Your vibrational resonance is a timeless, vast library of information – Jamye Price

Being Clear

Blessed Being, your vibrational resonance is a timeless, vast library of information. In many ways you are discovering this vastness as you begin to interact more with your subtle bridge—your mental and emotional data, your desires, your past, present, and future.

This interaction with your subtle bridge is exciting at times and frustrating at times. You are learning to “communicate” with the subtle, undefined, information which awaits interaction to truly form.

The subtle realm has different rules than the physical realm, while there is some similarity as well. There are varying layers within each that have a different availability of interaction based on your resonance. Your work at this time is to discover your inner action and your interaction with the subtle realm, then create with inspired action in the physical realm.

You are learning to discern between what is helpful for you in a moment, and what is not. You are learning to hear the quiet whisper of your powerful heart, the passive force of Love offering a compelling rather than domination. You are learning to soothe the thoughts into healing the “negative,” and focusing toward new creation (the “positive”). This creates empowered control of your sovereign domain, which is your inner world, your subtle bridge.

Being Clear is not a state of perfection, it is a state of direction.

It is an empowered sovereign making choice in each moment that reflects what is being formed with the powerful heart/mind complex united as a bridge of connection.

Clarity is a Clear Direction by Jamye Price

Being Clear does not require that you know all the information, it is the clarity of your beingness in a direction of movement. Being Clear has a momentum that propels, as the information is united and direct.

It matters not whether the information is helpful or harmful, Life responds without judgment. There is no punishment or reward from Life. There are merely rules and consequence of interaction within the physical and subtle realms. That Truth of unconditionality is often overlooked, or shaped to justify a choice (a judgment).

Being Clear means that you are not reacting unconsciously from the past, resisting the future, or avoiding the present. If you are, one who is Clear understands that the firm intent to heal and become empowered will reveal all that is necessary at the appropriate time. There is an opening to the perfection of all experiences, even in the unknown. There is an inherent Trust in the Self and Life. It is known that All is Well and progressing, for Life is unconditionally creating movement and flow. Being Clear allows that flow to assist and inform along the path.

How do I become Clear?

Pause to take a breath, remind yourself that All is Well and changing, for movement is constant in Life.
Pause to take a breath, remind yourself that All is Well and improving, for Love is the binding thread of Life compelling you toward its grace.
Pause to take a breath, remind yourself that All is Well and creating, for your choice in a direction compels Life to form the future in response to your intent.


There are rules. There are limitations. There is time. Your Love surpasses all of these, for the rules of Love reside in the subtle realm, awaiting your awareness to form the future.

As we sit to Blast Being Clear, we are holding a powerful focus of a future of Love, allowing each being to choose their path. We are relaxing into our loving heart, accepting our divinity as a truth that creates. We are observing our minds, appreciating their brilliance that reminds us to choose a direction within our sovereign domain. We are strong, loving, and focused; bridging the invisible into the visible as we compel Love onto Earth. Blast on!

The Inner Stairway @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Chapter Eighteen–Preparing For First Contact–The Inner Stairway–Pleiadians through Sue Lie



By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie


The Inner Stairway Home

Sharman here. I have returned from my last visit to Earth as a “normal human.” I have learned a lot and wanted to share with you what I have discovered. Of course, many of you on Earth are familiar with what I will say.

However, I am hoping that my perception of your current reality may, in some manner, assist you with the many challenges that you are currently facing in your third/fourth dimensional versions of reality.

There are massive changes taking place within the body of dear Gaia, as well as within the hearts and minds of many of Her humans. On the other hand, there are many other humans who appear to be going backwards into fears, lies, and deceit, rather than forward into unconditional love and cosmic truth.

It is quite common for a reality on the cusp of transmutation to experience this dualistic form of reality. What is occurring is that the inhabitants of Gaia are deciding if they are ready to look deep within to clear their OWN old fears.

Once their own fears are consciously acknowledged and forgiven, they can better welcome the new versions of reality that are based on love and unity. During this energetic transition into the next octave of your consciousness, your “primary version of reality” will shift from day to day.

Sometimes your reality will feel this shift many times a day, or even an hour. Many times there will be myriad “visions of other realities” flying through your awareness faster than you can interpret. Therefore, you will need to remember to go into your “Inner Space.”

Those who are not ready to make that shift into the next Octave of Consciousness and Octave of Reality are becoming aware of that fact. On the other hand, those who are ready for the transition are moving deeper and deeper into the “feeling” of the next octave of resonance.

