will suddenly arise within your conscious awareness.

Then, be sure to document that message within that NOW. If you are not able to do so, remember to recognize that an important inter-dimensional message awaits you in your High Heart. I remind you to remember that you choose your life by choosing exactly what you “have enough time to do.”

People often think they have no choice about what happens with their time, which puts them into a state of “victim consciousness.” I remember having that experience myself when I volunteered to take an earth vessel to better understand being human.

Therefore, I am not judging you for that behavior. But, I also remember how very sad and lonely I was when I lost contact with my own inner power. In fact, I am writing this message now to assist you to remember that YOU are a Multidimensional Being who chose to take an earth vessel within this NOW to assist with planetary ascension.

Since my return to “wearing an earth vessel,” I realize how much the energy fields of Earth have shifted. Because I returned to the NOW of my fifth dimensional reality, I have no sense of how it felt to my human friends during the “time” of my absence.

However, because I did not go through the slow adaptation that all of you brave grounded ones went through, I can more easily experience the extent of shift between my return to the Ship and the NOW of my return to Earth.

“Bravo dear humans,” I say. “I am so happy to experience the overall rise in the resonance here on planet Earth. I can also sense Gaia urging me to tell you all that She, also, greatly appreciates your assistance.

Yes, Gaia and Her planetary self are an “alive, sentient, planetary being. She also wants me to share with all of you that her fifth dimensional core is expanding more and more towards her surface area on which many of Her inhabitants live. As you open your communications up to Gaia, She WILL answer.

In closing, I wish to remind you again that in the fifth dimension YOU are the complete creator of your life. In fact, your every thought and every emotions, becomes instantly manifest.

If you do not like some of the choices you have made in your life, ask your self, “What did I learn?” By that one question you have shifted from “making a mistake” to “creating a lesson that assisted you on your journey HOME.”

If you see a tall, thin man with a hat and big sunglasses to protect my Pleaidian eyes, it just may be me. Otherwise, see you on the Ship.


end transmission

Have YOU seen him?

Posted by Suzanne Lie

The 12 Diamond Light Chambers of the I Am Avatar Race And The Activation of our Diamond Light Body- Anrita Melchizedek

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The 12 Diamond Light Chambers of the I Am Avatar Race
The Activation of our Diamond Light Body

One and a half hour to two hour tele/webinar conference session with Anrita Melchizedek

Saturday July 23rd 2016
7pm GMT, 12pm PDT, 1pm MDT, 2pm CDT, 3pm EDT
London/Lisbon 8pm, Johannesburg 9pm, LA 12pm, New York 3pm, Sydney 5am (July 24th)

In this sacred year of 2016, as we walk the path of Divine Love, we connect deeper into the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light through the Overlighting of our Beloved I Am Presence, the Star Councils and the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Through the many amazing Planetary activities of Light orchestrated by the Company of Heaven and activated through us as the sacred way showers and physical vessels of Light, we have experienced the Diamond Light codes spiraling forth from the Cosmic Heart of God, through the Central Sun and Suns beyond the Sun, as well as the knowing and integration of our Divinity, our innocence and purity. Additionally, we have been enveloped in the beautiful Pink Flame of the Sisterhood of the Rose, leading the way forward through the Path of the Rose and the Divine Feminine archetypes of Light.

And now, as the I Am Avatar Race, the Star Councils come forward to br
ing through the luminosity of the Diamond Light Chambers that take us deeper into Self Enlightenment and Self Mastery as we experience the New Earth Templates as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.
The Sisterhood of the Rose additionally step forward to deepen the flow of Divine Love within our Christed hearts through their beautiful Flames of Light, and following this, the Star Councils bring in their Diamond Light Chambers, multidimensional, multicolored Light Chambers linking us through and to all dimensions of Light. Connecting into the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light and our Beloved I Am Presence, we experience: 

The Happiness Diamond Light Chamber, surrounded in a Diamond and Silver flame of Light and Overlighted by the Pleiadian Star Council. 

The Peaceful and Serene Diamond Light Chamber, surrounded in a Diamond and Platinum Flame of Light and Overlighted by the Orion Star Council.

The Loving and Compassionate Diamond Light Chamber, surrounded in a Diamond and Pearlescent Flame of Light and Overlighted by the Vegan Star Council. 

The Unity Diamond Light Chamber, surrounded in a Diamond and Silver-Gold Flame of Light, and Overlighted by the Sirian Star Council. 

The Emotional Stability Diamond Light Chamber, surrounded in a Diamond and Pink and Purple Flame of Light, Overlighted by the Venusian Star Council. 

