When It’s Time for the Soul/Spirit To Fully Awaken – Lisa Transcendence Brown

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When It’s Time for the Soul/Spirit To Fully Awaken – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Everything starts to change. One’s heart starts to open and confusion enters in…. a longing, a deep sense of purpose and the “why’s” then begin….. There is a spark of light that activates… and nothing is the same ever again…. everything suppressed, hidden, ignored…. it’s coming up to be seen and understood for integration back into the purity of love and divine light. When the soul is ready, the human no longer gets to run the show. Integration MUST OCCUR or the body will start to shut down. The KUNDALINI Energy (and Crystalline Structure) activates up the spine… this is the emergence of your own spirit, ready to take physical form.

The more stubborn and resistant the human, the more “it” wants to fight and keep control… the less enjoyable the journey is. For your soul/spirit did not come here to die… it came here to fully LIVE. In your body, with you, as you.. and you as one with it. Yet the connection must be your priority, or suffering can be immense. Something has to wake us all up. Harsh or through magical bliss… both end up the same. Your soul need not fight you, for it’s is so much more powerful than you as a human are. It can just wait…. until you’ve suffered enough. Then you will beg for it to come forth, to help you, assist you, guide you, save you…. give you just “one more chance please”…

Eventually you learn (remember) not to disconnect from your soul/spirit… ever again.. eventually you learn/remember to open up and stop perceiving it as a threat. Eventually you’ve struggled enough, and YOU give up the FIGHT… that kept you asleep and separated inside…. kept you from INTEGRATING and BUILDING YOUR LIGHT… so that you can live the most magical and abundant physical reality here. Eventually “you get it”…. You were fighting yourself all along… you created your own suffering, because you weren’t ready to open up. Eventually, after losing things, after banging your head against a wall, after doing without, or having a rough time… you decide you’ve suffered/struggled/fought/resisted enough.

You actually WANT TO LIVE, you actually DESIRE to be HAPPY, you actually put your soul first… instead of trying to suffocate it. Eventually you BELIEVE enough and you commit your heart to yourself. Eventually you are ready…. to EMBODY ALL OF YOUR HIGHER SELVES. Eventually you move beyond the fear, the judgment, the lack… that you held within…. When you deny your soul, YOU are the one that suffers here. No one else… for this is your reality, your creation, your manifestation of your mindsets….

When you are the one who is not ready, you are the one that is asleep. You are the one that is asking to be shown…. The question is…. are you seeing/listening/allowing? You cannot get left behind… for your soul will not leave you unless you leave it. This is called separation from SELF as SOURCE LIGHT. Eventually the physical body will stop suffering not being allowed to integrate with you and let you go, if you refuse to open your heart/mind/energy up.

Your soul can out-wait you, it can out-everything you… For it is you, from a higher consciousness dimension. It knows everything you think, you feel, you try…it sees your fears, your lack, your inability to commit… and it’s here to help you out. It knows what it will take to get your attention, to wake you up… It’s not punishing you, it’s trying to move into your body and walk with you as one. It is you… it loves you from the depths of your core…. It’s pushing to emerge… whether you “like it” or not…. It doesn’t need your permission … it never did… It tried to honor your right to awaken with ease…..

It is you that determines HOW YOU EXPERIENCE your own awakening here…. From the depth of your entire BEing… you are magnificent, magical and amazing. You have gifts you can’t even dream of and physical realities waiting for you…. full of abundance, full of beauty, full of all that you desire….Yet you must allow and honor your own soul in order to experience NEW EARTH NOW.Β β™₯ Many did not choose to Ascend in the Physical, for their soul is meant to move on. You did, which is why you are reading this now. ∞ Soul separation is over… those times (vibrations) are gone.

It is time for you to recall all of the aspects of you and fully integrate as one.Β β™₯ Unity Consciousness/ChristedΒ  Consciousness/Crystalline/WE a Consciousness of One (same thing, different words) ♦ Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼ Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Teacher/Guide, Transformational Speaker on Multi-Dimensional Consciousness/Mastery & The Embodiment of Light ∞


art two females

unknown artist


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