What does it mean to raise or expand one’s consciousness? Adama of Telos

Art Song Of The Morning by Nicholas Roerich

ART : Song of The Morning by Nicholas Roerich


What does it mean to raise or expand one’s consciousness?

Adama~ ❀ It means to start becoming more conscious at all levels and in all aspects of your life. No more living on automatic pilot, and no more giving your power away to others. This means opening up step-by-step to your divinity, to the wondrous spiritual being you are in the midst of living your chosen human experience, chosen before your incarnation for the lessons you desired to learn in this present life.

adama of telos painting by glenda green

Adama of Telos by Glenda Green


It means to stop the madness in your life, at least for a period of time each day, in meditation or contemplation for the purpose of exploring the β€œReal Self.” Begin opening yourself to all possibilities. Explore the wonders and the glory that are contained within you and around you, in nature and everything you see, feel and touch. Explore the intricacies and complexities of other kingdoms on this Earth that you have never paid attention to before. Explore within your heart and discover the golden angel that is your true Self, another aspect of your eternal identity.

Start exploring the vastness, the wonders of Love and Patience of the being you call Mother Earth. As you begin honoring yourself, also honor Her and Her body, as She is one who can assist you mightily in raising your consciousness and vibration. Begin now the most wondrous journey of self-discovery and claim your true nature, as an unlimited divine being having a temporary human experience.

Why would I want to raise my consciousness?
The human experience on Earth has been difficult and full of challenges for the last several thousands of years, primarily because of the dense level of consciousness of you surface dwellers. You have allowed yourselves to gradually descend from the heights of the glory of higher consciousness in the first three golden ages, to your present way of life that does not outpicture the divine being you are. For the great majority, your way of life is not natural to your soul. In general, humans have lost contact with and forgotten their divine nature. In many ways, you still worship a God outside of yourself.

As you raise your consciousness again to the level of your Godhood, embracing your divinity in its fullness, all gifts of your divine birthright will be restored. You will again be able to demonstrate in daily life the ease, magic and grace of the unlimited God being you truly are. You will raise yourself forever above the pain and suffering of the present limitations you have lived with.

What happens when one raises their consciousness?
It will be helpful for you to become more aware of how limited you are in your present state of consciousness. Next, spend time contemplating the true meaning of freedom, and what it means to you personally. Decide what it is you want in your life and how you would like to see it unfold. What are your dreams? What would you like to manifest or become during your present incarnation? What are the goals you want to manifest?

Do you realize that you can have it all when you raise your consciousness above your limited perceptions? This is how we have created such a paradise and a life of perfection in Telos. We opened our hearts and minds to perceive and receive the perfection and limitlessness that were the intended way of life on this planet.

It was this way for three long golden ages on this planet, millions of years ago before the fall in consciousness. The fall of mankind is not about Eve eating an apple like some of you still believe. This is an allegory or metaphor and not a very good one either. The fall was about a compromise between the high level of consciousness of those days and a desire to experience polarity. Thus you began to create experiences of doubt and fear, leading to a perception of separation from the perfection that existed.

You consciously gave up the knowledge of higher consciousness and gradually began your descent into the rift of duality that you now experience. Your former knowledge has been lost to your outer awareness for hundreds of thousands of years, and for some, even longer.
This means, beloved ones, that you still possess this know-ledge in the deep recesses of your soul and subconscious mind and that you can resurrect it into your present awareness. As you let go of the erroneous and distorted beliefs that have limited you for so long, you will be able to remember your former state and manifest it in your present physical life.

How will it affect my present life?
As you begin to raise your consciousness, your desires, interests and priorities will change. You will begin to realize that you, and only you, are the creator and the prime authority for your life, in spite of all other external appearances. You will gradually take charge of your life, like a master does, instead of being tossed about haphazardly by your external experiences. You will use your new awareness, and the knowledge you gain by the expansion of your consciousness to create a new reality for yourself, the one you always wanted, without limitation.

You will create a life filled with more beauty, more joy, more ease, flow, love and happiness than you could ever have thought possible. This is how raising your consciousness will affect your present life. Gradually, as you begin to open your hearts more to the possibility of this new reality, as you start clearing your emotional and mental bodies of old belief systems that no longer serve you and keep you in your present limitations, all your desires and dreams will manifest in your reality. You will be free to live the kind of life you always wanted, regardless of what it is you desire to create.

What could be the results of raising my consciousness?
The results are infinite and unlimited. In your cosmic evolution, you will continue to raise your consciousness forever, unto eternity. You will recognize your real identity as an eternal and immortal being, a child of Love created by Love. You will know that from Love you came and to greater and greater Love shall you ever expand into. You are the child of a most omniscient and glorious God and are created with all the same attributes, a duplicate, if you will, and nothing less. Your lost memory will be restored.

Even if there are rocks or boulders to remove along the way, thorns to love back to smoothness or steep climbs to master at the beginning of your journey, don’t you want to leave behind your limitations and explore the wonders available to you on your planet? This search for Truth can lead to a life of great delight, ease and fulfillment beyond even your wildest dreams and imaginings.

Ask yourself, are you an isolated civilization living on a planet or are we all brothers and sisters, born out of the Love of the same Creator? Are you alone or are you part of a vast and infinite creation with limitless diversity? As you emerge out of the little box you have been living in, you will discover the β€œreal world.” You will realize that your little box has been an illusion and that you are not separate or alone. You are part of All That Is, of Love without end.
( From Telos Book 1 by Aurelia)


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