As you continue your journey, you will find that your external reality is an expression of your own inner reality. Because you have chosen to be among the “pioneers” to this fifth dimensional collective reality, you have also placed your self on the “path of ascension.”

Many of your third and fourth dimensional realities on Earth are based on finding your individuality, while you also had to learn how to co-operate with each other on a very diverse planet. In this manner, you have learned from your experiences, and are ready to move into the HERE and NOW of the fifth dimension.

Fifth dimensional Earth is a very special reality because it is created by the collective of those who have centered their life on assisting with Planetary Ascension. You all have different faces, names and live in very diverse cultures and collective expressions of reality.

As you move into this octave shift, your consciousness will peek into, and out of, the fifth dimensional NOW. Via this “peek,” you will realize that you are leaving “life as you have known it in ALL of your physical incarnations.”

You are among the “Openers” who have taken many incarnations on Gaia to prepare others to move into the next “octave of reality.” The first dimension is an “octave of reality. The second dimension is an “octave of reality.” The third/fourth dimension is an “octave of reality,” and the fifth dimension is much like a “Master Octave.”

A Master Octave is one in which you will move into a totally different Operating System. You all initiated your own journey in the higher dimensions, and each of you have stories of how you stepped down your frequency enough to occupy your third dimensional vessel. When I, Sharman, first entered a physical vessel, it felt like I had hit a rock.

You, the “Openers,” have volunteered to:

Remember your higher expression of SELF,

Consciously connect with that resonance of your Multidimensional SELF and

Open fifth dimensional portals of Light

As you, also, ground them in the core of Gaia.

What you are actually “opening” is the frequency portals that flow between Gaia’s higher dimensional expressions and into the core of Her third dimensional planet. As you give this service to Gaia, you will be giving yourself that same experience.

You are ready for the “octave jump” from your first through fourth dimensional operating system of “time and space” into the fifth dimensional operating system of “here and now.” You feel this shift in resonance by experiencing a knowing that something, and you may not know what, is greatly changing.

You may not exactly understand what is changing or how it will change, but many of you are prepared to follow that flow of the ever-expanding shifts into higher and higher frequencies of resonance.

Some of you have not yet realized that you are multidimensional beings, yet you are still determined to expand your consciousness beyond the brewing storm of chaos that precedes all change.

You, the brave portal openers, are prepared to fully experience the mounting chaos that always accompanies a shift in frequency, such as the transition that Gaia is now experiencing.

Therefore, I wish to assist you to retrace your journey from your Higher SELF and into the earth vessel that you are now wearing. Please remember that you are going “back to the beginning to find exactly where you are NOW.”

As you go through this process, you will begin remembering your own, personal “Inner Stairway.” This stairway is not made of wood, bricks, stone, or any other physical matter. This stairway is built of your OWN states of consciousness.

You took this Inner Stairway every time you were born and every time you returned to your higher dimensional self.

This “Inner Stairway” begins at the top of the stairway when you began your long journey down into BIRTH…

Let us begin within the NOW that you took your current Earth Vessel.

StairwayStars copy


Your Inner Stairway begins within your Crown Chakra and completes when you are fully grounded in your First Chakra, as well as the body of Gaia’s planet Earth.

7th Crown Chakra


As you began your Inter-dimensional journey into physical form, your Multidimensional Mind revealed your Inner Stairway back Home.

6th Brow Chakra


As your multidimensional consciousness entered your Third Eye, your Multidimensional Perceptions guided you to choose your present reality.

5th Throat Chakra


As you fully awakened your Throat Chakra, your inter-dimensional communications guided you during your journey into your third dimensional expression of SELF.

4th Heart Chakra


As you allowed your Heart Chakra to guide you, you could remember the great healing power of Unconditional Love.

3rd Solar Plexus


As you fully accepted your own multidimensional power, your third, fourth and fifth dimensional powers came online to rule your earth vessel.

2nd Sacral Plexus


As you entered the womb of the mother whom you had chosen to create your earth vessel, you remembered the inter-dimensional laws of birth and rebirth.

1st Root Chakra


As you remembered your pre-birth promise to bond with Gaia, you vowed to protect your Mother Planet Earth.


Somewhere in the process of “growing up”

Many of you forgot your true SELF and became “just” human!

We NOW happily and proudly remind you that you chose your current earth vessel so that you could connect again with your true SELF so that you could assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

Through the great inter-dimensional knowing of your Multidimensional Mind, you made this decision so that you could more intimately participate in the process of planetary ascension.

