Venus Love Alignment Tools by Lady Nada through Natalie Glasson

Venus with Onyx Heart by Susan Seddon Boulet

Venus with Onyx Heart – Susan Seddon Boulet


Venus Love Alignment Tools

by Lady Nada

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 29th July 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I am Lady Nada, I have strong connections with the planet Venus and have spent much time there enjoying the energies, discovering truth and evolving my evolution. I hold within my being and echo the beautiful, loving teachings of those of Venus. Their love so pure and truthful, it resonates with the vibrations and qualities of my soul. Many say I am born from Venus to me this seems true as I completely embody the sacred loving energies of Venus. I know though we are all born from the Creator, and the Creator is the origin from which we extend. In order for me to become the Chohan of the Eighth Ray of Light, I first studied the teachings and ascension tools of Venus, which connected me into the very truth and essence of my being. I then supported Master Sananda/ Jesus in his role as Chohan of the Sixth Ray of Light of devotion and truth. My exploration of the love and truth of the Crea tor supported me in assisting others in unifying with their soul and experiencing deep cleansing processes of awakening. It is only when you understand the truth of all beings or recognise the magnificent energies of the Creator which can be embodied at a planetary that you are able to understand the cleansing process necessary.

I, Lady Nada, wish to share with you some ascension tools and techniques from Venus, which hold the beautiful Venus energies to aid your spiritual evolution at this time. These act as practices to support the embodiment of your soul, exploration of your truth, healing as well as cleansing.

Lioness of Venus

Invoke the purest form of love from Venus to come forth to surround you completely and absolutely. Allow yourself to breathe the Venus love deep into your being creating a bridge of light and connection between your soul and Venus. Then invoke the Venus Lioness born from the core love of Venus to draw forth to you. The Venus Lioness is akin to a Lioness composed of pink and white flames of light. The Lioness will either exist before you or move gently around you.

The Lioness is a powerful healer, and you can ask for support with any form of healing you may wish to experience. The Venus Lioness can dissolve all attachments to pain, suffering or illness and instead create bonds of love thus dissolving the energy in question. The Venus Lioness can remove negative programming within your being or even thoughts, feelings and experiences of fear. This is achieved as the Venus Lioness extends her pink and white flames of light to embrace and move through you. Impurities, toxins and limitations can also be lovingly erased by the Venus Lioness. With such a force of love, the Venus Lioness extends her purity of love to bring any energy, experience or situation into love. Meditating with the Venus Lioness is very powerful and acts as a deep purification process which awakens greater volumes of love within your being. Call upon the Lioness of Venus to sup port you now.

Flower of Awakening

Upon Venus, within a chamber to support spiritual evolution, there is a single flower which rests in the centre of the chamber as if suspended in mid-air. As you enter the chamber known as the Venus Flower of Truth Chamber, the flower will adjust itself so that it is in alignment with your heart chakra both spiritually and on a visual level. The flower is simple with one row of petals surrounding a large circular centre. The centre is a violet light while the petals are a combination of white, pink and violet light. Allow yourself to exist within the Venus Flower of Truth Chamber. Imagine, sense or acknowledge yourself with the flower existing before your heart chakra. Feel the energy emanating from the flower into your heart chakra. As the energy flows into your heart chakra, it will fill your heart chakra and flow up through your throat chakra into your third eye chakra. From your t hird eye chakra, a shower of white, violet and pink light will cascade down upon the flower. It is as you acknowledge or observe the shower of light extending from your third eye chakra into the flower that the truth of your soul and essence held within your heart, throat and third eye chakras will be revealed to you for your understanding, acknowledgement, and acceptance. You may gain visions, feelings, insights, words of wisdom or simply a knowingness. This process also supports the development and expansion of your third eye chakra and its sacred abilities.

Venus Bells of Love Alignment

The Venus Bells can be found in the Sound Healing and Awakening Chamber upon Venus. When entering the chamber, you will be greeted by at least five Venus beings who specialise in sound healing. They are joyous, bright light, beautiful beings who emanate profound and powerful love vibrations. They will invite you to sit or lay down as they surround you. There will be an air of excitement in their energy as they anticipate your experience of the Venus Bells. You may notice in their light hands they hold a small white golden bell. The vibrations and sound of the Venus Bells have been likened to the pure sounds of the Angelic Kingdom or an Angelic Choir. The vibration and frequency is very high, sometimes it is not heard by the ability of the physical ears, it is always heard by the soul, however. The Venus Beings will begin to move gently around you as if dancing and swirling as they beg in to play the Venus Bells. Sound will fill the chamber and your entire being. The intention of the Venus Beings is of pure love, and the sound frequency of the Venus Bells promotes, creates and activates pure love. Thus the result will be that a higher and purer frequency of love will emanate from your soul aligning you to deeper sacred vibrations of love. You will experience your entire being aligning to the love of your soul and the pure exquisite love of Venus. While you may not be aware of the sound vibrations, you will be able to feel an awakening within your being which will be a joyous experience of love.

