The 08:08 Gateway of Light ~ Activating the Petal of the Overflowing and Prosperous Heart – Anrita Melchizedek

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The Elders August Transmission

Thru Anrita Melchizedek


The 08:08 Gateway of Light ~ Activating the Petal of the Overflowing and Prosperous Heart

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Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this magical month of August as you deepen into the knowing of your magnificence and Light, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light. And in this month of August, sweet ones, as you experience the 8:8 Gateway, you deepen into your Christed Hearts and the activation of the Petal of the Overflowing and Prosperous Heart.

Sweet ones, we have shared with you that in this year of 2016 as you walk the path of Divine Love into the New Earth Templates, into the Patterns of Perfection, you have the ability to truly experience your heart’s dreaming and your heart’s joy through a deeper merging and integration with the soul clusters and your Beloved I AM Presence. For in the creation of the I AM Avatar Blueprint of Light, you experience the knowing of the original Divine Blueprint of Creation and the timelines of the Golden Ages of Light that merge into this Now. And in particular in this Now sweet ones, a deeper knowing of the many Initiations of Light, the knowing of yourselves as Initiates to the Order of Melchizedek.

With this comes the energetic frequency transmissions that activate multi-dimensionally lifting you through the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, and into the 7th dimensional frequencies of Light that bring about a deeper sense of the ability to magnetize and to manifest and to bring into your reality all that you need in this Now. And as this beautiful portal and 08-08 gateway opens, it links you as Initiates of Light into the etheric Temples of Light along the River Nile and the Overlighting of the many Illumined Egyptian Deities along with the Christed Extra-terrestrials. And in this Now, they bring through the Codes of Prosperity Consciousness and amplify your ability to magnetize and manifest these codes through your focus, the Will of God and your own Christed Hearts in your co-creations of Light.

So, in this beautiful transmission of Light we link you into the I AM Avatar Consciousness as One Mind, One Unified Cosmic Heart ~ deepening the journey along the Path of the Rose, the Path of the Diamond, the golden timelines of Light that take you into the next level of your soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light; and in this Now sweet ones, dissolve the old matrices, patterns, and conditionings of poverty consciousness on this sacred Earth. This further brings for each one of you individually a deeper connection into the I AM Avatar Consciousness and with this too the knowing that you no longer choose to compromise on any level of your Beingness as you work with the energies of the Overflowing and Prosperous Heart in attracting and manifesting the abundance you may need into your life. Whether this is financial abundance, whether this is energetic or physical support, whether this is creative ideas, or deeper into the relationships of Divine Love that you so desire. Know sweet ones, every single one of you is worthy, immeasurable and incomparable to another.

These beautiful Egyptian deities invite you into the Temple of Magnetism. The Temple of Magnetism exists energetically in the timeline of Ancient Egypt, but further links you into Sirian Consciousness and a deeper knowing of the teachings of Light through the Left and Right Eye of Horus. Overlighted by the Egyptian deities and the Pleiadians, Sirian, and the Andromedans, all of the Light, you will release the last vestiges of the human miscreations of abuse related to money, or the abuse related to power and control that has created imbalance on this sacred earth and perpetuated many of the false beliefs around the consciousness of abundance and money.

So we will move into this transmission with you in the form of an Invocation in the first person, deepening this connection to the I AM Avatar Consciousness, deepening this connection to your own beautiful Soul-Light through your Beloved I AM Presence. Know within your Christed Hearts, sweet ones, that each one of you is moving into the next level of your soul’s magnificence and blossoming, and all you are asked to do is to trust and surrender to this process while understanding that you are co-creators to the Company of Heaven; that you have the abilities to experience the deepest levels of God’s creations in abundance through the Prosperous and Overflowing Heart.

So just get yourselves comfortably relaxed as we start with the Light Language transmissions, and move into this beautiful space of taking you deeper into the Unified Field of Divine Love and the Patterns of Perfection as we lift you energetically through the 5th and 6th and 7th dimensional Fields of Light into Unity, into Love, into the Overflowing and Prosperous Heart.


Through the Overlighting of Mother/Father God I call in all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge and who wish to join me now in this sacred space as I now merge with my Beloved I AM Presence, the Highest Light that I AM within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. And into this sacred space I now invoke the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High that are assisting in the ascension journey of all humanity, of all life, on this sacred Earth as we come together now as one Unified Cosmic Heart ~ One Breath, One Voice, One Love.

I call upon the Overlighting of the Pleiadians, and the Sirians, and the Andromedans, all of the Light.

