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Friday, August 19, 2016

Back From Merging With The Mother–by Sue Lie



Hello, dear friends.

I am finally back after a four-week vacation trekking up and now my beloved, and greatly challenged, state of California. First we had the long drought, which has, and still is, being followed by Nature’s way of clearing parched and dried plants and trees—FIRE.

I wrote some blogs at the beginning of my vacation, but as I relaxed more and more, I wrote less and less. Hence, I had a wonderful, relaxing time to reset my consciousness and come back renewed.

I found this meditation in my computer and wanted to share it with all of you. Once I am settled in, I will make a recording for it, so that you can also close your eyes and hear the message, which begins with:                                

Merging With The Mother

We take a breath in from the top of our head and bring that breath down through our body all the way down our spine and down our legs and down toward the core of Gaia.

We are going down, down into the Earth,

Past the crust

Past the caves

Past the magma

Past the water

And deep into Gaia’s very Core

We are now going to wrap ourselves around that Core like we are a long tail.

We take a long moment to connect with three aspects of our self…

First, we connect with our grounded, physical self…

Second, we connect with our fifth-dimensional Lightbody Self…

Third, we connect with our planetary self of Gaia…

As we connect with our planetary expression of Gaia, we FEEL all the fourth/fifth dimensional elements, elementals, Devas, Angles and Elohim who service and protect Mother Earth, who is our planetary self.

We FEEL these third, fourth and fifth dimensional beings within Gaia’s Core.

We EXPERIENCE the Unity Consciousness you share with All Life on Earth.

We KNOW how all these expressions are joining in Gaia’s core.

As we all join in Gaia’s core, we take a moment to go into our own core.

WE might wish to just allow our right hand to rise up and touch the area of OUR body that is our core. We don’t try to use our brain, but instead we allow our Multidimensional SELF to move our hand.

Different people have different paths, and we all have different centers. The most wonderful thing about Gaia is that She is an amazingly diverse planet, with many different kinds of people and myriad paths of Ascension.

Our pleasure is to be able to BE our personal expression of Gaia and to share it with the NOW of Earth’s ONE. As we feel the area that we have touched with our right hand we go into our physical bodies and into our inner womb where our new SELF is gestating.

Our gestating expression of SELF is very pure and completely innocent. Therefore, he/she needs our constant protection. We recognize our new self because it represents who we really are.

We were this self when we were small children, but we closed this part of us down as it was too sensitive, too vulnerable. Now we feel strong enough to protect our New SELF. We may even feel strong enough to allow this SELF to begin to be revealed in our daily life. Often, this is the part of us that we never forgot, BUT we could not BE.

This is the part of us that was always connected to our Multidimensional SELF.  As we feel this infinite component of our SELF, we find ourselves in Gaia. We are among those who have chosen to be guardians of Gaia’s planetary body.

We now tune into the area that we feel, we believe, we know, is the area of Earth over which we volunteered to be a guardian. Before we entered our earth vessel we said, “This is the area of Gaia that I wish to heal and protect. This is the area of Gaia that I wish to specifically unconditionally love.”

That area can be a large, it can be a small area, it can be a personal area, or it can be in Gaia’s aura or on Her moon. When we feel our transforming self within that area, there are NO limitations!


Now we return our focus back inside the core of Gaia.

How do we perceive that Core?

What do we hear within that Core?

How do we feel while being within that Core?

Before we can answer these questions, we find our selves rising up from the core of Gaia’s. As we enter Gaia’s surface, we find our self at the place on the planet that our physical body inhabits in this NOW.

From our position on the surface, we deeply connect with OUR Core.

From within our core, we deeply connect with Gaia’s Core.

We feel how our core and Gaia’s Core are expanding in all different directions.

We pledged to allow the energy within our Core to flow into the area of Gaia that we have chosen to protect.

We feel the energy go into the earth,

Into the water,

Into the air

Into the fire of Sun and our Spirit

Through out our area of Gaia

And into Earth’s atmosphere

   We FEEL how all the energy we are sending is intermingling into an:

“Energetic Pathway to New Earth.”

We KNOW that we are creating this Pathway with our consciousness. The animals and the plants are ahead of us because humans have lived as individuals. This individuality has made us feel separate.

We gained a great deal power from being humans, but we have a lot of remembering to do. For example, we need to remember…

Who we really are?

What did we come came to do?

Why we chose to come here NOW?

Where we will do it?

When will we do it?

We allow the remembrance of WHO WE ARE to flow through us…

We allow WHAT WE CHOSE to do to be revealed to us during our daily life.

We allow ourselves to remember WHY we made this CHOICE.

We allow the WHERE to be revealed as we continue our journey.

WE allow the WHEN to be revealed to us within the NOW.

WE allow all questions to float around you like lovely butterflies, as you remain still and calm…

We relax and hold the questions in our Mind-our Heart- and our bodies.

As we allow the answer into our consciousness,

We can FEEL how it changes everything in our aura…

When our aura changes, we experience how all-possible realities rearrange and reconfigure to reveal another version of SELF that WE have created.

