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Virgo painting by Yuhon at Tumblr. 7.8

Virgo Painting by Yuhon @ Tumblr.


August 2016

Written By James Tyberonn

The astrological outlook for August continues for the first half of the month with the intense astronomical gravity blends that can be emotionally topsy-turvy with wildly chaotic swings and a marked trend of uncharacteristic illogical thinking.  There is an aspect of illusion that comes into play, at a time in which fuzzy thinking can leave one especially vulnerable & rather incognizant of deceptions.

Normally, we focus our astrological interpretations on the duality, meaning that every aspect has its positive and not so positive aspects.  But we are presently in a highly charged amalgam of energies, and there are some unusual influences & forces given leeway during the month of August that we feel must be duly noted.  The old adage of ‘Measure twice before cutting once’, may be better stated as ‘measure thrice’ throughout the 1st three weeks of August. This is a time to circle the wagons & avoid compulsive decisions. Emotions are running erratic, as is logic, so don’t shoot from the hip, don’t over react. Discretion, as the better part of valor, truly applies in the present.

Accordingly, there is an aspect of being blind-sided with the unexpected. In this timing with the Uranus retro influence in the cosmic astro-amalgam, negative energies can ambush in a hidden, ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ manner.

Beware the wolf !!!  Keep the guard up. Approaches that may appear to be one thing, may actually be motivated by another, disguised in rather sinister, ulterior motives. Be wary of ‘offers’ on the financial or commercial front. And perhaps more importantly, be on the lookout for ‘busy-body’s’ or competitive co-workers that want to upset you in the guise of an innocent advisory or false assistance. These may be laced in jealousy, or underwritten in smoke & mirrors with complex nuances of mal-intent toward tripping you up. So be careful not to walk blindly into a well set trap.

Although, as we have shared in previous quarters, this is a time in which unresolved energies are surfacing, this month is not necessarily the most favorable time to settle disputes or resolve conflicts. It may be prudent to wait until September, when things settle down a bit, and clearer thinking prevails. Antagonist may be more focused on a pound of flesh, rather than a resolution in the present intensity. In fact, attempts to openly and honestly deal with conflicts, may have the reverse result just now, and exacerbate, even worsen the issue at hand. Communication is skewed in these retrogrades, and this is compounded because people are not coming to clear conclusions. An action or decision you make just now, may well be something you look back on in a few weeks, and wonder what the heck you were thinking.

Uranus retrogrades have a similar aspect to Mercury retrogrades in that miscommunication can easily occur, and computers, televisions, Satellite & internet services, and electronic devices including smart phones can go bonkers. If you have important documents in your computer that have not been secured, this is a good time to go back and store sensitive data and files.

The first half of August is dotted with ‘moon voids’ and other aspect that tend to be low energy ebbs. Lethargy, impatience & depression can creep in. Push thru it !

There are of course some very positive energies interwoven in intervals in August. The 3rd week brings a brief but lovely period of solace, with Venus offering a shower of love. Mercury goes into retrograde on August 30th, so make sure you place safety margins on any travel plans, allow extra timing in case of flight cancellations or delays. This Mercury retro, will carry the usual precautions but is also providing an extraordinary window for deep contemplation, re- prioritizing goals & re-aligning to purpose.

Astronomical gravity & astrological influences  are absolutely real, and you will feel their results, whether or not you believe in astrology. For those of you that do accept the veracity of such patterns, we are preaching to the choir. But keep in mind that human will is greater than any astrological force. And by knowing what astro-weather is in the forecast, it is easier to avoid the pitfalls.

There are at present  6 planets in retrograde in August. However Saturn moves into forward flow on August 13th, ( Yes !) … but Mercury goes retro on August 30th. Double-check travel plans and allow ‘safety cushion timings’  in travel.


Planet        Retrograde    Direct

1. Saturn         25-Mar-16        13-Aug-16

2. Uranus        29-Jul-16          29-Dec-16

3. Neptune      13-Jun-16         19-Nov-16

4. Pluto           18-Apr-16        26-Sep-16

5. Pallas          21-Jun-16         17-Oct-16

6. Chiron         27-Jun-16         1-Dec-16


Remember, human will is stronger than any astrological influence, but being aware of the    patterns, enables one to avoid the pitfalls.

Do take a moment to review the August retros still in play … you may see a pattern that feels pertinent. Planet flows will have emotional influences, and being aware, helps you avoid the perils of unconscious stumbles.