I call upon the Archangels, their Divine Feminine Counterparts, and Legions of Light.

I call upon the Sisterhood of the Rose.

I call upon the mighty Elohim, and the Trinity Lords of the Light ~ Lord Michael, Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek.

I call upon Helios and Vesta, Sanat Kumara, Lord Buddha, the Ascended Masters, the Order of Melchizedek, and now my own personal Guides and Angelic Beings that walk with me along the Path of Divine Love.

I find myself now linking into the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light, into the Beloved I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on this sacred Earth walking the Path of Divine Love, choosing to experience their Highest Potential in the knowing that we are all Love. And in the energy of this I now activate the Petals of my Christed Heart:

My Peaceful Heart,

My Loving Heart,

My Healing Heart,

My Joyful and Happy Heart

My Innocent and Open Heart,

My Powerful Heart,

My Knowing Heart,

My Passionate Heart,

My Trusting Heart,

My Heart of Integrity and Truth,

My Intimate Heart, and now I move into

My Overflowing and Prosperous Heart.

As I activate the Prosperity Codes through the Patterns of Perfection, and into the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light, I do this as a physical vessel of Light for every man, woman and child on this sacred Earth, so we may all live abundantly, so we may all live in prosperity consciousness, sharing and serving and Loving one another. As I deepen now into the knowing of myself as this sacred transfiguring flame of Divine Love in service to Mother Earth and all her life, I find myself now experiencing the timelines of the Golden Ages of Light of my Highest Potential, of the timelines of myself as an Initiate of Light. And as these timelines activate into this Now and through and into every sub-atomic particle of my Beingness and now into my original divine eight-cell blueprint within the perineum center, I activate a deeper level of the knowing of myself as an Initiate of Light to the Order of Melchizedek. I draw to me the timelines of self-mastery in which I have experienced enlightenment. The timelines in which I have experienced myself as the High Priest or Priestess, in which I have experienced the full abundance of God’s Infinite Creations in Divine Love, in my ability to draw to me, to magnetize all that I need as I co-create with the Kingdoms of Light, with the Company of Heaven, with the Illumined Beings of Light, with my soul brothers and sisters, and all those that I can be of service to walking the Path of Love.

I have a sense now of experiencing a deeper level of the Initiations of Light through the Left and Right Eye of Horus. The Left Eye of Horus, the intuitive Divine Love aspects of creation that were experienced through the twelve temples along the River Nile now activate to the level of the knowing that I see and experience myself in these temples of Light. And now, I have a sense of experiencing the Right Eye of Horus through my many initiations of Light; through the ability to experience the hieroglyphic and immortal aspects of creation, the ability to activate the full twelve-strand DNA, the ability to time-travel in my activated merkaba/lightbody, and my unique gifts, my extra-sensory perception gifts. I draw to me now the gifts that are unique to me now in this lifetime ~ telepathy, and healing, empathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, magnetism ~ all these gifts are mine as is the gift of life that I was given to experience this sacred earth, to travel both the karmic timelines and the Christed timelines, to Know myself as Love. And I am now ready to utilize the energy of these beautiful gifts into a deeper level of Knowing, of Insight, and understanding in my co-creations with the Company of Heaven and all those around me in the energy of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness.

I find myself now activating my lightbody/merkaba field and Overlighted by the Sirians, and the Pleiadians, and the Andromedans I now experience myself traveling through the timelines of Light as the 08:08 Gateway activates into the timelines of ancient Egypt. I find myself now drawn to this Temple of Magnetism within ancient Egypt, traveling with my Master Guides, traveling with my soul and star family and friends of the Light. I now enter into this beautiful Temple of Magnetism ~ I see around me so many of my soul brothers and sisters soul mates, soul family, as we come together more deeply now through the I am Avatar Consciousness of Light, as one Unified Cosmic Heart, as One Voice, One Mind, sharing our Love, sharing the codes of prosperity consciousness so all life may benefit and flow into a deeper level of abundance.