You prepared for your participation with Gaia’s planetary ascension by taking many incarnations on the body of Gaia to assist Her during Her many challenges since the fall of Atlantis. Some of you worked to assist Gaia through the great challenge of the fall of Atlantis by taking an earth vessel on Atlantis during that era.

Of course, many of you who chose to take a body within that NOW of the Fall of Atlantis, had already experienced many incarnations there. In fact, most of you who chose to incarnate on Atlantis had already (that is, within time-based thinking) taken at least one incarnation on Lemuria.

To be more precise, most of you who chose to assist within this NOW of planetary ascension also participated in the early realities of Lemuria, in what you now call the Pacific Ocean, as well as Atlantis, in what is now called the Atlantic Ocean.

Many of you entered Gaia during Her early societies formed by the The Pleiadians, Sirians, and Andromedens. Some of our Arcturian family were still wearing a form then, and we also experimented with life on Earth during Gaia’s earliest eras in which She was only inhabitable for fourth/fifth dimensional beings.

When we first came, the “Mantel” still surrounded the planet like a huge “fish bowl.” While the mantel was still intact, Earth was very safe and the temperature was always controlled to fit the needs of the inhabitants.

Within that NOW, the different inhabitants chose different areas and created a weather system that was consistent with their Homeworld and/or Mothership. Most of the Motherships remained in a distant orbit, so that the early explorers to Earth could visit their home on the Ship whenever they desired.

These beings were all in full control of their own Multidimensional Minds and continually functioned from what you would now call the Seventh, Crown Chakra. While functioning via their Multidimensional Minds, they could consciously remember, perceive, communicate, and interface with many realities.

They had this ability because their consciousness was fully multidimensional, and they could consciously communicate with ALL dimensional expressions of their SELF within the NOW of the ONE. Because of the multidimensionality of their consciousness, they could experience myriad realities within the same NOW.

Many of you are among the ONES who first populated Gaia, and many are relatively new to life on planet Earth. Some of you returned to Gaia because you knew that She needed you during her NOW of transmutation into her next octave of reality.

Some of you came to experience a planet on the cusp of transmutation into the next octave, and ALL of you came to assist Gaia. Some of you forgot your pre-birth contract to assist with planetary ascension, but more of you have remembered your agreement life, after life, after life…

You are now eager to assist Gaia because Her “rebirth labor pains” are beginning. You can see that reality on third/fourth dimensional Earth is in great flux, and you wish to return to assist the inhabitants of Gaia to create their own “Inner Stairway Home.”

As you each remember the “seven stairs of ascension,” you will remember the manner in which you promised to assist with Gaia’s Planetary Ascension.

As you fulfill your promise to Gaia, you will also fulfill your promise to your self to remember your SELF and remember the REASON for this incarnation. You are honored to be able to assist Gaia within this great moment, and Gaia is honored to have your assistance.

Once your pre-birth contract is fulfilled,

you will join Gaia as She transmutes into Her fifth-dimensional Lightbody Planet!

We Pleiadians, Arcturians, as well as myriad other members of your Galactic Family, send you Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to assist you during your “great journey HOME.”

Blessings to you all,

Sharman and your Celestial and Galactic Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:33 AM

ACTIVATING The Clear Light of BEING – Altair Shyam



Diary Thursday 28th July



Last night, just before I sat to meditate, the Rainbow Body of Vajrasattva arose in front of me.

I am humbled and greatly blessed by such glorious manifestations, the experiences of which are truly manifestations of our own radiant SELF.


How you perceive the world is a reflection of your state of consciousness.

Every moment your consciousness co-creates the world.

The reason a rainbow body appeared INSIDE my house is actually because I AM co-creating it WITH Vajrasattva.

You can do all this and much more.


So let us discuss the practical co-creation of the Clear Light of Being.

Truth is very simple, and in its simplicity is woven the power of activation as the pure light of your consciousness engages the energies and is activated.

In the Clear Light of Being, truth has four phases – union with Light, union with Deity, union with Wisdom and union with Presence.

They go by many names, these just happen to be the ones I use drawn from Vedic Lore, Alchemy and ancient Tibet and Buddha’s teachings.

We are going to practice something together, if you are guided to accept this into your heart.

It is called the practice of




Make that your intention NOW.

The whole key to final enlightenment is to be able to stabilize your practice so that at any point, even at the point of death, your awareness is bright, full of light and clear. This shows the importance of activations or initiations. You can take activations and initiations from a master, from your SELF or from a Light Being like a Buddha or Christ or member of your Light family.