From this new version of our SELF, we can perceive a new version of Earth. Just as our expanded consciousness has allowed us to perceive a new, expanded, higher dimensional version of our SELF…

Our expanded SELF allows us to perceive the new, expanded version of Gaia.

Just as our “Higher SELF” has always existed in the higher dimensions of reality, “New Earth” has always existed in the higher dimensions of reality.

Therefore, what we change our reality

By changing our state of consciousness

When we perceive our reality

We are patient with ourselves because we remember that once our state of consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension, we will perceive the fifth dimension, and then…



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The Diamond Inside The Diamond – Altair Shyam


Angel Blue St Teresa

 unknown artist


The diamond inside the diamond


I dreamed that we were diamonds.

I watched, as we turned, seeing each other, each face of our diamond revealing the face of a past or future life, here or in other dimensions, the Consciousness inside the consciousness.

We draw these multiple intelligences and multiple wisdoms together in the NOW within our ONE present core reality when we connect with PRESENCE.

In the stillness of our God Self within.

This took me to St Teresa of Avila, The Interior Castle.

She saw the mansions of the soul like a diamond too, clear crystal forms, 7 mansions in all. She wrote about this in the 16th century.

The seven mansions are

One, when we receive God’s Grace through simple acts of humility

Two, when we practice Prayer or Mantra from our hearts and give rise to daily moment to moment thoughts of God or Love or Source

Three, when we give love and service to humanity through compassionate works and the path of the Bodhisattva

Four, when we surrender to God or Source, through meditation or contemplative prayer

Five, when we touch the Alchemical Engagement to Source in our Higher Heart, receiving our gifts from God, of manifestation and co-creation of Love

Six, when we are divine lovers, in soul union, with fervent devotion and love for Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Thoth, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Guan Yin or our Self within

Seven, when there is clarity in the spiritual marriage, the Alchemical Marriage with God, the Self inside the self.

Dream yoga, as I am practicing now, connects me to all of you, St Teresa and all the great Ones.

Simply make the intention to receive the wisdom of your God Self in your dreams each night and you will awaken within as you sleep.

The Dreamer inside the dream.

The Heart inside the heart.

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother

Blue Cowherd and Calf Painting 'Faith 1' by Neelam Gupta (Unicef)

Blue Cowherd and Calf Painting ‘Faith 1’ by Neelam Gupta (Unicef)


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating.

Altair teaches that We are the Way, the Truth and the Light and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation.

“The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.”

With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin/Avalokiteshvara)

“The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”

I AM Altair

I AM here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā


“go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

Love and Blessings from the Source

Altair and Divine Mother

Spread your wings – We are that wind beneath your wings – Beacons of Light

angel orange

unknown artist


Beacons of Light
August 2016
Presented Live 7/30/2016

Greetings Dear Ones.

Spread your wings, even when you are tired.
We are that wind beneath your wings.

You know, each and every one of you have these beautiful opportunities to both be a support and to be supported. We see you as these beautiful birds with outstretched wings, flying and sharing the most incredible energies, enjoying the world in this way. There comes a time when your wings become tired and you must rest. So, the way to do that is to stop flying, take a break and to release. Or, you can have these beautiful angels come up under your wings to assist when you are weary. Each and every one of you has these contracts that are activated at the perfect times.— this can be an animal, a person, or even energy. However, many of you have not felt that support beneath your wings and wonder if you may be doing something wrong and you must adjust in some way. We ask you, dear ones, to lean on us when that happens. We are very strong and can hold you until you re-member your own strength and vibration, that beautiful tone which is uniquely yours. You have come to planet Earth with a very specific purpose that is not yet complete or you would not be here right now. The reality is, you have all done incredible work to be here and invested in the Earth and humanity many times. You have that opportunity now to dare to spread your wings, even though you may be tired, making space for those energies to assist in helping you hold your light, energy, and love.

Stress on Planet Earth

Now, we watch with amazement as you go through the changes that you are experiencing. We see a tremendous amount of stress on your planet and  there is actually no measurement of this that exists; it is not a pressure or energy level that cannot be measured or quantified in any way but all of you feel it. It affects your thinking first and your actions second. Every single human being feels this energy, which you have been living in for months now. Quite honestly, there is a little ways to go. We realize that some of you are exhausted, in part because you see things through two eyes. You always see things in a field of duality, but if we could take off that veil and let you see the beautiful game occurring on planet Earth you would understand what is really going on. Because, dear ones, this is actually leading to an incredible evolution rather than difficulties. You must go through these challenges in order to reach that place, find that uniqueness, and earn the right to live in that every day and every moment.

