CLEARING YOUR FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS – Lisa Transcendence Brown @ Awakening to Remember


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A huge part of this process is clearing your field of all things that externally lend vibrationally to your physical reality here. Everything within your field, every person, every physical matter thing, every sound, every everything contributes to your reality here. The only way to truly know what is real for you, is to remove all contributions so that you can be clear, gain clarity and connect in silence to all as one again.

The human aspect will keep distractions around, get distracted, allow for distortions and need experiences to show them what is and is not in-alignment with their higher selves/spirit/soul….. It needs the external stimuli to trigger and force those unconscious programs to be visible externally…. in order to make a choice, in order to commit their energy, in order to see/feel/understand what it was not willing to before….

The higher self/soul will pull away and clear everything from it’s field. It will seek solitude and alone time, so that it can emerge easier … from within….. so that it can be heard and felt… without the distortions in the way….

The messages, the symbols, the signs… they are present in every moment… all around you “outside” in everything you see/hear/experience…. Clarity comes when you open 2-WAY COMMUNICATION with your higher self/soul/universe….. and allow it to speak through you, to you… and you truly desire to listen, honor and DO that which you are shown…. for what you will see will not be as you “thought” anything was as an unconscious separated human aspect…. it will take you in many different directions, lead you down a multitude of other paths…. experience after experience… guiding you in the direction of your own SOUL’S PURPOSES/MISSIONS here.

Pure connection with SOURCE from inside will bring knowledge and wisdom that will make you giggle, blow your mind in amazement and cause you to take a different route. The human aspect avoids this, does everything it can “not to” hear, open up, slow down…. see…. For what we come to realize is that nothing is as we thought it was, it’s more awesome, yet we’ve got tons of junk in the way that we have to release/clear from cellular memory that limited us….

Our human aspect doesn’t understand that the most magical realities exist beyond those fixed mentality and limited perceptions that no longer fit in neat little boxes… that REALities are no longer linear, they are all over the place… vibrationally…..

In the beginning we get little tidbits, pieces of a huge puzzle to “follow” that lead us to the next one…. As a human our “job” is to utilize these to “gather the pieces” and put them all together to finally start to understand… how all works…..

The heart is the opposite of linear… it’s all over the place for awhile as it activates to purify and cleanse so that it can expand SO fully, that it doesn’t close (put walls up) anymore… and light energy/pure love flows through every cell of our continually activating and integrating SOLar Crystalline Star-Light Body Structure. Everything must be re-configured, re-calibrated constantly to hold more light and re-code our realities and genetic make-up to our original PURE existence again.

We activate multiple aspects and for a long while, are all over the place, from one extreme to another while we do. We learn (Remember) not to project on others and not to allow others to project on us… we learn (Remember) how to maintain our own reality and honor all others realities that they chose/choose to experience here.

Sacred love, honor, integrity, respect… these are accessed from deep inside. As each accesses this, they become a part of our existence again… how we function…. All is love, all is pure, all is light again. We speak and act with kindness and we don’t get knocked off balance anymore. WE need not express ourselves to others unless it serves a purpose of clarification where the human aspect cannot understand yet. Our expression is in our BEing… is felt through our presence….. and speaks energetically through our field of consciousness that emanates and radiates out to touch all that we connect with in the physical here.

Clearing your field of consciousness will allow you to balance out. It will allow your body to upgrade at a higher frequency rate than when there are distortions around. The physical location you place your body, where you hold sacred, must be clean and free of clutter (chaotic physical matter), for each physical space, everything in it is also of the highest vibration which lends to raising the frequency which allows for one’s expansion of consciousness easier. Nature, color, water/flow…. crystals/andaras, other vibrational raising tools, oracle cards, pendulums, art, music… whatever opens your heart more so that your energy can fully expand…..

People are very much included in this and each will have to decide how their own reality plays out…. what is intentionally contributing, assisting with each’s clearing process (we often stay in things until we’ve cleared completely/resolved all back into love inside, then it’s time to move on, while other times we go and we clear the rest when we are gone…. both ways are perfect for our own chosen journey here).