Uranus Retrograde: Uranus is retrograde 29 July thru 29 December 2016. Uranus is the planet of liberation, sudden change and disruption of pattern. During this phase in 2016, one may particularly feel like a stranger to ones ‘normal’ self. You may at times feel isolated, a bit separated and lost from all that you’ve known. You may fee lost, disoriented, separated from your standard identity.  You may in this amalgam of Neptune & Saturn retrograde lose your sense of well-being, and feel vulnerable. You may question your virtue.  The sense of financial and job insecurity can be skewed, but this particular insecurity will be felt primarily during the time of the partner retro of Saturn, and Saturn ends its retrograde in mid-August.

When Uranus flows retrograde, it will reawaken freedom urges causing the individual to suddenly rebel against any ruts or confinement in the life. I feel that it is better to process what needs to change while Uranus is retrograde and actualize the change when it turns direct. The retrograde simply makes you aware but it is generally not wise to impulsively act Recommended Gemstone for Saturn Retrograde – Lapis Pendant & Amethyst Ring

Saturn Retrograde: The 2016 Saturn retro occurs from March 16th thru August 13th. Saturn rules life purpose. Karma, structure, order and the way in which we conduct our affairs are all ruled by the ringed planet. During the 10 weeks of Saturn’s 2016 retrograde flow, expect the unexpected. Unsettling surprises, frustrations and slow-downs may occur on a weekly basis. Effective time management even for the most organized people may seem impossible. Projects that seemed online may get sidetracked by the pop-up of unforeseen tasks and unresolved issues of the past. In this phase you may fall into self-doubt, and feel you are off track.  But this time can be wisely use to evaluate what is serving your highest life purpose, and what is not, by revealing your inner thoughts, defensive reactions, psychological structures and limiting parameters. Recommended Gemstone for Saturn Retrograde – Lapis Pendant & Amethyst Ring

Neptune Retrograde: Neptune goes retro on June 13 and stay in back-flow until the 19th of November. Neptune rules the dream world, imagination & fantasy, & is influential in psychic realms. The planet of dreams, Neptune is considered an influence of ‘illusion’.  So when Neptune moves in retro, dreams, intuition & psychic input can in phases, actually be very clear … devoid of illusion & be quite lucid. However it is also a timing in which , teamed with the retros of Saturn, Neptune & Pluto, a time in which double illusions occur, and others may deceive or attempt to trick you. You may be able to pick up the concealed actions & motives of others as well as gain extremely rare insights. The hidden can be suddenly revealed in Neptune retro. But keep up your guard, especially during August when your thinking processes may be unclear at times, on overload. The cautionary side to Neptune retro is that the imagination works overtime and impressions, ideas and images roll in at high speed, non-stop,  thru the ‘secondary mind level’, & the overload can lead to insomnia & mental exhaustion if not well filtered. So do not assume that every impression received is the absolute truth or a certainty of reality. What one gleans will also be effected in this timing by the situ of the other planets, and with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn in retro, perceptions may be muddled by their retro influence.  Recommended Gemstones for Neptune Retro – Lapis Lazuli & Azurite (only wear azurite for meditation do not wear azurite 24/7, wear the lapis lazuli constantly.)

Pluto Retrograde: Pluto retrograde lasts from April 18 to September 26, 2016. The transitory retrogrades of the outer 3 planets are often far less intensely felt than the retros of the inner planets, Mercury thru Jupiter. But in this phase of 2016 with 6 planets in retro, Pluto will be felt far more in this combined energy amalgam. This year’s Pluto retrograde will absolutely tug at you, in a more overt and rather unforgiving crucible, in deep exploration of your inner truth. You may have episodes of low self-esteem in Pluto retrograde, a tendency to concentrate on guilt and mistakes you have made in the past. This can be excruciating, but can be optimally managed by purging what does not serve you. Pluto often triggers an emotional shift, and in retrograde this can tend to provide inaccurate focus on mistakes of the past, and one should keep this in consideration and avoid falling into a phase of unjustified guilt and self-persecution. However, this is none-the-less, an important timing for prioritizing and re considering life purpose and realigning appropriately to your divine self. Recommended Gemstones for Pluto Retro – Lapis Lazuli & Azurite (only wear azurite for meditation do not wear azurite 24/7, wear the lapis lazuli constantly.)

Chiron Retrograde:  Chiron, like Juno is a planet-esque asteroid, but of significant gravity consideration. Chiron is retro grade for about 5 months from 27 June thru 19 December. In Chiron retrogrades deceptions & hurts come to light. It is a time in which consideration of mis-actions are faced and dealt with, whether these are misdeed or wrong actions you have committed, or injustices dealt to you from others. In this time pain surfaces & becomes a great teacher. Courage is required to face the problem, and come to terms with it. If a relationship has ended, Chiron retrograde is the time to understand, release and move forward. This is a time for you to review your own failings, pay the piper and take corrective action.  But avoid spiraling into depression… be careful not to focally brood in sorrow, guilt or anger in this timing, rather review actions, face them and move forward all the wiser. Review & release! Recommended Gemstones for Chiron Retro: Ruby, Garnet, Pink Tourmaline & Rose Quartz.