Accessing the Venus Love Perspective

A most beautiful experience which I, Lady Nada, enjoy to experience on my return to Venus is to invite Venus Beings focused upon enlightenment and who hold and share the enlightenment of Venus Beings with others, to join me in viewing the Universe of the Creator. We sit together as if at the edge of a cliff top, the Universe of the Creator visible from this resting space, with all the planets, stars, and civilisations beaming with light. We simply observe the Universe of the Creator together. I, Lady Nada, ask for my chakra system and energy to be aligned with the Venus Enlightened Beings. I feel their energy flowing into my being, and this connection influences my view and perspective of the Universe of the Creator. My heart swells with supreme love and the insights I gain about the Universe of the Creator intensify. It is akin to viewing the Universe of the Creator from a new enligh tened loving state of being, it is purely blissful and can be experienced as long as you wish. The Venus Enlightened Beings will remain at your side. When you wish to complete the process, simply ask for the Venus Enlightened Beings to withdraw their energy. This is a wonderful experience for you to achieve during meditation, not only will it increase your love quotient, it will also expand your perspectives and ground new insights of love into your being. Allow yourself to experience this blissful union with the Venus energies and the Universe of the Creator.

Love Expansion Chamber

Allow yourself to enter into the Love Expansion Chamber upon Venus; this is a deeply loving and pure space. You will be greeted by many Venus Beings, who will sit with you and surround you completely. They will simply send Venus Love into your being especially your heart chakra as continuous waves of sacred love frequencies. They invite you to imagine you are inhaling and exhaling through your heart chakra as you repeat the affirmation, ‘My love is expansive.’ This is such a simple practice, and yet it is profoundly moving. It encourages any unneeded energies within your heart chakra to be cleansed and healed while promoting the expansion of your heart chakra allowing you to give and receive love expansively. Thus greater volumes of love will manifest within your reality. You may also discover your higher heart chakra activates, and pure love consciousness flows forth from your higher heart into your heart chakra to be emanated throughout your entire being. A truly love enhancing experience.

My sharing with you is to support your spiritual evolution, connection with the Venus energy and greater embodiment of love. Each can be achieved in meditation, for as long as you wish and as many times as you feel guided. If you require any assistance during your experience upon Venus, please do call upon me, Lady Nada, to guide and support you.

The more you experience the pure love of Venus the greater your understanding of the transformation the Earth is undergoing to hold equal or higher vibrations of love than Venus. This is one of the reasons I bring forth these blissful experiences to you so you may recognise and hold the vision that the Earth will hold the same loving vibration and expression as Venus in the future. 

In eternal blissful love,

Lady Nada

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Venus with Onyx Heart by Susan Seddon Boulet

Venus with Onyx Heart – Susan Seddon Boulet

Archangel Michael Clarifies Ascension – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art kundalini spirit

Art : Kundalini Spirit


Archangel Michael Clarifies Ascension

Michael 23Today’s Hour with an Angel program arose out of this clarifying discussion that Archangel Michael and I had, through Linda, in my last reading, July 22, 2016. 

Here, he recognizes that lightworkers are tired and that many might transition simply to escape the seemingly-endess wait.

Thanks to Dana for our transcript. Used with permission.

Steve Beckow: I’m a little confused about Ascension, getting more confused as we go along.

Archangel Michael: Good!

Steve: I get that it’s gradual and then there’s a sudden snap or many snaps. For instance, Brahmajnana (1) could be considered a snap. But before, the way I saw it was that we simply would move forward in a gradual way and then experience Sahaja Samadhi and it’s over. We’re ascended.

AAM: No.

Steve: But now we’ll go through Brahmajnana in 2017 and I take it we’re still not ascended? So, I realize I don’t really understand what we’re looking towards in the way of ascension.

AAM: Think of it in this way. You have experienced progressively, periods of unity, of transformative love, of ecstasy, of bliss that you feel (and I emphasize feel) comes and goes.

But every time, you have had this experience it has edged you up a level. So that now you say to me, “Michael, I feel that I have a new baseline. I have a new foundation of happiness.”