I am now taken into this central star-tetrahedronal pyramid of Light where I see around me many of the Egyptian Deities of Light. Hathor representing Love, and joy and motherhood comes forward to embrace me. Isis, the Divine Mother, the feminine aspects of creation, activating a deeper level of the knowing of the Divine Feminine within me now. Osiris now, son of the earth and sky, the beloved of Isis, bringing now to me the memory of the secrets of ascension and immortality. As Ra draws near to me I experience now this beautiful golden solar sun disc activate within my heart chakra, as I deepen now into the Inner Earth Sun, this beautiful Sun within my heart, the Sun, the Central Sun and now the Great Central Sun, as the Bringer of Light and Solar Christ Consciousness. I experience too the sub-atomic particles within my body spinning in increased Light frequencies. Thoth now comes forward taking me deeper into the knowing of the magnetism and magic and wisdom that I hold in my co-creations of Light. Horus now comes forward taking me into a deeper level of the knowing of myself as a warrior of Light, in unity consciousness, in justice, in truth. Lastly Ma-at comes forward, deepening this knowing of truth and justice in the flow of the Divine Feminine archetypal energy of Light.

I have a sense of the familiarity of many of these beautiful Egyptian deities as they now surround me in this beautiful Purple and Turquoise Flame of Magnetism, Prosperity and Abundance Consciousness. I now activate the Prosperity Codes of Consciousness at a cellular level within my body. At the same time now I am taken on this journey through the timelines in which I still experience any level of abuse of power, any level in which I have compromised part of myself for money or for power, for control or through the victim and persecutor consciousness. I know that I am truly abundant and I am now asked to forgive and to Love each soul that I have experienced this dance with in any way that has created a lack-of or scarcity within my life ~ that I experienced abuse with in any form or manner and particularly around the energy of money, where I compromised myself, where I was abused by others through the need or desire for money or feeling that at that time I had no other choice. I know now that I will never compromise again in any such area of my life as I flow deeper in trust and surrender into my Overflowing and Prosperous Heart. As this beautiful Purple and Turquoise Flame of Magnetism and Prosperity Consciousness now deepens through the body and energy field I see those souls in front of me that I am still needing to forgive, to love, to let go of.

As I now say: “I Love you and I forgive you, as I Love and forgive myself.” I know that I have experienced the timelines of survival. I know that I have experienced the timelines of taking the vows of poverty consciousness, or seeing money as the root of all evil, and in this lifetime too, in which I have betrayed myself for money, in which I have compromised myself for money or gifts or shared my energy in a way that was inappropriate. As I experience the full activation now of this beautiful Purple and Turquoise Flame of Magnetism and Prosperity Consciousness I release all these false beliefs and timelines of survival issues, flowing deeper into the joy and abundance of my Overflowing and Prosperous Heart.


I am worthy of prosperity consciousness on this sacred earth and within my own life, and I draw to me in magnetism and in co-creation all that I need in this Now, knowing that this world is an abundant place. Allowing myself to be receptive to receiving, to attract the success and abundance into my life that I need by simply allowing the Universe to support me as I open and activate the Petal of my Overflowing and Prosperous Heart.

I am a manifesting, co-creating Master Being, and as I focus now on the ability to deepen my service work I know that this energy of being able to bring to me what I need, is also holding the focus and the giving of my services, my energy and my money in such a way that it brings all that I need back to me a thousand fold a thousand times. If I am wanting to draw to me a greater level of financial abundance and freedom then I will give 10% of my earnings to those charities or people or organizations that are in alignment with what I am co-creating and that I can support in the upliftment of humanity of all life on this sacred earth. And I move beyond the doubts and fears that I will not have enough, into the universal truth that I will always be provided for, and that as I give I will always receive back a thousand fold, a thousand times. This is the Universal Law that draws to me the magnetism and attraction in the vibration of the knowing that I am fully abundant in every area of my life. If I wish to draw to me a greater level of creativity or Love, or joy, or passion, I find now through these Codes of Prosperity Consciousness the passion and Love and energy that I am giving to others amplified now a thousand fold a thousand times. As I deepen my service upon this sacred earth, I do so in the knowing that I AM an Initiate of Light, that my challenges are Initiations of Light, taking me ever deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. As I now align through all dimensions into the Kingdom of Mother/Father God and as the sub-atomic Light particles within my body spin in this increased Light frequency, this beautiful Purple and Turquoise Flame of Magnetism and Prosperity Consciousness fully activates these Prosperity Key Codes. I now find myself drawing to me all that I need in this Now. Drawing to me abundance, prosperity consciousness, passion, support, Love, integrity and truth. As I see before me now Lord Melchizedek who comes forward with his Rod of Initiation, and places this beautiful Rod of Initiation now to my third eye, and in the streams of Light I draw to me now the full knowing in insight and understanding of the areas that I may have blocked myself in, the areas that I may need to let go of, or to embrace, to accept, as I deepen into living in Love; as I deepen into the knowing of these Initiations of Light, experiencing this recalibration now between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, between the pituitary, the pineal, the hypothalamus and thalamus glands.