Eventually, as all synchronizes to higher frequency realities, it’s easier to co-exist, yet more space is needed, more respect, more honoring all…. Energetically and physically we have to synchronize all … continually… for all is constantly upgrading and integrating … which moves us in & out of different vibrational realities constantly…. and we flow…..

The physical body and the physical space that all occupy… are beyond important and need total respect and attention…. loving care at all times… for these support your journey and your ability to be in-service fully…. or they “inner-fear”….

Each sees clearly the distortions that were not visible before, which is easy when one removes the judgment and anything being dualistic or personal anymore. Nothing here is done against another, it’s done for all as one. When we DO what we see is important for us/our process here, then we ARE doing it for everyone….

Human aspects will make it personal, one doing “to” or against another…which is total linear/duality…. WE do not play in the dualistic games of the old unconsciousness here. WE remove the duality and polarity and make all “for” all, restoring balance and love to all vibrational situations….. For when we UNIFY all back into higher consciousness existence… everything is done for us…. and exactly as it’s is meant to be/occur. Our “job” is to honor this and unify all ourselves…..

These upcoming times are going to intensify vibrationally so that all can hold more light. The physical body and every physical reality being upgraded exponentially for everyone now. At times it will be challenging, yet these challenges are important too. They are a part of the expansion process and each’s Transcendence here.

Light collapses the barriers, brings the walls down, removes the resistance and triggers everything that is not love to surface/be felt/experienced/play out. Physical matter breaks down and the particles re-arrange according to a higher frequency existence and come back together to take new form. This is going on externally and inside of your body… simultaneously… as both are the same. A vibrational and energetic program that increasingly continually re-aligns…. according to the programs we hold inside of us… codes and sequences of our StarGates continually activating and dialing new realities…. faster than the “speed of light” now.

When BEings come together, their codes and sequences connect and activate that which was pre-programmed long before our incarnation here. Each will trigger/activate exactly what is needed for the next reality to play out. When each are conscious and choosing, intentionally connecting, intentionally transmitting vibrations… then realities can be intentional as well. Where there are distortions, then these will be triggered to be purified and cleansed. Where souls of the same energetic signature come together, this can be beyond powerful. Fields merge, the energy is amplified huge. If each is not in the same dimensional place/space, then imbalances are triggered to be resolved. For those deep soul connections, obsession and deep feelings can be triggered to release from cellular programs. If there is a great amount held inside, this can take awhile… weeks, months, years… this whole lifetime up to this point in time…. for we are all clearing every existence now.

Each must work/allow intentionally to embody their higher self aspects to integrate all back into the soul body within their own physical structure and so that all can come together at a higher frequency of consciousness to exist as one again. This is an intricate process that takes commitment/dedication and be realized for the importance that it is. This is not about each of us as individual humans anymore. This is about all of us and our forgotten existences returned and for all of humanity here.

Each will become totally responsible for everything again. As all come to realize the POWER that they hold, awaken to their own true selves, activate their unlimited gifts…. Everything that each truly desires will come forth to live fully blessed and being bathed in full abundance again. Yet it will not resemble the human’s perception of how any of this is…. for there is no more lack, separation or selfishness in anything we experience here.

In the beginning, when we start to awaken, we have to place strong boundaries to reclaim our Divine Space here. We continually cut cords of attachment and anchors to the lower realms until all cords are gone. WE establish a new way of BEing here. As all move into these higher frequency bandwidths of existence, boundaries are only necessary for the human that lacks love and respect for themselves. WE can lovingly hold these in place and still show others that there is a different way, by BEING it and DOING it…. for words are but a semblance… it’s when they SEE the PROOF that they believe…

WE are FELT…. WE are PURE….. we do not need anything from anyone…. and we come together exactly as/when all is meant to be. WE focus on all vibrationally… and let all align for us…. WE re-align that which is out of alignment… through our hearts and from the depths of our souls….. as Pure Divine Essence Power, Wisdom and Love. β™₯

Get ready loves… and honor your Sacred Space for you… Clear your own Fields…. continually…. keep them clear… as all move into much higher vibrational realities “faster” than ever before. I love you immensely!!!!

Keep touching the hearts of others through your own Divine Presence here. β™₯

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Oracle, Scribe, Transformational Speaker & Love.. β™₯

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