The Patient and Understanding Diamond Light Chamber, surrounded in a Diamond Flame of Light and Overlighted by the Brotherhood of the Light. 

The Humility Diamond Light Chamber, surrounded in a Diamond and Pink and Emerald Green Flame of Light, Overlighted by the Antarian Star Council. 

The Insightful and Open-Minded Diamond Light Chamber, surrounded in a Diamond and Rose-Gold Flame of Light, Overlighted by the Nuburian Star Council. 

The Inner Strength Diamond Light Chamber, surrounded in a Diamond and Violet Silver Flame of Light, Overlighted by the Arcturian Star Council. 

The Leadership Diamond Light Chamber, surrounded in a Diamond and Golden White Flame of Light, Overlighted by the Andromedan Star Council. 

The Good Health Diamond Light Chamber, surrounded in a Diamond and Copper-Gold Flame of Light, Overlighted by the Meldekian Star Council. 

The Committed Service Choices Diamond Light Chamber, surrounded in a Diamond and Magenta and Violet Flame, Overlighted by the Alpha Centaurian Star Council. 

As we integrate the qualities of the I Am Avatar Race, we are further presented with the opportunity to activate our Diamond Light Body/Merkaba field through all dimensions of Light, into the Kingdom of Mother/Father God.

The Light Body/Merkaba field extends approximately 54 feet/16.2 meters in diameter around us when fully activated and holds all the codes for the activation of the dormant DNA. This activation further assists in creating a radiant, etheric, electronic body of Light, the perfect Adam Kadmon blueprint. Additionally, the Light Body/Merkaba field links us into to the Unity Grid of Divine Love within and around the Earth plane, and into the unified hologram of Love of all Life on this Earth plane. 

Once the Light Body/Merkaba field is activated, the sacred geometries of the platonic solids are also activated, as are the higher earthly rays. The platonic solids are the cube, the octahedron, the tetrahedron, the icosahedron and the dodecahedron, and in the Light Body/Merkaba activation, we became an extension of the Christ Consciousness grid around the Earth plane, reflecting the exact sacred geometry and harmonic resonance found within the New Earth Templates of Light. 

This is a powerful energy technique that will take us deeper into unconditional Love and the experience of Unity Consciousness, also called the Ninth Dimensional Light Body/Merkaba activation. 

Come join us in this powerful Diamond Light Chamber and Light Body Activation as we experienced a collective sense of Self Mastery, knowing how deeply we are loved, celebrated and appreciated. 

The telewebinar recording will be active so you may download or listen to the online recording any time should you not be able to listen live. A high quality Mp3 will also be sent to you within 24 hours of the telewebinar.

To make payment under the teleseminar link, via PayPal or credit card please click here.

How does the Teleconference work?

If you would like to join this teleconference, click on the related link to make payment via credit card or PayPal (Tele/webinar with Anrita). Once we have received your payment, we will send you a link to the pre-events page where we will be hosting the conference and a password will be sent to you at the time of registration. On the appointed day and time, go back to this page so you can listen in via the web, or call in via Skype, your landline or mobile number.





Activating the Light Body/Merkaba from the sixth to the ninth dimensions respectively and hyperspace travel in your activated Light Body/Merkaba

Sweet ones, we wish to offer this introduction to the Diamond Light Body/Merkaba Activation as it is with great pleasure you are now able to experience the activating of the Light Body/Merkaba through all dimensions of Light. The Diamond Light Body/Merkaba activation lifts you initially in Soul consciousness into these higher dimensions, taking you into third, fourth and fifth levels of Christ Consciousness, as well as into Melchizedek Consciousness. However, it is to understand that the possibility of hyperspace travel in your Merkaba Vehicle of Light exists, and the following information is an extract from The MAT Program, presenting you with some understandings on physically activated the Light Body/Merkaba Vehicle of Light. 

“We would like to give you a Spiritual-Scientific understanding of your Light Body, and how you can use your Merkaba Vehicle of Light to create and control the time translation between the various dimensions of light. The first understanding, which we have focused on to this point, is that it is not possible to activate your Light Body/Merkaba beyond the speed of common light or at this time, beyond the fifth dimension, unless you have become the integrated aspect of your Beloved I Am Presence on this Earth plane. For your Light Body is a living, organic, Divine Intelligence and is powered by your Divine Christed mind working in alignment with Mother/Father God. Once you have reached this point, it is to understand that your Light Body is able to travel through wormholes, or interconnective vortices of light, up to at least 2.9 times the speed of common light along grids of Stralim radiation, light rays of Divine Light, within an all-embracing energy field. Your Light Body or Merkaba moves between the various Light dimensions by a perpetual pulse, propulsion-repulsion, which uses magnetic and electromagnetic poles energized by the grids of Stralim radiation. The spinning of your male and female star tetrahedrons in a counterclockwise and clockwise direction respectively further causes this perpetual pulse, this gravitational demodulation and remodulation of light waves. 