Here is practice to try to stabilize KNOWING THE LIGHT in your day to day moments or meditations.

Try it right now.

Use your mantra to centre you if you need. Use OM or AMEN if you don’t have a personal mantra.

Look around you at the room. Now look out your window. What do you see? Go out the door and look outside too. Write down what you see… ❤️

Now Do it again but first Centre yourself in Silence and Stillness and chant your mantra internally for a few minutes until you feel it arise naturally in your heart. This is Union with Presence ❤️

Then slowly open your eyes and still chanting internally repeat the same exercise walking so gently that you keep the Presence and write down what you see ❤️

It is very Beautiful, is it not? Your Presence, Your Light. Very beautiful. You are giving yourself SPACE. The Wisdom of Space. This is Union with Wisdom ❤️

Now sit for a while. Now that you have established Presence and Wisdom sit still and silent for a few minutes more. This time sit AS YOUR DEITY. You are HIM OR HER. FATHER OR MOTHER. You could be Christ, the Buddha, Mary Magdalene or Guan Yin for example ❤️

Guan Yin Clear Light

See the room again. Write down what you see through HIS OR HER EYES… ❤️

Sit. Be still. Be silent. Let GOD THE FATHER OR MOTHER AS THE DEITY fill you. Fill your womb, your belly, then fill your heart. This is Union with Deity. ❤️

As you go about the day doing your daily things DO THEM AS GOD THE FATHER OR MOTHER while you chant ❤️

Do this as often as you can 💛

Beautiful. You are so beautiful. This is a very deep and profound shift into Presence, Wisdom and Deity ❤️

You know how to do it now.

You need to practice so you can do it at will.

When you can do it at will, shining light for every living being, this is Union with Light.



Union with Light – Co-creating the Body of Light – Your consciousness becomes a landscape of light. Your world is a vibrant tapestry of sound, light and color, brilliantly clear and radiant, far beyond the sensory experiences of this world. The elements are liberated in the clear light of your mind and heart. Space is the Blue Light, Water is White Light, Earth is Yellow Light, Fire is Red Light, Wind is Green Light. You will recognize that these radiant manifestations are not separate from the clear light of mind and heart. Try walking mindfully and breathing light as you walk. Be aware of when your consciousness is IN THE LIGHT and when your consciousness falls ‘out of the light’.

Union with Deities – The Mandala of All Deities appear. Your light dissolves into union with the light of those close to your heart, your Light Family. This could be the Five Dhyani Buddhas, or Yeshua and Mary Magdalene or the Archangels and Metatron or Krishna or Thoth or any combination of the Ones you have devoted your heart to in this lifetime. Light streams out from your heart, joining theirs. The Light Family then dissolves into you.

Union with Wisdom – the five wisdoms are revealed within the light, wisdom of space, wisdom of mirror-likeness, wisdom of equals, wisdom of discernment, all accomplishing wisdom

Union with Presence – the whole of reality is revealed – the primordial state of being, like an open cloudless sky, complete with deities, the pure realms of the Christs and Buddhas, the six realms of existence. It is limitless. From wisdom and liberation to ignorance and rebirth, knowledge of all past and future lives and all other beings lives and the realms of existence, all teachings.

If you can recognize all of this manifestation as your own Being, the Divine I AM Presence, the SELF-Radiance of the True Self, you will be liberated.

If you have trained yourself throughout this life to ‘turn your gaze upward’ and TURN TO THE LIGHT and TO ALLOW THE LIGHT TO ENTER then you will BECOME THE LIGHT. If your habit is to ‘die daily’ (lose your ‘self) in union with the light, the deities, wisdom and Presence then you will recognize that all these are manifestations of your own Being.

If your habit has been to constantly turn to the tendencies of your previous lives which you are now living in this life and to grasp at reality then your gaze will be drawn downward to the six realms and those you recognize will draw you back into delusion. This delusion can be VERY attractive such as the dreamlike state of the astral worlds and their creations.

The practical key to understanding this is to know that all the experiences are natural radiance of the nature of our mind. When you experience an ‘aha’ awakening it is different aspects of the enlightenment energy being released. YOU ARE THE LIGHT. If you are able to sit, here and NOW, and simply REST in an undistracted state of Being, in one single state of mind, then you are KNOWING THE LIGHT. If you develop stability in meditation practice, in the silence and stillness of Presence, and begin to shine throughout your day then you are SHARING THE LIGHT.