I now link these Divine Prosperity Codes of Abundance into my original Divine eight cell blueprint. I release anything that is less than Prosperity Consciousness as I walk the path of Divine Love, as I walk the Path of Unity Consciousness. I experience the greatest level of freedom in the experience of my own heart’s dreaming and heart’s joy. I now find myself activating this beautiful Purple and Turquoise Flame of Magnetism and Prosperity Consciousness with the hearts and minds of every single man woman and child on this sacred earth, walking the Path of Love.


I know that everything has its own perfect timing and as I flow in the Grace of God along the pathway of Divine Love I look at my choices. I look at the way that I am open to receiving, how I am increasing my vibration and energy in service to Mother Earth and service to all life as this physical vessel of Light. I am leading the way in Love. I forgive all those now that I have experienced the karmic timelines with, the survival or abuse or control that have blocked any areas of my life. I am committed now to aligning my will to the Will of the Divine ~ to flow in harmony and peace and trust and Love in my co-creations of Light as One Heart, as One Unified Voice of Light.

I have a sense too of these beautiful Egyptian deities and those that I am drawn to that I have worked with in different timelines, and that are connecting with me in this Now ~ Ma-at, Hathor, Isis, Osiris, Ra, Thoth and Horus. In my ability to magnetize and to manifest all that I need, I further deepen into the original Divine Blueprints of Light, activating now the immortal codes of creation.


I know that all is well and that where I am right now is deepening into the flow of Divine Love through my Overflowing and Prosperous Heart. I am invited back into the Temple of Magnetism and into the knowing of myself as an Initiate of Light to experience a deeper level of these initiations when I am ready – this path of remembrance and knowing is available to me to deepen my journey into the Kingdom of God.

For now I simply thank all these Illumined beings of Light from on High, as I find myself traveling back into my sacred space. As I find myself grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, I draw now upon the Diamond Light Codes and particularly the codes of abundance, purity, divinity and the innocence of my sacred heart, aligning through all dimensions of Light. I dedicate my life in service to Mother Earth, knowing that the gifts of abundance are mine to receive and share, as this open heart in this Golden Age of Light. Wrapped once more in this beautiful Purple and Turquoise Flame of Magnetism and Prosperity I know that I am now activating the codes of the Overflowing and Prosperous Heart of Abundance Consciousness, and in this I trust, as I trust and surrender to the Divine, knowing All is well, All is well, All is well.


Transcribed by Eadie Miller

Artwork by Rick Ruggles ~ Email:

Brought to you by The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

The Truth of Mary Magdalene’s Journey – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

Mary Magdalene


The Truth of Mary Magdalene’s Journey

by Mary Magdalene and Natalie Glasson

5th August 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Natalie: Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Grotte de la Sainte Baume which is a cave in the south of France where it is said that Mary Magdalene spent much of her time after the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus. The cave is on the side of a mountain, and it takes about a 45 mins steep walk through glorious and luscious woodland to reach this sacred place. Before entering the cave, I began to communicate with Mary Magdalene to discover the purpose of my visit and why I was being guided to visit the Grotto. Below is what I received, information that Mary Magdalene wanted to share not just with me, with everyone.

Mary Magdalene: It is an honour to connect with you, and I shower you in the vibrations of the Divine Goddess and Goddess Isis. Even as a child I wore the symbol of the Golden Serpent. A symbol of being initiated into the teachings of the Divine Feminine and Goddess Isis. I was and remain a High Priestess of Goddess Isis dedicated to the power, magic, and love of the purest form of the sacred Goddess. It was my training which paved my way to my union with Jesus as well as preparing me to continue the teachings shared with both of us, after his ascension. The teachings Jesus shared were born from love and given in love, they represented the union of the masculine and feminine vibrations of the Creator in harmony and oneness, awakening the same within all. During the times when Jesus shared his teachings, I would also receive the same downloads of energy and inspiration. As a representative of the Divine Feminine, I acted as an anchor, grounding the sacred energy into the Earth and consciousness of humanity.