Pallas Retrograde: Pallas (Athena) was the second asteroid discovered & became astronomically & astrologically recognized less than 150 years ago.  Named after Jupiter’s daughter, Pallas Athena is intelligent, intellectual, creative, innovative, cunning, politically savvy, diplomatic, strategic and cerebral.  Pallas Athena also governs the relationship between father and daughter, as well as patriarchal authority figures and their feminine underlings. Better stated, the Pallas governs relationship between power-strength and Caring- nurturing.  In retrograde Pallas, can mal-affect all of the above. In 2016 Pallas is retrograde from the June Solstice thru mid-October.  This retro in amalgamated frequency with the combined retros of Uranus, Pluto and Chiron will add to the ‘rebellious’ aspect ongoing, and people may find themselves out of sorts with authority figures as well as in a phase of unclear thinking, and overly blunt. One’s normal tact and diplomacy can be off-track, and a tendency to fight rather than think may occur. Recommended Gemstones for Pallas Retro: Turquoise, Chrysocolla & Rose Quartz

James Tyberonn


Virgo painting by Yuhon at Tumblr. 7.8

Virgo Painting by Yuhon @ Tumblr.

Maitreya and the White Dragon Trees and the Healing Sounds of Source – Altair Shyam

buddha maitreya

Maitreya and the White Dragon Trees and the Healing Sounds of Source


Dear ALL

Here is a little more from me about what is happening NOW around these Lion Gate energies.

I will share a little from my diary.

First the Healing Sounds of Source, then the White Dragon Trees of Maitreya.

Maitreya-Naga altair

I am interested in what healing you are feeling and doing after you read it.

I want to share a beautiful, simple miracle that occurred today in healing.

Sumire had a headache that wouldn’t go away.

I held the heart crystal I use for healing in my left hand and held my right hand over where the pain was focused.

Immediately she opened her eyes and said

“Did you hear the sound?”

I looked at her questioningly.

“The crystal sound, like Tareth’s” she said. “It was like the first time I heard the Source Sounds. I thought you had some device you had put next to my ears.”

“Is the headache gone?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said. “All I feel is you all around me.”

I took my hands away.

“How about now?”

“The headache is completely gone” she said in surprise.

My hands, the crystal and my body were buzzing with Source energy.

I was delighted and humbled that we all, our Higher Selves, all of you and your Higher Selves, could be blessed in this way, knowing this healing power is in us all.

The healing was instantaneous, Sumire said she heard the sound immediately I placed my hands near her.

For me, I don’t try to heal.

I literally ‘empty myself’ and in this case a vortex of light manifested in my left hand over the crystal, entered the crystal, traveled down the channels and winds and essence drops of my body, through my heart and out the other hand’s activating chakra in a reverse vortex of light, all in the ‘snap of a finger’.

It is so interesting to me and why I am interested in what you experience while healing, teaching and what your clients experience.

I have heard the sounds, just once, ‘out loud’ in the room when I was working on myself.

They were different than Tareth’s.

They are soul signatures, manifestations of our Source vibration, our Higher Self.

I described them to Tareth when it happened lol “Like a Sputnik spacecraft traversing the room from left to right” not that I have been out there to experience that but he knew exactly what I meant.

I really want to record them but my consistency for producing them is sadly lacking lol.

Maitreya Buddha and the White Dragon Trees

There was a second intriguing part to this experience.

That morning I connected with Maitreya who arose in me in a very different way…as a grove of white trees with white lotus blossoms.

I didn’t know what they were called but I could see them so clearly it was easy to find.

I was walking with Maitreya. He was dressed in pure white.

On researching I found they are called NAGA TREES or Dragon Trees.

They are real trees.

There is a prophecy regarding Maitreya that I had never seen. Here it is…


In the Maitreyavyakarana Sutra, The Prophecy of Maitreya, it is said…

“A Dragon (Naga) tree will then be the tree under which He will be enlightened; its branches rise up high in the sky, and its foliage spreads far and wide over the earth.

Underneath it Maitreya, the holiest of holy, dressed in white, will attain enlightenment.

He will be enlightened on the very same day that he has gone forth, leaving all his ‘homes’ behind him.”

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother

Maitreya and the White Dragon Trees