Mental Illness

You are doing more than you understand, and we thank you all for having that opportunity to be there and to work with these things. Dear ones, you see this happening almost every day. You may look at your newspapers, your televisions and find that there was someone who acted out again or maybe even took lives with them out of desperation. Many times there have been angels that have flown beneath their wings to hold them up, but they have not allowed it to happen. In part this can be attributed to what you call mental illness. It is an area that you have little understanding of, dear ones, yet every single one of you carries a form of mental illness. Some of you can rationalize and work with it, while others have more difficulty, but all of you deal with these issues. When the energy becomes very tight, restrictive and difficult, it is hard for a person to see themselves. They do not understand where they are going, whether they are on the right path, or how to make those connections. The challenge about most of this, dear ones, is what you call mental illness. It is all about separation versus unity; separation is what you call mental illness. Look at some of the classifications for people with these particular illnesses, which are all about not being able to fit in the norm. But that is true with every one of you, because of the way you carried such incredible spiritual energy from Home. Almost all of you who consider yourselves Lightworkers feel like you are alone, as if you are the only ones to feel and understand what you do. Although your faith is unshakable, your reflection in the world may not be seen and that makes it very difficult. So we tell you, find those beautiful angels that can come up under your wings and allow them to do so. Invite them to do so, speak it aloud and then watch what happens.

Take Responsibility for Your Happiness

Make space for that to happen in your life, then turn around and do it to others because that is the completion of the energy cycle. If you wish to bring that energy, direction, and sense of purpose into your life, help other people find it in theirs. These are the connections that you are all becoming aware of. You are actually being pushed closer together because of this dense energy and these difficult times on planet Earth, you are seeing people act out in different ways. Most of you that have incredibly developed Vagus Nerves find it incredibly difficult to feel and hold that energy, because you also take responsibility for it. Do not take responsibility for humanity; that is a collective decision and a collective vibration. Take responsibility for your happiness on this planet. Yes, that is what we said—your own happiness. What happens when you find your passion, when you step into something you love to do? You start vibrating in such a way that it affects everyone around you and sets an energy. It actually sets up your own future and all the events that can take place with you at that point. You are much more powerful than you understand. A little vibrational integrity at this point will stretch into the future and clear much of the energy for your own life and your purpose, as a spirit pretending to be a human.

Elections in the United States

You are magical, dear ones. Some of the events on Earth we watch with great pain, and others with great humor. We are laughing hysterically at what you call your elections in the United States. Yes, dear ones, it is one of the most entertaining things we have ever seen on your planet. All of you are asking, “Which way is it going to go?” We have already made our predictions. However, the more important part to understand about this is no matter who is elected as the next president, we doubt seriously that they will last two terms. Although we cannot give you a blanket statement about the future, we can share that there are likely to be events in place that will probably limit the next leader of the United States to some degree. So watch for it and know that no one is right or wrong in this; you are all making decisions.  The current frustration on planet Earth has a huge part in your decision making. If you can step out of that long enough to see things the way they are, it will help you make very clear decisions. You have these levels of trust, which are very difficult for you to ground and use in some ways, nevertheless you see them. Know that has to do with trusting yourself more than anything else. That is what usually reflects when a person cannot find someone that they can put their trust in. When energies move the way that they are now, know that it is also an opportunity for spirit to play a hand in what is taking place.

The Third Aspect of Every Relationship on Planet Earth

There is no right or wrong on planet Earth, it is simply an illusion of duality. Humanity has now stepped clearly out of duality. Finding your new path, the third aspect of your lives and your relationships, will help you understand more of what is taking place on the Earth. Each of you has a relationship with the rest of humanity, which is the one thing that is missing. It is the third leg, the one relationship that is so difficult. That is why the incredible tension on the planet right now; third leg of the relationship has been removed. The effect throws people into desperation making them act out or take any action, simply because it is an action instead of an inaction. Sometimes you purposely step backwards on your path; it often happens out of fear and is a natural human reaction. It is not to be judged, only move in the direction that makes you happy. That is the one piece we ask you to watch these next months.

There is a new wave of energy on this planet that will calm things down, but you have so many dramas right now that it is easy to get wrapped up in them—each and every one. Know that your vision can see only a small part of everything that happens until you re-turn Home. Then we will share all of it and you will start to see the third aspect of every relationship on Earth—even those you call enemies. Then you will begin to see everything from a different perspective and you will start to spread your wings again—all of you. And in those moments when you grow tired, expect someone to provide assistance. It may be a person, relative, animal, spirit, or it may even be us.

We Are Thanking You

You are magical beings who have created a game on planet Earth. It is now possible to move to an entirely new level that was never even anticipated at the beginning of your game. That is why all eyes are on planet Earth. The attention is focused here because you are doing something that has not been done before. Many of you feel that you are holding energy but cannot see the results or never received the thank you. Know that we are thanking you, for we see what you have done. We see your path as a spirit and we love you more than you could possibly know. We are that wind beneath your wings. Allow us to carry you in those times when you need a break. Allow us to be there for you and find all the others that will come to your aid. You are not alone, and these are the times of unity versus separation. Every piece that you put into movement that helps to bring you toward unity eliminates mental illness, frustration and the density that you have all been living in. Know that there is much work ahead, for all of you. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to do that work and to be heard in a new way.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways. We ask you to treat each other with the greatest of respect as the teachers and the healers that you are. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Know that you are playing this beautiful game that you still cannot quite figure out the rules. Play well together.


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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angel orange

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