It was after the ascension of Jesus that I was guided to continue to share the detailed teachings and healing practices I had received with others. One of my greatest purposes at that time was to share my wisdom with those devoted to the Goddess as they would retain the purity of the teachings while preserving them for generations to come. The divine directions and tasks given to me by the Creator seemed endless at that time. I was to develop the presence of the Goddess in many people so this energy may continue to nurture the world and the teachings of Jesus, as well as healing some devastation which occurred in humanity due to misunderstanding when Jesus left the Earth. I was to distribute energetic codes, templates, and healing as well as physical scrolls, objects, tools and crystals of spiritual value in certain sacred places. My purpose was to support the preservation and continuation of the healing and awakening Jesus had begun.

I had another very beautiful role, a role which everyday healed my heartbreak of physically losing Jesus, even though I understood the truth of the matter. This role encouraged me to be determined to achieve the tasks given to me by the Divine Creator while also filling my days with fun, love, and laughter. In my opinion, it is the most sacred role of a women, I was given the gift of being a mother. Sar’h was the creation of the Divine Creator to embody my energies as Mary Magdalene and Jesus’ sacred vibrations; she really was the image of the union of us both in more ways than seemed possible. A sacred gift to the Earth and me. She carried many names, the Golden Chalice, the Golden Serpent and the Union of the Divine in Manifestation, to name a few.

Our destination, Sar’h and I, along with a few sisters of the light was France. Our purpose when arriving in the South of France was to begin the process of distributing the many sacred energetic and physical scrolls, tools and templates which had been placed in our possession. These were to be given to specific people and hidden in certain places to preserve their safety. We were greeted and supported by the members of a Goddess Isis Temple dedicated to the Divine Feminine. These women of such profound inner beauty supported our mission and later lead us to a space of sanctuary near their temple. Our sanctuary was a cave in the South of France known now as the Grotte de la St Baume. Sar’h was three years old when we arrived at our new home which was a hiding place for us and a space where I could continue to teach.

Natalie: During my time in the cave the presence of Mary Magdalene was very strong even though this area like a church now has been overseen for many years by monks. The Divine Feminine vibrations still remained within its energy. As Mary Magdalene appeared in my third eye before me, it was Sar’h whom she pushed forth to me. Sar’h seemed to me to be about twelve years old when Mary Magdalene was bringing her into my awareness. Mary Magdalene wanted Sar’h to share some of her insights into her life in the cave. I had never consciously met Sar’h before, so it was a new experience for me.

Sar’h shared some visions with me. The first being a procession of women dressed in white wearing the mark of the golden serpent walking up through the woodland to the cave. Sar’h told me that they came to visit them in the cave everyday bringing food and anything they needed. She said she enjoyed their visits as some of the initiates of the Goddess Isis Temple were of similar age to her or even younger, so she had time to talk and play with them before the daily ceremony lead by Mary Magdalene. She told me how she loved running through the woodland with her friends, like her they did not really know what the outside world was like, however, they enjoyed sharing stories of their inner plane experiences. Sar’h shared that she also enjoyed the daily ceremony held within the cave as it allowed her to see her mother at work, the power, grace and wisdom she exuded.

The second vision Sar’h shared with me was of herself during night time embraced in her mother’s arms within the cave as her mother shared her memories of Jesus. She would ask her mother to share everything she knew about her father from his birth to his ascension. Sar’h said she loved these times the most as sometimes in those intimate moments of sharing with her mother her father would appear as an energetic form in the cave to share some time with them. Sar’h told me that she enjoyed living in the cave as she had everything she needed. I believe Mary Magdalene’s sharing of Jesus’ lifetime with Sar’h was her way of guiding Sar’h through her own initiations and preparing her for her adult life.

Mary Magdalene: After fifteen years when Sar’h was eighteen years old, I knew it was time to support Sar’h in the next stage of her life. I had known from the moment we arrived at the cave that in fifteen years time Sar’h and I would leave the safety of the cave and travel to a sacred Druid community in England. Our destination is now known as Glastonbury. I knew her purpose was to marry and remain with the Druid Community so our journey to England was both exciting as I knew a new life awaited Sar’h while also being heart breaking as I knew I would be making the journey back to France without her.

It was not long before Sar’h was in love and married to a soul who was deeply familiar to her, a soul she had journeyed with many lifetimes together. They had many children and a very blissful life. Sar’h took on the role of sharing the teachings of love passed down to her from her father and myself. Her healing powers were breathtakingly beautiful. Sar’h spent fifty years in Glastonbury. At the age of sixty-eight she journeyed to Scotland where she lived for the remained of her life passing over when she was around eighty years old.