But you also have a new foundation of knowingness, of understanding, of wisdom, of humility, of tolerance, of kindness. This has all been bringing you to an expanded sense of self and an expanded sense of not only how we operate but how the collective operates.

It has become clearer in a nonjudgmental way how things are unfolding and, dear heart, they are unfolding. You are seeing for example with your experience with your friend, that situations have need to be brought to the surface and clarified, not even in a way of general mayhem such as the wars or the atrocities that are taking place but in ways that are very personal.

So you are seeing what is the residual for humanity to collectively take that, not only that progressive step, but the snap. Think of every time you especially enter the transformative love, that is a snap. It is not the full dramatic snap, but it is a snap. Each time you are progressing up what you can think of as a level.

Think of [entering into] your love as flying back and forth through the portal. Now sometimes you’re aware and sometimes you’re asleep and sometimes you’re off with me. That is what you are doing and that is what humanity is doing.

It is taking longer because you’re still collectively trying to do it as one. Now that time of potential separation is very close. That is why we are speaking to all of you with perhaps a greater urgency than you’ve heard and felt before.

Steve: What exactly do you mean by time of separation, Lord? It has been discussed.  SaLuSa discussed it years ago.

AAM: When you made the collective decision to ascend as one it was spiritually a very mature and evolved decision. You have witnessed individually and collectively, how many have reneged on that promise, that decision.

That does not mean – yes, in an infinite and eternal existence of the Mother – that she will wait forever because this is the unfoldment of her Plan. This is what the penetration with all of our forces into each and every one of you is about.

There will be those who choose to leave, to abandon their physical form, rather than ascend in physical form.

Steve: That is what you mean by separation – leave?

AAM: That is what I mean and I do not mean being spun off into an alternate world or Earth or Gaia or planet. I mean simply, abandoning the body, dying, and leaving and coming home. There is no penalty or shame or guilt. It is simply a decision.

But it is not the desire of the Mother that this simply continue because what she also sees (what we all see) and what you’ve repeatedly said to us, even though we operate often in terms of eons rather than years, many of you are tired.

Steve: Uh-Huh.

AAM: So we do not wish for those who have been stalwart and continue and practice fortitude and persistence along with love to reach the point where they abandon their bodies. And you are seeing that in many.

Steve: I can think of one person in particular that seems to be thinking of abandoning their body, so yes.

AAM: When it comes to a decision point of whether the recalcitrants remain or whether those who are determined to fulfil the Mother’s dream remain, make no mistake about it. Those who have been in the truth of their heart and service will be victorious. I cannot be clearer than that.

Steve: Coming back to what you said about “ascend as one,” my own understanding of “ascend as one” is the Mother claps her hands and we all ascend as one. But you’re saying that is not the way it’s going to be.

AAM: No, that is not true. Let us be clear about this. Think of it that you have all been training for the marathon, training for the pole vault. So you have all been practising, practising, gaining strength, raising up the level of your energy fields but there will come a time when it is the final pole vault jump. And you will all be on the field together and jumping as one.

Steve: OK. You said that some have reneged and implied that some are not following the program, the Plan so to speak, the Divine Plan. What did you mean? Are you referring to the various chaotic episodes that are happening in the world?

AAM: You are seeing many leaving and that is not necessarily those who have agreed to depart because they are too tired or they are part of the chaos. There have been agreements, soul agreements to act as the catalyst for people to wake up.

Steve: I wouldn’t mind pursuing this in a future program and trying to get our understanding of ascension as …

AAM: I would be pleased to do so.

Steve: What about next time? That definitely works for me. I think everything I wanted clarified has been clarified and I feel much more relaxed having talked to you about what we talked about today, Lord.

AAM: Then let me fill you with peace.

Steve: Fill me with bliss, peace, joy … I’m ready!

AAM: Yes, you are.

Steve: Maybe that’s what I need to say to you. Is it bad to say, “Speed me along?”

AAM: No, it is not bad. It is simply a declaration of excitement, of willingness, of preparedness. I will speed you along, my friend!

Steve: Thank you and tell the Galactics that their red light has also woke me up every day and I very much appreciate it!

AAM: They are saying hello!

Steve: It’s a wonderful pick me up in the day so thank you for that.

AAM: You are welcome and go with my love, farewell.


(1) Brahmajnana or God-Realization occurs when the kundalini reaches the seventh or crown chakra. It’s the first experience of transcendence. It results in a temporary heart opening. Sahaja Samadhi sees the kundalini return to the heart (not the heart chakra) and results in a permanent heart opening. Sahaja, not Brahmajnana, is moksha, or liberation from the need to be reborn into a physical body. After that, we change our form by our own effort.


art kundalini spirit

Art : Kundalini Spirit

Archangel Michael Clarifies Ascension

Intense Need to Turn Inwards – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art just dare by shiloh solphia mccloud

ART : Just Dare – Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Intense Need to Turn Inwards

Sacred 333I’m aware of an intensely-felt need for introspection, solitude, and quiet these days.

