You will now begin to see everything fall neatly into place – Taryn Crimi @ Angelic Guides

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“You will now begin to see everything fall neatly into place”

heartToday we would like to focus your attention upon the current energies. Today marks the beginning in many ways and what better to signify a new beginning than a new moon. As we have said many times this year, you each will find yourselves swept up in an enormous amount of changes. This summer for those of you located in the northern hemisphere, winter for those in the southern hemisphere has been a catalyst for many changes. Yet with change comes uncertainty and it can make many feel precariously perched upon a ledge, not sure whether to turn back or spread your wings and fly. You many now breath a sigh of relief as things will now begin to fall into place as many of you have felt the angst of the unknown and impending futures. This is what we wish to touch upon today.

Certainly many of you have felt as though you have continuously been pummeled by the waves of the ocean, not really knowing which way is up or down. You have found only a few brief pockets of time in which you could surface for air, only to be thrown back into the waves again. Well, we stated last month that you each likely had another few weeks of uncertainty before you would once again find your footing. The time has now come for many of you, as you each will find this new found energy to not only be refreshing but also incredibly satisfying. Much of what seemed as though it was all falling apart, you will now revel in watching the universe now neatly restore that which has broken into something far better and much more suitable for the new you.

We say the “new you”, not hypothetically; rather we mean this quite literally. You have shed much of what was holding you back, you have been urged and encouraged to let go of what no longer served you. You have been encouraged to face your fears, to release old outdated limited beliefs and you are now ready to soar far beyond anything you have previously been able to accomplish.

These are exciting times indeed. Changes have manifested in a multitude of ways for each of you, you are each uniquely experiencing this energy in your own way, but you are all simultaneously shedding the people, places, and experiences that no longer serve you. Though the transformation of a butterfly can appear to be quite traumatic, the result of the transformation is awe inspiring to say the least. You no longer remain tethered to the ground, you are now gaining a new perspective of what you desire to create in your life and what you wish to leave behind. You are gaining a better understanding of the creator you truly are and how to use this ability deliberately to create the life of your dreams. Just as a baby learning to walk will fall many times, it is not until they begin to fall that you know they are getting closer to walking. They must first be willing to try even if they may fall in order to gain the stability required to walk. And so it is with all of you. Each time that you fall, know that it is not a failure, rather it is a sign that you are getting so much closer to achieving the success of your dreams and desires. Hold your focus steady upon the outcome that you desire and do not loose your concentration just because you find yourself stumbling every once in a while.

So it is with great pleasure that we stand beside you and watch as this magnificent transformation begins. Shine brightly, as you came here to do just that.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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EAGLE: “Vision, Freedom, Inspiration”@ Divine Oracle


Eagle, from the Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards artwork by Susan Farrell

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Eagle, from the Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards artwork by Susan FarrellEagle: “Vision, Freedom, Inspiration”

The Gift: “Standing three feet tall (nearly a meter) in the body with a seven good wingspan (over two meters), Eagle flies higher than any other bird. Some native peoples call her the “Eye of the Sun” and believe that she is a messenger from heaven and the bringer of rain. With eyesight up to seven times stronger than our own, Eagle can focus on tiny details that are far away and can even peer into the depths of the water from way up above.”

The Message: “When Eagle flies into your skies she brings the message that you are here to soar to great heights in this life! She comes to remind you that no matter what happened yesterday, today is a brand new day full of magic possibilities that are ready to be discovered. With Eagle’s view, you will begin to see new and exciting dreams, and you will also see what actions you need to take in order to make your visions real. Dream big. Imagine what would inspire you the very most. Ask yourself, “What would I really love to do?” Eagle’s vision will help you to see your dreams. Eagle’s wings will help you to fly!”

The Call: “Take some time this week to go up to a hilltop or a mountain – someplace where you can see the world with Eagle’s eyes. Feel the breeze call to your spirit and look out into the distance, as far as you can see. Look also on the inside. Open your imagination to see a picture of what dream or possibility is most exciting to you now. Let this vision fill you with excitement and when you are ready, you will know how best to begin!”*

~ By Chip Richards

Each time we complete a cycle on our journey of transformation, we get to reinvent ourselves and expand our dreams. We can aim higher, dream bigger, get our creative juices flowing and put our manifestation skills to good work. We do this by using our imaginations to visualize exactly what we desire, and then asking the Universe to assist us in co-creating it, well, that or something even better of course!

Eagle represents freedom, liberty, power, strength and courage. She soars above the drama, unattached to outcomes yet with her eye always on her prey. She does not get knocked off course by fear of flying too high, and she knows that when she decides to go in for the kill she will do it with amazing skill and accuracy.

Eagle is here to remind us of the freedom we have available to us in every moment, that every choice, every action leads us either closer to or farther away from our dreams. She urges us not to get caught up in the thoughts, judgments or opinions of others, and to trust in our own instincts to lead us to exactly where we need to be. Trust in your own wings to take you where you need to go.



~Archangel Oracle

*Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards artwork by Susan Farrell

Ascension, the Reval, and Us – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art BY etheral art title celestial ascension art print

Etheral Art – Celestial Ascension Print


Ascension, the Reval, and Us

Ascension 3658http://inteldinarchronicles.

I’m writing this synopsis of what we know about ascension and how the Reval fits into it for the specific use and guidance of currency holders.

We need to begin by setting the context.  The context in which most of us have been operating for the last few centuries has been called empirical materialism.

Basically it holds that only what is seen, heard, touched, felt, and in other ways physically known is real.

But that leaves out most of the big players in the Reval, such as Archangel Michael, St. Germaine, Kwan Yin, the galactics, etc. It leaves out life after death, dimensionality, the soul, God … everything that makes life worth living.