I, Mary Magdalene returned to the South of France and lived out my days within the temple of Goddess Isis with the women who had cared for Sar’h and I for fifteen years.  I no longer need to live in the cave to protect my daughter and ensure her safety, so I enjoyed my time surrounded by the beautiful souls of the temple. I visited the cave now and then when I felt that Jesus wanted to appear to me and share some time with me. I travelled a little around France. However I had completed my tasks given to me by the Divine Creator, so I was able to spend much time in peace and solitude, sometimes reliving my memories other times in deep communion with the Creator. I ascended leaving my body behind when I was around the age of one hundred.

I wanted to share the truth of my journey after the ascension of Jesus so we may connect on a deeper level, and so you may further access the truth of my being and soul.

I am Mary Magdalene

Thank you.

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Gratitude to unknown artist. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

ABOUT ME – Altair Shyam

Amitabha Buddha

Amitabha Buddha – unknown artist


About Me


Dearest All

I would love to hear more about the real you, about where you are right NOW, whatever that may mean to you.

A friend asked me a beautiful question.

She said “You are a bit amorphous… I think maybe it is because I’ve mostly heard and felt you interact and respond in more of a teacher capacity… rather than as yourself”

This was so beautiful, begging me to go a little deeper.

So, thank you.

Here is ‘me’ responding as ‘myself’

“The Presence and my amorphous SELF 

A beautiful description and you have me chuckling 

Hmm, my ‘self’ is mixing blending merging with my ‘teacher capacity’ to use your words, mostly because I am consulted by so many people throughout my day that I do not feel I have one ‘shape’ to present 

I AM Lightbeing, Like you, and so I bring many soul memories to help others 

My wife says I am ‘weird’ lol and destined to be a monk and heal people 

Simply, I work with children every day in drama, music and dance and the creation of ‘their world’ in their hearts 

It is truly life-rewarding service 

I am so very happy with my marriage and little girl now nearly two 

I live in the country near a beautiful ancient temple of Guan Yin and Amitabha Buddha which I visit every day called ‘The Connection to all Connections’ 

It pretty much sums up who I AM for people, helping them to connect deeply, here in Japan and beyond 

If you met me you would find I am funny, very child-like, with a deep heart of spirituality, light and love which is what I practice every moment 

The ‘teachings’ are very much who I AM 

They come out of my daily experience which fundamentally is pretty simple 

Breathing, walking, eating

I have a family, an ancestral family, a human family, a Light Family 

I believe in unity of all faith, religion and spirituality so have studied and experienced in them all at quite some depth 

As a result I have experienced miracles that seem to cross boundaries and fill my heart and soul.

I swim, bike, hike mountains, watch stars, write books and music, meditate and do yoga morning and night, eat my food mindfully (which is organic, gluten-free, alcohol and smoke-free and so on, although I do eat fish when my body tells me to, ideally freshly caught so I can give thanks and pray to the fish for the blessing) and generally practice the moment to moment awareness of a monk in the Himalayas (where I have been and trained with monks).

I love playing with Maia at home and going out with my wife Sumire to natural wild places and holy sacred places where there are no people

I have so many things I am learning, so feel humble and blessed just to be alive in this moment.

So life is simple for me.

Love, compassion, beauty, devotion, simplicity, wisdom, kindness and understanding.

I always try to understand others in everything I do, to feel their heart, to walk in their shoes.

So I laugh, cry, feel happy, sad, enter joy and bliss when I AM still and present and are developing the awareness to do this or shift this ‘at the snap of a finger’ consciously, through Presence.

My birth name is Stephen. That is me on the far left of the four children and my Dad and Mum are the people in the other picture.

I AM blending with Guan Yin as my Light Family has directed me to do which is why I use Her name, gender and birth-celebration day. As you know She manifested a real rare deep sea ocean pearl out of the Heart of Her Statue in front of my friends when I prayed to Her and so She has been the focal Heart energies for directing me to the wisdom of exalted bliss, the heart of emptiness and the clear light of being in this lifetime.

I was initiated by the Dalai Lama into the Path of Avalokiteshvara/Chenrezig/Guan Yin and the seed syllable that arose in my heart is HRIH also the seed syllable of Amitabha Buddha, Guan Yin’s own teacher.

My name in that incarnation was HRIHDAYA which means the seat of Pure Consciousness, the Seat of God in Us, realized as Existence, Knowledge and Bliss through meditation and compassion.

Thank you so deeply for asking me about myself. It is a treasure and pleasure to share with you 

Here are the teachings

Love and soul blessings


Dad and Mum Us