The Violet Flame, Emptiness and the Womb Realm Mandala – Altair Shyam


Womb Realm Mandala



Tuesday 9th August

Sumire had been having very deep female pains for 3 hours and they wouldn’t go away.

I offered to help.

Before I placed my hands on her I saw the Violet Flame clearly in front of me above her third eye with my eyes open.

Annelie Solis Art Third Eye

Painting of Third Eye – Annelie Solis


I held the heart crystal I meditate with in my left hand, and placed my right hand on her pelvis over her womb so I was physically touching her. The Source energies immediately sprang to life in the crystal, my hands, the channels, winds and energy drops on the heart and this time the energies were like a great void, a Womb Realm Mandala. It was as if I was entering into a sacred, secret vast cave, albeit with permission.

She immediately fell asleep. She said afterwards “It felt so good what you were doing that I forgot you were doing anything.”

When she fell asleep I was immediately taken above the Womb Realm to a pink and amethyst temple and palace. It was extremely soothing, a Venus Healing Temple, one of the emanations of the Diamond Realm Mandala.

Venus Healing Temple meditation

I had promised to wake her after 5 minutes when our dandelion coffee had brewed.

“How is the pain?” I asked.

“It’s gone!” she said in surprise.

“Gone completely or still a little?” I asked.

She stood up and walked around to make sure.

“Completely gone” she said with bemusement.

“Thank the Source energies” I said.

Later that day, in reverse, Sumire tried working with the energies with me.

I immediately fell asleep and when I woke could see light streaming in rainbows from my fingertips. 

From Sumire’s experience, she said when she placed her hands on my heart I fell asleep immediately. She felt healing energies and warmth for both me and her too. Usually when I ask her to do massage or healing she finds she has to ‘do something to send energy’ but in this case she just received and the energy went both ways, to me and to her, giving back.

Then as she was about to put the crystal on the tray she heard the sound again for 2 seconds very clearly and she thought “What was that?” and when she put her ear near the crystal it stopped.

Venus Amethyst 1

Beautiful DeAn’Na asked me about this process of healing and emptiness.

My process for emptying, just to share is as follows…

Every morning I do yoga, so physical ‘stuff’ first to align my body.

That’s step 1, get the posture straight so the body energies align.

Then I pray, for everyone that needs healing, offering my practice to them, surrendering myself to all.

It’s very detailed. Strong energies, connecting, releasing.

That’s step 2, surrender.

Then I do internal energy exercises.

Yogananda taught me Kriya Yoga which essentially is breathing in the astral spine, the spine of light inside the physical spine.

It’s simple and quick, like an airplane route instead of going overland or by ship lol.

That’s step 3, get the inner winds straight in the inner spine aligned into the central channel.

At that point a lot of energy is circulating and settling in my system.

I let it settle.

I breathe softly gently, allowing it to BE.



At that point my physical body is quiet and still and the inner energy body is quiet and still.

So there is no ‘me’.

Just a wave on the ocean that is connecting to the ocean.

So letting the breath ’empty itself’ I sink into Divine Mother’s ocean.

It is deep, very deep, beautiful love.

Universal love.


There is an emptiness ready to be filled.

So this body, this energy, this consciousness lets it.

It is like a chalice, a holy grail, that waits to be filled.

Some days it gets filled a lot.

Some days a little.

I don’t expect anything.

I let Mother decide.

This is the Diamond Realm Mandala, as below.

Underneath your life situation, which is flowing in time,

is something far deeper, vast and eternal.

Life, your very Being, the Timeless NOW.

The Diamond Consciousness.

Love and Soul Blessings

Altair and Mother

Diamond Realm Mandala