Now, in order to activate your Light Body/Merkaba beyond the speed of common light, you would work with a high frequency Merkaba counterpart existing in a counterpart light threshold, which stabilizes your Light Body when entering and leaving the relative electromagnetic and gravitational density of the various dimensions. This Merkaba counterpart also prevents materialization within the densities of Planetary nuclei or objects in space within the field of your Light Body’s gravitational control. And sweet ones, the Arcturian Emissaries of Light, in the mid-way station of Arcturus, are your Light Body counterparts that will assist you in this interdimensional travel. Furthermore, as you activate your Light Body beyond the speed of common light, your Arcturian and Pleiadian Master Guides will merge their Light Bodies with yours, initially stabilizing your Light Body to the appropriate energy-matter conversion through a bluish white light that uses matter and muon waves. For matter waves have the ability to move faster than the speed of common light, and muon waves, which are approximately eight times the length of matter waves, are the falling light particles, which move from one dimension to the next. These matter and muon waves, along with the Spiritual Microtron, spin the atoms and sub-atoms within your body to very specific dimensional frequencies faster than the speed of common light.
It must also be understood, sweet ones, that it may not be possible to activate your Light Body/Merkaba beyond the speed of common light. However, you may still experience these dimensional frequencies through Soul travel, or in less likely instances, you may be taken within the Light Body of either your Pleiadian or Arcturian Master Guides; and through the process of transvirulence, (the ability to biochemically respatialize you to live on their wave-length), you may experience hyperspace travel. It must also be understood, sweet ones, that as you enter into higher frequencies of light, you will often be transfigured into a matter-energy form which allows for communication within the differing frequencies of light.
 Furthermore, these interconnective vortices of light or wormholes you travel within also use matter and muon waves, allowing communication with all dimensions to occur. These wormholes are found in areas of gravitational collapse or magnetic sinks and will take you into very specific entrance points within any given Star System, and as you enter or leave a particular Star System, you will either slow down your molecular vibration or speed it up accordingly. Another point to understand, sweet ones, is that your Light Body will take on the color vibration of the particular Cosmic ray you are working with, or higher initiation you are undergoing. And in your Service work, after you have potentially experienced each Cosmic initiation, you will travel back to the Earth plane with the appropriate Master Guides, and anchor each Cosmic ray through a specific dimensional Light tunnel, so that all Life on this Earth plane can truly experience the Cosmic Light Rays of Mother/Father God and the Company of Heaven. Furthermore, sweet Melchizedek Ambassadors of Light, you will travel interdimensionally for this Light Work with your Light Body activated to a fifth dimensional frequency regardless of what Cosmic ray you are assisting in anchoring on the Earth plane”. 

Fibonacci Ratios and Master Numbers
Sweet ones, in the Light Body/Merkaba activations, you work with the Planetary Christ Consciousness master number of 11 to assist you in shifting dimensionally, and this is accelerated in multiples of eleven for each dimension. For the Light Body/Merkaba activation to the third dimension this master number is simply 11. The Christ Consciousness master number to the fourth dimension is 22. The fifth dimension 33. The sixth dimension 44. The seventh dimension 55. The eighth dimension 66, and the ninth dimension 77.

Now, in the higher dimensional activations, you continue with the progression of the Fibonacci ratios until the Fibonacci ratio of 144/89, with 144 being the Christ Consciousness number of this Multi-Universe. So, for the sixth dimension, the Fibonacci ratio is 34/21, and the master number 44, the seventh dimension, 55/34, accelerated 55 times God speed to infinity, the eighth dimension, 89/55, accelerated 66 times God speed to infinity and lastly, the ninth dimension 144/89 accelerated 77 times God speed to infinity. 

What this means, if you remember in these rotations of the star tetrahedron, is that the emotional body star tetrahedron spins, for example, 34 times around the body and within your ninth dimensional sphere, while the mental body star tetrahedron spins in a counter clockwise direction around the body 55 times, as the exact same time, for 55 sets God speed to infinity, a speed not possible to measure. And you will do this up to the ninth dimension working with the related Fibonacci ratios and master numbers in this third level ninth dimensional Light Body/Merkaba activation. 

A wonderful Now moment sweet ones, as we assist you to connect deeper into your own magnificence, Light and many gifts as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.