The cabal reinforcing empirical materialism through the use of ridicule and ostracism is perhaps the most obvious way in which we’ve been dumbed down.

The “guys in the rafters,” as Poof used to call them, occupy “spiritual realms” of varying dimensions – and beyond dimensions in the case of archangels. They’re “the unseens,” as they call themselves.

They work with the Divine Mother to orchestrate the Reval, the Disclosure of our star brothers and sisters, and ascension.

Who is the Divine Mother, pray tell? Christians call the Divine Mother the Holy Spirit; Hindus Shakti, Aum, and Prakriti (Latin: Procreatrix).

The Divine Mother is God in its aspect as Creator, Preserver and Transformer of the world.

The Divine Mother is all sound, movement, light, etc. The Heavenly Father in contrast is stillness and silence.  Both are completely love. We can only know and speak to the Divine Mother. The Father is a transcendent Void and does not speak.

This world that the Mother created was designed to go through cycles or ages. We’ve just left the Dark Age or Kali Yuga and entered the Golden Age or Sat Yuga.

The energy hitting the planet right now is causing an elevation in everyone’s frequency. When that elevation reaches a certain point, everyone willing and able will go through a consciousness shift. That’s what we call ascension.

The consciousness shift itself is known to Earth’s terrestrial sages who call it “Sahaja Samadhi.” “Sahaja” means “natural state.” “Samadhi” means a trancelike condition. Sahaja brings liberation from physical birth and death (mukti); so does ascension.

If you wish to see a person in the state we’ll be in, read anything by Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ramana had Sahaja.

To ascend in previous times, as Jesus did for example, was an individual affair and meant leaving the physical body. We are the first generation, anywhere, to ascend en masse and retain the physical body.

We re-attain our natural state after years living “separated” from it in this Third-Dimensional world where we’ve centered our consciousness until now.

Ascension is both gradual and sudden. The human body could not endure adjustment to the amount of energy required to cause ascension if we received that energy all at once. So we’ve been bathed in tsunamis of love for the past several years, to gradually bring us to the point where our bodies can survive the “shock” of ascension.

There are also times when we make a sudden jump together, times of what Archangel Michael has called “ignition.” Ostensibly we arrive at the end of our journey in the Fifth Dimension but in actuality the journey is virtually endless.

Where does the Reval fit into this majestic plan?

The Reval is a transitional device. It’s intended to “hydrate” society during the period between “now” and the arrival of NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act). This paper would be too long if I discussed NESARA as well. Perhaps read about it here: “NESARA or the Abundance Program” at

Suffice it to say that NESARA is a comprehensive program that sees to the needs of all citizens, mandates clean government, and eliminates all agencies, laws, and structures that kept the people on a prison planet.

In the period between now and NESARA, what we call “lightworkers,” which are those folks who chose to incarnate at this time to help with ascension, have been given the privilege of receiving remarkable amounts of money and using it for the benefit and wellbeing of humanity.

We could have gone directly to NESARA, but isn’t it a wonderful learning experience for lightworkers, who often have had little in their lifetimes, to suddenly be given the opportunity to take the lead in showing generosity and rebuilding the planet?

And does it not give rise to a group of terrestrial leaders who can treat later with our star brothers and sisters when they decide to uncloak their millions of invisible spaceships and make their benevolent presence known?

Lightworkers are taking the lead in building a New Earth, Nova Earth.  It’s up to us to hold some of our Reval earnings back for ourselves, hold some in reserve as a contingency and tax-payment fund, and then hydrate society with the rest.

After the Reval, I’ll be calling for a conference of lightworkers who’ve taken part to discuss and commit to largescale programs to end hunger, poverty, homelessness, disease, etc., on the planet.

No, I don’t want or plan to benefit from any of this. I’m already a currency holder and have no need to benefit.  Moreover, I’m a monk by proclivity and have no purchases I want to make. I’m in this for the benefit of humanity.

Now back to ascension. Surely you‘ve felt yourself feeling happier and happier as the vibrations rise in frequency. Or you’ve found yourself suddenly gripped by strong issues, as the energies release all that cannot go with us. All these and more are ascension symptoms.

At some point we’ll go through steps in which our vibrations collectively will rise. When we enter the higher dimension we’re headed for (the Fifth), we’ll experience continual bliss, transformative love, a radical increase in knowledge, the end of disease, etc.

I’ve experienced longish periods of transformative love and bliss in the past year and a half and I can tell you nothing compares to them and, while in them, one wants nothing else and nothing more.

So I’ve had a glimpse of those levels of higher consciousness. Once one has tasted them, one works for nothing else thereafter.

To ascend, one must have (A) chosen to ascend and (B) assimilated enough light to induce the change in body from carbon-based to crystalline-based, allowing one to endure the higher-frequency environment.

That sounds like a lot but anyone who is simply a decent person will have assimilated that level of light and the choice to ascend is made more often at soul level than at the level of everyday consciousness. By the Law of Freewill, no one will be forced to ascend: hence the need to choose.

Even if you’re hearing about ascension for the first time, chances are, if you’re reading this, you chose to ascend before entering the body this lifetime.

Relaxing on the matter serves two purposes. It helps you get through the wait. And it raises your vibrations and helps the ascension process.

A great deal more about ascension can be read here: “The Plan and Process of Ascension” at

We have nothing but wonderful events awaiting us, as soon as we get through this time of chaos brought on by the rising vibrations. It’s the “storm before the calm,” as Matthew Ward tells us. (1)


(1)   “Sweeping clean national governments and tyrannical regimes is not easy or quick, and the turmoil you are seeing—if we may twist your phrase—is the storm before the calm.” (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 15, 2015, at

All these events and more are covered in the First Contact database:


art BY etheral art title celestial ascension art print

Etheral Art – Celestial Ascension Print

Ascension, the Reval, and Us