Bless every Being on your path today.

This is ultimate compassion.

Because like you, THEY ARE THE LIGHT, and like you, we all share both a common humanity and a common Light.

altair 28.7


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating.

Altair teaches that We are the Way, the Truth and the Light and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation.

“The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.”

With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin/Avalokiteshvara)

“The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”

I AM Altair

I AM here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā


“go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

Love and Blessings from the Source
Altair and Divine Mother … 

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.

When It’s Time for the Soul/Spirit To Fully Awaken – Lisa Transcendence Brown

art two females

unknown artist


When It’s Time for the Soul/Spirit To Fully Awaken – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Everything starts to change. One’s heart starts to open and confusion enters in…. a longing, a deep sense of purpose and the “why’s” then begin….. There is a spark of light that activates… and nothing is the same ever again…. everything suppressed, hidden, ignored…. it’s coming up to be seen and understood for integration back into the purity of love and divine light. When the soul is ready, the human no longer gets to run the show. Integration MUST OCCUR or the body will start to shut down. The KUNDALINI Energy (and Crystalline Structure) activates up the spine… this is the emergence of your own spirit, ready to take physical form.

The more stubborn and resistant the human, the more “it” wants to fight and keep control… the less enjoyable the journey is. For your soul/spirit did not come here to die… it came here to fully LIVE. In your body, with you, as you.. and you as one with it. Yet the connection must be your priority, or suffering can be immense. Something has to wake us all up. Harsh or through magical bliss… both end up the same. Your soul need not fight you, for it’s is so much more powerful than you as a human are. It can just wait…. until you’ve suffered enough. Then you will beg for it to come forth, to help you, assist you, guide you, save you…. give you just “one more chance please”…

Eventually you learn (remember) not to disconnect from your soul/spirit… ever again.. eventually you learn/remember to open up and stop perceiving it as a threat. Eventually you’ve struggled enough, and YOU give up the FIGHT… that kept you asleep and separated inside…. kept you from INTEGRATING and BUILDING YOUR LIGHT… so that you can live the most magical and abundant physical reality here. Eventually “you get it”…. You were fighting yourself all along… you created your own suffering, because you weren’t ready to open up. Eventually, after losing things, after banging your head against a wall, after doing without, or having a rough time… you decide you’ve suffered/struggled/fought/resisted enough.

You actually WANT TO LIVE, you actually DESIRE to be HAPPY, you actually put your soul first… instead of trying to suffocate it. Eventually you BELIEVE enough and you commit your heart to yourself. Eventually you are ready…. to EMBODY ALL OF YOUR HIGHER SELVES. Eventually you move beyond the fear, the judgment, the lack… that you held within…. When you deny your soul, YOU are the one that suffers here. No one else… for this is your reality, your creation, your manifestation of your mindsets….

When you are the one who is not ready, you are the one that is asleep. You are the one that is asking to be shown…. The question is…. are you seeing/listening/allowing? You cannot get left behind… for your soul will not leave you unless you leave it. This is called separation from SELF as SOURCE LIGHT. Eventually the physical body will stop suffering not being allowed to integrate with you and let you go, if you refuse to open your heart/mind/energy up.

Your soul can out-wait you, it can out-everything you… For it is you, from a higher consciousness dimension. It knows everything you think, you feel, you try…it sees your fears, your lack, your inability to commit… and it’s here to help you out. It knows what it will take to get your attention, to wake you up… It’s not punishing you, it’s trying to move into your body and walk with you as one. It is you… it loves you from the depths of your core…. It’s pushing to emerge… whether you “like it” or not…. It doesn’t need your permission … it never did… It tried to honor your right to awaken with ease…..

It is you that determines HOW YOU EXPERIENCE your own awakening here…. From the depth of your entire BEing… you are magnificent, magical and amazing. You have gifts you can’t even dream of and physical realities waiting for you…. full of abundance, full of beauty, full of all that you desire….Yet you must allow and honor your own soul in order to experience NEW EARTH NOW.  Many did not choose to Ascend in the Physical, for their soul is meant to move on. You did, which is why you are reading this now. ∞ Soul separation is over… those times (vibrations) are gone.

It is time for you to recall all of the aspects of you and fully integrate as one.  Unity Consciousness/Christed  Consciousness/Crystalline/WE a Consciousness of One (same thing, different words)  Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼ Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Teacher/Guide, Transformational Speaker on Multi-Dimensional Consciousness/Mastery & The Embodiment of Light ∞


art two females

unknown artist