Lightwork, Mission, and Ascension – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Lightwork, Mission, and Ascension

There are two parts to our soul contracts as lightworkers this lifetime, are there not?

One is our commitment to serving those who are ascending – our service contract. We’re here to be waiters at the banquet of Ascension.  (1) We’re the hired help.

The other is our commitment to our own ascension, this lifetime (we’ve ascended before), (2) to getting that job done, so to speak. None of us need have any fear around the subject, but let me come to that in a minute.

Our commitment to our own ascension can also be seen as part of our service contract, because we’re wayshowers in the matter of ascension. We come back from flying through the portals and we’re expected to do something with that knowledge.

It may be that we demonstrate, model what the higher states are like – as best we can. It may be that we paint what we felt. Or write music inspired by it.  Or recommit ourselves to medicine.

In regard to the first, it’s actually not easy to model a higher state when you’re not in it. I think of Jim Carrey putting on The Mask for the psychiatrist and … nothing happened. (3)  If it ain’t happening, it ain’t happening. But we’re still expected to speak of what we saw, felt, etc. Challenging assignment.

I’m making my share of mistakes in this new territory. Shiver. And how embarrassing it is to do it publicly. Shudder.

The lightworker path of service for me definitely starts from the trailing edge of my leading foot.

I’m making it up as I go along – and also listening to this strange voice that pops a sentence or two into my head from time to time, at the right moment, like “a diamond is a lump of coal that made good under pressure” when I feel stressed or “build an energy bubble” when I feel drained in public, etc.

What are the tools we have as we walk forward? Our guidance is one of them.  I have the immense privilege of an hour-long session with Archangel Michael once every three weeks, in which I cram as much as possible in, most of which I share with you.

We have our soul’s intuition, our developing sense of discernment.  Some of us are telepathic, some clairsentient. Some do research, some have access to readings.

If most of us looked at our personal history, we’d see that much of it prepared us for now. I look back on my life and I see that the whole of it was a preparation for now.  I don’t need to have a full life review to know that. I already got it.

Whatever it is we have now is what we intended to give ourselves for the role we intended to live. What role is that? It’s obvious. Look for what you enjoy doing the most, bar none. That’s your mission. It would never be any other way in the Mother’s service. Think of me and writing. I’m doing what I love. My mission and my highest bliss are the same – writing.

No, I don’t want to paint. I don’t want to cook. You might be able to interest me in cleaning sidewalks with a power hose. But my highest bliss (and my mission) is writing.

I’m going to say something controversial, but I feel certain of the matter. Fulfilling our mission well can be a gateway to bliss. Yes, yes, I know. Not very many people want to follow the path of dharma and that’s fine. But for those who do, fulfilment of dharmic duty can be a pathway to the Fifth Dimension and beyond.

If it wasn’t, I don’t think we lightworkers would be here. We’re followers of what Hinduism would call karma yoga, the path of action, the path of selfless service. If service were not a pathway to God, very few people would even consider it.

Let me sum up. We have right now what we intended to give ourselves, to equip ourselves for our missions.  Our missions will be found to be that which gives us the greatest happiness and joy. Fulfilment of dharmic mission is a pathway to God. A lightworker with his or her eye on the ball does not need to fear missing the boat or not ascending.


(1) See “Starseeds: Waiters at the Banquet of Ascension,” April 28, 2016, at

(2) See “We are Already Ascended” at

(3) Whereas before when he put on the mask he became a super-being, now nothing happened. Jim Carrey danced around in front of the unmoved psychiatrist as only he can … with no results. Eeek. Everyone’s nightmare. Jim Carrey in The Mask.




e female and light

unknown artist

Lightwork, Mission, and Ascension

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