I don’t consider it permanent, but temporary, and it probably won’t affect my communications work.

After having written several drafts of the article that follows, I came across this passage from Lisa Brown, which very much resonated with and reassured me:

“Many may continually find the desire to withdraw, to be alone, to cut the chaos and distractions of anything exterior out. This will happen during ‘high tuning’ times…. Your consciousness (and senses) are enhanced, your field is trying to expand, your SPIRIT/SOUL is fine-tuning and ‘that outside of you’ can create distortions that interfere with this process for you.

“When your physical body is being [PRECISELY] and INTRICATELY TUNED… you need ‘space,’ just for you. You need to allow the process of physical-body upgrades to occur, for you.” (1)

That sums it up for me.

A Need for Space

This need for space manifests in many different ways.

One way is that I feel physically relieved when I reach my apartment door and shut it. Only in the peace inside do I feel fully myself.

And in writing.

I haven’t successfully enough integrated the growth that’s happened so far to be able to translate that peace fully and easily into the outside world. That’ll come, I’m sure, but not right now for me.

Another way the desire shows up is, yes, I do go to a coffee shop each day to write and for social companionship (that’s where I am now). But I also wear my headset and listen to music so I’m therefore not really available. I’m holding onto solitude even in the course of seeking to rub shoulders with others of my tribe, so to speak.

Soaking up other people’s vibrations is as much social contact as I can reliably and continuously support during this time of high energy, when mountains are not mountains and rivers are not rivers for me. I’m met by so many new and strange internal phenomena in the course of a day that I can barely tolerate things like small talk or pasttimes anymore.

I don’t see how I can be this introverted forever.

The Tidal Yearning

However there is a broader perspective to this. If we widen our view from just the here and now, I think we’d find that the desire to go inward is part of a deep, tidal thirst. It’s an unquenchable yearning for God, satisfied only by our “reunion.” (2) That thirst or yearning is often called the longing for liberation. (3)

I’d expect a person on the awareness path to be somewhat more sensitive to it than many others because they’re constantly monitoring themselves, raising everything to awareness. They’d sooner or later come upon it, I think.

Add to that my basic monkish proclivities and it comes as little surprise that the need for introspection is pressing right now.

This tidal thirst goes on at a level below ordinary awareness – in the background, so to speak. According to sages, what most people do with it is translate it into a desire for something material. They feel a void and try to fill it with cars and trips and other things and experiences. However, nothing but God will satisfy us permanently.

Whether that tidal yearning is noticed or not, I believe that it exerts a pull over time that shapes our character at the deepest levels.

Imagine a cartoon with a man or woman standing upright with a significant bend in the middle. I see that as our situation. The tidal yearning for God attracts us and over time we become bent to its will. Or we ignore it and it goes away – for a while.

It’s been building in me for weeks. If I ignore it, I become a cranky child.

Somehow, later on, this introverted monk is going to have to enter the real world, attend meetings, be available on the phone, etc., etc. without becoming a three-year-old. I can’t say right now how I’m going to make that transition – any more than anyone else can. I’m out here paddling with everything I’ve got.

As Lisa Brown implies, something wants to be born.  I just don’t know what it is or how to give birth to it. Yes, here again: No user’s manual.

I honestly have no real, sensible, tangible idea of where I’m going or where we’re going. If you need me to have one, then, abandon ship!

My work is not to know our destination beforehand, I’m afraid. I think that that’s someone else’s job – the ascended masters, galactics, and celestials for instance. My job, here on the ground in this light army, is to scout out the territory, adapt to the changes the newly-discovered brings, and report on it.


(1) Lisa Transcendence Brown, “Collective Awakenings of the Masses: Whatever It Takes To Wake All Up… This Is What Shall Occur…,” July 17, 2016, Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs, at

(2) We never left.

(3) Liberation from illusion. On it, see The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment, Chap. 7, at Ch. 7 The Longing for Liberation; Life is a Game – And It’s Rigged!; Why are We Always Spiritually Hungry?; And Now the Longing Arises…. More, Better, Different” Or enter “longing for liberation” (in quotation marks) in the site’s search engine.


art just dare by shiloh solphia mccloud

ART : Just Dare – Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Intense Need to Turn Inwards